my first gay fucking

it is difficult to have gay sex in my town and this is my story abut first gay a sunny day i went to the river for swimming i was alone with no friends.but that what was i think because their was a chubby fat old man swimming to he was hot and sexy with lovely i decide to talk to him i went for him and asked him to teaching me the swimming he looking at me and said sure.during that when he put his fat hand on my soft fat chest i liked it very much and when he let me go i make my self drown in the water and he came and save me and cough me from my fat body.and i said ...oh thanks...oh...during that i was touch his dick it was fat and big and he like that he put hi hand in my as i said....oh yehhh.....oh.after touching each other we talk abut my gay feeling after talking he told me that his hose is empty today and asked me to join him to his hose.i was afraid and refused.but he told me that every think will be ok and he will not tell any one abut i decide to join him to his house.he was careful and closed the door and locked him he take me to his room and i seat on his bed he asked me to take a shower so i did.after i came to his room again he saw me and do not wary ...i will make have best time in your live..when i heard that i feel so happy.he sit on the bed and when i get closer to him he removed my clothes slowly and said....oh nice fat body..he make me remove his clothes completely.first he hanging me hardly and pushed me on the bed and say....relax fat boy..mmmmmmm.and kissing me in my lips neck and chest and i was flying and say...yehhhh...ohhhahhhh...yehhh.after many kisses he get his dick and but it in my mouth.first i did not like it because i was afraid but he but his fat cock in my mouth hardly first i resistance it but finally i give in to him.his cock was salty test i love it an enjoy it.untile he cum in my mouth he asked me to clean my mouth i was shivering.he catch my hand and he held me tenderly to his bosom.and i felt happy and safety.and he told me.... are you ready?i smiled he said.... oh yes.and make me sl**p on my fat belly i thought he will fucking me buti felt in his tongue in my opining of my ass.suddenly i screaming ..ohhh...ohhh ..ahh and he said do you lick it i said yes.he was pushing his mouth in my ass.after that my ass became soft he said give me your ass i get his fat cock and put it in my small ass opining and i screamed ....ahhhhhh stop please it is painful...aaaaaah.he said i thought you are ready he did not stop and fucking me he make me biting the pillow.after first cumming in my as i felt in his cock explode in my ass and that was in a dog style.he told me that we should change our position.he slept and told me to ride his cock. i asked him if that is painful but he told me that my ass opining is big now and easy to put his cock in my ass.i riding his cock and catching his hands i was looking in his lovely face and said...yah..yah..yah..fuck me..he said ...oh boy you lick it ....i said yes.after he cumming again in my ass.he said lets try some thing new he pushed me on the bed and catch my legs and pick up them. i do not know what to do but watching.and again he put his dick in my ass and fucking me again this time i really enjoy the fucking.he close his face to my face and hi mouth to my mouth and put his tongue in my mouth and i sucked it.and his voices was...mmmmmmmm...mmmmmm after that he cumming again and that was the last time.after all that we talking abut life as a lovers and i began to kissing him in his cock belly nipples neck and his face and hanging me......................pleas leave comments on my story and it is true story
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10 months ago
sounds hot but i am confused needs editing
1 year ago
1 year ago
love the storie
3 years ago
nice story i gave you 5 starts please check out my story about my first time having gay sex with a straight thug guy
3 years ago
Sounds fun