A Roadside Threesome in the Alps

by bronco1343
my wife Sara and I were driving in the German alpine arguing about what we would be doing for the rest of our vacation. I wanted to see the sights, she wanted to lock ourselves away in a hotel make love and ordering room service. Were in Europe and all she wants to do is stay inside. Really?

As we came along the Deutsche Alpenstrasse along the Austrian boarder we almost hit a small vehicle on the side of the road. We stopped and noticed a woman standing at the front of the vehicle, I approach her to see if she needed help. We offered her a ride back to town, when she got into the back seat of our car I noticed she didn't have any panties on. Her plush bush was showing as she sat uncomfortably in the back. I stared at her undercarriage until Sara noticed and punched me in the arm. She yelled "is that what you want, a little German whore". Just then (your wife, the little German whore) got out of the car, probably scared of the two crazy Americans arguing in the front seat.Sara jumped out after her and said " OH NO YOU DON'T! THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT..FINE" she grabbed your wife by the hair and d**g her into the wood. she used her sweatshirt to tie her arms around a tree and ripped your wife's cloths off, she kicked Sara in the shin.. That only angered her as she slapped your wife across the face. Sara then took your wife's torn pants and tied her legs open around the tree. Helpless and bound your wife with a scared expression on her face yelled "WHY,NO". Sara walked over to me and grabbed me by the cock and said is this what you want? You want to fuck this German whore? I protested and said this was going to far. She grew more angry and said "To far, ill show you to far". Sara walked over to your wife and grabbed her by the face with her left hand looked her in the eyes then reached between her legs stroking her furry pussy. she kissed her on the lips with a bit of a bite at the end. I was shock but intrigued to see Sara this way. Sara continued to stroke her furry patch as she kissed down her body biting her nipple hard enough to leave teeth marks. your wife's nipples stood erect as she let out a moan. Sara said "YOU like it. YOU ARE a little whore"! Sara dropped down between her open legs and licked your wife's sweet box, ramming her tongue into your wife, slurping and licking. before I knew it my cock was out. I don't even remember taking it out, but there it was,out and hard as rock. your wife put her head back and let out a scream of pleasure as she came all over my wife Sara's lips and face.
Sara stood up and stepped back "Your a Squitter" she walked behind the tree and untied your wife's hands dropping her to all fours. Her legs still ties behind the tree Sara walked over to me and grabbed me by the cock again. This time she led me to your wife's open mouth. She grabbed your wife by the back of the head and pushed my cock into her mouth. Sara ordered me to hold her by the hair and fuck her mouth. I did as I was told gently fucking into your wife's open mouth. Sara yelled "NO HARD, FUCK HER MOUTH HARD" and smack my face. I rammed my cock hard into your wife's waiting mouth,I could feel and hear her choke. Gaging on my throbbing cock my wife started spanking your wife's supple ass.
Sara looked up at me and said "You want to fuck This Little German Whore". I did, I really did... Sara untied your wife's feet from behind the tree and grabbed her by the hair leading her away from the tree. Sara stood in front of your wife and put her beautiful pussy in her face grabbing her by the back of the head and smashed your wife's mouth into her wet dripping pussy. I took position behind your wife and stroked my hard cock up and down her hairy lips. Ramming my manhood into her, gripping her ass as I thrusted over and over. Your wife's face slammed into my wife pussy with each thrust. Sara leaned over your wife and kissed me hard and long as she showed your wife she was a squitter also. She sprayed girl goo all over her face. It was the hottest thing I have ever seen when Sara knelt down and kissed your wife and then licked her own cum from your wife's face.
I watched your wife's brown eye winking at me as I fuck her feverishly, I had to have it. I pull my dick from that hairy pussy and put it into her tight, tight ass. I pushed in, your wife let out a yell so I rammed it in harder. my god she is so tight.. I held it there as my wife Sara crawls under your wife and eats her pussy and licks my balls as I fuck your wife's hot shaking ass.. fucking away your wife throws her head back as she cum's, yelling and moaning. I feel my ball tighten and that tickle in my stomach as I cum all over and inside your wife's ass... Sara climbs out from underneath her and licks her back side clean. I put my cock into your wife's mouth as Sara's tongue cleans your wife's ass and little brown hole. your wife's mouth cleans my cock!!

Spent we all head back to the car, your wife only wearing Sara's sweatshirt the same sweatshirt that bound her. We invited her back to the hotel for more fun, and she decided to invite you her husband... I guess Sara wins again, and we will be spending the rest of our vacation locked into a hotel room.... She always gets her way...

By Bronco 1343,, all names changed in this work of fiction... Well fiction for now...

by alfredbjunk

the other morning, at about 06:30 am, while the three of you are still fast asl**p after a wonderfil threesome that went on and on and on until well after midnight, the door of the hotel room bursts open in an explosion, the room is instantly filled with tear gas and smoke, and six hooded armed GSG9 troopers storm the room. You are quickly overwhelmed, handcuffed, and thrown on the floor, next to each other, nude, exposed, helpless.

A tall muscular man enters the room, obviously the commander: "Very good, Männer, this is the terrorist slut, and two of her accomplices." He turns to my wife: "So, you bitch, it seems we finally caught you. I am pleased that the hunt is over, and that we have a chance to speak... hahaha. It seems your little friends here have fucked you so well that you forgot all the precautions you usually take..."

He kicks you and your wife in the stomach. "Thank you so much, I appreciate that. Now the three of you will be kind enough to lay out your little consipracy to us, will you? It may take a while, and depending on how stubborn you are it may require me to inflict some pain, or even serious pain, on all of you, but one of you will certainly break down, sooner or later, and tell me everything I want to know. Now, Männer, take them to our detention and, err, interrogation ... centre". He seems amused by that joke, but his cold-bl**ded voice makes Sara shiver. "I can't wait to spend some time with the two ladies here."

He pulls and pinches Sara nipples hard, and she shrieks in pain. He then kicks my wife's pussy with his heavy boot and laughs his roaring a****l-like laughter. "This is going to be fun."

His men inject each of you with a tranquilizer, and the last thnig you remeber is that you are dumped in the back of a large black van with blinded windows. My wife says "I'am sorry...", you say "I love you, Sara", and you slip into darkness...


Did you like that fantasy? What is your own fantasy how you would use my wife's hot body if she were all yours for a night or a weekend? Will it be erotic and gentle, or rough, or outright violent? How - for instance - would you interrogate her and extract all secret information from her, if she were your prisoner, a captured spy, in a remote detention and interrogation centre of your evil organisation...

I invite you to send it to me (by PM or email to alfredbjunk@yahoo.com), and I will post the best fantasies in my blog.

If you need inspiration, check out this blog post: http://xhamster.com/user/alfredbjunk/posts/223997.html and the assortment of vicious instruments depicted in my "fantasy fodder" gallery: http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/2388938/fantasy_fodder.html, or the samples of fantasies already submitted (see below).

Imagine her nude and helpless body, slightly bruised already from being gang****d by the eight guards the night they brought her into your prison, chained to the wall of her brightly lit prison cell. She knows that you know what she came her for, that little sexy over-confident spy slut... And she knows that you will try to make her talk, no matter how long it takes, no matter how much she screams and begs for mercy... She is a brave girl, and you will probably need to use all your interrogator's skills learned in the Taliban prisons, and use all the tools from that filthy steel table, to break her will...

If you are good at faking pics - or willing to give it a try - use her pics from this gallery, http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/2591772/fake_my_wife_039_s_pics_to_illustrate_your_fantasy_soft_or_hard.html, and show me what her body would look like during and after the interrogation. More nude pics and a selection of tools that might be put to good use on a prisoner's soft and tender body here: http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/2388938/fantasy_fodder.html.

You will find many more nude or near-nude or otherwise hot pics of her here:
or in my collection of undercover videos.

Samples from fantasies already submitted:

* I'd love to take her for a night ;) I'd use all three of her holes and make sure she kept a big butt plug in all night

* Your wife is now lying on the floor, sobbing, she realizes that she has been left alone in front of the cells, the men still in a frenzy. Suddenly, to her horror, she sees the doors of all the cells sliding open. She is thrown over the big table at the end of the corridor and they take turns holding her down while she is brutally ****d, they throw her face down to **** her ass, then turn her over to fuck her cunt, backwards and forwards they throw her. For nearly an hour she is ****d and beaten until the armed guards return and order the men back into their cells. Your wife lies on the floor whimpering, scratched, bruised and bleeding.

* At first she jumped realizing that I could see her naked body. Then she dropped her towel and smiled at me as she walked slowly over and closed the door. [...] I put my hand back between her legs and said quietly, cum for me , let me watch you cum. She closed her eyes and opened her legs further then they were as a signal of her willingness to let me have her

* I will slap her face hard and spit on her, then i will kick her on the pussy, punch her belly, and as she scream i will put my cock down her throat! Pull her hair hard as i pumping her face and slap harder and kick harder, then i will open her eyes wide with my fingers and cum in her eyes

* I want to be naked and suck her nipples while my hands stroke and caress her breasts with my body pleading for her to mount my horny lusting cock

* Then I told her about the wild pack of dogs that I kept, and if she didn't talk I was going to bring them all in the room and close the door behind me. She was going to get the dogs whether she talked or not, but she didn't know that.

* Her soaking wet pussy grinding against my face as I licked and sucked her clit while thrusting my fingers deep into her tight wet asshole... her loud moans now gargled with the sound of her slurping my cock, rubbing my balls ad rimming my asshole... the feel of her hot, wet mouth on my cock would send me into an explosive orgasm, causing a quick choking motion as my cum hit her throat and filled her mouth

* A young woman is lying on a filthy mattress. Her once beautiful body is a mess, her breasts look like raw hamburger meat and the whole area between her legs is one big raw bleeding wound. Your wife almost faints. "I hope you wont be as stupid as this bitch tomorrow" says the man in charge, and then your wife is thrown into her own cell to await her fate.

* She sits with open legs talking while other men watch her nice pussy. they start to spunk on her breast on her mouth and inside her pussy. she received 30 spunk
then they all escape and let her crying on the floor. she still cries, but something strange happened, she is excited by the v******e so she decides to go nude on the road provocating other man

* I have already removed her clothes so that she feels more uncomfortable and have her tied with her legs and arms spread, so she is totally exposed to me. She smiles and looks longingly at me just before I slap her right breast making her yelp with obvious pain

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