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She lies on the floor whimpering,bruised, bleeding

by theclive49
Your wife is taken to a prison for interrogation but she needs to be softened up first. The prison holds men who have ****d and murdered women, so I have your wife taken to their wing. The cells have bars fronting them and your beautiful wife is paraded up and down in front of the caged men who call out obscenities and wave their cocks at her, she is made to strip off a piece of her clothing as she is f***ed to walk up and down the cells, this drives the men into a frenzy. Soon she is naked and the guards tie a rope around her neck and make her crawl on her knees to each cell where she is made to suck the mens cocks through the bars, and the guards have whips that they use to make her comply.
The men are going wild and as she sucks them, they grab her hair almost ripping it out and the guards have to drag her by the rope around her neck to the next man.

Your wife is now lying on the floor, sobbing, she realizes that she has been left alone in front of the cells, the men still in a frenzy. Suddenly, to her horror, she sees the doors of all the cells sliding open and with a huge cheer the men rush out and grab your wife. She is thrown over the big table at the end of the corridor and they take turns holding her down while she is brutally ****d, they throw her face down to **** her ass, then turn her over to fuck her cunt, backwards and forwards they throw her, depending what each man wants, they slap and punch her and spit on her calling her a filthy whore.

For nearly an hour she is ****d and beaten until the armed guards return and order the men back into their cells. Your wife lies on the floor whimpering, scratched, bruised and bleeding.

They pick her up and take her outside to the courtyard where she is thrown onto the concrete, a man dressed in overalls then uses a high pressure hose to clean her up, the jet so powerful that she is blasted around on the concrete.

Your wife is now dragged back into the building and marched to the interrogation rooms deep under the prison. The man in charge is waiting for her and tells her she will rest tonight and her interrogation will start the following day, but he wants to show her something.

They go into a cell and what she sees horrifies her: a young woman is lying on a filthy mattress. She looks to be dead, but as they stand over her she groans through a bl**died mouth. Her once beautiful body is a mess, her breasts look like raw hamburger meat and the whole area between her legs is one big raw bleeding wound.

Your wife almost faints. "I hope you won't be as stupid as this bitch tomorrow" says the man in charge, and then your wife is thrown into her own cell to await her fate.

(to be continued - hopefully...)


Did you like that fantasy?
I invite you to send me (by PM or email to your fantasy how you would use my wife's hot body, or - for instance - how you would interrogate her and make her talk, if she were your prisoner, a captured spy, in a remote prison...

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Imagine her nude and helpless body, slightly bruised already from being gang****d by the eight guards the night they brought her into your prison, chained to the wall of her brightly lit prison cell. She knows that you know what she came her for, that little sexy over-confident spy slut... And she knows that you will try to make her talk, no matter how long it takes, no matter how much she screams and begs for mercy... She is a brave girl, and you will probably need to use all your interrogator's skills learned in the Taliban prisons, and use all the tools from that filthy steel table, to break her will...

I will post the best fantasies in my blog.

Posted by alfredbjunk 1 year ago
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4 months ago
Despite the fact that I adamently Loathe violence against Girls and Women, I couldn't help getting a Stiff Rigid Erection that I Gripped and Squeezed while Jacking Off and envisioning each scenario as you described them in this fantasy story.
I Came twice as I clicked each of the Links that you provided one asfter the other at the conclusion of the story and while I was Gazing each of the pictures of your Sexy Chubby Nude Wife ~ I LIKE Her, Alfred!
7 months ago
this situation need brave cane !! :D he knows how to manipulate with girls bottom everytime :)