Lawyers Love 3

Kate awoke somewhat disoriented. She was in a strange bed and
there was a warm body intertwined with hers. It was Becky; she was
asl**p. Kate flashed back to the night before. Nothing had happened. A
d***ken Becky had kissed her then passed out. She had put Becky to bed
and then, it being late, climbed into the other side of the bed to get
some sl**p herself. Maybe she should have gone home.

Sometime during the night, Becky had snuggled up to her. She
enjoyed the moment, lying in the other woman's arms, but knew she had
to get up. Becky was not ready for this; she was probably not even a
lesbian, just confused.

Kate gently tried to untangle herself from Becky's limbs without
waking her up. The attempt was unsuccessful. Becky stirred, opened her
eyes, and seeing Kate smiled.

"You stayed the night."

"Yes, I was a bit worried about you," replied Kate. "You were
pretty d***k. How do you feel?"

"Like shit. I will never drink again."

"That will teach you. Will you be all right if I leave?"

"Yeah. I just have to lay here until the hangover goes away.
Thank you for staying."

"No problem. It was too late to go home anyway."

Kate rose out of the bed. Becky lay there watching her friend
dress. Kate was aware of the younger woman's eyes upon her. As she
finished dressing Becky spoke again.

"Do you want to do something together this evening?"

Kate looked at Becky. The younger woman was nervous, almost
shaking, a pleading look in her eyes. Kate sat down on the edge of the

"Are you sure you feel well enough?

"Not now, but by this evening the hangover will be gone."

"Okay. Why don't you come be my place about seven. I'll have
dinner for you."

"That would be great."

Kate decided that it was time to cross the line the two of them
had been skirting. It was risky. Becky's d***ken lunge the night before
and her cuddling up during the night might only mean that the younger
woman was confused and in need of companionship. She leaned in to kiss
Becky to find, to her relief, that the other woman had risen up to meet
her halfway. Kate grasped Becky by the shoulder and pulled her in
tighter. Lightly, her tongue probed past Becky's lips, finding no
resistance. Kate felt Becky's hands tug at her back, moving up and down
without conscious control. After a few moments she broke the kiss and
looked down into Becky's face. Her eyes were still closed. Then they
slowly opened revealing satisfaction and long suppressed yearning.

"I'll see you at seven," said Kate. Then she got up and let
herself out.

* * *

Becky had trouble going back to sl**p, her excitement overcoming
her need for recuperation. She lay in bed thinking about the kiss,
thinking about what it would mean to sl**p with Kate.

She was a bit frightened, but not like before. She was not
frightened at the discovery that she desired another woman. She had
accepted that, now. This was a nervousness akin to her first date in
high school, only different in that she had not felt sexual desire for
the boys that had taken her out. In high school she had been nervous
because she wanted the boys to like her. She wanted to date, to be a
normal teenager. Not knowing better, she confused this with sexual

Briefly, she considered what her parents would think of this.
They would be shocked and hurt, blaming themselves for not bringing
their daughter up right. She did not want to hurt them, but this was so
right she would not give up the pursuit. She no longer had any doubts.
She still did not know if she was a lesbian or not, but she did know
that she wanted Kate, wanted her more than she had ever wanted anyone.

* * *

The doorbell rang. Kate took a quick look in the mirror; she
looked fine. She had considered meeting Becky wearing only a robe, but
that would be moving too fast. Becky had had all day to change her

Kate opened the door and Becky, holding a bottle of wine, stepped
inside. Kate closed the door and the two women kissed. It was almost
chaste, lingering only a moment too long to be just a friendly

Dinner slipped by. Kate and Becky spent time in the kitchen,
preparing the meal and chatting about work. They moved into the dining
alcove with the finished meal and ate and continued talking. Talking
about anything, but what had happened last night and that morning.

Kate had deliberately "forgot" the wine. She did not want Becky
to get d***k again. After dessert, they left the dishes on the table
and went into the living room. Kate put some music on the stereo and
"remembered" the wine. It was late enough to give Becky the chance to
back out sober, but the alcohol would help remove any lingering doubts.
Kate replayed this logic in her head as she opened the bottle. The cold
calculation of the seduction excited her.

The two sat on the couch, drank the wine, listened to the CD, and
continued the talk about work and the people in the firm. As they
talked Kate leaned toward Becky. The conversation ended in a moment of
awkward silence. Becky looked silently at Kate. Kate reached over and
took the glass of wine from Becky and set it on the table. She set her
glass next to Becky's.

Kate then leaned in toward Becky, cocking her head and bringing
her lips to those of the younger woman's. Becky returned Kate's kiss,
slipping her tongue between the older woman's lips. For a while, Becky
became the aggressor, placing her hands on Kate's shoulders and pushing
her onto her back. The two kissed wildly, nibbling at each other's ears
and necks. Kate's hands roamed around Becky's body, but Becky, for her
part, could not bring herself to bring her hands to any parts of Kate's
body except her shoulders and arms, at least not yet.

After several minutes of furious necking, Kate realized that she
would have to make the move to bring their lovemaking to the next
level. She placed her hands on Becky's shoulders and pushed the other
woman back up to a sitting position. Becky just sat there, looking at
Kate, her shoulders heaving and nostrils flaring.

Becky was wearing a pullover blouse. Kate placed her hands on
Becky's waist and tugged at the blouse until it came out of her pants.
She then slid the blouse up, and with Becky cooperating, removed it and
tossed it aside. She then reached around Becky and undid the fastener
holding the bra on. The bra followed the blouse to the floor. The older
woman then paused and admired Becky's upper body. She was nearly flat
chested, her breasts making only the slightest bulge. Becky was not
very curvy, but with her long, dark hair falling about her shoulders,
she was very, very feminine. Kate then leaned in and bit Becky lightly
on the neck, sliding her teeth down the younger woman's breast until
the right nipple was in her mouth.

Kate flicked her tongue around Becky's nipple, feeling it
stiffen. She lightly nipped it with her teeth, drawing a gasp from the
younger woman, and then moved across and did the same to the left.

Kate then sat up and took Becky's hands in hers. She drew the
younger woman's hand up to the top button of her blouse. Slowly, Kate
thought too slowly, Becky fumbled and unbuttoned each button working
her way down to Kate's waist. Kate had to take Becky's hands in hers
again and bring them back up to her shoulders. Becky finally got the
idea and removed Kate's blouse. Without further prompting, Kate's bra

Becky hesitated. Kate wanted the younger woman to lean down and
suckle her, but she did not cooperate. So, Kate stood up and held out
her hands. Becky hesitated again for an instance, instinctively
realizing this was the moment of no return. Up to now they had just
been necking, what would follow would be sex. Slowly, hesitantly, Becky
placed her hands in Kate's and allowed herself to be raised up until
she was standing. Kate then led her into the bedroom.

The two women, naked from the waist up, stopped at the foot of
the bed. They kissed again for a moment, and then Kate slowly dropped
to her knees, running her lips down Becky's chest and navel.

Kate unfastened the button on Becky's jeans and then lowered the
zipper. She reached up and tugged at the waistline and slipped the
jeans over Becky's hips and onto the floor. Only the thin, moist fabric
of the panties separated her from Becky's sex.

Kate looked up at Becky's face. The younger woman was looking
down expectantly. Kate tugged the panties down over Becky's hips and
they followed the jeans to the floor. The tart, tangy aroma of Becky's
sex assaulted her nose. Kate breathed it in; it was delicious. Becky's
pubic hair grew wildly about her crotch. Kate parted the hair with her
fingers, and finding the clitoris, she planted on it a quick kiss, and
then stood up.

"Now, you take off my pants," Kate told Becky.

Becky hesitated, then she kneeled and removed the Kate's jeans.

"Now the panties," directed Kate.

Kate's panties were soaked through. Becky could see the matted
pubic hairs and the lips of Kate's pussy beneath. She tugged at the
panties and pulled them down the older woman's legs. Like Kate before
her, Becky breathed in the aroma. It was pungent, but pleasant. Like
her own, but slightly different. Kate's pubic hair was shorter than her
own, and was neatly trimmed. The idea of Kate trimming own pubic hair,
preparing for a lover, excited her.

She wanted to reach out and touch Kate's pussy. She wondered if
she should kiss it, like Kate had done to her, but she could bring
herself to do neither, not yet. She stood up.

As the two women kissed again, Kate maneuvered Becky so that her
back was to the bed and her calves were pressing against the mattress.
Kate pushed her lover gently back, so that she was lying on the bed.
She then knelt on the floor, between her lover's legs and started
kissing Becky's inner thighs and legs.

Becky closed her eyes. This was almost unbearable. She was so
excited, but Kate would do nothing to release her. She was just being
teased by Kate's lips and tongue.

Finally, Becky felt Kate's tongue part her lips and lap up some
of the juices that were oozing out of her. A minute or two of this and
she would come to orgasm. Then, suddenly, Kate's lips locked around
Becky's clitoris. The pleasure was unbearable. Becky sat up and
screamed, grabbing Kate's head and mashing it hard into her crotch. She
dropped back onto the bed as the orgasm continued to crash over her.

After the contractions were over, Becky let go of Kate's head.
The older woman continued to suck and lick Becky's clitoris,
occasionally darting her tongue down between her pussy lips to lap up
her juices.

Becky opened her eyes and looked down at her lover. Their eyes
met. Becky could see that Kate was smiling as she licked and nibbled.
Becky leaned back, closed her eyes again, and allowed Kate to bring her
to a second orgasm. It was not as intense as the first, but it lasted

Sometime after her second set of contractions ended, Becky felt
Kate nibbling at her ear. The older woman was now lying beside her. She
opened her eyes and looked at her lover. Kate's nose and mouth
glistened with Becky's secretions.

Becky moved towards Kate and kissed her, tasting her own juices
on her lover's mouth. After a moment, Becky broke the kiss.

"That was wonderful. I never knew it could be like that. Thank

"Don't thank me," said Kate. "I loved doing it." And then she
said rather pointedly, "I'll bet you would love doing it too."

Becky took the hint and smiled. Where there had been hesitation
before, there was none now. She wanted to bring Kate to orgasm like
nothing she had ever desired before. She kissed Kate again, a long,
lingering kiss. Then, when the kiss broke, she kissed Kate's left
shoulder, and then her upper chest, a series of kisses that ended at
Kate's left nipple.

Becky halted her downward movement at Kate's breasts for a while.
She suckled at Kate's left breast, and then moved to the right, running
her tongue in circles around the nipple. After a few minutes of this,
Becky started her downward movement until she was between her lover's

Kate was sopping, and the aroma was strong down here, but Becky
reveled in it. She leaned into her lover and quickly licked Kate's
clitoris, just once. Kate shuddered and grabbed Becky's head with both
hands. Becky leaned in again and ran her tongue along Kate's lower
lips, from bottom to top, scooping up her lover's juices. Then Becky
began her attack in earnest, alternating between the lips and the

It was a bit frustrating for Kate. Becky was clearly
inexperienced. Becky would suck at her and just as the as the pleasure
would begin to mount, Becky would shift down to her vagina. Then as
Kate started to build toward a vaginal orgasm, the younger woman would
move back to Kate's clitoris. Becky was lapping wildly, undisciplined.

Kate sighed and leaned back. She thought about saying something,
about directing her inexperienced lover, but then thought better of it.
There would be plenty of time for instruction later. Don't spoil her
first time. It might take longer, but she would come. Kate just closed
her eyes and let Becky work.

Becky saw Kate lean back and doubled her efforts, moving back and
forth between clitoris and vagina faster and faster.

For Kate, the orgasm slowly built. She didn't notice the first
signs, faint and deep as they were. It was taking longer than usual,
but it was happening. She began to clench Becky's head in her hands,
forcing the woman's mouth deeper into her vagina. The orgasm crept up
on her. Before she knew it, she was in the throes of the most violent
contractions since Jeannie had left her.

When it was over, she looked down, between her legs. Becky was
looking up, inquiringly, her face glistening with smeared vaginal

Kate pulled her new lover up, and they kissed again. Becky
embraced her, burying her face in Kate's breasts. Kate absent-mindedly
ran her fingers back and forth along Becky's arm. They both drifted off
to sl**p.

They both awoke a little after midnight. They talked for a bit,
Becky admitting that she had been scared at first, but was now certain
that there was nothing wrong in what they had done. Kate told Becky of
her loneliness since she had left Jeannie to take this job. They made
love again, this time Kate giving Becky the gentlest instructions.
Becky was a quick study.

In the morning, they awoke in each other's arms and they made
love again in the light of the morning sun that was streaming through
the window.

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