Lawyers Love 2

Becky avoided Kate as much as she could for the rest of the week.
She could not bring herself to face the woman of her fantasy. Kate,
busy as she was, did not notice the avoidance, but she did notice that
Becky was disturbed about something.

At lunch with the other two associates, one of the men mentioned
that Becky was upset about something and asked what it was.

"Boyfriend troubles," answered the other man.

"We can only hope," said the first. It was an article of faith
between the two that Becky would sl**p with at least one of them if not
for her boyfriend. The remark made Kate angry. She did not enjoy
male-bashing and had nothing against men; she just did not want to
sl**p with any of them. Remarks like this, however, just fulfilled the
stereotype of the man with a one-track mind.

It was not until later that she realized the true reason for her
anger was that she had had the same thought.

* * *

That Friday, Becky invited Peter over. She intended to sl**p with
him. She had to prove to herself that she was not a lesbian, and
expressing her desire for Peter would be a good way to prove it.

Peter arrived. She kissed him hello, but he seemed nervous,
agitated. He refused to sit down at first. Finally, they sat on the
couch together, he took her hand in his and said the fateful words:

"We have to talk."

He wanted to remain friends, but their relationship was stagnant.
He apologized. ClichŠ stumbled over clichŠ. He did not want to pressure
her into sex, but he had needs. It was better if they just called it

Becky was stunned. She could not come on to him now; it would
seem like an obvious attempt to keep him, and Peter would turn her
down. He was really a nice guy, she knew that throwing herself at him
would be futile. What really disturbed her though, was that she was not
upset about losing Peter. She was upset about losing something that
protected her from the world, or herself.

Peter left. She picked up the bottle of wine she had bought for
the evening and threw it into the fireplace, where it shattered against
the bricks. She tried to call some friends, but they had gone out for
the evening. She toyed with the idea of calling Kate, even going so far
as to fetch the home phone list the firm published, but fear stopped
her. She was afraid that she would be unable to control herself, and
that Kate would be disgusted with the knowledge that her coworker was a
dyke. The only thing left was to get d***k.

Unfortunately, she had no liquor in the apartment. She had just
smashed the only bottle. With no alternative, she headed out the door
and down the street, toward the liquor store.

The bell above the door rang as she opened the door to the liqour
store. She managed a smile at the owner behind the counter who was
ringing up another customer. It took her a moment to realize that the
other customer was Kate.

* * *

Kate smiled and said "Hi," but then she realized that something
was wrong with Becky. She had been crying and was visibly quite upset
about something.

Kate pulled the younger woman away from the cash register and the
owner and asked her what was wrong.

"Peter and I just broke up."

"Oh, poor thing." Kate hugged her. "If you need someone to talk
about it with, I'm here."

"Thanks, but I just plan to get d***k."

"That's not good. You shouldn't get d***k alone. The best thing
would be to go out and get d***k in a public place. I know some good
clubs, you would be with people, but no one would notice that you were

"No, thanks. I just could not face people tonight."

"What about just one person? A shoulder to cry on? We could go to
my place, or yours, and get quietly d***k."

A warning bell went off in Becky's brain. This was what she
feared and desired above all else, being alone with Kate. She was
afraid that she wouldn't be able to control herself. She should refuse
the offer.

"I'd like that, but I wouldn't want to ruin your Friday night,"
Becky found herself saying.

"Oh, it's no bother. I was just going to spend the evening
watching TV."

Kate had no ulterior motives in offering her shoulder for Becky
to cry on; she was just trying to be a friend. The fact that Becky was
a highly desirable woman did not even cross her conscious mind. In
accepting Kate's offer, Becky was aware of the desires she had for the
older woman, but wanted her company not because of them, but because
she truly did not want to be alone.

Becky bought another bottle of wine and the two women left the
store, heading for Becky's apartment which was closer.

* * *

Once at her apartment, Becky offered Kate dinner. She had planned
an intimate dinner for two with Peter, and if it was not eaten it would
only go to waste. While Becky finished preparing the meal, Kate cleaned
up the glass and spilled wine in the fireplace. They ate in the
kitchen, Becky had set the table with candles for her dinner with Peter
and Kate asked Becky for matches to light them. The younger woman
tensed at the thought of a candlelight dinner with Kate, but the older
woman obviously had no ulterior motives in lighting the candles.

Over the flickering glow of the candles, Becky unloaded on Kate.
She told how she was finally ready to have sex with Peter, when he
broke up with her. She was confused sexually. She avoided any mention
of her fears of being a lesbian or her desires for Kate. All the while
she was slugging back the wine; it made it easier to talk. After
dinner, they left the dishes on the table and went into the living room
and continued the conversation on the couch.

For her part, Kate mostly listened, making understanding comments
where appropriate. She was aware that Becky was holding something back,
but it did not matter. It was not her place to pry into Becky's private
life. She was careful with the wine, though. With Becky drinking so
much, it would be unwise to get d***k, too.

The alcohol finally got the better of Becky and she started
sobbing. Kate opened her arms and Becky leaned on the other woman,
crying into her breasts.

Becky's crying eventually gave way to gentle snuffling and that
to gentle breathing. She felt safe and warm in Kate's arms. The older
woman was gently rubbing her back, and Becky could feel the softness of
Kate's breast against her hard shoulder. This felt right and good. She
turned her head and looked into Kate's eyes. They were soft and warm
and a small smile played across Kate's face. Becky raised her head and
slowly brought her mouth towards Kate's.

When Becky started crying, Kate did not know what to do except
hug the younger woman. Kate, never one comfortable with emotional
scenes, was just glad that words were unnecessary. She just rubbed the
younger woman's back and literally took on the role of a shoulder to
cry on. Gradually, Becky's crying ceased, replaced by steady breathing.
Kate thought she had fallen asl**p when the younger woman turned her
head and looked at her. Becky's blue eyes were soft and bleary from the
crying and the wine. Kate smiled.

Becky's kiss took her by surprise. Not knowing what to do, she
returned it. She felt Becky's hand on the back of her neck pulling the
two of them closer. The kissing grew more insistent. When Kate felt
Becky's tongue try and find its way between her lips, she knew it had
gone far enough. The younger woman was far too d***k for this. Kate
broke the embrace. When Becky tried to reinitiate it, Kate took the
younger woman's head between her hands and gently kissed her on the

Kate looked at her friend. Becky was clearly confused, but also
on the verge of passing out. Kate somehow managed to get Becky to stand
and led her into the bedroom. Becky collapsed on the bed. Kate took off
the other woman's shoes and drew the bedclothes over her.

* * *

When Becky woke it was still dark outside. She needed to pee. She
stumbled to the bathroom. Halfway there, the headache kicked in. By the
time she reached the toilet she was nauseous as well. Her stomach made
a few feeble attempts to expel its contents, but nothing came up. Becky
swallowed a few aspirin, swearing that she would never get d***k again.
She sat down on the toilet, relieved her bladder, and tried to remember
what had happened the night before.

Clearly, she had embarrassed herself in front of Kate; she
remembered the crying. She was still wearing her clothes from the night
before, so she had passed out without undressing. She had also had this
disturbing dream, at least she hoped it was a dream, of her and Kate
kissing. Getting d***k had not changed anything, she still desired the
other woman.

Becky headed back to the bedroom, intending to go back to bed and
sl**p off the hangover. She stopped short when she saw that Kate was
lying on the other side of the bed. She was facing away from Becky, and
the covers over her were rising and falling slowly and steadily. She
was asl**p. Becky nearly panicked, then realized that she was being
silly. She had passed out, and Kate, who had probably drank a lot
too-although Becky could not really remember-had simply crashed in her
bed as well.

Becky undressed down to her underwear and slipped under the
covers, trying not to disturb her friend, but as she did so Kate
turned, and still asl**p snuggled up to Becky. The younger woman, gave
in to her own desire and tentatively returned the embrace. Kate sighed
in her sl**p and murmured the name "Jeannie."

Becky stiffened. While she had not accepted her desires for Kate,
she had grown accustomed to them, but she had never imagined that Kate
might be capable of returning the affection of another woman. It was a
dangerous idea. If Kate was a lesbian, that would make it more likely
that a physical relationship would develop. That was something Becky
was not sure she was ready for. It was comforting though, the chance
that the desire might be mutual. It made her feel less alone.

Becky snuggled closer and closed her eyes. She heard Kate sigh
contentedly in her sl**p as Becky drifted off.
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mmm yes really good, i have enjoyed parts 1 and 2, now foe part 3. these are really sexy storys in deed. so hot and sexy