At the Lake part 1.5

"OK girls, you get 21 spanks each, who wants to start?"
offered Jane. The girls looked at each other and Tracy
stepped forward to get things going. Tracy moved to a point
on Terry's left and first ran her hand down his back then
gently prodded his ass, which was stretched tight due to the
way he was tied. Without warning she drew her hand back and
with what Terry thought had to be all of her strength, struck
his right ass cheek. "Awhhhh...Son of a Bitch!," Terry
yelled. Jane immediately grabbed two pair of panties and
stuffed them into Terry's mouth, so that he could no longer
yell. Tracy continued her attack and delivered all 21 blows
to the right side of his ass only. Terry's muffled cries were
not audible beyond a distance of 5 feet but his body jerked
with each impact and tears flowed freely down his cheeks.
Susan moved in next and delivered all of her spanks to
his left cheek; now his entire ass was aflame, even though
Susan's blows were lighter than Tracy's. Debbie alternated
cheeks as she worked over his poor buns. Now it was Jane's
turn, and she struck with a vengeance. Terry never knew where
the next blow would land as she would strike a couple of times
on one cheek the a single on the other, moving back and forth
until she had delivered all 22 remaining spanks. Terry was
now blubbering, but his punishment was not yet done.
Each of the other girls then gave Terry 3 strokes with
the switch, leaving the final 11 for Jane. The hand spanks
had stung, but the thin switch positively burned. Jane spaced
her lashes at long intervals and used the time to drive her
points home. "When I tell you to do something, will you
comply immediately?" (Whoosh) "Yes" although muffled, was
heard as Terry fought back tears. "When I tell you, you are
going to be punished, will you submit as told?" (Whoosh),
again a muffled "yes". "And will you bare your bottom?"
(Whoosh), "And will you assume whatever position I tell you?"
(Whoosh) "And when you are Very Bad will you go get a
switch?" (Whoosh) "Without being told?" (Whoosh) "And you
won't steal anymore panties?" (Whoosh) "And you will comply
with ANY command we give you? (Whoosh) Twenty.
At this point, Susan produced a flashlight she had gotten
when she returned to her campsite and shined it on Terry's
battered backside. Terry's ass and upper thighs were covered
by swollen red stripes which were oozing bl**d and the entire
area was bright red. Jane removed the panties from his mouth
and he openly whimpered and cried, his entire body shaking and
trembling. The girls untied him and he fell to the ground
laying on his stomach on the grass, continuing to cry and
"Since you seem to like panties so much Terry," Jane
said, "I am going to give you all of these," throwing the pile
of panties onto his body. "To spare you the sneaky practice
of stealing them. You will wear these every day from here on
out." "Further, we will inspect you periodically to make sure
you have them on. You will never know where or when, and if
you don't have them on, YOU WILL GET 10 STROKES WITH THE
SWITCH THAT NIGHT!" "Do you understand and agree?" "Yes
Jane" the boy whispered, "What was that?" "Yes Jane" he said
louder. "Good, now you can go back to your trailer and put
some cream on that cute little red ass of yours," Jane
continued, "Oh, by the way, since tomorrow is your day off, we
will meet you at 10:00 a.m. at your trailer, and you better be
there or we will tell the whole park who the panty thief is,
UNDERSTOOD!" "Yes Jane," Terry replied. At that point, the
girls walked away leaving Terry nude on the beach with no
clothes other than the stolen underwear. Several of the areas
he had to traverse on his way back were well lit and he twice
had to hide in bushes to avoid being seen by fishermen
returning from night fishing trips.
Fortunately, his mother had some lotion which contained
a local anesthetic in the first aid kit, which he gently
applied to his battered butt. Terry slept on his stomach that
night and sex was absolutely the LAST thing on his young mind.
The next morning, the four girls went to Terry's trailer
and found him still in bed, laying naked on top of the covers.
His ass was black and blue with dark red stripes across it
where they had beaten him. Everyone, except Jane was shocked
at the sight of the damage they had inflicted; Jane however,
smiled when she saw the effect. Debbie saw the bottle of
lotion setting on the counter and picking it up poured some
into her hand. Then sitting down beside Terry's trembling
body, gently applied it to his wounded backside and thighs.
Terry sighed as he felt her gentle hand working the anesthetic
lotion into his flesh and felt the pain lessen, he also became
excited by the feel of her hand and soon had an erection. Due
to his position on the bed, the girls could not see his hard-
on and he hoped they would leave while he dressed; Jane had no
such intentions.
"Well now, What are we going to do with this little panty
stealing sissy, girls?" asked Jane, as she stood watching
Debbie apply the lotion. Susan looking at the damage they had
already done, shuttered and replied, "I don't know, but his
ass sure can't take much more." Tracy then spoke, "First have
him get up so we can look him over in the daylight." "OK,"
replied Jane, "Get up you little shit!" Terry was now in a
panic, he was hard as a rock and was going to have to display
his erection to the girls; he turned beet red and rolled onto
his hip facing away from them as he edged off the bed, then
stood with his back to them.
Each of the girls then examined his bruised buns, lightly
running their fingers over the welts left by the switch; Jane
however, grabbed a handful of cheek and squeezed as she
checked him, causing him to wince with pain. All of the
touching had made his cock even harder than before, while he
had hoped it would go down quickly. All the girls had noted
that his skin on his hips and ass was darker than it should
be, but Jane was the one to verbalize it. "You have been
sunbathing in the nude...haven't you Terry?" "Yes Jane," he
whispered his reply. "Where?" she asked, "The old camp at
Levetsville Bay," Terry said softly. "Turn around and look at
me when I talk to you," Jane directed in a stern voice. Terry
complied, trying to hide his erection with his hands. "Well,
well," said Tracy, "What DO we have here?" as Terry's hard 6"
cock came into view; "Put those hands at your sides!" Terry
complied, with his head bowed and his entire neck, face, and
shoulders bright red from embarrassment.
All of the girls started laughing when they saw Terry's
hard-on and told him how "cute" it looked. Terry just got
redder, if that was possible and stood perfectly still.
Debbie, reached out and gave the appendage a stroke with her
soft hand, which caused Terry to inhale quickly and a tremor
went through his body. "Nice," Debbie observed, "smooth and
soft, yet firm." Each of the other girls now took turns
stroking his cock accompanied by "Oohs and Ayahs" and Tracy
and Susan also felt his balls, rolling them between their
fingers. "I don't like that hair." said Jane, "I think we
should shave it off." Before anyone could object, Jane took
Terry's fathers shaving cream from the counter and applied a
coating to his entire crotch area, then told him to lay on the
floor with his legs spread wide.
With all four girls hovering over his body, Jane then
proceeded to sc**** what little hair he had from his cock,
balls and crotch, leaving him looking like a little boy;
except for his healthy sized hard-on. "That looks MUCH
better," observed Jane, and the girls again took turns feeling
his crotch and commenting on the smoothness of his now
hairless skin. "Stand up," Jane directed, and when he did the
girls giggled and laughed at his bobbing penis and teased him
about being beaten and shaved by a group of girls.
As Terry stood there red faced with his hard cock
prominently displayed, Tracy offered a suggestion. "Since
Terry stole our clothes to be 'closer' to us and used them to
masturbate...I think he should jerk-off for show us
how good it felt." This brought immediate giggles from the
other girls and Jane turned to Terry and said, "Do it!"
"I...I can't," whimpered Terry, "Not in FRONT of you girls."
"I said DO IT!" demanded Jane as she gave his ass a vicious
slap with her hand. Tears flowed down Terry's cheeks as he
grabbed his cock and proceeded to give the girls a jerk-off
show. They clapped and jeered, laughed and giggled as he
worked his cock for them, then as he was about to cum, Jane
grabbed a cup and told him to shoot into it. Terry sprayed
more cum than he had ever produced before into that cup. When
he was done and his cock limp, Jane pressed the cup to his
lips and ordered "DRINK IT!" Terry complied with his entire
body shaking.
Jane then handed him her pink panties and bra and
directed him to put them on, which he did. "Now meet us at
your boat in 30 minutes, We are going on a picnic!" Jane then
ushered the girls out leaving Terry tenderly sitting on the
bed, clad in Jane's matching bra and panty set with his body
being whacked by tremors and his own cum crusting his lips.
Slowly, he put on a pair of cut-offs over the panties and a
cut-off sweatshirt over the bra, then found a pair of tennis
shoes and washed his face before going to the dock.
Terry was at the dock at the appointed time, but the
girls were late. When they did arrive, Jane and Tracy pulled
up in Jane's boat and the other two walked, each carrying a
shoulder bag. Terry could also see a cooler in the other boat
and knew he was in for a long day. The two girls got into his
boat and Jane directed him to take them to the "secret spot"
he had found at the old camp. Terry proceeded down the lake
followed by Jane and Tracy in the other boat. When they
arrived, Terry tied up the boats in a hidden cove and then
carried the cooler, leading the girls up the hill to the
clearing. "This is fantastic!" exclaimed Debbie when they
arrived at the clearing overlooking the lake. "There's even
a well," observed Susan pointing to an old fashion manual
pump. "This will do nicely," said Jane, who then proceeded to
spread out a blanket on the ground. Soon, the other girls
also spread blankets and stripped down to their swim suits;
Terry just stood there not knowing WHAT to do. Jane provided
the answer, "Strip," she ordered, and Terry now stood naked in
the sun light surrounded by four lovely girls wearing bikinis.
Debbie looked up at Terry and picking up a bottle of
suntan lotion, threw it to him. "Put this on my back," she
said as she laid on her stomach. As Terry approached her, she
reached behind her neck and untied the top strings of her
bikini, then did the same to the back ties. Terry moved her
long brown hair up over her shoulder as she laid with her head
turned to the left resting on her hands. Then took the bottle
and dumped a big glob of lotion into his hand and started
gently working it onto her shoulders and back. The lotion
made her skin feel super smooth and he shifted his position so
that he was now straddling her legs and working his hands up
and down with his thumbs alongside of her spine. Debbie
sighed at his massaging application and when he was done, told
him to do her legs. Terry reversed his position, resting his
limp cock against her nylon covered ass, and started working
on her legs. Again he stroked and massaged the muscles as he
applied the lotion and spent considerable time working on her
thighs, which she spread as his hands worked upwards from her
When done, she looked over her shoulder and then reached
back with her hands and untied the hip strings on her bikini
and pulled the garment from underneath her, depositing it on
the blanket. "Do that too," she said with a glance towards
her firm ass. Terry reversed positions again, this time
sitting on his heels over her knees and could clearly see the
lips of her pussy and puckered little asshole as he poured
more lotion onto his hands. Debbie's ass was just as it
appeared, firm and well muscled and Terry took his time
applying the lotion, thrilling to the feel of her body. He
traced a fingertip down the crack of her ass and noticed the
little jolt in her body as it passed over her asshole, then
gently cruised on down and passed over the lips of her cunt.
Debbie raised her hips to give him better access and he slowly
inserted a finger into her vagina, while his other fingers
massaged her clitoris. In seemingly no time at all, Debbie
moaned, shuddered and collapsed forward having had a climax.
Watching the action, Susan was sitting on the next
blanket and removed her bikini completely before throwing
Terry her bottle of lotion. "Me NEXT!" she said with a smile
on her face as she displayed her hairless young pussy and
small breasts to his view, then laid on her stomach before
him. Terry now moved to Susan and straddled her body with his
now erect cock resting between the cheeks of her ass. She was
a small girl, only 5'1" with short blonde hair and deep blue
eyes. Almost skinny, her breasts were small, but that was to
be expected on a 12 year old, just into puberty. Terry
started with her legs, then did her back and again finished on
her ass and fingering of her very tight pussy. Terry suspect-
ed that Susan was a virgin and that the tampons were the only
previous intruders into her little slit. Susan screamed
loudly as she came and her entire body shook as the convulsive
climax whacked it, then collapsed onto the blanket and dosed
off to sl**p.
Tracy was next and also removed her swim suit but instead
of laying on her stomach, laid on her back and told him to do
her front. Terry was hard as a rock and his dick bobbed as he
moved from one girl to the other. Tracy pulled her legs up so
that her feet were flat on the ground as he worked on the
calfs, and her pussy was clearly visible with it's reddish
blond hair lightly covering it. When he started on her
thighs, she just opened her legs wider, and Terry noted the
parting of her cunt lips accompanied that move. He could now
see her clit and the hole below it, along with a trickle of
juice flowing from it in anticipation of his hands. Terry
moved up along side her and slowly spread the lotion over her
firm belly then up to her shoulders, arms, and those softball
size tits. Her breasts were firm yet soft and he spent at
least 10 minutes massaging them, concentrating on her erect
nipples which jutted up about an inch. He then moved a hand
downward and stroked her pussy lips, inserting one then two
fingers into that hot opening as she thrashed about below him.
Soon, Tracy arched her back, thrusting her pussy against his
hand as hard as she could and came with several jerks and a
deep moan.
Jane had watched as he brought each of the other girls to
a climax and massaged their bodies, but when he approached her
with his jutting hard-on, she smacked it with her hand, which
caused it to deflate somewhat. She allowed him to apply the
lotion to her back only and removed no clothing in the
process. When he was done, she told him to lay on the blanket
and applied lotion to his back, ass, and legs; then told him
to turn over and coated his chest and belly with the cream.
The other girls were watching as she worked the lotion onto
his again hard cock and smooth hairless balls. Jane then told
him to pull his knees up to his chest keeping them spread
wide. This brought his asshole into view as well as his naked
crotch and Jane worked her lotion covered fingers around the
puckered little opening. Soon she had inserted one of her
fingers and then two. At this point, she reached into her bag
and brought out an 8" dildo which was about two and one half
inches in diameter and greased it with her free hand, then
placed it at the opening of Terry's ass.
"I'm going to fuck you Terry," Jane said with a wicked
smile on her face, "Just like the little pussy-assed girl that
you are." She then shoved the cock into his ass and he yelped
with the pain, but she continued shoving until it was fully
buried. Jane then moved forward and extracted the dildo which
had straps attached to it and fastened it to her hips, then
f***ed it back into his ass and started thrusting in and out.
"Oh God NO!" he cried as she pummeled his ass, rotating her
hips as she worked it in and out; tears flowed from his eyes
and his body shuddered and trembled at the attack. After
about 50 thrusts, he felt his cock jerk and knew that he had
cum on his stomach, without anyone touching his cock. Jane
stopped her attack with the dildo still fully buried in him
and scr****g the cum from his stomach, fed it to him with her
fingers until his abdomen was clean. "Now you know what it's
like to be ****D," Jane said and jerked the fake cock inside
him to emphasize the point. Terry rolled into a ball laying
in a fetal position when she withdrew the device from him and
just laid there crying and trembling. Jane would not allow
any of the girls to comfort him, she wanted him to feel just
as he now did. Jane then kicked him until he rolled off of
her blanket and lay on the ground beside it.
The other girls were not too happy about the way Jane had
treated Terry, but she was the oldest and much larger than any
of them so there wasn't much they could do about it. Later,
after Terry had recovered, Debbie let him lay on her blanket
and stroked his body as they laid in the sun; Susan had turned
on a radio, and music filled the air in the clearing. About
a hour later, they heard the sound of a boat motor entering
the bay but could not see the boat. When the sound abruptly
stopped, they became concerned and the girls immediately
started putting their clothing back on, Jane however, would
not allow Terry to dress, but told him to hide in the bushes
further up the hill.

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Curious to see where it leads...Thanx for sharing.
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