At the Lake Part 1

Terry was 13, 5'5" tall, 120 lbs of muscle and had just
landed his first summer job at a marina on a State owned lake.
The boss was a man named Jim who operated the marina on a
contract basis for the State Parks Department and was joined
in the operation by his wife Nancy, who ran the snack bar and
rental counter; his son Paul (age 19) who performed outboard
motor repair and general maintenance; his daughter Jane (age
16) who helped her mother with the counter work; Don, the
lifeguard and two other boys who worked only on the weekends,
(Jeff another lifeguard, and Tom who helped Paul with general
maintenance) and now Terry the "Dock Boy". The park was
medium sized and included 250 campsites, a bathing beach, 150
rental fishing boats, 16 rental cabins, and a large picnic
area. The lake was 11 miles long and although built as a
flood control facility, was one of the best fishing lakes in
the state. All of the cabins and campsites were full every
weekend and usually all of the boats would also go out on
rental to middle class, blue collar workers who frequented the
park. Some families would spend the entire summer at the
park, with the fathers commuting on the weekends. Camping
fees were inexpensive and the k**s had lots of things to keep
them busy. Although surrounded by youth camps and private
cabins, no structures other than the marina and a couple of
camp buildings were visible from the water, so to a person on
the water, the lake looked 'natural'.
As the "Dock Boy" Terry's job included cleaning all of
the rental boats when they were returned by patrons, selling
bait, gas, and on weekdays, mowing grass throughout the park
and helping Paul empty the trash cans in the park. Don also
was expected to help with the mowing and trash collection on
Monday - Wednesday mornings before the beach opened. Terry's
parents had a travel trailer which they parked in a back
portion of the park maintenance area and this became Terry's
home for the summer. Except for the weekends, he stayed there
alone, sl**ping in the trailer and eating in the snack bar
unless he felt like cooking his own meals. His parents were
close friends of Jim and Nancy and they trusted his boss's
assurance that he would keep him out of trouble. Terry's
parents also had a 14' fishing boat they kept docked at the
marina, which Terry used to get in some fishing himself on his
Tuesday-Wednesday day's off, as well as to provide transporta-
tion if he wanted to visit friends around the lake.
Jim and Nancy treated Terry like a son and Paul like a
little b*****r, but for some reason, Jane had always been
antagonistic towards him; treating him like a pest barely to
be tolerated. Terry had never done anything against the girl,
in fact he always looked up to her (both physically and
mentally). Jane was a classic "amazon", tall at 5'10", long
blonde hair, blue eyes, and a body which could stop trains; on
top of that, she was very smart having never gotten anything
but straight "A's" in school. Paul was a jock at 6'2" and 230
lbs of the biggest muscles Terry had ever seen; he was also
less than brilliant when it came to school work, even though
he attended a small college. Were it not for his athletic
scholarship, he probably would not have even been admitted to
the school, due to poor grades all through high school.
On weekends, Terry spent all of his time working on the
docks and was kept busy from early morning till late in the
evening. There seemed always to be a customer wanting bait or
gas or boats to be washed following their return. Most of the
boats would be rented 4-6 times every weekend, so the workload
was heavy. On weekdays however, he spent most of his time
riding a mower, knocking down the 140 acres of grass in the
park. The other boys handled the trash collection and heavy
work and told Terry to keep mowing while they made the rounds
with the pickup truck. They said he was too small to handle
the trash cans, but Terry knew they were spending a great deal
of the time they were gone, drinking beer or chasing the girls
in the campgrounds. That was OK with Terry, since he didn't
like lifting the heavy containers or dealing with the smell
emanating from them anyway. He was content to handle the
mowing and let them have whatever fun they could extract from
that 'grungy' work.
Working on the docks and mowing grass was hot work and
Terry's normal working attire was a pair of cut-off shorts or
swim trunks and tennis shoes without socks. He quickly
acquired a deep tan which was the envy of most of the k**s in
the park (especially the girls), and his hair bleached out to
a pale blonde. He also found that his balls cooked when he
wore cotton jockey underwear under the shorts, so he usually
did not wear any.
One of the benefits of doing the mowing however, was the
fact that most of the girls in the park would sunbathe on the
beach in the morning when their fathers, b*****rs and in some
cases boyfriends went fishing on the lake. This included the
boss's daughter Jane who filled her bikini to maximum capaci-
ty. Every time Terry saw her on the beach, he marveled at her
incredible body, especially her long legs which seemed to go
on forever. Her ass and tits were firm and made his cock hard
every time he even thought about them. It was not uncommon
for Terry to have a hard-on the entire time he was cutting the
beach area, with anywhere from 15-100 young women laid out in
non-existent swim suits before his eyes while he worked. The
fact that some of the girls would flash their tits at him
while he worked and sometimes give him an 'inadvertent'
glimpse of pussy hair or ass cheek did not help his hard-on in
the least and usually ended with him going to his trailer to
jerk-off during his lunch break to relieve the pressure in his
groin. They knew damn well the effect they were having on him
and grew bolder as the weeks passed.
In addition to Jane, there were two other girls who
frequented the beach and were staying the summer who caught
Terry's eye. Debbie, a girl his own age and about the same
physical size as himself, with long brown hair that reached
almost to her ass and green eyes that grabbed hold and would
not let go. Debbie was flat chested but had a personality and
constant smile that Terry really liked. The other was Tracy
a beauty at 5'7" with strawberry blond hair and hazel eyes
with a firm athletic body and breasts about the size of
softballs. Tracy was a year older than himself and apparently
a close friend of Jane's.
Terry's trailer did not have a shower nor did the park
except in the regular camping area, so he would clean himself
by going to the beach at night and taking a bath in the lake.
Nancy, let him use her washer to clean his clothing which were
then air dried on a clothes line. One day while doing his
laundry, he noticed several pairs of frilly panties in a
basket of dirty clothing in the laundry room. He inspected a
pair and deduced from the size that they were Jane's rather
than her mothers. Terry held the panties in his hands and
liked the feel of the soft material against his skin, then
gave them a tentative smell and could smell a mixture of
Jane's perfume and her womanhood in the crotch of the garment.
This excited him greatly, he immediately got hard, just
thinking that these panties had touched Jane's pussy.
Searching through the basket, he found a pink matching bra and
proceeded to feel and smell it also. Making a rash decision,
he stuffed the panties and bra into his pockets when he left
and took them to his trailer where he hid them under his bed.
That night after returning from his bath, he dug them out
and masturbated, with the smell of Jane's body under his nose
and fantasized about making love to her. After his orgasm, he
put the panties on and thrilled to the feel of them as they
passed over his legs and then rested on his ass and against
his balls. Liking the feel of the panties, he decided to try
on the bra which fortunately for him was the type with the
front closure. When the soft nylon contacted his nipples,
they immediately became hard and soon he was masturbating
again; he went to sl**p that night wearing Jane's undergar-
ments and dreamed of her lovely body.
The following day, while mowing in the Camping Area, he
saw clothing strung out to dry behind Debbie's parents trailer
and looked closer as he cut the weeds at the back edge of the
lot. Hanging on the line were 6 pair of dainty panties, which
had to be Debbie's since her mother was not there that week
and only her father and b*****r were at the lake. Again, in
a rash move, after determining that no one was watching, he
pocketed a pair of black nylon panties and then continued
mowing as if nothing were out of the ordinary. Over the next
two weeks, he managed to collect two more pair of Jane's
panties and a dozen from clotheslines in the camping area, in
each case he was able to identify the owner, which made his
fantasies more vivid as he used them to masturbate.
On his days off, Terry would take the undergarments in a
duffle bag to his boat and go to a "Secret Place" he had
discovered several years before, at the back edge of an old
Boy Scout camp, where there was a clearing overlooking the
lake. Here, he would sunbathe in the nude and jerk-off,
rubbing the garments over his body and thrilling to the feel
and smell of them.
None of the girls noticed their missing garments except
Jane, who was now short of 3 pair of panties and two bra's.
She complained to her mother, but neither knew where they had
gone. Terry overheard part of this conversation and decided
he had better return her clothing, the next time he did his
laundry (except for one set!). Terry also stopped his
thievery for the time being, just in case the girls started
talking to each other and compared notes. Little did he know,
that they had already done just that, after he had acquired
the second bra from Jane. The girls arrived at the conclusion
that someone was stealing their clothes; the question was who?
They set several traps over the next week in hopes of
catching the thief, but since Terry had stopped, they were
unsuccessful in their quest. True to his decision, Terry
placed all of Jane's clothing back in her laundry basket the
following Monday when he did his laundry, except the pink set
he had originally stolen. Jane, it seems was the next to use
the laundry room and noticed the return of one particular pair
of red panties she had been missing. Checking with her
mother, she found that Terry had been in the room about an
hour earlier doing his clothes. She said nothing to her
mother, but believed she had found the culprit. Now, the
question was what to do about it?
Jane knew that Terry took a bath each night at the beach,
so she recruited Tracy, Debbie, and another girl named Susan
(who was also missing a pair of panties) to help her. When
Terry left the trailer, Debbie and Susan followed him to the
beach, while Jane and Tracy searched his trailer for the
missing garments. Terry left his shorts, shoes, and towel by
the lifeguard tower and entered the water nude with only a bar
of soap. The girls saw his ass reflected in the scant
available light and wondered that it was not milk white, but
looked somewhat tanned, and giggled to each other from their
hidden vantage point.
Meanwhile, Jane and Tracy had struck "gold" in the
trailer, finding not only their own missing clothing, but all
of the others as well, in fact more than they previously knew
was missing. They gathered up the assorted panties and bras
and proceeded to the beach area, where the other girls were
"Where is he?" asked Jane and Susan pointed towards the
water. "His clothes are by the tower," offered Debbie, who
saw the large bundle Tracy had in her hands. "He had them
all," Jane told the girls, "Including my best bra and panties
set...I'm going to kick that little pervert's ass!" Her mind
made up, Jane got up and walked directly to the lifeguard
tower and picked up Terry's clothing and towel, took them to
Susan and told her to take them back to the campsite used by
her father. Jane then told the other two girls to come out
and all three stood in plane sight on the beach by the tower,
waiting for Terry to return.
They didn't have long to wait before Terry swam back to
shore, as he started to come out of the water, he looked up
and saw the girls and immediately lowered himself back in to
cover his nakedness. "Uh...Hi girls, could one of you throw
me my towel?" "What towel?" replied Jane, who was standing
with her arms folded over her breasts. "The one beside my
clothes, at the base of the tower," Terry offered.
"Nope...Nothing here at all," Jane said with a wide smile on
her face. Debbie stepped forward with a pair of her panties
dangling from her index finger and said, "Perhaps you would
prefer these." At the same time, Tracy threw the rest of the
stolen clothing onto the grass and said, "Or These You Little
Pervert!" "Oh SHIT!" Terry muttered to himself, he had been
caught and was in for it now.
Jane walked to the edge of the water and looked directly
at Terry, "Come out here now," she said. "I can't," Terry
almost cried, "I...I don't have any clothes," he replied.
"Come out, or I'll have to come and get you, and if I do, I'll
beat your ass raw!" Terry looked at the beautiful girl on the
beach and the other two behind her, but just couldn't f***e
his body to move. Without further word, Jane walked into the
water and out to his position, which was just below her crotch
depth and grabbed his left arm.
The feel of Jane's hand on his arm shook Terry out of his
state of shock and he immediately attempted to pull away and
escape, acting in a panic. Jane was not only bigger, but much
stronger than Terry and maintained her grip. Terry's attempt
to flee however, pulled Jane down into the water, and now she
was really mad. "Listen you little shit, your coming with me,
and now your REALLY going to get it for getting me wet!" Jane
spun him around and holding him in a hammer lock on the left
arm and by the hair with her right hand, she f***ed him to
walk towards the shore. As soon as he was at the edge of the
water, the other girls also grabbed hold of him and the three
f***ed him up to the lifeguard tower and pressed his back
against it.
Terry was now standing completely nude in front of three
girls he had fantasized about fucking, but who were now
holding him spread eagled against the tower. While the other
girls held his arms, Jane looked him over and grabbed hold of
him by the balls, squeezing them in her right hand. "You had
your chance, buddy, now you will do as your are told, or I
will twist these right off." Tears were now flowing down
Terry's cheeks, as he fought the pain caused by Jane's clamp
hold on his balls. "Please...Please, don't...hurt me," he
pleaded to the girl, "I'll...I'll do what ever you say." "Tie
his hands with the rope on that ring buoy," Jane told the
other girls, who seemed eager at the thought of getting back
at the panty thief. They tied his hands together and then
threw the rope over the seat, pulling his arms high over his
head and forcing him to stand on tip toes. Jane released her
grip on his balls and turned his body back and forth inspect-
ing him, then turned him ass outward and had the girls secure
his feet to the legs of the tower, spreading them wide.
With Terry now firmly secured, Jane moved in behind him
and ran her hands over his back and ass, squeezing the cheeks,
then reached underneath and grabbed his balls again and pulled
them back between his legs, with a jerk. "Arghhh...." he
cried and his whole body trembled with fear of the girl behind
him. "Now little Shit, I would like an explanation of why you
stole our underwear and what you did with it," Jane said in a
stern voice as she clamped down harder on his balls.
"Please...Please, Jane I didn't mean any harm, I just wanted
to be nearer to you..." Terry choked in reply, "I...I, smelled
them, and...stroked myself with them....and...fantasized about
you while I masturbated," he whispered as he openly cried and
his body shook with a combination of fear and pain. "Well
now, that IS interesting," said Jane as she eased the grip on
his testicles. Tracy, go get a switch for me, please." "Sure
thing Jane!" the girl replied as she ran towards a stand of
trees back from the beach.
Turning to Debbie, Jane explained, "First we must punish
him for stealing our clothing and for refusing to get out of
the water, and for getting me wet. Then we can deal with
these SEXUAL problems of his." Debbie shook her head in
agreement as Jane considered how many strokes with the switch
he deserved. Just then Tracy and Susan returned and Tracy
handed Jane a 3' long switch she had procured. "I think 5
spanks for each article of clothing are in order to be deliv-
ered by hand, AND 10 strokes with the switch for refusing to
come out of the water AND 10 strokes with the switch for
getting me wet! Terry's mind raced as he did the mathematics
necessary to determine how many times they were going to hit
him..."OH SHIT," he thought, 85 spanks (17 articles of
clothing) plus 20 with the switch.

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the three girls just wanted some manmeat and nutt snott........Sweet
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great start! looking forward to the rest!
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Good lead in.
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very good