My Wife My Mommie part5 con

"I can hardly wait. You know Daisy, when I first learned about
Tom's desires, I was hurt, confused, wanted a divorce, I really
wanted to kill him. But after I talked with Dr. More, and now you,
I feel much better, in fact, it could be fun.

"Ann, don't worry, Robin has been a complete baby for over a
year now, and there are moments, but for the most part it is fun.
Bob's a P.E. teacher. I haven't yet done anything to him at work,
but then you never know. All those cute little tiny bopper's, the
possibilities are endless."

"Well Tom works in an office. I wonder what I could do there.
We will have to take is slow, because we do need him to work, but
then this is a 'physical' 'handicap', and they can't fire you for
being 'handicapped', can they? Especially since it doesn't affect
anyone else."

"You know Ann, I never thought of it in that frame of mind
before, now you really have my mind going. Where exactly to you
live? We are on corner of Monroe & Clark."

"Oh, you really are close," Ann said. " We are only 3 block
from you on Monroe & Casper. Are you doing anything special tonight

"Not really, Robin has to be fed and I really don't know what
I am going to make for myself."

"Do you like Pizza? Why don't you feed Robin and I'll feed
Tami. You could come over, and while the girls played, we could
talk. We can order a Pizza or something and have it delivered."

"Sounds like a great idea Ann. I'll, I mean we, will be over
in about an hour or so. Don't order the Pizza till I get there.
Maybe the Pizza man will get a chuckle out of our 'little' girls."

"Okay Daisy, we will see you shortly then, bye now."

Ann busied herself getting Tami's supper ready. She was
thinking how nice it was to issue a simple command and be able to
have a private conversation on the phone. "Well that's one plus."

Then she felt that Tami should be aware of his baby status so
she gave the command, "Tami LIKES being a baby." Immediately Tami
looked at her differently, but did not protest. She decided to play
a little game while she was making Tami's supper.

"What is your name little girl?" Ann said.

"My name is Thami mommie."

"I love your pretty dress Tami, and your cute rubber panties.
Are you wet?"

"Yeth, Mommie, I wee-wee my dee-dee, but I wove to wee-wee my

Ann started to chuckle to herself. My Big Man?.........What
a pathetic creature. I hope he likes what he got himself into.
Before I am done with him, the world will know just what kind of
Man, I mean baby, he is. I hope he really wanted to be a baby,
because that is just what he is going to remain as long as I live.

Ann put Tami's dinner into a divided tray and sat down next
to the high chair to feed him. "You better get use to this food
again, because this is the only kind of food you will ever eat in
this house!"

Ann feed Tami strained liver, strained potatoes, strained
spinach, and prunes for dessert. She then gave him a full bottle
of Formula to drink. Tami eagerly suckled on the nipple to get its
contents, knowing all the while, that he was a grown man acting
like a little sissy baby, but still unable to stop it.

Seconds after Tami started drinking her bottle, the door bell
rang. Ann went to the door and there stood Daisy and Robin, Daisy,
carrying a large diaper bag instead of her purse.

"You'll get use to this Ann," Daisy said smiling.

Robin looked absolutely adorable. He was wearing the same
dress he worn to the doctors, but now had several layers of
petticoats under the dress so that when he walked his pretty lace
panties and extra thick diapers were displayed to all. He had a
pacifier on a ribbon around his neck and was sucking the it. The
ribbon matched the cute little bows in his hair. On his feet were
cute little mary jane shoes. Ann invited them in and Robin was told
to sit down on the living room rug. Ann went to get Tami out of her
high chair.

"It was such a lovely night that we walked over," Daisy said.
"We even got a few offers for baby sitters. Robin was so cute
walking down the street with his pacifier in his mouth and his
pretty little panties so proudly displaying his wet diapers. But
then how could anyone resist such a cute baby?"

Both Ann and Daisy laughed. Ann led Tami by the hand and told
her to sit down next to Robin. Both babies just stared at each
other. Both were aware of there situation, both unable to do
anything about it. The ladies sat down and got into a conversation
while the babies just looked at each other.

"My name is Wobin, what is your name."

"My name is Thami. I have a dolly."

"I have a dolly too. Mommie.., can I have my dolly?" Robin

Daisy went into the diaper bag and brought out Robin's dolly.

"My dolly is bigger!"

"No it isn't," not even seeing it, Robin said.

"Yeth it is!!!!"

"NO IT ISN'T!!!!!"

"YETH IT IS!!!!"



"Now girls stop fighting!!!!." Daisy said, and continued
talking with Ann. Ann and Daisy went to the kitchen to order there
Pizza, and left the 'girls' staring at each other after being
disciplined in the living room.

"Wobin, you wee-wee your dee-dee?" Tami asked Robin.

"Yeth Thami, I wee-wee, do you wee-wee? Let me see.!!!"

Robin lifted Tami dress and stuck her hand down her wet
diapers. At the same time Tami lifted Robins dress to see if she
was wet.

"Come here Ann. Quick," Daisy said in a hushed tone. "The
babies are playing with each other. I think they are seeing how wet
they each are, at least I hope that is what they are doing."

"M-O-M-M-I-E!!!!!! THAMI IS ALL WET!!!!!"


"Don't worry little girls, we'll change you in a little while,
now just play nice," Ann said.

Tami took Robin by the hand and said, "You want to see my room
Wobin and pray riff some of my toys??"

"Yeth Thami," Robin said.

Tami took Robin by her hand to her 'new' room.

"Isn't that darling???," Daisy said.

The ladies sat down on the couch and continued there
conversation while the babies played in Tami's room. It didn't take
long before the babies were again at it.

"My room in nicer!!!!!" Robin said

Tami, never seeing Robins room, "No it isn't!!!!"

"Yeth it is!!!!"

"NO IT ISN'T!!!!!"

"YETH IT IS!!!!"



"Do you think they will ever get along?" Daisy said as both
ladies went to Tami's room. Each grabbed there baby by the ear and
marched them back to the living room. Each were told to sit down,
and each were given a bottle. It was so adorable, both little girls
pouting, sitting in there frilly little dresses in the living room
floor nursing from there bottles.

"I think they are getting tired. It has been an eventful day,
especially for Tami," Daisy said.

At almost the same moment the door bell rang. Ann went to the
door and it was the Pizza. She invited the delivery boy in while
she went to her purse to get the money. He almost dropped the Pizza
when he saw the two 'BIG' baby girls sitting on the floor sucking
from there bottles. I don't know who was more embarrassed, him or
the babies.

Ann came back with the money and was handing it to him when
he said, "Is this for them?"

"Heaven no" Daisy interceded, "Their to little for Pizza."

The boy left in a daze, and both ladies had a good laugh.

"I told you it could be interesting, " Daisy said.

The ladies ate their pizza and Daisy, not wanting it to get
to late and wanting her beauty rest, decided to leave after she had
changed Robins diaper.

"They have to get up early tomorrow for work, and you know
what we are going to do tomorrow. We want them wide awake, don't
we Ann?" Daisy said laughing. "I can hardly wait till tomorrow. It
will be fun."

Robin and Tami were made to hug each other and give each a
kiss on the 'cheek'. Daisy lead Robin by the hand, her little dress
lifting higher and higher with each step she took, displaying her
will diapered, pantied bottom to all.

Tami was taken to her room, where Ann changed her diaper and
put her in a cute little pink sl**per. She walked her to her crib,
lowered the rail, and laid her down with another bottle to suck on
while she fell asl**p.

"Good Night my little girl, sweet dreams, remember "Tami IS
a Baby."

Ann raised the rail, and turned off the light. Tami slept like
a baby
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3 years ago
Good series but I dont see the turnon, I guess without more overt sex I dont understand.