My Wife My Mommie part2

As I opened the door I saw a lovely young girl receptionist
sitting at the reception desk. She smiled at me as I approached her
and in a loud voice said "Oh must be Mr. Meyer, we
have been expecting you. Are you dry now, or do you need diapers
and rubber panties during the day as well."

In a very soft and trembling voice I told her that I was only
having a problem at night and that my wife wanted me to see if it
could be corrected. She told me to fill out the necessary papers
for insurance reasons and to have a seat till she called my name.
It was then that I turned around only to see several mothers with
their little c***dren, knowing that they had heard every word. They
all kind of smiled at me after hearing all the receptionist had
said. I meekly sat down in one of the chairs and waited for my name
to be called.

There were toys of all types lying around the waiting room and
being played with by the c***dren. One of the mothers looked at her
little girl and said in a mocking tone, "Now don't hog all the toys
Jane, maybe MR. MEYER will want to play." I could have crawled in
a hole.

After everyone else was called and what seemed like an
eternity, a very attractive nurse, in her late 20's, called my
name. I got up and followed her to a small room. She took all my
vital signs, height, weight, bl**d pressure, and then asked me what
was my problem. I told her that I was having trouble with wetting
the bed at night and that I wanted to find out why. She asked me
why I requested to see Dr. More, and I told her I hadn't, that my
wife had made the appointment and I didn't know why she made it
with Dr. More either. She had a knowing little smirk on her face,
but didn't say anything and continued in a very professional
manner. I was told to disrobe as she handed me a 'pink' smock to
put on, apologizing for the color, but saying that they were not
equipped for men, and that this was the only thing that might fit
me. I went behind the curtain and sheepishly put on the smock. I
didn't want to come out with her still in the room, but she told
me not to be embarrassed and insisted that I come out. I did, and
I can't remember which was a brighter pink, me or the gown. She
then left the room and told me the doctor would be in shortly.

After what seemed like more hours, but in reality was only a
few minutes, Dr. More came into the room. She had to be one of the
most beautiful women I had ever seen. She had long blond hair that
was pulled together in the back with clip combs and then continued
down to just below her shoulders. Her make-up was flawless, and her
hands were delicate and well manicured. She wore a white smock over
a skirt suit. The skirt was just above her knees and displayed the
high heeled boots which came to just below her knees and which had
at least 6 inch heels. She reminded me of the type of women that
you would find in a B&D magazine and one that you would willingly
do anything she commanded. I was speechless. My eyes followed her
every move. She smiled at me knowingly and said very matter of
fact, "I understand you still wet the bed like a baby."

I told her that I did have an accident now and then and my
wife wanted me to find out what was wrong.

She told me that she had spoken to my wife and that it seemed
like more than just an accident now and then. In fact, she told me
that my wife said I had wet the bed for the past several nights.
She also told me that my wife mentioned to her about my desire to
wear women's cloths before we were married and that she was
wondering if this may be a direct result of my suppression of that
idea or if it were truly 'medical'. She matter of fact told me that
before I left, all these and more questions would be answered.

"Now," she said, " I want you to answer several questions for
me. How long have you been a Transvestite?"

I told her that I have had the urge to dress for as long as
I could remember, and that even though the urge to dress was still
there, I didn't to it because of my marriage.

"Do you have a secret desire to be a baby?" she asked.

"Of course not!!!" I lied.

"Do you have a desire to be a sissy baby, to be controlled by
a dominant women?"

"These are stupid questions!!! I wet the bed a couple of times
and you think I'm some kind of pervert!!!" I said.

"Look," she said, "I only want to find the root of the
problem. If we have to be here all night, then that is what we are
going to do. Further more, I personally think that wetting the bed
was more of a mental than a physical condition. Now just answer the
questions, and DON'T speak to me in that tone of voice again. DO

I was taken back by her powerful and authoritative tone of
voice. About this time the nurse walked in with what appeared to
be the necessary items to draw bl**d. She put a tourniquet around
my arm and inserted the needle into the vein. After she took the
first container of bl**d she took another, and then when I thought
she was taking a third, she place another tube in the holder, but
this was full of a clear liquid. After she injected the solution
in my system, I found out that it was not only a tranquilizer to
relax me, but was really 'truth serum'. My head began to whirl and
every thing went kind of blurry.

"Can you hear me?"

"Yes" I said.

"Do you know who this is?" she asked.

"Yes," I said, "you are Dr. More"

"Do you know why you are here?"

"Yes Dr. More, because I wet the bed like a baby."

"Do you like to wet the bed like a baby?" Dr. More Asked.

"Yes Dr. More," I said

"Tell me, would you like to be boy baby or a girl baby."

"I would like to be a girl baby, a little sissy girl baby,"
I said.

"Do you have a name when you are a little sissy girl baby,"
Dr. More said.

"Yes Dr. More, I would like to be a sissy girl baby and my
name would be Tami."

"Okay Tami, it is alright that I call you Tami, isn't it?"

"Oh Yes!!!! Dr. More."

"Would you like to call me mommie?"

"Oh Yes Mommie. I would love to call you Mommie," I said.

"Tell me Tami, how do you feel when you wake up all wet like
a little baby? How do you think you started to wet the bed?"

"I am so humiliated, but I love the warm feeling. I would love
to be securely diapered so I wouldn't make the bed all wet. I
listened to a hypnotic tape to make me wet the bed at night. I
thought it wouldn't work, but all of a sudden I started to wet. I
didn't know I was wet till after it happened."

"Why do you desire to be a baby and further why would you like
to be a little sissy girl baby?" Dr. More asked.

"When I was young, I always envied my s****r. I like the way
she always fussed over when she got into a pretty party dress. I
was dressed in a plain suit and nobody cared. I wanted to be the
center of attention and was always left behind. I always had a
problem at night, and one night my mother put me back into 'pink'
rubber panties and diapers. I received all kinds of attention, and
I loved it. They actually knew I was around. From then on I have
always wanted to be able to be dressed in frilly, sissy outfits."

"Okay Tami, now at least we know the truth as to why you want
to be a baby and a sissy baby at that. Your wife is in the next
room and has heard all that has happened here. Now little Tami, sit
on the floor and I want you to suck on this pacifier while I go and
talk with your wife."

Dr. More left the room and I sat there in the middle of the
floor with a pacifier in my mouth, content at just sitting and
sucking it.

A short time later Dr. More and my wife came back into the
room. My wife had been crying and came over to me and gave me a big
hug, telling me how sorry she was and all would be better soon.

Dr. More started talking. "Tami, you will not remember what
was said and done when you wake up. But from now on when your wife
says, and only your wife, "Tami is a baby" you will regress back
to that of a two year old baby girl. You will have no control of
your bladder, and you will not be able to talk like an adult. You
will only be able to talk baby talk. You will, in your mind, be a
two year old baby girl and act accordingly."
"When your wife says "Tami likes being a baby." you will have
no control of your bladder and wet freely. You will have an
uncontrollable urge to dress like a baby girl, and want to suck on
a bottle or pacifier. You will however, know that you are a 43 year
old 'man' and will be able to talk like and act like a 43 year old
very effeminate man and freely admit to anyone, that you like being
a sissy baby." If someone were to ask you or tell you that you are
wet, you would tell them that you are a sissy baby and have to
"When your wife says "Tami is a big girl now" you will have
an uncontrollable urge to do anything that your wife wants. You
will have complete bladder control. You will be in her complete
control and do anything she tells you to do. If she told you to
walk around the block in panties and bra, you would do so without
"When your wife says "Tom's Home" you will be able to be your
complete and normal self. You will have complete bladder control,
be able to act and feel like a 43 year old man, but you will
remember and love all the humiliating things you have done, and be
sexually aroused by thinking about them, and also always know and
want your wife to let Tami take over. Do you understand all the
"Yes Mommie, I understand."
"No Tami, this is Dr. More. Your Mommie is right here."
With that I was given an antidote and in a few minutes was
Tom, wide awake, and did not remember what had happened, if
anything. It was like I had a total loss of time.
"I sorry Dr. More," I said not realizing what had transpired,
"I won't use that tone of voice again."
I then noticed that my wife was also in the room. Dr. More
than told me what had happened and played the recorded session. I
was totally humiliated. My wife hugged me and said everything would
be alright and that she now understood. She said that she would
take care of her little sissy baby. I was in heaven.
Dr. More than went on the intercom and told the nurse it was
alright. I was told to get on the examination table. Within a
second or two the nurse came back into the room carrying some thick
diapers and some pink rubber panties. I was about to protest when
Ann, my wife, said, "Tami Likes Being A Baby." Without question I
laid down and let them diaper me. As they pulled up the pink rubber
panties, I freely wet myself. You could see the wetness against the
rubber panties. Dr. More, my wife, and the nurse smiled. I was
totally humiliated, but freely wet. Ann tied a pink pacifier on a
pink ribbon as we were about to leave. I was Ann's baby sissy girl.
Tami had just been issued the command "Tami Likes Being A
by his wife Ann, which meant that he knew he was a 43 years old
'male', and yet, being totally humiliated, could not help himself
from acting effeminately, wanting to dress and act like complete
sissy baby, plus he had no control of his bladder. His wife had
just tied a pink pacifier on a pink ribbon while they were getting
ready to leave the doctors office. They were still in the doctors
office but Ann was still had some question for Dr. Regina More
before they left.

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2 years ago
Love it! Wish this would happen to me!
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wow thats some drug