My Wife My Mommie

It was about 3 a.m. when I woke up with the discovery of being
wet for the third straight night. In my confusion, I jumped out of
bed in alarm, and in the process woke up my wife, who had not yet
felt the wetness of the sheets. Being disturbed by the manner I got
out of bed, and then feeling the wet mattress, she looked at me and
YELLED, "What the hell is going on here. This is the third night
in a row that you have wet the bed. What on earth is wrong with
you, are you a baby or something????" I just stood there, with my
head hung low, humiliated and confused. I couldn't answer her, I
didn't know what to say.

"Your not only ruining the mattress, but I'm not getting much
sl**p with your preposterous behavior. I think that from now on
you are going to wear diapers and rubber panties to bed so at least
I can get some sl**p, and maybe we can save the mattress as well."
Then she said, "Now get cleaned up while I change the bed, again!!
We will talk more about this tomorrow."

I went to the bathroom and rinsed out my pajama's and hung
them to up dry and put on a clean pair. As I got back into bed, I
leaned over to kiss my wife but she just turned away in disgust,
not saying a word.

I laid there and smiled, thinking to myself "if she only knew,
I'd really be in trouble". For the last several weeks I had
listened to a hypnotic tape that was suppose to make the user
incontinent at night. On my way home from work I would park my car,
put the seat down, lay back, and turn on the tape. As I drove the
rest of the way home and on my way to work, I would listen to the
subliminal tape. I was thinking that this tape was a waste of money
when 1 night, 3 days ago, I woke up wet. Well my plan had started
to work, or so I thought..........

I got up the next morning and got ready for work. As I started
the car, I again put in the subliminal tape and went to work. I was
thinking to myself that maybe I should get the 24 hour wetting tape
next, but on second thought, maybe I shouldn't, its okay to wet the
bed, but I don't think I would want to wet and wear diapers 24
hours a day. No.......this was just fine, I thought.

I arrived home that night, and started making supper as I
normally did because my wife usually came home about an hour or
two after I did. I didn't really think about the events that had
occurred the previous evening, just carried on normally. I heard
my wife coming in the door, and as she did, she looked to see if
supper was started. She entered the kitchen and walked right by me
without saying a word, carrying a load of packages to the bedroom.
I asked her what she had bought, but she just ignored me.

I thought to myself, "Boy she is really pissed off, maybe I
should stop this."

She was in the bedroom for quite sometime with the door
closed. I thought she was changing her cloths so I didn't say
anything, but after about 30 minutes, and supper almost done, I
knocked on the door to inform her that we would be eating shortly.

She opened the door and I told her supper was about ready. She
didn't say anything and we walked to the kitchen. It was a very
'quiet' supper. After we had finished and cleaned up the kitchen,
we sat down in the f****y room to watch tv.

"What on earth is happening to you?," she said. "You can't be
wetting the bed constantly every night. I talked with a couple of
the doctors today and they said you should get a check up see what
may be wrong. In the mean time, I bought you some diapers and
'baby', I mean, incontinent pants to wear at night."

She seemed almost understanding, compassionate, caring. It
was like a 180 degree turn from before. I could not believe my
ears. I didn't even think much about the 'baby' comment in her

I modestly told her that I would wear them, "at least until
we could get the problem corrected."

We watched television and went about the evening in an almost
normal manner. When it was time for bed, I proceeded to go to the
bedroom to get undressed and then went into the bathroom to get
cleaned up and finish getting ready for bed. When I returned to
the bedroom, I was meet with another surprise. My wife was sitting
on the edge of the bed waiting for me with a thick cloth diaper
laid out next to her. She told me to lay down and 'she' would get
me ready for bed.

I knew that I needed (and wanted) to be diapered, but I had
to put up a little protest. I asked her if we couldn't wait one
more night and see what would happen. She told me that I had
already agreed to wear them, and no one was going to know except
her, and she wasn't about to tell anyone. "And besides" she said,
"If you do wet, at least I won't float away and we won't ruin the
mattress more than it already is."

I reluctantly laid down on the 'thick' pieces of cloth which
had been laid out for me. It was hard to look and act as though
this was something I really didn't want, but I managed to act like
this was a medical problem, and not my personal wish. She rubbed
baby oil all over me and then sprinkled a liberal amount baby
powder all over. She told me to lift my bottom so she could powder
my p*o-p*o.

"We wouldn't want you to get a diaper rash, would we?, " she
said smiling. "Open your legs real wide so we can get your little
'wee-wee' allllllllllllllll tucked into your diapers, and your
diapers alllllllllllllllllll tucked into your 'widdle' 'wubber'
panties." "We wouldn't want you to leak now, would we?," she said
as she pulled the thick diapers between my legs. It felt strange,
yet wonderful. When she pined the diapers snugly around my thighs,
she did it with 'pink' diaper pins, explaining that they were the
only color they had, and that we could not use conventional safety
pins because they may open up and hurt my soft 'baby' skin."

She wasn't nasty or anything, but I couldn't help but notice
the little connotations, 'wee-wee, p*o-p*o, 'widdle', 'wubber',
'baby' skin. It was exciting, yet scary, like she knew something,
but at this time I didn't put two and two together. Maybe I didn't
want to, I was in heaven.

She then produced a pair of 'Gerber' plastic panties that
looked exactly like baby pants, except that they were in an adult
size. When she finish and made sure that my diapers were all tucked
in, she helped me up and pulled the covers down from the bed. There
was a 'pink' rubber sheet, on my side of the bed, again, 'the only
color they had'.

I could hardly move with all the bulk between my legs. When
I did move, you could hear the rustle of the plastic panties. I
pulled up my pajama's but with the bulk of the diapers, I feared
that I would rip them. She suggested that I just wear my T-shirt
and the diapers to bed, saying "Lots of babies where just a T-Shirt
and diapers to bed. We will have to get you some more appropriate
pajamas if the is going to continue." She then 'tucked' me into
bed, bending over and kissing me tenderly on my forehead, saying
"sl**p tight my little one. I'll make an appointment for you at
the doctor tomorrow. I couldn't get over her change of attitude and
the congenial way she was treating me. I told her I would call the
doctor, but she insisted that 'she' would make the appointment.

The next morning I got up and was not disappointed. I was
soaking wet and yet had one of the most enjoyable nights of sl**p
that I could remember. My wife rolled over and asked me if I was
wet. I meekly told her 'yes' and was told to put my wet diapers in
the diaper pail that was in the bathroom.

"Diaper Pail!!!???", I said.

"Well where else would you put wet diapers?" she said very
matter of fact. I could not argue and when I went to the bathroom
there was a large 'pink' diaper pail with little lambs on the
sides. I thought to myself, "I bet this was the only color they
had" and smiled. I rinsed out my diapers and put them in the pail
and after rinsing out my plastic panties, hung them up to dry.

I finished getting ready for work and listened to the
subliminal tape on my way. About half way through the day I
received a phone call from my wife telling me that I had an
appointment with a Dr. More at 4:30 and she gave me the address.
"Please don't be late as 'she' is doing me a favor by getting you
in this fast," she said.

"SHE"----"Dr. More is a female?" I said.

"Don't worry, you have nothing she hasn't seen before", she

I was a little apprehensive to say the least. I had never seen
a female doctor before, yet alone for this type of thing. What was
I going to tell her. Would she know that there really wasn't a
problem? I guess I'll just have to go along with play the role and
hope for the best. It was to late to turn around now, I was in to
deep, and besides, did I really want too??

I arrived at the doctors office right on time, only to be meet
with still another surprise.

(to be continued)Tami had been using a hypnotic tape for several weeks in
order for
her to become incontinent at night. S/He did start wetting the bed
to the displeasure of her wife. Tami's wife made an appointment for
him with a doctor of her choice to see what was the problem really
entailed. Tami is now arriving at the doctor office only to find
himself in another predicament. Is it now to late for her to turn
around and forget the entire thing? Does she really want to stop
this ball from rolling?

Tami arrived at the address his wife given her and found
herself in a high rise medical building. S/he entered the lobby and
went to the directory. It was listed by classification and by
individual doctors. S/he looked under urologists but could not find
a Dr. More. S/he then looked for Dr. More and saw "Dr. R. More,
Room-1234". S/he took the elevator to the 12th floor and found the
correct room, but was shocked to see what was on the door....

"Dr. Regina More"

"c***d Physiologist"
"Infant Behavior Specialist"

Her heart was pounding as S/he opened the door. S/he wanted
to run and forget the whole issue, but knew s/he would now have to
face whatever was in store for her or forget her fantasy forever,
with perhaps, even worst fate. If s/he didn't go in, s/he would
have to face her wife, and yet, the unknown on the other side of
the door was almost enough for he/r to run, but s/he didn't and
walked in.

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3 years ago
Quite intriguing. I thought I knew where this was going but I guess I was wrong. ;)
3 years ago
Really good and interesting part 1.