I was not aware that my girlfriend had begun studying hypnosis,
nor that she harbored ambitions of petticoating me. But I soon
discovered that the combination of the two was dangerous to my
masculinity. One afternoon I was sitting in my living room,
listening to the stereo through a pair of headphones. It was a
warm, sultry day, and after a while I drifted off to sl**p. (Much
of what follows my girlfriend--now my mistress-- explained to me

Seeing that I had dozed off, Jennifer saw her chance. She
replaced my music tape with one she had prepared in advance.
Through my drifting sl**p, my subconscious mind heard Jennifer's
voice, presenting me with a set of hypnotic suggestions. "I want
you to sl**p, sl**p, sl**p," whispered the tape. "When I count to
100, you will be in a deep, restful sl**p, in which you can hear
only my voice." When she reached 100, Jennifer switched to the
instructions, designed to impose a submissive feminine
personality upon me. "You love women's clothes. You love
dressing and looking like a woman. The feel of satin, silk, and
nylon arouses you. You are particularly fond of clothes that make
you look both sexy and little girlish. Very high heels are a
special turn-on.

"You are a sexual submissive. You are compelled to obey the
commands and orders of women. You are particularly responsive to
those who will dress you in beautiful clothes and keep you in
bondage. You want to be a male, lesbian slave. But you will
never forget that you are a man, and the great humiliation of
your feminine, submissive state. "When I reach 1, you will
awaken. You will not remember being hypnotized, and will show no
effects from these instructions. However, whenever you hear the
words 'pretty sissy Dani,' you will adopt the personality imposed
by these instructions. At the snapping of my fingers, you will
return to your 'normal' personality, with full memory of the
humiliations you have experienced. 100, 99, 98, 97 ...."

According to Mistress Jennifer, I awoke a few minutes later. She
told me she had an appointment at her hairdresser's and asked me
to drive her there. I agreed (why not?), and we were there within
15 minutes. As we entered the shop, she leaned over and whispered
in my ear, "Pretty sissy Dani." I could feel the incredible shift
in my personality take hold. I looked at my mistress and asked,
"Mistress Jennifer, why am I dressed in these horrid male
clothes?" She smiled mischievously and answered, "Don't worry, my
pretty slave. The appointment here is for you. And look, here
comes Mistress Margaret to perform your transformation." A tall,
well-built brunette approached. "Is this our little male
lesbian?" she inquired, smirking. I blushed under her frank gaze.
"Well, we'll soon have you looking the part, Danielle." She led
me to her working area and settled me into the chair. "Dani, most
of our customers find it much more relaxing to strip out of their
clothes before we begin work," she told me. "Wouldn't you like to
do the same?" With my new female personality, I was only too
happy to get out of the pants and shirt I was wearing. Soon, I
was naked, and Margaret wrapped a pink, see-through smock around
my slender, nearly hairless body. At that point, Mistress
Jennifer approached once again. "Comfy, Dani?" she asked. Then
she snapped her fingers.

Instantly, my male persona reasserted itself--but this time I
remembered everything I had said and done, and all that had gone
on around me. "Why are you doing this, Jennifer?" I cried. She
slapped my face. "Mistress Jennifer is my name--and don't forget
it again!" she snapped. "Now be quiet and let Mistress Margaret
transform you." A short while later, my head was under the faucet
of the sink, as Mistress Margaret scrubbed my mousy brown hair
with a sweet smelling shampoo. Next she rinsed a conditioner
through it...or so she said. As I sat in the chair waiting for
the conditioner to work, I must have dozed off again. I was
awakened by an odd tickling sensation at my naked feet. I looked
down and another woman was stroking bright red nail polish onto
my toenails. Shaken, I realized that Mistress Jennifer was truly
intent on carrying out her program of transformation. I glanced
to the table where my clothes had been left--as I suspected, they
were gone.

"Well, sissy Dani, I see you know I meant what I said," Jennifer
laughed, stepping from behind a partition. In her hands, she held
a pair of lacy, pink satin tap panties. She reached under my
smock and slipped them on me. Strangely, even without feminine
persona at work, the feel of the satin around my loins seemed to
excite me, as my cock began to grow and harden. The mistresses
laughed and sneered at my combined excitement and discomfort.
"That's just the beginning, Danielle," Margaret smiled "Look at
yourself!" And she whirled the chair around, so that I could see
myself in the mirror.

There was only one major change, but it added to my distress. My
hair was wrapped tightly in rollers, and the pink of the smock
and panties seemed to feminize my slender, hairless form.
Margaret now squeezed a foul-smelling liquid onto my
rolled-hair--I knew what it was. I was getting a permanent! "And
that's not all," Jennifer laughed. "Danielle's hair will not only
be curly--it will be a saucy shade of golden blonde!" A short
time later, after sitting under a dryer, I was having my
fingernails filed and polished the same bright red as my
toenails, while Margaret combed out my hair, producing a
flattering golden blonde pageboy, reaching to just above my

While Jennifer went out to pick my clothing, Margaret performed
her magic on my face--tweezing my brows into a thin feminine
arch accenting my eyes with blue-green shadow, eyeliner, and
mascara. A deep blush stroked on my cheeks gave me an appropriate
look of constant embarrassment, while a red lipstick, matching my
nails, made my lips look wet, kissable, and desirable. In the
end, I was definitely Danielle--absolutely stunning. By that
time, Jennifer had returned. I was released from the chair, and
dressed in a pink padded bra, pink garterbelt, sheer white
stockings, and a pink minislip. Over it all came a lacy white
minidress, the skirt stopping a full six inches above my knees.
On my feet, Jennifer placed white patent leather shoes, with a
strap across the instep and five-inch heels. They looked like
incredibly sexy Mary Janes. Margaret and Jennifer supervised as I
practiced walking in them--a full hour, until I had gained a very
provocative wiggle.

The finishing touches were the jewelry--big gold clip-on
earrings, a heavy gold chain bracelet, and a matching chain
around my left ankle. But the real finish came last: a heavy gold
collar which Jennifer locked around my neck, hooking the key on
her charm bracelet. The transformation was complete. Mistress
Jennifer paid off her friend Margaret, and we sashayed out to the
car. As we drove off, my new mistress whispered in my ear,
"Pretty sissy Dani."

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3 years ago
So far a hot story.
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thank you for the story