Amy had a date. She had been sending emails back and forth with this guy
named Joe. He lived in Wheeling and she lived in Pittsburgh. They made
plans to meet for a sexual interlude. What made this so unique is that Amy
is a transvestite. She is tall, 5'11, and thin with a pretty face. Her
long hair-a black wig- complimented her oval face and large red lips.
Although Amy is a pretty transvestite, she is not entirely passable.
Somehow, despite her shapely body and pretty face, people notice something
odd about her.

Amy and Joe agreed to meet in a mall parking lot and go from there to a
motel. As Amy was married (her wife doesn't know about her habits), she
had to dress on the road. Driving to her meeting Amy glanced at her watch,
"damn!" thought Amy, "I'm running sooo late!" Pulling off the interstate,
Amy she decided to make her transformation behind an old abandoned Kmart

Parking her car, Amy began her transformation from an average looking man
to an above average looking TV. She quickly pulled of her male clothes,
and pulled on a bustier, black stokings and a short, tight, black knit
dress. Before she could finish her make-up, however, Amy was startled to
glance up and see a police car facing her.

Quickly pulling some of her male clothes over her to cover up, Amy
horrified and terrified at once waited as a young police officer strode to
her car. "Uh, what do you think you are doing here?" said the officer with
a smirk. "I'm just changing," said Amy nervously. The officer continued
to grin and stated "this is private property and you will have to leave

"Yes sir," said Amy and in a smooth motion, she pulled her car away from
the parking lot still in a state of undress half-man and half-woman.
Driving down the road, Amy parked again behind a Kentucky Fried CHicken and
completed her transformation and hurried to her meeting with Joe. Sitting
in the parking lot, waiting for Joe, Amy completed her make-up. Staring in
the car mirror, Amy concluded that this was the best make-up job she had
done yet. THen she settled to wait for Joe.

Unfortunately, Joe never showed. As most internet dates go, the men have
bigger eyes than hearts. Disappointed, Amy drove out of the parking lot.
She thought back over her eventful day and thought about the police
officer. "Damn!" thought Amy, "that cop is cute." Amy began to fantasize
about the police officer. "I wonder," pondered Amy, "if he is still back
at the parking lot."

Turning her car back towards the Kmart parking lot, Amy thought "I'm either
crazy, or horny or both." Parking her car in the same spot as before Amy
waited and sure enought, the police officer returned. Once again he headed
towards the car. This time, he was greeted by the formidable beauty of
Amy's fully made-up face. "I, ugh, I thought, I told you that you couldn't
stay here.," said the Officer. Amy boldy smiled at the officer and eyed
him seductively.

He stood about 5'9, 165lbs of muscle. Short brown hair and sunglasses. He
looked hot, thought Amy. She then laid it on the line. "Officer, I was
supposed to meet a guy for a date and I got stood up." "Now, I'm lost"
said Amy. "can you please help me read this map?" The police officer
said, "Sure, and my name is Ken." "Ken," Amy said, if you get in the car
with me maybe we both can find out which road I should take." Hesitating,
Ken said "Ok." He climbed into Amy's car in the passenger's seat.

ALmost as soon as he got in the car, Amy boldly and seductively dropped her
had to Ken's crotch. He had a full throbbing hard-on. Amy and Ken looked
at each other briefly and then began to kiss passionately. Ken suddenly
broke the embrace. "What am I doing?" he exclaimed. "You are really a a
guy, arn't you?" Amy replied "Ken, don't worry about things like that.
Does this feel good?" With that, Amy intensified her rubbing of Ken's
crotch. As Ken moaned softly, Amy reached inside his blue police pants and
pulled out a very stiff 7 inch dick. Licking her lipstick covered lips,
Amy slowly began to kiss and tease Ken's dick with her tongue. Ken moaned
louder. He began to feel Amy's breasts and reached around to her ass while
she sucked his hot cock. Suddenly, Ken took command. "Let's get in the
back seat!"

Like a good little girl, Amy pulled down her dress and followed Ken into
the back seat. There they began to kiss passionately as Ken felt Amy's
ass, squeezing it and teasing her hole by sliding his fingers arousal the
mateial of her thong panties. "Do you have rubbers?" Ken asked. "Of
course," replied AMy. She dug into her purse and pulled out a condom and
pulled it out of the wrapper. In one smooth fluid motion, using her
fingers and mouth, Amy slid the condom onto Ken's bl**d engorged dick.

Ken resumed fingering Amy's hot ass-pussy, sliding a lubed finger inside her
as he kissed her sensuous mouth. Pushing Amy on her side, Ken slide the
boy/girl's panties aside and eased his cock inside of her. Entering
slowly, A My moaned all the way as she was penetrated. She thrilled to be
having this hot stud....An officer of the law....sticking his red hot poker
into her. Moaning, Ken began to fuck Amy hard. The car began to bounce in
cadence to his thrusts in to the transvestite slut. Squeezing her false
breasts and kissing her neck, Ken fucked in and out of the hot ass-pussy.
Amy moaned in pleasure and pride. She had seduced this man. His dick was
hot for her and pushing in and out of her, taking her towards climax.
Suddenly Amy's cock began to shoot hot cum into her panties. She hadn't
even touched her cock, nor had Ken. But the thrill of a hot dick
penetrating her; a man kissing her neck and using her for his pleasure sent
her over the edge and her cock spurted again and again. Soiling her black
lacy panties, Amy moaned and twisted. Ken, too, began to feel the power of
an orgasm as Amy's spasming ass-pussy began to milk his dick of cum.
"Oh...cum into me," demanded Amy. With that, Ken, exclaimed "here it
comes, ugh... my cum, in your ass!" Slamming into Amy's ass so hard that
she felt almost split in two, Ken dumped a huge load of cum into the rubber
deep inside Amy. Then all at once, they both collapsed in the back seat of
Amy's car. Breathless and spent.

In a flash, though, Ken's mood changed. He quickly pulled out of Amy and
pulled the condom off of his withering dick. "I, to go." said
Ken. "But, wait," said Amy. "Can we meet again?" Ken nervously replied,
"I've got a girlfriend, and I'm not really into doing guys....I, ugh have
never done one before." Amy, tried to think of something to say and before
she could Ken had zipped up and got in his squad car. Before Amy could
react, Ken was gone.

Amy finished dressing and drove her car out of the parkinglot and headed
toward the highway. "All in the life of a transvestite," she sighed.

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very hot and sexy even bad day turn into great days