"James, stay out of my room or you'll be sorry!" Julia retorted.
I looked at my older s****r and hung my head. I had been caught
again in her room, looking in her dresser drawer. I was 9 years
old and had become very curious about girls. They had started
becoming a subject of my interest about six months ago, and my
two s****rs were a handy way to study the new subject of my
interest. "James - are you listening to me? I don't like it when
I find you doing these things. I don't go through your room, and
I want you to stay out of mine!" Julia really looked angry. "OK,
OK s*s, I got your message. I wasn't hurting anything. I was just
looking!" I finally replied, not looking at her. I turned and ran
from her room down the hall and into my own room.

This room was a study in contrasts. Where Julia's room was
decorated in ruffles and lace, mine was a MAN'S room. When dad
died last year mom had let me redecorate my room as a way of
coping with his loss. I sat in the overstuffed wingback chair and
started plotting a way to get even with Julia for yelling at me.
It wasn't fair I decided. Here I was the only boy in a house with
three girls; Mom, Julia, and Susan. My interest in girls had just
started, and my s****rs were a good way of studying what I had
been told in school by the other boys about girls. She didn't
have cause to yell at me like that, she was just a woman, and I
was a man. Well, almost. I went over to my bed and plopped down,
and started really thinking. Maybe I had just better leave her
alone for awhile. Even though she was a good specimen, Julia was
sixteen, and very pretty for a girl I guess, she always had boys
looking at her when we went out to the mall. Well, maybe I can
study Susan for a change while Julia cools off. She wasn't as
interesting, she was only three, and hadn't developed any female
traits yet. In fact, I decided, her body (at least with clothes
on) looked a lot like a smaller version of mine. Oh well, I guess
she would have to do, Julia was really mad, and looking at Mom's
things were out of the question. Mom would probably rip my head
off if she caught me in her room. Susan, I guess it's you.

I got out of bed, opened the door to my room, and walked down to
Susan's room. I opened her door and looked in. "Good, she's not
here." I went in and closed the door behind me, not noticing that
Julia had come out of her room just in time to see me go into
Susan's. I went over to my s****r's closet and slid the door
back. Inside were a few dresses, blouses, and skirts. Hey! Not
bad, I thought to myself as I started looking through her stuff.
I imagined what she must feel like wearing those things. Always
having to be careful about running, or sitting. More proof that
boys were the superior sex. We didn't have to worry about showing
the whole world our underwear when we sat down! I closed her
closet and went to her dresser. Opening the top drawer, I looked
inside. Interesting. Julia's panties were nylon, these were
cotton with little bears and bows printed on them. Hey! They even
had lace trim! Carefully I started taking them out of the drawer
and examining them one by one. They were in assorted colors, all
of them had those designs on them - NO THEY DIDN'T. Down in the
bottom of the drawer I found some nylon panties. These were all
pink. When I pulled one of them out and held them up I could see
that they also had the day of the week embroidered in a light
blue on the right lower side of the just above the lacy leg
opening. This pair said 'Saturday' - that was tomorrow. I
wondered how often Susan wore these. I folded the panties and put
them all back so no one would notice that anyone had been into
them. I then looked at the other side of the drawer. Here was
something Julia didn't have. These looked something like my tee
shirts, only with lace. I wondered why Julia didn't wear them. I
opened the next drawer, it was full of jeans and pullover tops. I
shut that drawer thinking, "Nah, I get to see those things on her
around the house all the time." I opened the third drawer looked
in and saw it was full of slips. Just as I started to reach in, I
thought I heard someone coming up the stairs. I shut the drawer,
ran to the door and looked out. The way was clear, I made a break
for my room. I ran in, and shut the door thinking, "That was
close, but they didn't catch me."

I opened my eyes, and there sitting on my bed was Mom. She looked
very serious, and I wondered what she was going to yell at me
about this time. "James, we need to talk. Sit down." I went over
to my chair, sat down, and said, "I didn't do nothing, Mom." She
just sat there looking at me. Finally she said in a low voice,
"Are you telling me that Julia didn't catch you going through her
room and you weren't just now in Susan's room going through her
things." Caught! "Mom, I was just curious. Seeing as how in not
too long I am going to have to take care of all of you women, I
should know more about you," I said. Mom looking puzzled said
"Just what do you mean by that, young man?" I answered, "Well all
the guys at school say that women are weak and have to have a man
to take care of them. I guess now that Dad's gone it's my time to
take care of all of you." Mom just smiled and said, "Son, there
are some things about your father you didn't know. One of which
is that he had come to realize that women are in fact superior to
the male of the species." She stood, and said "Come with me." I
followed her out of my room and down the hall to her room. Mom
walked over to a dresser in the corner and opened the top drawer,
"This was your father's dresser, son, I want you to see what he
wore every day of his life after marrying me." With that
statement she started pulling clothing out of the drawer and
placing the items on the bed. "Son, not only did your father
believe, as I do, that females are superior. But with my
permission and encouragement, he tried to become more like us.
Your older s****r knew about all of this, and your father and I
were going to tell you, but we never seemed to get around to it."
She turned to the bed and held up an item, "These are his
panties. They are just like what I wear." She picked up another
item, "Your father wore bras 24 hours a day, seven days a week,
he also wore gartered hose and a girdle every day, during the
hours he was awake. He kept his body hairless, and would submit
to any female's wishes." I was totally confused by this point and
asked Mom, "You made Dad dress like a girl?" Mom smiled again and
said, "I had to at first, but by the time we had married he had
come to believe as I do. I want you to understand that I loved
him, and I love you. That's why I attempted to help him become a
better person, as I shall with you."
The door to the room opened and Julia came in carrying a bag.
Mom went to her and asked "Hon, did you get every thing I asked
for?" Susan nodded and sat the bag on the bed. "Mom, I don't want
to be a girl!" I cried, suddenly afraid. Susan turned to me,
"Don't be such a baby, I have been a girl all of my life and I
like it. I think it will be really neat to have another s****r."
Mom looked at me and said in a stern voice, "Now take those
clothes off." I started to run for the bedroom door, but Julia
grabbed me and held me while mom stripped me of my male clothing.
I was so embarrassed, I was naked in front of my mother and my
s****r! "Don't be such a Ninny, your s****r has supervised your
father dressing and bathing many times from the time she was 7
on. You haven't got anything to hide from her," my mother
admonished. Mom handed me a pair of pink cotton panties with
little blue bows printed on them, and blue lace around the legs.
"Put these on." I hastily complied thinking that even though
these were girl's clothes, at least it was better than being
naked in front of them. My s****r then helped me to put on a pair
of pink tights and a pink vest with a blue ribbon around the
neckline. My mother handed me my jeans and my sweatshirt. "You
can wear your regular outer clothes until school is out for the
summer," she stated.

I grabbed them and put them on, then ran from the room and into
my own. I felt so funny wearing this underwear. I went to my
dresser to get some of MY underwear, but when I opened the drawer
I found that Julia had already been here. My male underwear was
gone, and had been replaced by undies just like I was wearing. I
had no choice but to continue wearing what I had on, or go
without. I had just decided to go without when my little s****r
came running into my room. She ran over to me and said in a
excited voice, "Mommie just told me that you aren't going to be a
boy anymore. She says you have new underwear just like mine! Can
I see?" She was jumping up and down by this time, she was so
excited. "Oh man, she will tell everyone if I'm not careful," I
thought. I knelt down and told her, "Susan, I'll let you see
them, but you have to promise that this is a secret for you, me,
Mommie, and Julia. OK?" She seemed to calm a bit, and said "A
secret? OK." I pulled up my sweatshirt so that she could see my
vest. Susan said, "It's just like mine!" and ran from my room. I
was crying in frustration by this time. Might as well leave this
stuff on, it seemed as if the whole f****y was going to be
checking on me anyhow. I got up, put my shoes on and went
downstairs to watch TV until dinner.

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i like this story, please write some more
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Please continue, very good start.