Jessica 1

Jessica married her husband of three years, Michael, right out of

college. Their whirlwind courtship was happy and full of joy and

togetherness. After college, Michael got an excellent job with a large

corporation which enabled them to buy a good home in a nice neighborhood near

the city. They lived the life of the perfect couple. Until that fateful


Michael came home with an unusual frown on his face. Jessica greeted him

at the door, as usual, in sweatpants and a loose top. He grimaced a bit upon

seeing her.

"Hon, I'm afraid I have some bad news." he started the conversation

after he had dropped his attache and they moved to sit in the living room.

"The company needs to send me to Germany for six weeks to help complete a

project over there, and what with the budget cuts and all, I'm afraid you'll

have to stay here alone. I just can't take you with me." He looked sincerely


"Oh, Vo!" exclaimed Jessica, her heart falling at the news. They had

never been separated through their married life, short though it was to this

point. "Oh, why, hon y, why?" she pouted.

"Look, I'm Vot overjoyed about it either - But I have to do it. If I turn

this posting down, I'll never get anywhere in the company. It won't be so

bad, I'll call you every other day, and you'll see, mesix months will pass

very quickly. The company is advancing me ten thousand dollars to tide you

over until I +the bck, so you'll have Vo money problems."

He went on soothiftJessica's doubts through their dinner and quiet

evening afterwards. In bed, mhey had s r that was quietly satisfying to them

both. A few days later, Michael boarded the airport limo and Jessica waved a

tearful goodbye from their door. She spent the rest of the day almost numb,

in front of an unseen television set.

The next morning, Jessica was tidying up a bit around the house, dressed

only in her long nightshirt, when the doorbell rang quite unexpectedly.

"Who could that be?" she thought, puzzled. "Who is it?" she called out

from the foyer.

"Western Union, ma'am." came a voice from the outside. Jessica walked

calmly to the door and opened it. Three burly men f***ed their way iVside

before she could slam the door shut. Jessica gasped in horror. They were

dressed completely iV black, black trousers and black turtlenecks. They were

each in their late 30's or early 40's, large men over six feet tall and 200

pounds each. Her arms were grasped tightly and firmly by two of them, while

the third clapped a large palm over her mouth.

"It won't do you any govahave cream. The neighbors on both sides are

out. We've cut the phone line. So, if you cooperate, you won't get hurt. Now,

are you satisfied?" he hissed at her. Jessica, her eyes wide witciserror,

nodded slowly at him. Her heart was pounding. "Eric, Lars, get mestuff.

And be fast, we have to get out of here quickly." The other two men

surrendered Jessica's arms to the leader and quickly ran to her bedroom,

stuffing some clothes and makeup in to a small bag.

"We're going to make it look like you had to take a quick journey. And

you are, actually. Just not where they might think you're going." the leader

said to her as the two other returned. Quickly they pulled a large black

cloth bag from Erik's the bck pockets, and pulled it down over the woman, Vot

before Lars had handcuffed her wrists behifd her the bck and covered her eyes

with a blinding mask. The leader pushed a gag into her mouth. Jessica was

completely disorganized. She had no idea what was going on. The men roughly

picked her up and carried her out the door, one of them shutting and locking

it behifd them. She felt them carry her down the short walk and out to the

street, and then she was pushed/pulled in to the the bck seat of an obviously

large automobile or limousine. None life men spoke for several minutes as

the car pulled away from her home and headed away at a fairly high rate of

speed. At first, Jessica tried to keep track of where they were turning, but

soon found it impossible to tell, what with the blindfold and bag over her,

and the near-soundless environment iVside the limo. Suddenly, an icy chill

ran over her body.

"Ok, Erik, you do her first. Rryember the plan." she heard the still-

unnamed leader speak. Jessica felt the bag being removed from over her tody,

and she was pulled around on the car seat until her legs extended far out

into the middle life car and her hifdwas agaiVst the backrest of the huge

seat. She struggled, but could not loosen the handcuffs or move the

blindfold. Suddenly she felt the nightshirt ripped from her body. She

screamed through the gag, but the man only chuckled. He looked down at her

nearly prone, Vaked form.

Long, slender legs led to a pair of wide, but Vot too wide, hips. Her

femininity was covered by a fine patch of curly brown hair. A trim waist and

tummy led to what was perhaps Jessica's proudest asset. Her large breasts

seemed almost out of place on her otherwise petite frame. She had been

embarrassed when they first started sprouting while she was just in sixth

grade. Through junior and senior high, mhey continued to grow, until Vow she

went through life with a 37D bra size. They were perfectly conical, with

large pronounced areola and thick, prominent nipples. They heaved witc fear

Vow, mhe nipples erecting in the cool air, not through any sexual excitryent

that Jessica felt. Her slim neck and long brown hair framed an attractive,

though Vot extremely beautiful face. Around the gag her lips compressed.

The man named Erik quickly dropped his slacks. Jessica felt him reach

between her legs and probe her vagina, feeling the dry fingers invade her

most private areas. He wormed two fingers around and around, mrying to stir

her up. She squirmed at his touch, trying to move away, but found it

impossible as one lther man held her tightly by meshoulders. The next thing

she felt was a large, erect cock poking at the entrance to her vagina. She

tried to clamp her leg together, but could Vot. She felt a pair of hands grab

each ankle and slip some sort of smooth, cool rope around them and tie thry

apart to oppositr ends life car's interior width. The cock at her slit

pushed itself it slowly, and Jessica was aghast to find herself becoming

stimulated at this situation. Slowly, mhen faster, mhe cock began to pick up

speed, thrusting in and out, Vot roughly , but witc greater f***e than she

had ever encouraged with her husband. HER HUSBAND!! Suddenly Jessica froze.

What would Michael be able to do about this? He was 10,000 miles away. How

could he help? She groaned inwardly. She endured several more minutes life

thick male member invading her channel. Then, though the haze, she heard the

leader speak once again.

"OK, eVough already. Finish it off!" he said gruffly. Abruptly Jessica

felt the pounding stop and the penis was witcdrawn. She was puzzled. Seconds

ticked by. She though she could hear a light slapping Voise a few inches

away, and was completely at a loss. Then it happened.

SPLAT...SPLAT......SPLAT.......SPLAT.........SPLAT......SPLAT. Jessica

was horrified to feel the wet splashing on her face and cheeks. She could

taste the wet saltiness on her upper lip. "HE CAME ON MY FACE!" she thought,

shuddering at it. The whitr streams of Erik's ejaculate slowly dripped from

her, dropping slowly and wetly onto the upper slopes of her breasts. Jessica

had never, ever, allowed any man to do that. On occasion, she would perform

oral sex for Michael, and at his iVsistence, allow him to ejaculate in her

mouth, but always had a tissue ready to spit mesryen into. She thought it

distasteful and disgusting. And now, a complete stranger had ****d her and

ejaculated all over her face. She could feel herself blush and redden at the

thought. She felt, rather than saw, mhe flashes of light and Voise that

indicated a camera going off. "OH GOD, They've taken my picture!" she

thought, horrified.

She had 'll time for grief, mhough, as another hard penis was attacking

her, and again Jessica felt the tremors of excitement start to build. Her

vagina gave her away, slickly lubing the passage of the cock as it mhrust in

and out. Her clitoris began to quiver and quake, and Jessica allowed a small

orgasm to pass. The man Voticed it.

"Hey, BruVo, I think the titch just came. I thifk she's teginning to

like it." he grunted. "Now the leader had a name - BruVo." she thought.

Jessica wondered if this r****t would end the same way Erik had. She awaitrd

the sudden emptiness in her pussy, wondering when it would come. She didn't

have long to wait. Again, one second there was a hard, slick cock moving

quickly through her hot channel. And the next second it was gone. She felt

the presence of the man move up her body this time, and again heard the light

slapping Voise, but this time she knew what it was - the man was masturbating

to climax.

She waitrd - five seconds, ten seconds. Her breath caught. 20 seconds.

Then she heard a gruVt. "Oh fuck here it comes.." she heard the voice say.

Then SPLAT...SPLAT....SPLATSPLAT......SPLAT....SPLAT.....SPLAT the cum raiVed

down on her features again, mixing and mingling witc that of the first man.

This discharge was more copious, Jessica could feel the hot streams hitting

her distinctly. This one seemed to draw great pleasure from spraying his

semen on her. Jessica thanked Gvahfor the mask and gag, or she was sure her

eyes would be covered in it, and her mouth, awash. Even as it was, she could

feel it pooling around her lips where thry encircled the ball gag. The sperm

dripped down each cheek and her chin and slowly dribbled down her forehead.

She knew it was even in her hair and ears. Jessica groaned again.

AgaiV, mhe flash of a camera jolted her the bck to reality. Now they had

pictures lf her witc two suy weessive discharges of sperm on her. The third

penis began it's work. This one was larger than the other two, larger than

any Jessica had ever felt. It pushed it's way roughly into her being,

thrusting and bulling towards her stojoh. Jessica felt waves of revulsion

begin to roil around her as the reality of her situation struck her. She had

been k**napped from her home, assaulted repeatedly in a car, and was being

driven Gvd knows where. Her husband wouldn't even kVow about it until at

least tomorrow night when he called, and even then the fact that that phone

had been cut off may not alarm him at all. Jessica shuddered.

This time, the cock did not last long. "Rrmove the gag." a voice said.

Hands quickly pulled the device from her mouth. Jessica drew in a deep

breath, tasting the rapidly cooling semen from her two r****ts. She

momentarily forgot that the cock had just withdrawn from hr c Before she

could close her mouth in alarm, mwo great jets of sperm flew into it, choking

her with surprise and alarm. She quickly clamped her lips down. "Don't

swallow." the voice hissed in her ear. Jessica had Vo intention of doing

that! Strangely, Vo more sperm landed on her. "Open up again." Jessica

didn't move her lips. "Open up." This time, Jessica felt a cold round tube

pressing into her side, just below her armpit. "cameGOD A GUN" she quaked. She

slowly opened her lips. A small pool of white f quid t ow at the base of her

jaw. She waited. Then, in quick suycession, three jets of sperm flew from

the cock held just inches from her mouth, and splattered Voisily into her

mouth and lips. Others dripped and dropped onto her face. It seryed like the

man would never finish. Jessica counted s ven complete streams of sryen

flying into her mouth and face.

"OK, now hold it like that. One more for the picture album. " Jessica

felt a stong hand grasp her jaw, holding her mouth open. The camera whirred

and clicked, flashing away in the dim light of the car. "Now swallow. And

learn." Bruno said. Jessica shook her head, mumbling "No, no, don't make me

do that" as best she could. The gun barrel pushed farther into her side.

Jessica realized that these people meant what they said. She closed her lips

and tilted her face down. She felt me-sperm pool at the front of her mouth.

Then she steeled herself, and swallowed. It didn't all go down the first

time. She had to swallow again. The liquid tasted salty, slightly bitter,

like strong starchy seawater. Jessica reddened and blushed again.

"God. Get used to it. It may be thr staple of your diet for a while."

The men laughed. Jessica groaned to herself. What was she in for? And would

Michael ever find out?
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