Diana - 2

When morning came, Mark told Diana to go to the hot tub again,

she did so, he joined her a few minutes later and served her a

light breakfast of fruit and toast, along with coffee. They ate

and Mark kissed her tenderly. "Are you ready for more my love?",

he questioned. "Yes darling, more than ready." Diana said.

Mark began to gently touch her body everywhere and kissed her,

inserting his tongue deep into her mouth. Both teasing each

other with their tongues, playing tag inside her mouth. He then

stood and looked down at Diana and said, it is time. "You wait

here a moment." Diana stayed in the hot tub, waiting for her

husband to return. She finished her morning coffee as she

waited. When he returned, he carried with him clothing and a


Diana could not make out what the clothing was, for it was

partially hidden by the towel. "Come my dear," Mark said,

reaching out his hand to her. She stood, taking his hand and

stepped out of the hot tub. Mark slowly, and effortlessly wiped

the towel over Diana's body, drying all areas. He then turned

back to the clothing, which he had hung on the back of the door.

"You will put this on now", he did not make a request, but

ordered her to do so. She understood the f***efulness of his

command and became excited by his sudden power over her.

The clothing was not what she had thought it to be. It was a

leather halter. She looked this item over carefully, trying to

figure out exactly how to put it on. Mark moved to her side and

said he would help her this time. He took the halter from her

and placed one strap around her waist. The next strap criss-

crossed between her breast and then over her shoulders and was

secured to the waist band. She could feel two straps on the back

of the halter, but did not know what their purpose was. Under

the straps that criss-crossed between her breasts were small cups

and it pushed her breasts upwards, making the full and extended

more. Mark then took her left hand and pulled it to her back and

placed it in one of the straps which had been dangling. He

tighten the strap around her wrist leaving her arm now secured

about mid-way up her back from her waistline. He then secured

the right wrist to the remaining straps.

Diane could feel the excitement starting to build within her.

She could feel the moisture of her juices ebb out onto the top of

her closed legs.

Mark took her by the elbow, without a word, and led her across

the bath into the bedroom and to the locked door. He reached to

his pocket and unlocked the door and f***efully pulled Diana into

the room. Diana did not react to this, for she was enjoying his

f***efulness. He led her to the center of the room, then walked

back to turn on a light.

The room, which had no windows, was carpeted with a thick, soft

carpeting. On one side of the room stood stocks, the type they

used back in Colonial days in the U.S. for public punishments.

On the other side of the room was a table with leather straps at

one end of the table, secured to the top of the table. Leather

straps also secured to the legs of the table. The table appeared

to be adjustable in height. Next to the table, standing out from

the wall about five feet, was what appeared to be a large

picture frame. This frame was made of 2 x 4's and on the corners

resting on the carpet were tripods made of wood to hold the frame

upright. On each inside corner of the frame were chains with

hooks on them. In one corner a chair was poised with the seat

facing the corner. There were two straight back, wooden chairs

in the room plus a soft, easy chair. On the final wall, there

was a cupboard, with its doors closed.

Mark took Diana to the frame and told her to stand there waiting

for him. She did so, with anticipation of what was to come. She

was excited even more now, after having seen the room. He walked

to the cupboard and opened it. Diana saw for the first time the

cupboard's contents. The first shelf of the cupboard held

leather straps, varying in width, along with little clamps (what

their purpose was, she did not know). On the second shelf were

several types of paddles, ranging from leather paddles to wooden

paddles. On the third shelf were whips and wide, thick leather

belts. She gasped when she first looked. Mark did not turn

around to look at her, but continued his action of pulling items

out of the cupboard. He opened a drawer, the lower portion of

the cupboard had three drawers in it, and pulled something from

it. Diana could not see what it was. He then walked back to

Diana carrying various items in his hands.

"Are you sure you wish this, my love?" Mark questioned.

"Yes darling, anything to make you happy." Diana replied, with

some hesitation in her voice but conviction in her thinking.

Mark told her to turn around, she did so. He undid her hands and

told her to hold them out to her side. As she did this, Mark

placed a leather strap on each wrist then ordered her to stand

within the frame. She moved back and he took each hand and

connected the wrists to the chains on each corner. She was now

secured to the frame. He walked back to the cupboard and pulled

out two more leather straps and came to her and secured the

straps around her ankles. He told her to spread her legs wide,

and as she did he connected the chains from the corners of the

frame to the straps on her ankles. She now was spread eagle

within the frame. Mark went back to the cupboard and got some

other items. When he came back to her, he told her to open her

mouth wide. She did so, and as she did he placed a small, rubber

dildo into her mouth then secured the dildo in place with a

leather strap around her mouth and head. She was so excited by

now that her juices were running down her open legs. Her hips

moved forward in a grinding motion, as if she were searching for

something to touch her burning pussy and give her satisfaction.

Nothing was to be found and she remained in her most excited

condition. Mark, taking notice of her hip motion decided to

secure her waist and hooked chains to the waist band of the

halter she still wore. Her motion now thwarted, making her pussy

even more electrified with excitement.

Mark went back to the cupboard and removed two of the clamps

and a retrieve a scarf from one of the drawers. He d****d the

scarf over his shoulder and walked back to Diana. He reached out

and touched her breasts, looking her in the eyes the entire time.

He then took one of the clamps and showed it to her then moved

down to her left breast and pulled on the nipple slightly. Her

eyes showed the fear she now had. Mark had been cautious to take

the clamps that would exert the least amount of pressure on her

tender nipples, causing no more pressure than if he were to pinch

the nipple with his fingers. He placed the clamp on the left

nipple and watched Diana's eyes carefully. She closed her eyes

at the sudden pressure on her nipple and rolled her head back.

She was already excited and moist, and this just pushed her

further to the edge. He then placed the other clamp on her right

nipple. Once both were securely in place he patted them softly

and Diana reacted even more, trying to thrust her hips forward

without success. Mark took the scarf and secured it around her

eyes now, so she had only her sense of feeling and hearing to

rely upon.

Diana could feel the rush of pleasure overtaking her body. Her

senses were tuned into the sensation of feeling only. The

pressure on her nipples did not cause pain, but excited her more.

She felt no pain from her bonds, but the sensation of heat

flowing through her was almost overwhelming. She wanted to tell

Mark to take her, but with the small dildo in her mouth she could

not speak. She stood, trying to get some satisfaction from the

penis shaped dildo in her mouth by sucking on and picturing in

her mind it was Mark's stiff cock.

Mark sat in the easy chair now and watched her. He did not

speak, nor move. He just sat quietly by watching her. When he

felt her anxiousness had increased enough, he rose and got a

leather belt from the cupboard. The belt he choose was a thin

belt, which gave more sting than anything else.

Diana heard him get up and could tell he had gone to the

cupboard. She did not know what was to happen next, but was

mesmerized by the sudden sounds of activity about her. She could

feel her pussy begin to throb with anticipation.

Mark walked to her and said nothing. He reached down to her

pussy and felt it with his fingers. She was wet. He took rather

large dildo and eased it into her cunt. She moaned through the

rubber penis pushed into her mouth. He then moved to the side of

her and swiftly swung the double over belt in the air, snapping

it so she could hear the leather slap together. She reacted as

she had been struck with the leather, rather than just hearing

it. Mark reached down to the dildo and pulled it out slowly, to

the very tip of it, then quickly pushed it back into her. She

moaned again. He pulled his arm back and the leather belt came

down with a light, but sound impact on Diana's bare-bottom. She

screamed through her gag at the first smack. Mark continued to

slap the leather strap on her ass. Each time he struck her he

would spank the leather strap down a little more strenuously

until the spanking strokes became firm and consistent. As he did

this he reached to the dildo in her hot pussy and pulled it in

and out, in and out, until Diana was moaning more and more. When

he sensed she was about to cum he stopped and waited, removing

the dildo. Her body reacted and she expressed this by flipping

her head back. Mark reached down and touched her now wide open

pussy and could tell she had not come. Exactly what he wanted.

He let her stand, bond by her chains, in her burning excitement.

When he was satisfied she had settled down some, he began again.

Slapping her buttocks with the leather strap with a firm stroke

and pushing the dildo in and out of hot pussy. He brought her to

point of orgasm again and then pulled the dildo from her and

stopped spanking her. He continued this process for quite some

time, to Diana it seemed like hours, but in fact, it was just

under one hour.

Her ass was now a bright, burning red and she still had not been

satisfied. She ached inside and the rage of fire in her wet

pussy was causing her a yearning to be fucked and fucked hard.

Mark unhooked her slowly. He braced her against his body, for

she was having trouble standing. Her arms feel to her sides. He

reached for them and rubbed them tenderly, bringing the total

sensation of feeling back to her arms. He then did the same with

her legs. Letting her brace herself against his shoulder as he

moved down to her legs. Once she was able to stand again on her

own he ordered her to the middle of the room. She walked, being

guided by Mark to the middle of the room and he placed his hand

on her shoulder to indicate to her to stop. He then placed his

hands firmly on her shoulders and told her to move down to the

floor on her knees. She did do. He positioned her hands in

front of her and pushed her head down to the soft carpet. He

commanded her not to move or he would be f***ed to tie her hands

and spank her again. Diana did not move. She waited, with her

hands and arms to her elbows crossed on floor with her head

resting on her forearms. Her sore, burning, bright red ass

thrust into the air. Mark was hard and ready. He reached down,

grabbing Diana's hot ass cheeks and opening them. His hand moved

to her moist pussy and his fingers reached into her and pulled

out with a handful of her hot juices and he rubbed his cock.

When it was slippery he pushed it hard into Diana's ass. His

f***e even surprised him for he entered her completely on the

first push. She screamed into her gag. Mark moved slowly now,

pulling out, when the head of his cock reached the opening he

pushed hard back into her. He this pattern for a bit, slowly

pulling out then with f***efulness pushing himself back into her

ass. His hands still on her burning, red ass. He could feel the

heat her ass cheeks were giving off from her spanking and this

excited him more. His movements picked up speed. He bent over

further and reached for Diana's left, clamped nipple and pulled

on the clamp slightly. Diana was about to explode. Mark then

put his attention totally on her ass and pushed in and out with a

great deal of speed. Diana felt his cock swell inside her and

she came with the most extraordinary orgasm she had ever had.

Mark's cum exploded into her ass and Diana came again. When Mark

had finished, he pulled her to her feet.

He left the blindfold on her and her gag in her mouth, then

placed her hands behind her back and secured them to her halter.

He removed the nipple clamps and led her to the chair in the

corner of the room. He ordered her to sit. She did so, with a

little too much enthusiasm, causing herself pain when her very

sore buttocks touched the hard, wooden chair. He knelt down in

front of her and secured her ankles, one to each side to the leg

of the chair.

"I shall leave you here. You are not to attempt to move, no

matter what happens. Do you understand?" Mark questioned her


Diana shook her head up and down. She was still very excited and

still wanted to cum again. The threat of something else

happening excited her even more. She had loved the activities

thus far this morning. She had never felt so much delirium in

having sex before and wanted more.

She did not know how long she sat there. She did know her bottom

hurt badly. She also knew her pussy was still hot and wet. She

wanted to feel Mark's hard cock inside her pussy. She tried not

to think about it because it would only make her condition worse.

It was quiet all around her. Her hearing had become acute having

had her eyes blindfolded for so long.

Suddenly behind her, she heard Mark's voice, he was talking to

someone, but not to her. She shuddered at the thought of someone

else seeing her in her current predicament. Mark and her

enjoying each other in this way was one thing, because it was

private between them, but to have someone else involved or even

around made her suddenly feel embarrassed.

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