The Boss,Part 1

Maryanne Whitaker strode confidently into the main office. She

looked around at the staff assembled there and smiled inwardly. She

could sense that they all feared her, and with good reason. She was

the boss...

She had started this company over eight years ago and had built

it into a multi-million dollar import/export business. She had

hired every person in the room, paid them very well, and didn't

have the slightest hesitation to fire any one of them, and she made

sure they knew it.

Her presence alone was enough to inspire awe and fear. She stood

5'9" tall, but with her heels on she was just over 6 feet. She was

45 years old and dressed in slacks, blouse, and a double-breasted

jacket. In addition she wore a scarf around her neck, expensive

jewelry on her fingers and a diamond brooch on her lapel. Her hair

was black and pulled into a small bun at the back of her head...

Maryanne had not always been the boss. Ten years ago she was

married and worked as her husband's secretary. Their marriage had

slowly gone sour and they eventually divorced. After dividing up

the community property and paying legal fees, she walked away with

about $35,000 and her clothes. Her ex-husband told her that she'd

better spend it slowly because she'd be living in a shelter or

selling her ass on the streets when that was gone.

Maryanne was determined to show him that she could make it on her

own. She'd show ALL of them, dammit! And she did. She risked the

entire $35,000 to start up her own import/export business. That's

what her husband's business had been and she had learned enough to

know how to make it work.

She set a goal of making her first million before she was 40. She

beat that by one year. At 45, she was worth over three million

dollars and had a thriving business with a dozen employees. Her

husband was the most surprised at her accomplishments, and also

bitter. He had fallen on hard times about five years ago and his

business went under. He was now working for someone else and living

in an apartment with his girlfriend, who was a cocktail waitress.

Maryanne's eyes fell sharply on Michele's lithe young form. She

despised that cunt for her youth and good looks and only kept her

around because she enjoyed bossing her around.

"Michele. I'd like to see you in my office."

Michele sighed and shook her head very slightly, but immediately

got up and followed the older woman into her office. When she

arrived Maryanne was already seated behind her large polished desk.

"Please shut the door and sit down."

Michele complied and looked across the desk to meet her boss's

eyes. Maryanne seemed almost amused as she began to speak:

"Michele, I thought that after our last little talk you'd show an

improvement here at work. I can see that our conversation has had

very little effect on you."

"What! I don't know what you mean. I've been working hard every

day. I'm on time every day and I do my job well."

"That's just the point! You do your job. That's all it is to you.

I pay you damn good money and I want to see HUSTLE, not just doing

your job."

"Come off it, Maryanne. Everyone else out there is scared

shitless of you, but not me. I make that office run efficiently.

You know that. Without me you'd be working a 16 hour day."

Maryanne looked shocked at the younger woman's impertinence.

"Don't you dare spout off like that to me! I can replace you in a

day, and at half the salary. I should fire you for your

insubordination. Another word and I will!"

Michele bit her lip but continued to meet the older woman's

stare. Neither would blink. Finally Michele looked down and sighed.

Maryanne had won again.

"That's better" she smiled smugly. "I have a special little job

for you, Michele. Think of it as your last chance to prove yourself

to me because, I swear, the next time you get me mad you're


Michele fidgeted a bit and continued looking at her hands in her


"I want you to go through every single file in this office,

revamp the filing system so that every order can be called up by

name OR by date OR by commodity. I'm talking about every file in

this office and that, my dear, goes back eight years."

Michele looked shocked as the monumental size of the task set in.

"And..." Maryanne continued. "I need it done by Monday


Michele gasped. It was already Friday afternoon!

"... or you're fired. Do you understand me?"

"You can't do that. That'll take the entire weekend and I told

you over a week ago that I had important plans for Saturday night."

"That's just tough. I don't give a shit about your plans. You've

been an impertinent little snot and this job is punishment. That's

right, I said PUNISHMENT! If you're going to act like a little snot

then that's how you're going to get treated from now on. Now it's

up to you how you spend your weekend, I don't really care, but if

the work isn't done by 8:00am Monday morning, you're fired!"

Michele was livid, but she held it in. That bitch KNEW she had

plans to go to a play in the city on Saturday. She had sent away

for the tickets over THREE MONTHS ago! She thought seriously about

telling Maryanne what she could do with her job but instead she got

up and walked out the door. Her co-workers could see how upset she

was but she made it clear that she didn't want to talk about it.

At 4:45 Maryanne walked out into the main office with her leather


"Have a good weekend all. I've got to be going. Got a big weekend

planned. See you all Monday morning!"

Michele gave the finger to Maryanne's retreating back and

muttered `bitch' under her breath after the door had closed.

Fifteen minutes later the rest of the staff began filing out,

leaving Michele alone.

She sighed, shook her head, and began to get to work...

Three hours later she paused for a bite to eat. She had just

gotten through the tip of the iceberg and she knew she'd be lucky

to finish by Monday even if she slept at the office both nights.

After her break she got back to work. She was trying to assemble

all of the files into one location and was now in Maryanne's

office, going through her credenza. On an impulse she decided to

open the center drawer to Maryanne's desk and rummage around. The

usual shit was there.

In a sudden outburst of anger she yanked the drawer completely

out, spilling the contents all over the floor. After she had calmed

down she knelt down and started to try to get the drawer back into

the desk. It was then that she felt the keybox...

It was glued underneath the desk, above where the drawer slid in

and out. It could not be seen or felt unless someone knew where to

look. She popped open the latch and a small key fell into her hand.

Michele stared at the key for a full minute, then got up and

decided she had some more looking around to do.

It wasn't as difficult as she thought it would be. She was

prepared to spend the night searching the office if she had to, but

she lucked out and found a hidden nook behind the large picture on

the wall near the bookcase. She held her breath and inserted the

key. It fit! She turned the key and pulled the heavy door open. It

was that simple.

Michele didn't know what to expect: jewelry, cash, stock

certificates. What she found was books...

For the next hour Michele poured over the books. This was

incredible! It was all documented right there before her. Maryanne

had grown her import/export business so quickly because she had on

occasion used her contacts to smuggle cocaine into the country!

It was all there.... names, dates, amounts. It was incredible.

She hadn't done business with them in over two years, but the

information was all there down to the last detail. There was enough

evidence there to put several highly placed Colombian-Americans in

Federal prison for life! And her along with them!

Michele looked up from the books and a large smile began to

spread across her face. She finished putting the center drawer back

in the desk then sat down in the large chair and began to formulate

her plan. It was going to be a long weekend after all, but she

wouldn't be doing any filing. Fuck the play. She had less than 60

hours to get her plan together...

On Monday morning the staff slowly began arriving at work. At

8:10 Maryanne walked in, dressed as usual in her slacks and jacket

and carrying her brieface.

She glanced around the room and when she didn't see Michele she

sighed and stormed into her office. She was shocked to see Michele

sitting in her large chair with her feet up and crossed on her oak

desk. There were loose files carelessly stacked on the floor and a

small cart against the wall.

"What's the meaning of this? Get your feet off my desk!"

Michele just smirked, then uncrossed her legs and deliberately

recrossed them with the lower one on top. She held a manila

envelope in her hand and carelessly tossed it towards her enraged

boss. It landed on the floor at her feet.

"Pick it up, bitch. I think you'll find it interesting reading.

I certainly did."

Maryanne was livid with rage but she stooped down to pick up the

envelope, leaning her briefcase against a chair as she got up. She

glanced at Michele, who was still smiling at her, then tore open

the envelope. As soon as she saw the documents her face paled and

she gasped.

"Where did you get these?" she asked quietly, not looking up.

"Right where you left them, bitch. You'll notice they're

photocopies. I have the originals hidden away real well. I also had

several other copies made."

"This is dangerous stuff you're playing with, k**." the older

woman said menacingly.

"Oh, don't you worry your raggedy old ass over me, bitch. If

anything happens to me, anything at all, I have more than one

friend who has instructions to drop her folder into the mailbox.

It'll find its way to the DEA and you're toast. Literally toast."

"I've also prepared copies which will be sent to your Colombian

friends. They'll be real interested to know that you kept such

meticulous records of their transactions. The note I added explains

that you're using the info to turn state's evidence and save your

own ass. They won't like that at all... no, no.... not at all."

She chuckled, then continued: "They'll find you, bitch. There's

no place you can hide, and when they do they'll kill you slowly. I

read about how they killed their last informer. She was a cunt just

like you. They took her away to a secluded house in the country.

The book said that they kept her there for over a month, killing

her a little at a time. Every week they'd cut off an arm, then a

leg. After four weeks she was just a torso with four stumps and a

head. They tied a rope in her hair and hung her naked in the garden

for a week. Each day they tortured her helpless torso. They snipped

off her clit and fried her ass. They had great fun watching her

bounce her ass up and down on the hot plate. On and off. On and

off, all day long. The next day they hooked her twat up to a car

battery and watched her bounce around like a puppet on the end of

a string. They covered her with shit and let flies swarm and crawl

over her for two days while they laughed. The day after that they

finally killed her."

Maryanne's face was white as a ghost. Her mouth was open and her

lips were completely dry.

"W-what do you want?" she stammered, beaten.

"Everything" replied Michele, then began to laugh.

"The only thing that's keeping you alive right now is my desire

to humiliate you for being such a bitch. If you don't obey me in

every respect, or when I just get tired of you, the envelopes go in

the mail. Got that, twat?"

Maryanne just shook her head, defeated. There were tears in her


"I said, got that twat?" Michele repeated louder and more



"No, twat. It's yes `Mistress'. You got that?"

"Y-yes, M-mistress..."

Michele stuck her tongue in her cheek mischievously and looked up

and down Maryanne's form. Maryanne had her `bitch' clothes on -

high heels and power suit. Her hair was pulled into a tight bun.

This was going to be fun...

"Strip, twat. Take off everything."

"B-but, the others are just outside!" Maryanne panicked.

"Don't worry about them. Just worry about me. Strip! Now!"

Maryanne slowly took off her scarf and jacket, then began

unbuttoning the buttons on her blouse. She pulled it off and stood

there in her bra and slacks.

"Hurry up!" Michele told her, exasperated. I'm gonna whip your

ass if you make me have to tell you to hurry one more time."

Michele actually enjoyed watching the older woman fumble as she

undressed. She could see how much it was embarrassing her and she

thrilled in watching her as she unzipped her slacks and pushed them

down. She had to step out of her shoes, then she pulled the slacks

off her ankles and stood straight again.. Maryanne reached behind

herself and released the catch on her bra. She let it drop to the

floor revealing a fairly nice set of tits. Not bad for a 45 year

old cunt. A little saggy, but not much. The aureoles were large and

brown. There were a few freckles on her chest.

Maryanne looked at Michele for mercy, but when she found the

younger woman staring menacingly at her she hooked her thumbs into

her pantyhose and began pulling them down. She bent over and pushed

them down to her feet, then pulled them completely off.

Without her heels on she was about Michele's height as she stood

there now in just her white panties. She gulped, then grabbed the

waistband and tugged them down. When she stepped out of them she

was left standing there completely naked with one hand over her

bush and the other vainly trying to cover her breasts.

"Don't get bashful with me, twat. Put your hands on top of your

head. Wait a minute. Take those rings off, too. Give them to me.

Now put your hands on your head."

Maryanne's body was actually in pretty good shape for her age.

Her two nights a week doing aerobics had certainly helped to keep

her toned but she still looked like she could lose about 10 pounds.

All in all, though, not bad.

Unlike her jet-black hair, her bush had a little gray mixed in

with it. No problem, Michele planned to shave her pussy and keep it

that way.

"Get down on the floor, twat. On your hands and knees, like a

real bitch."

Maryanne got down and knelt there. She couldn't look up at the

gloating young woman but she could hear her chuckling."

"Look at me, twat. From now on, that's your name. twat. No,

`smelly twat', that's better. You got it? What's your name?"

"smelly twat"

Michele took a step forward and slapped her face hard.

"What did you say?!"

"smelly twat.... err... smelly twat, Mistress."

"That's better."

Michele walked over and grabbed one of the bent wood straight

back chairs that was against the wall. She put it right in the

middle of the office and sat down on it.

"Come here, smelly twat. Lay down across my lap. I'm going to

give you a spanking..."

Maryanne gasped but crawled forward, then got up and laid down

across Muchele's lap. Her hands touched the floor on one side and

her legs stuck out straight on the other.

Michele took great pleasure in rubbing and molding her white

asscheeks. She pinched them and laughed as she saw Maryanne jump

and gasp. Finally she lifted her hand into the air and brought it

down with a loud slap.

Maryanne let out a startled yelp of pain. There was a red

handprint on her left asscheek. In spite of the aerobics, 45 years

has to add at least a tiny bit of cellulite and her ass jiggled a

little over the younger girl's lap. Laughing, Michele raised her

hand back up and continued raining down blow after blow on the

doomed posterior.

The sounds of the spanking could be clearly heard in the main

office. The rest of the workers glanced at each other and crowded

near the door. Bill tentatively opened the door just to make sure

that nothing was seriously wrong and his jaw hung open as he saw

his boss squirming naked across the lap of Michele.

The rest of the workers crowded in the doorway. Some were

shocked, some were smiling. A couple even laughed.

"Come on in. I want you to meet someone."

Everyone began crowding into the office. Michele hadn't let up on

the spanking one bit. In fact she seemed to be slapping even harder

as she enjoyed the helpless squirmings of her bitch boss.

"I want you all to meet `smelly twat'. Say hello to the nice

people, smelly twat."

Maryanne sobbed and managed to choke out a "hello" in between


I want you all to know that there's going to be some changes

around here. From now on, I'm running the show. Bill, you're my

assistant. Smelly twat is here for one reason and one reason only.

To be punished.

There was a gasp from the crowd at this, and some more giggling.

The men looked on with watering mouths. Maryanne was completely

naked and d****d over the lap of the fully dressed Michele. Her

jiggling ass was being spanked to a bright shade of red while the

clothes she had worn into the office just a short while ago were

piled up on the floor near her briefcase. Her breasts flopped over

the other side of Michele's legs and wobbled obscenely as she

wiggled to try to get her ass away from the punishing slaps.

On and on, the spanking continued. Each blow resounding through

the room. Maryanne was wailing and sobbing. She began begging for

Michele to stop. A few of the others in the office began clapping

in time with the spanks. Some whistled. They all jeered.

After at least 50 hard spanks Michele stopped. Maryanne was

squirming around and crying. Michele pushed her to the floor.

"Stop that sniveling, this instant!"

Maryanne tried to stop but she was hyperventilating. Tears

streamed down her face. She held her poor ass in both her hands and

rubbed it, trying to ease the burning.

While she was trying to regain her composure, Michele took a

handful of papers and dropped them on the floor next to her.

"I've got stuff for you to sign, smelly twat. I've had papers

drawn up giving sole ownership of the company to me. You relinquish

all rights and claims by signing these papers. Do it!"

Maryanne hesitated just a minute, but she knew she had absolutely

no choice. She took the pen that was handed to her and signed the

papers turning the company over to Michele.

"Bob, you're a Notary. Notarize these signatures, please."

"My pleasure, Michele. Or should I say, boss?"

"`Michele' is just fine, but from now on I AM the boss..." She

looked down at Maryanne and smirked.

"Very good, smelly twat, but we're not through here yet. In your

firebox I found the deed to your house, the title to your car, your

stock portfolio and your savings accounts. I want them ALL signed

over to me, right now!"

Maryanne wiped tears away from her eyes with her left hand as her

right hand signed away everything that she owned to Michele.

Everything that she'd worked so hard for. She was left, literally,

with nothing.

While she was signing the papers and Bob was notorizing them,

Michele took scissors and began cutting all of Maryanne's clothes

into small pieces, then tossed them into a wastebasket.

"Very good, bitch. I now own your company, your house, your

savings and your car. You don't even own the clothes on your back.

You have nothing!" she gloated at the naked woman at her feet.

"Here, I've got something for you to wear..." Michele produced a

dog collar and fastened it around Maryanne's neck.

"That's the only piece of clothing you will ever wear, from now

on. Say `Thank you Mistress'".

"T-thank you, M-mistress"

"Good!" Now I want you to crawl around here in front of your

former employees. Wiggle your ass and bark like the bitch you are.

Go on, do it!"

There were gasps and bursts of laughter as Maryanne began

crawling around on the floor. She paused to put her head down and

wiggle her ass, then said `woof! woof!' as she shivered in shame.

While she was occupied doing this Michele was busy rolling out

the small cart that was against the wall. She had got a cart and

modified it over the weekend by attaching clamps and eyebolts to

the edges. The cart was metal and had four casters. The top was

flat and it stood about 30 inches high.

"Enough, bitch." She patted the top of the cart with her hand.

"Climb up here and lie down on your back."

Maryanne hesitantly stood up. She looked around at all of the

laughing eyes in the room, then she turned around and rested her

rump on the edge of the cart. She steadied herself with her hands

and leaned back till she lay prone on top of the cold metal cart.

Her legs dangled over the edge and she fidgeted to get comfortable.

"Don't worry about that. Move back down a bit. Let your ass hang

over the edge too, It'll only be for a minute."

Michele took a pair of handcuffs and snapped them onto Maryanne's

wrists. She pulled them over her head and attached them to an

eyebolt on the edge of the cart so that her arms were fastened down

above her head. She then took a leather cuff with a D-ring and

placed it around Maryanne's left ankle. She pulled her ankle

straight up into the air, then back towards the head of the cart.

She pushed down till her knee was touching the top of the cart

beside her head and fastened the cuff to the corner of the cart.

Likewise she took another cuff and fastened her right ankle the

same way, attaching it to the other corner of the cart. The

aerobics had helped keep her flexible enough to bend her almost


By tying her arms and legs back like that, Maryanne found herself

resting on the upper part of her back and shoulders. Her ass was

lifted straight up into the air. With her legs fastened wide apart

on either side of her, her reddened ass was the topmost part of her

body. Her asshole winked out at the crowd with a curved asscheek on

either side. Her cunt was just below it pointing slightly towards

Maryanne's head. Both were completely exposed for everyone to see

in extreme detail.

"P-please! Don't d-do this to me!" Maryanne begged. "Have a

little decency. Please!"

"Shut up, cunt. The only sounds I want to hear out of that slit

in your face are moans. Start moaning. Like you were in the throes

of deep orgasm!" Michele lauhed and a couple of the office girls

giggled. She slapped Maryanne's upturned ass hard "I said let's go!

Now, bitch!"

Maryanne began moaning as she sobbed. She tried moving around a

little in her confinement but it did nothing more than wiggle her

ass some more. While she was doing this Michele got some scissors

and began trimming back her pubic bush. When Maryanne paused and

gasped at what was happening Michele slapped her again on her

helpless ass, leaving a dark handprint on the already pink


"Don't stop. They love it! Don't you guys?"

"Yeah! Sure! The bitch is getting what she deserves!..."

Maryanne didn't have a single supporter in the room. On the

contrary, they all seemed to revel in her debasement.

Michele finished trimming then took a razor and some cream. She

quickly sc****d away every hair from around Maryanne's cunt, even

taking the time to get at the little hairs in the gully of her ass.

When she was finished she invited each of the employees to feel

Maryanne's ass and smooth cunt. The men jumped at the chance! Even

the women obliged and Michele noticed with satisfaction that it was

the women who were more inclined to pinch her cunt lips cruelly or

give little slaps to her already red ass. Maryanne had been worse

to the women in her office and now they were getting their revenge!

"Well now, smelly twat, you look pretty good up there! That's

where you belong and, by God, that's where you're going to stay!

Just like that, all day, every day. We'll let you down at lunchtime

for a short while but then it's right back up on the cart again. On

display for everybody to see!"

"Sandi, I've got a special assignment for you."

Sandi was the youngest girl in the office. She tore her eyes away

from the naked form before her to look at Michele.

"Smelly twat is going to be spending every night in this office.

Every morning from now on, after everyone's arrived, I want you to

make sure she's all cleaned up. You will unfasten her from the

table. You will clip this leash on her and make her crawl into the

bathroom. You will supervise her as she goes to the bathroom and

make sure she cleans herself. You will also make sure that she

shaves her pussy and ass each morning. I don't want to find any

stubble when I spank her. You got that?"

"Uh... I guess...."

"Don't guess. Do it! You wouldn't want to trade places with

smelly twat, would you?"

Sandi gasped. She looked back at her former boss on the cart and

shuddered! How could Maryanne bear the incredible shame of being

bound that way for all to see? On display to everybody! Spanked and

tied with her reddened ass up in the air! No, Sandi didn't want to

wind up like that. She could never bear the shame...

"Ummm. Yes. I'll do it. I don't mind coming in early."


Michele had been lightly rubbing Maryanne's ass while she spoke.

Now she took her middle finger and slowly inserted it into

Maryanne's gaping asshole.

"Unnnnghhh!" Maryanne moaned and twisted.

"That's what I like to hear! You're going to be kept tied like

this all day, every day, but you're not going to be bored! You're

going to be kept squirming like this all day long!" Michele slowly

pulled her finger out, then slapped her ass twice. She then

reinserted her finger and began jiggling it up and down, just a


"We're gonna do this in shifts. Every hour someone's going to

have the responsibility for teasing you up. You'll be kept ever so

close to orgasm. When you get too close we'll stop and watch you

wiggle for a while. Then it's back up to the edge! To make things

even more interesting I bought you a little friend."

Michele took out a large vibrating dildo. She teased it around

Maryanne's clit a bit then inserted it in her gaping cunt. She

stuffed it in as far as it would go, then switched it on. The

buzzing made Maryanne start to buck in her bonds. She groaned and

couldn't help thrashing her head from side to side and moaning. It

went for a minute, then turned off.

"There's a timer built into this vibrator. It stays on for a

minute, then off for three, back on for a minute, off for three...

It'll cycle like that forever or until the batteries wear out.

Another one of Sandi's chores will be to put fresh batteries into

the vibrator every morning.

Just then the vibrator clicked on again and they all watched and

laughed as Maryanne began moaning and bucking again. Just as

before, it shut off after a minute. Maryanne was left sweating and

whimpering. It was amazing but they could actually see the

sphincter of her asshole opening and closing as if it were gulping

for air! Poor Maryanne! Was it really only an hour ago that she had

walked into the office so imperiously, looking to ream out Michele?

At that time she was the boss, a millionaire, with the whole world

in her hand... the vibrator turned back on again and the

moans were like music to Michele's ears!
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