My Black Boyfriend

He snaps his fingers and I hungrily crawl
across the floor toward him. He sits casually naked in his chair, his
chocolate brown muscular body relaxed, and his strong legs spread wide so
that I can see the object of my love, my life. Some of you will think I am
perverted, and others of you may even suspect I am mentally ill, but I tell
you I am not. I have just found the answer to all my longing...a reason
to live. My Black Boyfriend's huge hunk of fuck-meat! Before you call me a
worthless slut, please take into consideration that I just turned fifteen
and that I never had sex before I met Tyrone. I think I'm a pretty girl,
at least my f****y and the k**s at school always said so. My dad told me I
was too young to date boys, and I had always obeyed my parents. That is
until I met Tyrone.

He swept me off my feet. I am a tiny girl, although I
do have very large tits. Tyrone is six foot six and his body is that of a
God. But he taught me that I don't need to worship his whole body. That
is not my purpose in life. I only need to worship his enormous Dick! I
liv now only for Tyrone's serve it in any way I can. That day I met him at the mall changed my

life forever. Until then, I had had an ordinary life with ordinary goals
and dreams. Within a week of meeting Tyrone, he had fucked away my virginity and taught me how to suck his huge cock to his satisfaction.

Pleasing him wasn't easy. I had had no experience. I was just a stupid cunt. But he was patient. He taught me that the most important thing in a
cunt's life is to service her man's cock.

He urged me to run away from home and come live with him. So I did. I left my f****y and friends, my school,

my entire lifestyle to be with my boyfriend. I was in love. Once he had
living with him, he set about to change my love of him to love of his
black prick.

As I crawl across the floor toward Tyrone
in his chair, the bell he has hanging from my clit makes the prettiest
little sound. the padlocks he put through each of my nipples cause my tits
to hang heavy and swing. Tyrone loves that. As I crawl, my eyes are riveted
on his cock. hanging there half hard between his strong brown thighs. He
wants me to only look at cocks...not even bother with guys faces or eyes are to be always looking at cock. Even when black guys pass me
on the street, I am to look at the lumps in their pants and imagine how big
and tasty their dicks are. I have learned that there are
many different tastes to black guys' pricks. This has taken lots of

Iam not allowed any music or tv or ordinary books or magazines. I am instructed
to watch four hours of fuck videos each day, and Tyrone has me read books like.
Black Master's Teenage Slave.

Tyrone has had a bad cold this week, so he
frequently spits into a cup he has on a table next to him. When the cup is
filled with his spit and nose gunk, he hands it to me to drink. I don't
mind this because he is my boyfriend and my life to me. As I get closer to
the chair, I can smell his dick and balls and my pussy starts to tingle and
get wet. There is no joy in the world for me like being able to suck his
dick for him. It's so large that at first when he face fucked me, it really
ripped up my throat. I couldn't talk for about a week. But Tyrone never was
gentle...that is for other guys to be..sissy guys. NO, Tyrone takes what he
wants, and that is why I love him so much. His black cock is the most
beautiful thing I have ever seen. My eyes tear up and I get a lump in my
throat when he puts on pants because I can't stand to have it covered up.
When he comes home from selling d**gs or playing basketball, he will
sometimes throw his dirty underwear or jock strap to me, and I get to suck
on it and smell where his prick and balls have been all day.

It still hurts when he fucks me because his cock is so big and he is so rough. It hurts even more when he fucks my ass.

I just turned fifteen last week, and a few months ago, I didn't even know
people got fucked in the ass. Now it happens to me five or ten times a
day. You see, Tyrone make me allow all of his friends to fuck me too. He
says it's right for him to share me.

So I have to suck and get fucked by up to fifteen guys each day.
Tyrone fucks other girls of course. He kindly explained to me that my cunt just wasn't enough to satisfy him.
That doesn't mean he doesn't love me, and that I'm not his girlfriend. He just
needs fresh pussy. I can understand that. But I don't like it that he comes
home after fucking other girls with his dick unwashed and then wants me to
lick and suck the dried cunts-lime from his prick and balls.
Clean it up! he say, slumping in his chair to smoke a joint. I have to lick every trace of the fuck off his huge
orange sized nuts and his massive prick. But because I love the dick so
much, I am willing to do it, and soon the taste of cunt goes away and I am
left with the wonderful flavor of his fuck-meat.
The only time I really hate it is when he has fucked some girl in the ass,
and then I really can't stand the taste. Still I have to do it if I want
to keep him as my boyfriend.
Please don't think he isn't wonderful to me.
Two or three times a week, he lets me sl**p in his bed with his dick in my
mouth all night. Other nights I sl**p at the side of the bed with a special
blanket that he has jerked off into over a hundred times. I suck on it and
kiss it and smell his cock smell.
He also buys me new clothes for when he takes me
out. Around the house I have to be naked so I am ready to fuck at all
times, but when he takes me out, he lets me wear beautiful tiny leather
skirts that come to just below my pussy and see through white blouses that
are quite expensive. Of course I wear no underwear. He says he loves the
way my brown nipples show through the material of the blouse. He makes me
work on my nipples every day for an hour so that they stick out like
I am also his special toilet girl. That mean
that of all the girls he fucks, he only pisses in my mouth! That's why I am
allowed to
sl**p by his bedside on the floor, so that when he needs to take a leak from
that huge fat
wonderful black fuck sausage, I can slide it in my mouth and swallow his
urine. He tells me that
soon I will learn other ways to please him, and he will no longer need
toilet paper.
Do you think it is possible for a fifteen
year old girl to find happiness like
this. Sometimes I really miss my mother and father and b*****r. To help me
get over them, he lines my
litter box with their photos, and I have to squat and piss and shit on them.
I am not allowed to use a
toilet as that is for my boyfriend to use...I have to do my job in a
litter box, often with all of his friends
watching. They laugh a lot and have a really good time watching me piss and
shit. I do get to clean Tyrone's
toilet though with my mouth.
When Tyrone's friends are over to watch
some sports event on tv, I serve them
drinks and food, and they are allowed to finger me of course. When they are
not fingering me, I have to sit on a
hassock next to the tv with my legs spread, holding my cunt lips open for
his friends to see up my ditch. This
is to entertain them Tyrone says. Tyrone says a girl of fifteen should know
how to properly sit for her boyfriend.
He will sometimes order me to stick three or four fingers up my cunt and sit
that way. He says soon, my entire hand
will fit up inside my twat, and then we will work on working my other hand
up my asshole at the same time. I
know it will hurt, but I also know I will do whatever Tyrone wants. After
all, he is my boyfriend.
51% (6/6)
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8 days ago
shit no .....15 and likes it up the bum.....send her 2 me!
2 years ago
I've known some submissive women or slave (actually I have one before). I always respect them and they deserve some respect. It doesn't mean that she need to be treated that way even if she wanted to. I agree with hungbro.. Call the COPS now!!!
2 years ago
She's being trained by her pimp
2 years ago
This is fucked up. If this is real, call the cops NOW.