new girlfriend part 3

With the buttplug firmly in place in my ass i practiced walking around katies house, trying to get use to the small glossy heels. I still couldnt get my head around being dressed as a girl, i watched TV for 10 minutes and even that was turning me on madly. Having to tuck my pink frilly skirt under my bum when i sat down. Finnaly it was time, Katie walked down in a pair of tight black jeans, and a white t-shirt. You could just see her pink bra through it. As she held my hand and walked me to the front door suddenly it hit me, i was about to go outside dressed as a girl..AS A GIRL? "Ok, lets get going alex" she said. "alex?" i asked.

"Thats your new girly name, like it?" she giggled..", but katie.. do i really look like a girl, i dont just look like a man do i?" i asked as i walked over for comfort. "no bby, trust me. I wouldnt let you go out unless i knew you could pass as one" she said as she kissed me on my forehead. we continued to walk out the door and a small blast of wind lifted my skirt. This was it. As we walked down to the bus stop she told me she didnt exspect me to talk today, and that she would do and buy everything. I was excited.. excited about going girly shopping? god how she had allready took such control over me.

We got on the bus and sat down, my heart began to race. what if someone could tell..oh god! katie turned to be and put her hand on my lap for reassurance. However she wasnt that helpfull, the next second i suddenly felt a strange vibration comming from my ass. "mmmmaaeee!" i moaned. I had completely forgotten about the buttplug. I felt my penis become erect and push my lacey thong outwards, i saw my skirt slowly lifting up. I was terrified. She continued to turn the plug on and off during the journey, this was a bus ride ill never forget. We departed the bus and took a walk down the city street, i felt sexy each step i took more like a girl. i felt confident, i swung my hips and pushed out my huge tits. I loved it! "here's our first stop" katie said as she headed into a lingerie shop. I was surrounded by lacey bright coloured underwear, but this time.

I wasnt thinking about girls wearing them, i wanted them! "OOO.. look at these!" alex said as she showed me some bright yellow lacey frenchies. "These will look great on you, very sexy" she giggled as she threw them into our basket. The next items that came after were. A matching lacey pink thong and bra, a pair of lacey thigh high tights, several tiny thongs and g-strings, Fishnet stockings, More bras, more frenchies. It was a dream come true! Several time in the shop when i bent over to look at some undies katie would pushing on the buttplug pushing it further into my 'pussy' and vibrated the egg several times.

After leaving this shop we walked just down the road to the large sex store branch. My heart began to race again as we walked in, memories of last night and me pumping that vibrator in my pussy, what goodies were we going to get in here. "woo my fave part" she laughed. "AWW super cute" she screamed as she threw a sailor and maid outfit into our basket. We carried on walking into the shop till we hit the sex toys. Katie grabbed a new buttplug, a strap on, some frenchies with a hole in the back, some huge anal beads on a rope and a double ended dildo.

"Ok alex, heres your real treat. im going to let you buy one vibrator you can keep as yours" katie said as she gave me a cheeky smile. My heart pounded..i was going to get my own vibrator. i scanned the room dozens of times till i found a exspencive rabbit vibrator called 'the pulse' my dick got erect just thinking about the good time i would have with it. Katie took it off the shelf and walked over to a assistant. I dont know what she asked her but the next minute i was led to the changing rooms. There i was in a small cubicle with katie sat down holding up a sailor outfit. "go on get it on" she orderd. i slowly underessed and got that same warm sickly feeling in my stomach as i had in the morning..i slipped on the tight tiny sailor outfit, my boobs were pressed against each other, they looked huge! half of my ass was left for show from out of the tiny blue skirt. "lovely" she said as she spun me around so i was facing the wall, my tits pressed firmly against it and my ass stuck out.

She grabbed my ass and wiggled them both around. before pulling my black g-string to the side. Woah, i thought. was katie, about to touch me? this would be the first time she would get hands on with me... or should i say tongue. suddenly she pulled out the butplug and shoved it in my mouth, my ass felt empty and relaxed. she began to lick my ass hole, grabbing my cheeks and parting them. Digging her tongue in deeper and deeper. It felt amazing! "mmm..ummm" i moaned trying not to make too much noise.. "shhh" she said as she dug in deeper. She pulled out a vibrator from her handbag which she had took from home and suddenly without warning shoved it in as she bent me over more.

She pounded me harder and harder with the vibrator before i cummed all over the wall. "good sissy girl, now lick it up" she commanded. I had never tasted my own cum, but with everything i had done this week. i wasnt going to draw the line, i began to lick the cum up with my tongue as she shoved my buttplug back in. after i had cleaned up i got dressed, we bought our stuff and headed back home. When we got in she told me how good of a girl i had been, and the treats i was going to get that night. my fast transformation was nearly complete. but i had alot more fuckings to come
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2 years ago
Wow. That worked for me.
2 years ago
Very hot. You're WAY past any line, so go with it! Thanks.
2 years ago
Loving the story. Cant wait for the next instalment