Jack's adventure #1

Hi all, I’m Jack, a 19 year old guy and I want to share my story of how a girl turned me bi and probably gay.

So it all started at the end of our summer break. The last week had started and the new school-year was almost upon us once more. I had tonnes of essays and book reports due the first week. But, being me, I haven’t started yet on any of that.
Now while I had to sit down inside, and work nonstop for this whole week to have a chance of finishing it all, but nature, humanity and generally the whole universe were against that.

The weather was great, the beaches were finally starting to empty up with all the tourists leaving. And all of my friends seemed to be unaffected by the growing threat of school.

Now, being an expert on postponing work, I was behind my pc, reading a wiki article (and ofcourse checking facebook and chatting with friends.)
I was just about to turn it all off and try to focus, when suddenly Emily, the girl that I’ve been crushing on ever since I first saw her, came online.
Now I can’t say that I’ve ever been close to her, we were mostly just friends and how she called it “studybuddies.”
I knew that that probably meant that she would never see me as more than a friend, but one has to try doesn’t he?

So I quickly focused on her chat, talking to her for a while about this and that and then telling her that I should probably study. To that she replied that she was in a similar situation and then told me that this was why she contacted me.
As I was such a good studybuddy, I should come over so that we could do it together.

I’ve never been to her house before, and I have to say, that even though she couldn’t have stated the fact that I was in the friendzone in any more obvious way, I still found it exciting and saw all kinds of romances blooming up. Thusly I agreed to it, and told her that I’d be there in about two hours.

Quickly gathering my stuff, I jumped under the shower, making sure that I was fresh and clean. Took a quick shave and put on some casual, yet stylish clothes. These being some nice black boxers, a pair of designer jeans that were all the hots this summer and a short sleeved white shirt.

I could pull that off, as I was in a good physical shape, I can’t say that I was ripped but I wasn’t fat and I had all the right curves (and lack of them) where it counted.
Then taking some quick sandwiches, I ran out of the house, nearly missing the bus to Emmy.

Arriving there at precisely the agreed time, I rang the bell and my expectations reached their peak. Sadly, those were shattered almost immediately after the opening of the door as there stood not Emily, but some strange guy whom i’ve never seen before. He was about my age, blonde, and fairly well built, Wearing some short jeans’ and a sleeveless shirt, very much sporting the surfer look.
“You Jack?” He asked, while shortly looking me over.

“Yea, I’m here for Emily,” I replied, “we are going to study.”

He smiled, “Yea, common in.” And let me into the house.
Once inside I found Emily on the couch of the living room, reading one of the books that were due for the report, sitting quite close to another guy. He had longish black hair, and wore similar clothes to those of the blond guy.

I don’t think that I have to tell you how heartbroken I was at that moment, being there with two other guys meant no chance at anything but some negligible attention from Emms. But atleast they wouldn’t get her either I hoped.

“Hey Jack!” Emily exclaimed, “Glad to see you here and so on time” While looking at her phone and smiling. “Meet Alex and Luke” she added while pointing at the black and blond haired guys respectively. “They are in the same situation as we are, and I figured that work would go faster if we shared the load. Hope you don’t mind”

“Nah,” I said, “The sooner we’re done, the sooner we can enjoy what time remains before that hell starts again.”

“Good,” she replied, “Ok, you start on the biology essay, as it’s your best subject. Jack, you said you’ve read the books? Then maybe you start on that. Alex, you can do Chemistry and I’ll do history.”

Having all been assigned a task, we silently got to work and tried to come as far as we could.
Maintaining this for about three hours with a short tea break, I have to admit that I was dying of boredom .When suddenly, a phone rang.
“Oh, that’s me!” said Emms, “Sorry!” and walked out of the room, staring some conversation in the hallway.
A few minutes later she came back in some sort of shock, rambling quite understandably in her hysteria. Eventually we found out that her grandmother had fallen of a staircase and was now in the hospital. And ofcourse that she wanted to go down there immediately to check up on her.

I walked her to the door and told her that I wanted to come along, but she said that she wanted to go alone. And that we also should focus on the work, as that still had to be done. Running off in quite a hurry she then left the house.

So closing the door, not believing the terrible luck I was having, I headed back to the living room to continue with the work when I froze at the sight that I saw there.

Alex and Jack, the two guys who just were studying in a normal manner,were now butt naked on the couch kissing each other and wanking each others dicks. They were fucking in my friend’s house! Two men, with each other...

I was mesmerised by the mere sight of it, standing in the doorway just completely paralyzed by what I saw.

And apparently completely oblivious of my presence, they just went on and on. Alex then started to go down on his knees, down between his friends legs, starting to suck his dick like his very life depended on it.
Jack seemed to enjoy it and petted Alex’s head, telling him to keep going while stretching and releasing some sighs of pleasure.

He then finally turned his attention to me; “Enjoyin’ the view?” he asked while nodding towards Alex.

I was still too shocked to say anything, and just stared at him.

“You’re little friend seems to like it,” he then added while nodding at my dick, which was then rock hard for reasons I could not comprehend.
He stopped Alex for a moment and came over to me, standing over me with this overpowering look, he grabbed my crotch. “Yup, this guy doesn’t lie. come ‘ere.”
He then pushed me against the wall and put his mouth against mine.Taking a lick of my lips, trying to get in with his tongue.

I, in a weird state of horniness and amazement, opened my mouth and let him in. Our tongues met and I experienced one of the best kisses ever. I felt his tongue in me, swimming like a fish in the water, ever seeking to embrace with mine.
It was then that I felt something fumble down below, but was unable to look, due to my present occupation.

Alex cleared up that mystery soon enough though. “Let’s see what you got down here. Your little friend seems to be dying to get out.” He said, while taking off my pants.
“Well that’s a fine dick you got there,” He then added, while putting his hand around the shaft, “I hope you won’t mind if I take a lick?”

So there I was, kissing one guy and being sucked off by another. I never saw myself as gay or bisexual, heck I never looked at a guy in a sexual way. But this felt so incredibly good that I couldn’t believe that I’ve never done this before.

After a while Luke stopped kissing me, and asked if I wanted to suck him. I nodded, one hand already holding his shaft and the other cupping his balls.
So I kneeled down, looking right onto his mighty lance. It was a pretty big dick, hard and almost swollen, nicely shaved with not a hair in sight. With a small drop of precum on the head and the shaft still wet from Alex’s goo.
It was all so enchanting, the sight, smell and throbbing feeling it gave when holding it.

Not wanting to disappoint my new friend, nor lose the high I was on, I moved my face closer and closer until the head touched my lips.
I cautiously gave it a lick, as to check it for poison, and then another and another. It’s like some instinct took over, opening my mouth and letting in the dick.

It had a strange feel, but a very good taste, so I continued to move up and down the shaft, while still wanking the lower part with my hand.

“Thats a good boy,” I heard Luke say but it was more of a distant echo. I was so focused on my task, so uptaken in what I was doing that I did not even notice what Alex was doing behind my back.

At first I felt some wetness between my asscheeks, but suddenly I felt something touching me there and then penetrating me. I almost gagged because of that, but Luke quickly pulled it out far enough to let me regain my breath, after which he reinserted his cock back into my mouth.

“Don’t worry, he won’t hurt ya,” he said, “he’s the gentle one.”

“Tight little hole here,” replied Alex. It was then that I realised that he was fingering my ass, and the liquid must have been a lube of some sorts.
Feeling oddly reassured by Luke, I continued to suck, getting more precum into my mouth, and eagerly sucking it up.

Meanwhile one finger became two and two became three. He moved it in and out and tried to stretch my ass as much as possible. Adding some extra lube every now and then as well as commenting on its tightness and complimenting me on how clean it was.

Suddenly Luke pulled his dick out of my mouth and told me to get up. Unsure if I did anything wrong, I did so, though not able to take my eyes off his dick.
“Move over here”, he said, positioning me on the couch. “Alex here is gonna pop that ass of yours. Be happy that it’s not me, I like it rough.”

I could only nod and spread my legs, while lying on my back, looking at Alex bending over me, coming closer and closer with his hard cock.
It was smaller and thinner than Luke’s dick, but in no way less hot, and all I wanted was to feel it inside me.

I soon got my wish, as he got on me and started to push it in. It felt a bit odd, but hardly hurt because of the lube and stretching. I only felt an awesome sensation of something pushing in.
I think you’ll believe that I didn’t take me long to lose my mind to the sensation, I started moaning and asking him to go faster and faster. He smiled and rammed it in harder. I screamed out of joy and felt like my ass was on fire. He kept fucking and fucking for a good few minutes, raising me to a state of ecstasy.

Sadly, then his moment came, and he squirted his hot juice deep into my body.Very nearly making me cum myself. He then collapsed on me, and we embraced in a fiery kiss, sharing the drool that I collected and the moments passed in such a way that I could no longer keep myself. I came in the most intense orgasm I have ever experienced, shooting my load all over Alex’s body, still intertwined and kissing.

“Ohh yea,” Luke said, while dumping his load on our faces, “that’s what I wanted to see.”

After that we were all done and cleaned up.

“So, how’d you like it gayboy?” Luke asked.

“Yea, you seemed to have enjoyed it!” added Alex.

I said that it was great and definitely something I’d like to do again. So we traded numbers and I left towards home.

Not very long after that I got a text from Emily. I was a bit shocked by that, but all fears subsided when I read its contents; “I knew it :)”

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2 years ago
great ending, I knew it.
3 years ago
Great story! Thanks!
3 years ago
That's fuckin' hot!