Fucking A Friend's Wife

One night I was over at my buddy's house for a short visit. I had been in threesomes with he and his wife several times and I never knew for sure when I visited whether or not we'd all wind up in bed...I could only hope, as his wife was definitely a hottie. Anyway, as luck would have it, he just blurted out in the middle of conversation..."let's all go get naked!" That sounded pretty good to me so off we went to the bedroom and soon we were all nude and my erection was absolutely rock hard. We took turns screwing his wife and even threw a dp in there for good measure. I noticed that Nick wasn't giving it his all...putting his dick in different places just to make an appearance, so to speak. During that time I was having orgasms, but I don't think he had one...at least a real one. I think he may have faked it but I'm not sure. As I've stated in previous stories, I am very multi-orgasmic...kind of a male version of a nympho. I can keep cumming over and over again as long as I have a few minutes in between each shot.

The evening really took a strange twist though when he told us he needed to go to the office for a short while and that I could continue fucking Leeza as much as she and I wanted. She and I are a lot alike...we never get enough sex. So, as soon as my buddy was out the door, I was in his wife's pussy. I thought heck, this is fine with me as I get to dick and lick this beautiful lady. We had a very hot sex session and it was still going when Nick got back home. In fact, Leeza was on her stomach and I was penetrating her from behind when hubby came in the room. He said something to Leeza like "I see you and big dick are still at it." Without missing a stroke and on the verge of letting my cum fill up her pussy, we both said something to the effect of that's what happens when you leave a naked man and woman alone. About that time, I released several streams of cum way up her pussy while hubby watched. That was part of the excitement too...having a husband watch me cum in his wife's twat while we carry on a normal conversation about him being gone and missing out on the fun.

Anyway, by that time I was pretty well fucked out and was finally going limp. Although I could have raised the plank again if I had wanted, I figured that I might better go home for the evening. I found out later that he was fucking a co-worker in the office and that they had met at a hotel. He was using me to distract his wife. He even told me that as long as she was impaled on my tool, he knew she wouldn't think too long and hard about his being gone that night. I told him stuff like that is between he and his wife (seems they have an open marriage), but to be honest, I am willing to be a distraction anytime he wants.
I think Leeza is also fucking other guys, but at least she has put me in the rotation and we do get together now and then...sometimes with hubby...sometimes without him.

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3 years ago
a lot of deception for an open marriage..mmm
3 years ago
a lot of deception for an open marriage..mmm
3 years ago
Keep pounding her,,and keep us informed,,hope to see pics soon of her