My Fuck Buddy and His Wife and . . .

I like to go to nudist camps and have always enjoyed the lifestyle ever since I was a k**. Like any teenager, during those years, I used to experiment with the girls and was able to do so very easily since we were all naked and there were plenty of woods around. As I grew older, my sexual urges only got stronger, but I knew that having an erection in public was frowned upon, and so, I always kept a towel with me just in case one popped up. Sometimes a group of us teens (boys and girls) would just play in the woods, chasing each other around and having fun. Being teens and usually horny, we boys would very easily have erections, but without the adults around to scold us or look at us in disapproving ways, we could just be ourselves and enjoy the fresh air...with or without erections. It didn't mean we had to have sex. It just meant that we felt really, really good at that moment. Of course, if we couldn't get rid of our woody, a lot of us would just go off in private somewhere and masturbate. I had the biggest penis of all the guys and so I was both teased and envied... and I loved every moment of it because I knew they were jealous. Plus, once I became more confident with the opposite sex, a big cock also opened many doors (or pussies as the case may be).

At some point in later years I became friends with another guy and we used to hang out together while his wife participated in camp activities. I was surprised to learn that they were swingers of sort and eventually I was invited into their bedroom for a threesome. She was a very attractive brunette and was in fairly good shape for the age of 42. I dated various women through the years and whenever one of them was interested enough in being extra playful, I'd ask my buddy to join us in the bedroom. It was only fair after all since we both were doing his lovely wife together. Sometimes, both my buddy and his wife would join in and we'd have one of those rare foursomes. I'll also have to admit that there were times when we'd scout around the camp just looking for some extracurricular pussy. I've had women at the camps that were so very horny and ready to go once they got behind closed doors and I think it was because they'd been glancing at swinging limp dicks all day...and it was getting to them. Anyway, once we got them in bed, my buddy and I came at them with our peckers hard and penetration-ready. My cock is longer than average (and curved for g-spot pleasure) and his cock is shorter but fairly we make a good fit for pleasuring those pussies and asses. We did all kinds of stuff, including double penetration, double pussy penetration, and anything else we could think to try on our partners...a lot of which his wife would also let us do.

I have this thing where I love to have two tongues flicking my fat dickhead at the same time. I also have a fetish for girls in pantyhose...and nothing but panties, no bra, no nothing except sheer and/or shiny pantyhose. I have been very lucky to have had beautiful women who were more than happy to take care of those particular needs and I have had plenty of adventures both alone and with my fuck buddy and I will try to share some of those in future stories. Stay tuned, as they say.
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