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I'm:Alex - Mumbai, 40
From:Mumbai, India
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Kids:No, and do not want any
Education:Current grad school student
Star sign:Pisces
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Body type:Athletic
Height:5 ft 11 in (180 cm)
Hair length:Medium
Hair color:Blonde
Eye color:Blue
About Me
Navi Mumbai, Mumbai!

Full Body Oil Massage for couples, women and men! !
I offer you Yoni Massage alongwith Marma treatment over breasts - armpits - mooladhar (anus) with specific oils to make your Yoni unbelievably soft & vital.

For harmonising the energies in a woman's Swaadhisthaana Chakra associated with her Naabhi Lotus, I use Oil method - which gives me quick healing results.

I apply 4 oil drops symmetrically around her navel in different positions - so as to get a balance between her Praana & Apaana Vayus. She gets a distinct feel of balance of her Vaayus, and also a pleasing 'lightness' all over her abdomen & breasts. She is practically in a semi-trance condition and thus becomes ready for getting her Yoni treated.

Then I start treating her navel by using my left hand and gently touch - stimulate her Yoni, inserting my appropriate finger of right hand in her vagina. Specific Ayurvedic medicated oils are used for this depending upon the Prakruti of the (patient) woman. This combined treatment of navel & Yoni gets started pleasing sensations towards her breasts. I further heighten up these sensations by turning to her breasts and massage them with my both hands, following round-pressure-vibrations-pricking strokes symmetrically.

In the next phase, I treat my patient's Yoni with my left hand and start stimulating / passifying her Moolaadhara ( around anus )by my right hand. I then make her positioned in such a way that her vaginal passage is fairly vertical, with support under her buttocks. Then I administer a specially warm oil drop by drop into her vagina. Her vagina is soon filled up with oil, the excess oil getting oozed out of vagina. I massage her vital Marma points ( such as Vitapa Marmas )with this oil till the Marmas get soothened perfectly.

Sensual arousal of a woman undergoing Yoni Lotus massage is certain - though it is not the aim of my massage! I fully allow her getting all those orgasms, climaxes asociated with profuse vaginal secretions.
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3 months ago
Thanks for ur invite
3 months ago
Nice to read ur profile alex
4 months ago
Added you. Looking forward to your hottest and wildest comments
5 months ago
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5 months ago
Nice pic
Nice body
6 months ago
do u have place for daytime ?
10 months ago
watch my videos in my profile, you will like it
10 months ago
1 year ago
1 year ago
gud content
1 year ago
Thank you
1 year ago
1 year ago
nice profile
1 year ago
1 year ago
yes ofcourse. I like to have my tool in her
1 year ago
Thank you for the invite
1 year ago
hallo magste die gallerien von meiner bei dir aufnehmen ?
1 year ago
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1 year ago
Thanks for the invite
1 year ago
Nice dick, my wife love it
1 year ago
Why do you want to be friends with us?
1 year ago
Thnx for the add! =)
1 year ago
Thanks for the friend request...welcome friend
1 year ago
Thanks for the invite, but please read our profile page re adding new friends.
1 year ago
1 year ago
not ok
1 year ago
no sorry
1 year ago
thanks for the comments
2 years ago
but u r farr
2 years ago

love to connect u.

pl note these all befrore making further.

1. we r not in to sex, but all ther activities like massaging, foreplaying, swiming, beaqch walking, nude session, photo grapic dress code and all activities other than sex, ( intercorse)

2. we love to host u here only ( presently we r in chennai )

3. if nessasary we sponcer ur visits
4. we look in to dd free, gentle, broad minded, photogenic persons. we say sorry to prankers
5. do not encourage web cum. prefer mail only
if u r ok with we can continue.

pl understandb we want to keep transperency in our relationship from day one onwards.IF FEEL GUD MAIL IN OUR PVT MAIL ID. MORDENSEXYQUEEN@YAHOO.COM.... love u

he & she