My friend's wife

I'm 49 years old and have been selling medical products and there is a stationary shop near my company ,owner of this shop is my friend and workin with his wife,we usually provide all stationary needs from this shop and usually my friend's wife stays in shop alone and I buy all stationary materials from my friend's wife...But a few a years ago ,I was buying some stationary materials and my friend's wife there...and I noticed she has very sexy ass under her tight jeans..(She always wear tight jeans)..and begining from this day..I couldn't take my eyes from her sexy ass when I buy somethings..Sometimes I go there to buy somethings although I don't need anything ...And she also noticed that I lookin at her ass...And I decided to rub my dick her ass over her jeans when I buy somethings..Someday, it was raining and my friend's wife was in shop and there was nobody ...I entered shop and ordered her some stationary materials..while she takes my orders from shelf,I rubbed her ass over jeans..she said nothing...and second time I rubbed my dick her ass over jeans again..I felt she got angry a little..But she said nothing ...a few days later she was alone in shop again and I went to shop to buy somethings..and I again rubbed my dick her ass over jeans while she takes my orders from shelf..but this time..she said ..(a little loudly).."please stay a little away!"...After this day I haven't gone to this shop for long time...But during this time I dreamed her sexy ass every day and every night.....Someday I was walking in the street and I saw she was alone in shop again..and when I saw her sexy ass,I decided to buy somethings again but this time she was soft to me and and I rubbed and touched my dick to her ass like accidentaly but she said nothing...After this day I couldn't find any possibility to do same thing..but I really wish her ass...So I still thinking what I must do to do her ass...
(sorry for my terrible english(:..)
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