Moving To Brussels, anyone to have fun with?
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Height:200 cm (6 ft 7 in)
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Turning on's: The GrotesQUE

- Humiliated girls: spitted on, slapped on the face, licking male's feet and ass, small chicks brutalized by big cocks, extreme deepthroat (even puking),...

- Public sex.

- Sex between complete strangers (not fake porn stuff, but real amateurs on the topic).

- Women that are that sluts that are able to do whatever to satisfy their sex thirst or a man's sex thirst.

- Pale skin redheads.

- Threesomes MFF in which there is a dominant girl that finally ends being dominated by the man.

- Facials, especially those that are not connected with the sex scene. Someone is doing the work and then, the cum goes to the face of other girl that is just waiting for the cum.

- Depravity
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10 months ago
12 months ago
Borrado el comentario de Domado_por_Penes, porque se había equivocado, se metió el dedo en el culo, sopló muy fuerte y su mamá tuvo que cambiarle el pañal. Rogamos disculpe las molestias, n00b
1 year ago
RESPUESTA A LECHEROX QUE DIJO: "Jajajaja el gilipollas haciendose pasar por mujer, que triste, ni se atreve a mostrarse"

A LO QUE SE LE RESPONDE Jajajaja tanto te cuesta asumir que algunos sí podemos domar a una fémina?? Bueno, estaremos en Madrid unos días en breve. Si quieres, vente a conocernos y te damos una clase. No llores hombre, y folla más... pero con mujeres de verdad, no a base de porno solo.

(nótese que como me ha bloqueado, saliendo corriendo llorica e impotente, no puedo contestar directamente a su comentario; de ahí que lo reproduzca al principio de este mensaje. Infeliz este tipo...).
1 year ago
Jajajaja el gilipollas haciendose pasar por mujer, que triste, ni se atreve a mostrarse
1 year ago
hola senor
1 year ago
1 year ago
One more thing, is cool how someone can insult a person after being rejected... One of the details that will show you people how to identify a low self-esteem person + a big looser.
1 year ago
And here my little nice and sunny pretty face: http://xhamster.com/photos/view/678739-10937897.html
1 year ago
Hehe the typical little kid rejected. Don't worry, when you get to be a man, you'll also be able to have a slave... Well... maybe... if you grow up and become a man. Be confident.

PS. Running away to your mother's arms? How cute! hiding and trying not to get a response? oooooh... how nice. Just in case you look at this sometime, here you have it.

As a reply for bijvoorbeeld's comment which said: "What Ah :) YES this is the 100% proves my rightness: about arrogant and ordinary slut.. shut up your smelly stinky hole's... this is for Lynx007... bye WHORE kisses !!!"
1 year ago
Strong dick smell for sybarite people!
1 year ago
Claro que sí! Hay que servirte como te mereces, Amo, un rey.
1 year ago
El placer de que tu esclava idiota te lama el culo y te limpie la polla con la lengua tras cada meada http://xhamster.com/user/Lynx007 Verdad que sí?
1 year ago
buena chica
1 year ago
Yo hice lo mismo hoy. Quedaron sólo los mejores coleccionistas de videos y mi amo.
1 year ago
Hala, ya saqué toda la puta basura que tenía.
1 year ago
Últimamente el buen porno ya no es tan bueno. El que uno quiera más más y más supongo que al final es un problema. La mitad de los vídeos aquí son juegos de niños... I wanna be mindbusted, again...
3 years ago
well thank you...I think when you get a question you do have to sit back and reflect. Do I really want to be put in the position where I would have to give my boss a sexual favor, no, is it wrong yes.

But if I did or didn't, I would be fucked. I work from home, I do well, and my job is easy. Plus in my field being a woman I could easily get another job, yet i don't want to loose this gig...its way to easy. I'm not in any type of real relationship maybe if I was married I would have to think differently, but than again if I had kids I might again have to think differently again.

I'm sure with how things are many women would give a sexual favor just to get a good paying job, kind of sad but true.

There is a video on here, one of those casting couch clips. Most of the girls are looking to make a quick buck. Anyway there was a girl who went to AZ state...I actually went to a tour there, the girls are amazing...anyway she went to make a porn and the casting couch posted the video...Turns out she had a scholarship and the school took it away from her. I don't think the guy meant for that to happen, even though he seems like a dick...but a lot of women, college women are making a couple porns to get by. Is it really that much different than doing a sexual favor for a job?
3 years ago
Question 1. I guess that is about the size. I'm not turned on by a dick, but by somehow I'm turned on about the grotesque image of a small chick brutalized by a huge cock.

Pretty much I couldn't have said it better. As a female, I like to see another woman take a penis that she isn't use to.
3 years ago
I like your questions, mind if I use something like you asked as a question of the week?...

Interesting scenarios. I have had sex with friends when they truly needed to forget something... I don't having sex with friends is all that strange. I rather have sex with someone I know than a one night stand.

With regards to E I view that differently, its more of a fantasy just to get used, in fact some times we just want to get laid and kick the guy out.

My friends and play games like this like would you give a blow job to save your job, or for a big raise.

Yes, I would have sex with my boss to save my job, more so in this economy. I think in our mind, a womans mind, it would be some erotic foreplay, but in reality your boss would probably just whip it out and tell you to get to work. At this point, whats another notch my belt.

I do think a lot of women would have issues with it, yet I think the fear of trying to find a new job would happen.
3 years ago
Miley Cirus is actually pretty funny, she got a penis cake for her birthday. She is a firecracker-
3 years ago
I bet you have a nice fucking COCK babe, never mind water between the eyes. Your COCK will get a girl to water between her legs, ooohhh....Fuck Yeah, GOD Damn Boy, I need to SUCK on that BAD BOY for ya, oh it makes me feel so HORNY, my HAIRY CUNT is DRIPPING WET now, why you doing
this to me baby, I need your COCK NOW, NOW, FUCKING now baby, I'm your SLUT, I'm your WHORE, give it to me, I want it in my ASS, yes in my FUCKING ASS, FUCK ME, FUCK ME now baby in my ASSHOLE, when you have cummmmmm every drop, I'll clean your BIG COCK all up with my SLUTTY MOUTH, lick that glorious COCK clean......xxx PLEASE FEEL FREE TO POP OVER TO MY PAGE, IF YOU EVER NEED ANY LET'S SAY LIGHT RELIEF....xxx TRIBUTE ME PLEASE...LOADS OF MY FACE AND HAIRY PUSSY SHOTS ON MY SITE BABE......
3 years ago
(*)(*) Thank You
3 years ago
well....that was my intention ;)..... welcome on xhamster ;)

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