College Teen Slaves

Four young girls lay in my bed. They were all naked. They all had
tight, metal cuffs around their ankles and wrists and iron collars around
their necks. While the metal anklets and wrists cuffs were not chained to
anything, the iron collars were chained to the concrete wall at the head of
the bed.

Two of the girls lay next to me, one on each side. The other two lay at
my feet.

It was evening and we were in my dungeon basement. There was no escape,
as the only way out was a metal door that had a secret combination. None
of the slave beauties knew what it was and I was not going to tell them.

I used my left hand to play with the breasts of the girl on my left,
while reaching down and finger fucking the cunt of the girl on my right and
rolling my tongue in her quivering mouth. One of the girls at my feet was
being f***ed to use her neck as my footstool for my relaxation. The other
girl was sadly licking my cock up and down and sucking my cockhead until I
grabbed her head by the hair and slowly, and roughly, f***ed it all the way
down. All the way down to the base of the balls. Until her whole throat
was filled with my cock.

I sat back and smiled with satisfaction as I looked upon the four girls.
Two of them were virgins; the other two had only sex once, and were
relatively innocent still, anything but sluts. But, none of them had ever
had male cum up their wombs. Until now.

One was a beautiful young asian. She was 20 and her name was Melody.

The second was a stunning white girl with long, dark brown hair in cute
bangs and a ponytail.

Her name was Mindy. She was 18.

The third was a hot young 19 year old named Jasmine. She had silky
dirty-blonde hair had gently fell to her shoulders, a nice tan, and
stunning hazel eyes.

The fourth was a soft skinned filly named Victoria. She was 21 years
old and had nice light brown hair.

I had k**napped the four slaves from their dormitory. Victoria was a
senior about to graduate with a degree in economics. Melody was a junior
and a music and bio double-major. Jasmine was a history major who scored
well on the law school admissions test. Mindy was a freshman pre-medical

Now, their hopes and dreams were gone. They shared only one collective
dream for the rest of their lives: To serve me utterly. In body, mind, and
soul. But especially, with their slender feminine bodies.

I turned to Melody on my left and told her to get on her knees in front
of me. She obeyed, eyes wild with fear as she had watched me kill the
security guard to her dorm as I stormed the building.

"Stand up on the bed, Melody." She complied, positioning herself right
above my cock, as she knew I wanted. The other three young girls
helplessly watched, cringing in fear while tears spilled down their soft,
feminine cheeks.

"Now, slave," I ordered with glee. "Sit on it."

Slowly, she lowered herself until her outer pussy lips touched the tip
of my cock. She suddenly leapt back up, but I ordered her back down again,
despite her feminine begging and pleading.

Again, she was f***ed to have her pussy lips touch my cock, and slowly,
her legs weakened in paralyzing fear as she slowly impale herself on me.
My cock was pleased with this good young Asian slave and knew that her
a*****ion was worth it.

"You shall be the mother of my c***d," I taunted her. She started
sobbing heavily, her heart and spriit breaking at these cruel words.

I reached up for her shoulders, and brought her down towards me, so that
I could lick and suck her tender Asian nipples. The young nubs hardened
with my sucking and I gently bit them, proving to her that I owned them-
and her.

Then, I came. Hard. Right into her young Asian womb. She screamed at
the humiliation but I just kept filling her up. Soon, she was an emotional
wreck and wave after wave of cum kept hitting the back of her cervix, with
plenty finding its way into her womb. The rest trickled out down her inner
thighs and even into the crack of her ass, fully entering it and coating
her intestines.

I threw her off and f***ed her back to her original position of lying to
my left side.

I then motioned to the dirty-blonde on my right, 19-year-old Jasmine.

Sadly, begging me to stop, she relented after a threat of me shoving her
into the oven and turning up the heat, slowly cooking her to an agonzing
death. She soon took her position, standing fully straight with her pussy
hovering right over my cock.

"Lean forward, slave," I gruffly ordered, and as she did, I pulled and
gently twisted at her young nipples. I pulled her even closer, and feasted
on her young feminine delicacies.

The nubs soon grew hard in my mouth as I sucked them deeply of all their
female charms.

Then, on my command, she slowly lowered herself, with my cockhead slowly
parting her pussy lips. Down, down she went. In slow motion. Until ten
seconds later, she was completely filled with my cock in her.

I held my beauty close as I told her how much I would cum in her. But,
I had to save some for the other two girls, as well.

While my sperm was busy fertilizing the young Asian, Melody, I thought
about how nice it would be for this young white girl to also have my cum
working its baby-making magic inside her precious fertile womb. Her warm
and feminine young womb.

Then, I shot huge wads of cum right in there. She shuddered, gasped and
cried, almost all at the same time. She felt it and I smiled as she choked
for words.

"Please, master, please kill me," she begged. "I don't want to live

"Too bad, slave," I taunted. "This is just the beginning. Just wait
until I make you carry this c***d for 9 l-o-n-g months!" I verbally strung
out the word "long" so that it would really crush her spirit. My intent
had its desired effect and she cried so hard, that she gasped for huge
gulps of air. After gasping too much, she soon fell faint, and I pushed
the girl back onto the bed, as some of my semen trickled out of her pussy
and onto her thigh. And also, into her ass.

The two white brunettes are the virgins. 21-year-old Victoria and
18-year-old Mindy.

I f***e Victoria up first. She is positioned right above my cock, her
pussy reluctantly waiting to be deflowered.

"What are you thinking right now, virgin?" I ask the weeping Vicky.

"Why in the world would you do this to a girl who never harmed you?" she

"Because you are a girl. And all girls deserve to be in only one of
three positions.

1) Naked and kneeling on the floor with a cock in their mouth.

2) naked and crouching on their knees as they impale themselves on a

Or 3) their main position in life: lying next to or on top or underneath
their master with a cock in their womb, and falling asl**p with his arms
wrapped around them.

Then, I took her by the shoulders and thrust her down, my cock ripping
into her and tearing her hymen to bits. She screamed like she was dying,
and after a few minutes, started crying after she got over the shock and
pain. Then, she screamed again, this time as she felt each splatter of cum
hit the back of her cervix and make its way into her 21-year-old fertile

I replaced her with Mindy. The other virgin and the youngest of the
four girls, being only 18. She had just turned 18 yesterday, and I
relished the thought of taking someone so young.

I then sucked her nipples hard, gently biting them, and pulling and
twisting them between my fingers. I continued doing this, fascinated by
her tits and especially, nipples, after I f***ed her to impale herself on
me. I didn't want to thrust her down. I wanted her to deflower herself.

Due to the pain, it took her a few times before her hymen completed
ripped and I was fully in her. She sobbed hard, mourning for her lost
virginity. Then, after a few minutes, she shuddered and sobbed even
harder, as she felt my hot, sticky cum jet up into her very depths. Her
teenage fertile womb was now churning my cum.

I threw her back on the bed and relished my new position.

Their master.
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