Katie and Dani Prt 1

The bell had rang and Katie and Danielle left the school as they did every
day. They had been best friends for as long as they could remember and they
would spend nearly all their time in school with each other. On this
particular day Katie was due to picked by her mother from outside the
school, the girls talked as they walked side by side both girls agreeing
that school was boring and they wished they didn't have to return the
following day. Katie's mother was outside just as she had said she would be
the girls said their goodbyes and Katie joined her mother in the car as
they began to drive away Katie looked back at Danielle as she walked away
from the school to her house. Danielle looked back at the car as it
departed also both young girls catching each others eyes. Both girls felt
the pain in their chest as they left the other. It would seem like years
until they saw each other again.

Both girls arrived at home and did the Same thing they had done every week
day for so long they had both forgotten how the tradition had started.

Danielle would relax in a deep warm bath using a deep soapy wash to cleans
her body and help to wash away anything bad from the day. She said it
helped her to feel herself again. Danielle would often use this time to get
to know her own body as well. She had experienced many powerful orgasms
while the water around her at emptied from within the pure white tub of her
own en-suite bathroom.

Katie would go to her room and would work through every piece of homework
she had. Only once this was completed would she change from her school
clothes occasionally she would enjoy a shower but Katie was not a fan of
water and would only enter the shower of it was necessary.

Danielle emerged from the warm water and slowly dried her body. She gazed
at her reflection in the mirror before her. Her soft slightly tanned skin
was practically glowing under a fine covering of water droplets. Her dark
brown hair clung to her shoulders she could see the blonde highlights that
she had been added only a few days before. Danielle's body was small and
undeveloped and as yet only small rises on her chest were the only signs of
her developing breasts. As she gazed Danielle's mind wondered and she
thought of Katie, her best friend Katie. How could she fee this way? Could
she ever share her secret with Katie? Would Katie understand? Danielle
looked at herself one last and allowed her tears to fall.

Katie was lost within her own thoughts. Thoughts that she had been battling
for as long as she could remember, thoughts that she had prayed would go
but never did. Thoughts of her best friend, thoughts that made her glow
inside and made her small breasts rise from her chest. Katie had awoken
many mornings with this image in front of her. Touching them made her
shiver from within and made her want to stay within the sheets of her bed
for hours. Katie couldn't help but smile now in her room as her breasts
rose and fought against her soft polo shirt eager to be released. Katie was
going to disappoint and slowly pulled her shirt over her head. Her skin was
tanned and touched only now by her own hands. They glided to her trousers
which soon joined her shirt on the floor and now Katie stood with only a
small pink panties on. She fell back onto her bed and closed her eyes. A
thousand images filled her mind. Katie's fingers danced over her pink
nipples and Katie guided them toward her warm sex. Katie's thoughts still
of only Danielle and how she wished it was her hands.

Danielle was wrapped in the warm layers of her own bed. Everything she did
made her feel more and more tired, she had finally given in and climbed
between the sheets only a few moments before. As she looked up at the
endless pictures above her head she thought back over the memories tat they
stirred when ever she found herself looking at them Danielle had assembled
every picture she had of Katie and had stuck the around her bed so that she
could see her no matter where she was looking. Danielle had been clever and
had set up a system so that by pulling on a cord switch next to her bed all
the pictures would be covered and Katie would never see the real images
that surrounded Danielle's bed. Instead the fake pop bands and bare chest
male's were all that Katie ever saw. Danielle longed to tell her friend how
she felt, the opportunity had been there. Danielle's eyes feel upon one
particular picture from Katie's birthday. Danielle and Katie had been alone
together hiding from the other c***dren as they played Danielle had given
Katie her present - a silver heart shaped locket - Danielle had shrugged
off the fact that you could put a picture inside even thought the had hoped
that on day her face would be inside it next to Katie's. Danielle had began
to talk to speak the truth but the interruption came as it always did and
the moment vanished.

The photo of the day burned into Danielle's eyes. Every inch of Katie's
flesh memories, what clothes she wore, how she smelt, the sound of her
voice. Of all the memories Danielle loved it was the next that she held
onto the most. As Katie had left Danielle sat crossed leg on the floor the
silver locket now firmly around her neck, she rose on to her knees and
moved a few inches forward before rising to her feet. The moment had slowed
and Danielle had see directly down Katie's open top to the two small rises
on her chest. The image before her brought immense joy from within as well
as a feeling that Danielle was certain felt like she had peep herself.
Danielle quickly learned the feeling of wetness between her legs. She grew
to love the sensation and would do anything to feel it again and again.
Danielle knew she was losing her battle, a battle against her fingers which
inched ever close down to her throbbing pussy. A battled that Danielle
happily lost and the feeling she loved so much returned.

Katie was in heaven, her fingers buried deep between her thighs another
hand stretched across her tight breasts each stroke bringing more and more
pleasure. She knew she would not be able to contain herself for much long
and as she continued to finger her moist pussy the first moan escaped from
her lips.

As Danielle copied the same actions of her friend she was suddenly aware of
the pressure building from within. A sensation that was still quite new to
Danielle and one that come about by pure accident but was now almost a
daily activity. As Danielle continued to massage her breast she slowly
raise her hips with a large sweep of her arm the sheets that had covered
her body feel to the floor. Danielle's fingers moved faster and faster and
the pressure became all to much for her to control and she released.

Her own piss erupted from within her and arched up and back onto her
chest. It puddle around her body and Danielle massaged I over her chest it
was the best feeling and was quickly followed by the second best.

Katie too could no longer control her action as a powerful orgasm ripped
through her tiny body she raised her hips and did her best to muffle her

"Uhhh My god...uh I'm cum...I'm cumming I'm cumming..." the only words that
left her mouth as she continued to shake.

Danielle continued to massage her breasts with her own piss and her fingers
slipped and slide their way around her soaking pussy. She felt like her
body was on fire and she could take it more.

"Oh My God! Oh My God! Oh Uhhh I'm gonna I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna...
I'm...Uhhh I'm cumming I'm cumming yes yes!" Danielle screamed not caring
who heard, only thinking of Katie and wishing was here now so that she
could share herself with her.

Katie was lost within her own thoughts. Her orgasm had come and passed and
now she thought of her friend and how she would react.

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