Daughter Takes Over pt 8

"Sharon, honey," urged her mother Carolyn, "time to get up for school,
sweetheart." She gently touched her daughter's shoulder.

"Oh, Mom...." protested the sl**py teenage girl. "Five more minutes?"


"Please, Mom?" The girl's eyes fluttered, and she moved to face her
Mom in their bed. Still half asl**p, she took her Mom in her arms and
moved her silken thigh between her mother's legs, seeking entrance. With
a soft sigh, Carolyn parted her legs enough for Sharon to scissor
together with her, the two bed-warm females enlaced together under the

The feel of her mother's body began to have its effect on the young
woman, and she became very aware of her mother's breasts close to her
own, her Mom's soft breathing, the warmth of her so near.

"Mom..." murmured Sharon as she kissed the base of Carolyn's throat,
licking lightly and shifting her thigh between her mother's legs so that
it pressed familiarly and intimately against her beloved's sex. Her
mother felt light and feminine and very desirable to her and she opened
her eyes and smiled warmly at the older woman, then covered her mouth
with her own. Sharon's knowing tongue entered her mother's welcoming
mouth. The teenager knew just how to kiss her mother so as to inflame
her, having made love to her hundreds of times over the past year.

Her mother began to melt in her arms, as Sharon had known she would.
She cupped her Mom's breasts as she kissed her deeply.

Carolyn broke away momentarily, panting, saying something about work
and school.

"Shhh..." soothed Sharon as she swung over on top of her Mom. She
gazed lovingly down at the aroused older woman, her beautiful eyes
shining with sweet devotion and raw desire, her long hair sheltering them
both softly in their own world of sexual and romantic bliss. "Kiss me,
Mom," commanded the teenager, making her mother raise her head to obey.
Then Sharon fiercely kissed her lover and began to grind her body on top
of her as she knew her mother loved for her to do.

Carolyn was undeniably turned on now, raking her daughter's
nightgown-covered back with her nails, and squirming underneath her as
Sharon insistently moved on top of her. She nipped at her neck, rose up
and played with her hardening nipples, all the while pressing her sex to
her Mom's.

Sharon looked deeply into Carolyn's eyes as she twisted gently at her
nipples and rode her. "You're not going anywhere til I've made love to
you, Mommy." She cocked her head. "Unless you really want me to stop..."

Carolyn's hands were caressing Sharon's curvy hips as she hissed
passionately, "Don't stop!" She was near orgasm already. Sharon laughed
victoriously and lay full length on her mother and slipped her thigh
against her wet sex. "Mommy, I love you," she whispered as she made love
to the woman who had given her life. It still never failed to give her
deep excitement to realize that she was lovers with her own mother. Her
Mom. Her Mommy, delirious with pleasure and having a beautifully intense
orgasm underneath her, because of her, for her. As the thought raced
through her young mind that she had replaced her mother's spouse, that
she was her Mom's full-time one-and-only lover, she came, holding onto
the older woman for dear life and wetting her thigh with her slick

The two women held each other, panting and sighing in satisfaction,
as they slowly regained their senses after having become one, yet again.
They caressed each other lightly for a long time, gently kissing,
exchanging the softest looks and little smiles, and then, inevitably,
naturally, gloriously, they began to make love in earnest again.

"I can't get enough of you, Mom!" exclaimed Sharon as she urgently
kissed her mother's heavenly soft breasts, then took a nipple in her
mouth and suckled. Carolyn felt her whole world contract to just that one
point of bliss, as she watched her daughter suckle passionately. Her
suckling this morning was passionate and very sexual. Some mornings she
was as gentle as a newborn, other times her desire made her like a young
tigress as she was today. Because Sharon nursed so often at Carolyn's
breasts, and because of their strong emotional bond, Carolyn had lactated
a few months after the two of them had become lovers. Although she did
not have a lot of milk, not having been pregnant for years, she did have
some, and the taste of her warm sweet mother's milk made Sharon wild with
desire, and made Carolyn feel even more closely connected with her
daughter.," cooed Carolyn to the young woman at her breast. "Good

For some reason, hearing Carolyn say those two words when they were
making love together, always made Sharon hot. Frantic now, she moved
between her mother's legs like a person in the desert who has found a
sweet oasis. She buried her face in her mother's pussy, kissing her
labia, and caressing her hips as she held them.

"Oh yeah," moaned Carolyn as her daughter licked her most sensitive
places. "Ohhhhh yeah, good girl, good girl, honey."

A little urgent cry of helpless passion came from Sharon as
she eagerly took her Mom with her lips and tongue. Soon, Carolyn was
orgasming again, with Sharon sucking expertly on her clitoris while
sliding two slick shining fingers in and out of her. her cunt was so warm
and soaking wet and welcoming. Sharon knew her lover was entirely hers as
she bucked and came.

Afterwards, lying together in the mussed-up bed, stroking each other's
hair, Sharon propped herself up on one elbow and, looking down at her
Mom, asked, "So, when ya gonna make an honest woman out of me?" Sharon
lifted her own delicate hand to her mouth and kissed the beautiful
engagement ring her Mom had put on her finger months ago, just before the
social worker's visit. Then she looked questioningly at her mother.

"We can get married on your 15th birthday...how would that be?"
Carolyn had wanted to wait til Sharon was 16, but found her resolve
weakening each and every time Sharon took her.

"Yes, Mom!" shouted Sharon with teenage-girl enthusiasm. "That's only
a month away! You rule, Mom!"

"Yes, I know it's only a month away. I was there, remember?" With
that, the women kissed and stayed in bed all morning, talking and
planning and missing both school and work that day. They couldn't keep
their hands off each other.

And so it happened.
It was just at sunset, and there were bonfires lit on the beach. Flower
wreaths had been placed everywhere, and a little shelter had been erected
near the water. No shelter was really needed, though, because the weather
was ideal, with a light breeze off the ocean. Carolyn was wearing a soft
gray skirt and jacket, with a white silk blouse. Sharon was resplendent
in a gorgeous white lace dress that had cost a fortune. They'd been to
dozens of stores, where all the saleswomen oohed and aahed over Sharon,
until she had finally chosen this dress. She looked stunning.

There were a couple of dozen guests, men and women, women together,
young and old. The priestess was about 35, and a very pretty blonde. She
knew of Carolyn and Sharon's relation, and approved; in fact she
specialized in joining female relatives who had fallen in love.

So, they stood on the beach in the sunset and torch light, and the
ceremony began. Both women were beside themselves with joy and
excitement. Sharon's eyes were dancing as she stood with her mother. When
the time came for Carolyn to place the ring on Sharon's graceful, slender
finger, she began to cry, she couldn't help it. Sharon leaned forward and
gently kissed a tear off her mother's soft cheek.

"Hey now," chided the priestess. You'll get to do that in a minute!"
This drew a chuckle from the people gathered there.

Standing there marrying her mother, wearing her gorgeous gown that
made her feel like the most beautiful girl in the world, with a
spectacular shining wedding ring just placed on her hand, Sharon wondered
if she could contain so much pure happiness.

"Do you Carolyn, promise to love and cherish your bride Sharon, from
this day ever after?"

"I do," vowed Carolyn, her voice filled with emotion.

"And do you, Sharon, promise to love and cherish Carolyn, from this
day ever after?'

Sharon's face was radiant as she said softly, "I do!"

"I now pronounce you woman and wife," proclaimed the priestess
proudly. She turned, smiling, to Carolyn. "You may kiss the bride!"

Carolyn took her dazzlingly beautiful young bride in her arms and
kissed her, seemingly soul-to-soul. Mother and daughter kissed for the
first time as a married couple, in front of all their well-wishers.

Later on, they tenderly fed each other wedding cake, danced together on
the beach, and accepted the congratulations of everyone. Everything went
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