Daughter Takes Over pt 7

"Just watch!" commanded Cindy, as she sat on the edge of the bed with her
friend Rachel sitting between her legs on the floor, facing her. Cindy's
slender fingers gracefully began to explore her wet pussy as Rachel gave a
little groan. Cindy slid a finger deep inside herself.

"Mmmm," she sighed as she masturbated for her friend. "Wasn't it hot
seeing Sharon and her Mom making it together? I can't stop thinking about
it, Rach," she said softly. Rachel's dark eyes were glued to Cindy's sex,
her breath coming hard through her nostrils as they filled with the scent
of her aroused and pretty friend. Cindy slowly withdrew her finger and held
it under Rachel's nose. The brunette's tongue began to come out from
between her full lips, but Cindy admonished her.

"No, no, my pretty one. Just watch, I said." Rachel's eyes never left
Cindy's glistening finger as she slipped it into her own mouth and sucked
on it. Then she leaned forward and reached her hand behind Rachel's neck
and kissed the kneeling girl deeply, hungrily. Rachel could taste Cindy's
sweet sex as the beautiful blonde--the most popular girl in school--kissed

Never breaking the kiss, Cindy guided her girlfriend to the carpeted
floor of her bedroom, and, shoving a stuffed bear out of the way, mounted
her. Rachel moaned with pleasure and wrapped her legs around Cindy, who
rubbed herself against the dark girl. Rachel was exotic, half Asian and
half Italian, and at this moment, entirely ready.

Cindy gazed down at the conquered girl, moving against her and saying,
"You LIKE....it when I DO THIS....to you, DON'T you?" accentuating her
words with the humping movements of her body against Rachel's.

Then she slid down, feeling Rachel's wetness against her slim tummy as
she grabbed a sweet breast and began urgently sucking on it, taking the
nipple gently between her teeth and pulling on it, then enveloping Rachel's
dark nipple with her mouth and sucking deeply on it. She did this to both
of the squirming little beauty's breasts, until both of her nipples were
standing up nicely and the poor girl was begging her classmate for release.

"Not yet, " said Cindy softly, moving up to kiss Rachel's hair and face
before getting off of the desperate girl. "Eat me first," commanded the
blonde, laying back and parting her legs. Her smile was sweet and superior
at the same time.

Rachel moaned, "Oh Cin," and scrambled between her legs as quickly as
she could. She started lapping her wet pussy and playing with herself at
the same time. Cindy closed her eyes in rapture, as her girlfriend
masturbated to a climax as she ate her. In mid-orgasm, Rachel had
interrupted licking, and Cindy grabbed her thick dark hair and pressed the
orgasmic girl's face between her legs, saying firmly, "I didn't SAY you
could stop eating me!" An a****l cry of mindless ecstasy came from deep
inside Rachel as she licked and came furiously, both at once. Cindy would
not allow the girl between her legs to have any recovery time.

"Lick me! Lick me right, till I say you can stop," she commanded
urgently. And so, the only daughter of the wealthiest f****y in town kept
lapping obediently at her pretty classmate's pussy until almost an
hour--and three orgasms--had passed.

Finally, Cindy sighed deeply and allowed Rachel to join her on the
bed. She took the shining-faced girl in her arms and let her doze in her
arms. Occasionally, Rachel would very gently lick Cindy's nipples.

"That's right, little girl," cooed Cindy, even though she was actually
several months younger than the exotic teen in her bed. "Come to momma."
This seemed to inflame the dark-haired girl, and she sucked
enthusiastically at the lovely breasts of her lover. "Suckle...that's
right...such a helpless little girl with momma." Cindy reached her slender
graceful arm between Rachel's legs and began to work her clit expertly,
having done so many, many times. She knew by heart just how Rachel liked to
be caressed, what would make her come quickly and intensely. As she played,
Cindy whispered in Rachel's delicate ear, "Ever think about it? Making love
with your own mother, I mean?" Rachel's answer was to moan adorably and
undulate her hips and suck even more greedily at Cindy's breast.

"Admit it," urged Cindy, still stroking circles on Rachel's' clit. "Say
it, Rach."

The frantically aroused teenager began bucking her hips and she took
her mouth from Cindy's small but perfect breast and practically screamed as
she came, 'Yes! Yes! I've thought...ohhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhh,

"Thought what?" coaxed Cindy, feeling Rachel contract around her
fingers. She always loved the feel of that.

"Thought..." panted the breathless girl, "I've masturbated about
making it with my Mom. I admit it."

"How often?" crooned Cindy, her fingers still inside her lover.

"Sometimes..." Rachel could hardly hold a conversation at all, he
breath coming hard, her beautiful young body tingling from head to toe.

"I want you to do it every night," announced Cindy softly. "Every
night until I tell you different. Every night until you come. Understood?"

"Yes, " sighed the satisfied girl helplessly. She knew she would do
anything Cindy asked of her. Anything at all. She loved her so much.

A light knock came at the door.

Cindy shifted slightly, to let Rachel rest her head on Cindy's slender
arm, but she kept her other hand inside her. "Yes?" she called
musically. "Come in, Mom."

The door opened, and a very attractive blonde woman wearing a white
ribbed turtleneck sweater, slacks and a jacket walked part way into the
room. She cocked her head sweetly and said, "Hi Rachel" to the still
breathless girl in her daughter's bed.

"Hi Mrs. Anderson" managed Rachel, still snuggled into Cindy.

Cindy lightly stroked her girlfriend's hair as she gazed at her mother,
waiting to see what she wanted. As she did, she thought of how she had had
lots of arguments with Anne--a single mother--about making love in her room
at home.

And it was true, Cindy had shared her canopy bed with girls from school,
two of her female teachers--one in sixth grade--and with women she met at
the mall or in the park with their babies in strollers. She never had any
problem getting other females into her bed. Her looks and confidence drew
them to her, irresistibly.

"I won't have it in my home!" her mother had stormed inanely after
catching her in bed with Audrey, a sweet girl from her high school, whose
mother was a well-known doctor at the local hospital. Audrey had gotten
dressed and gone home glowing, leaving Cindy to battle it out with her Mom.

She had decided to just let her go on and on, because Cindy had no
intention of curbing her pleasures. When her Mom had finally finished her
speech, and had stood there with that answer-me-young-lady look on her
face, Cindy had simply walked straight over to her, placed her hands on her
shoulders, leaned in, and kissed her mother hungrily on the mouth. For a
split second, Anne had done nothing...then, Cindy had actually felt
something give way inside her Mom, and the older woman responded to her
daughter enthusiastically, parting her lips so that Cindy could enter her
mouth with her tongue. Cindy had caressed her mother's hair, her longed-for
curvy body, and had just kept kissing her, until they had both stumbled,
together, to the bed and begun making out in earnest.

"This...this is wrong," panted Anne, before her daughter's soft lips
closed over hers and she surrendered completely. As they tenderly undressed
each other and made love, Anne kept making little excited confessions.

"I've been so jealous of your lovers....you're so hot, so sexy," she
had panted as Cindy ravished her. Cindy kissed her mother's breasts through
the lace of her bra for a while, then commanded her to sit up. Her eyes
glazed with desire, Anne simply obeyed her teenage daughter, who reached
around and unclasped her mother's bra. Her nipples were pink and very very
hard. Cindy had wanted those beauties forever, it seemed, and a victorious
little smile had crossed her beautiful face as she feasted on them. Her
mother had her first orgasm with Cindy just from her daughter's expert
treatment of her breasts.

Then, Cindy had straddled her mother's face while the older woman's
eyes were closed from her orgasm, and said, "Look at me Mom."

Anne had opened her eyes to see--and smell--her daughter's wet young
sex right there above her face. Cindy began masturbating in front of her

"Want this?" she had teased.

"Yes, oh yes, honey, Mommy wants your pussy so badly, sweetheart..."


So Anne had.

As her own mother lustfully sucked her wet young pussy, Cindy threw her
head back, her long blonde hair flowing beautifully, and said through her
arousal, "This is how it's gonna be now, Mom. I'm in charge. You get to be
my lover, and I make ALL the rules. Got it, baby?" It sent a thrill down
her spine to call her mother "baby" in this bold way. She ground harder
against her Mom's eager face.

A muffled and feminine "uh-huh" came from between Cindy's legs just
before she climaxed. It had been the moment that had changed everything.

"Come sit on the bed with us, Mom." invited Cindy, and her mother,
trying not to look as pleased as she felt, obeyed her lovely daughter.

"You may pull down the covers and kiss Rachel's ass, Mom." She did
this, lovingly. Rachel smiled up at Cindy and then tucked her head into her
soft shoulder and purred like a happy kitten in a basket with only female
companions. "Lick Rachel's ass, Mom." Cindy commanded, watching.

Anne moaned--partly from the anticipation of licking this exotic
teenage girl's ass, and just as much if not more from the simple thrill of
being bossed by Cindy...her own daughter!

Anne gently parted the girl's ass cheeks and began pressing her face to
the girl and licking her. Licking another woman, an u******e girl, licking
her ass, at her daughter's command. Anne was in heaven. Rachel sighed and
gasped with pleasure. When she was ready, Rachel told Anne to finger fuck
her at the same time. Cindy held Rachel as her Mom gave her girlfriend an

"Make us a snack," Cindy said sweetly to her highly aroused and not yet
relieved mother. So, she did, and the girls ate, in bed. "Sit at our feet,"
commanded Cindy, and Anne did as she was told, squirming and pressing her
legs together in arousal.

When the girls were done with their snack, Cindy asked Rachel to go get
the blindfold and the restraints. Then the girls slowly undresses a
trembling, highly excited Anne together and laid her on her back on the
bed. Cindy smilingly secured her mother's wrists to the bed with silk
scarves, and Rachel restrained Mrs. Anderson's legs the same way. The adult
woman now lay naked, aroused and helpless on her daughter's bed.

"Lift your head Mommy," coaxed Cindy, and slipped the blindfold
on. "Are you ready? For whatever I wish to do to you?" asked Cindy.

Anne was speechless with excitement. She vigorously nodded her head and
twisted helplessly in the restraints.

Cindy nodded at Rachel, and the dark girl retrieved a strap-on girlcock
from Cindy's dresser. She had known exactly where to find it. Cindy looked
self-satisfied and regal as she strapped it on. Rachel groaned with
pleasure as she watched Cindy take the girlcock in her small hand and
stroke it. "Baby oil, please," she said to Rachel.

Rachel got it and poured some into her hand, and began rubbing it onto
Cindy's girlcock with both her hands. Then, as sure of herself as if she
were the Queen of the World, Cindy moved onto the bed and between her
mother's legs.

"Ready, Mommy?"

"Yes, sweetie. I'm so ready,"

"For anything? Anything I may desire? Even though you can't see or

"Yes, yes!" Anne said hotly, fully aroused now, and in total surrender
to her daughter.

Cindy gazed down at her pretty, naked, desperately horny Mom and said
approvingly, "That's trust, lover." She traced her pink fingernails across
her mother's breasts, then her tummy, then her bush. Then the pretty teen
mounted her mother and, parting her lips with her fingers, moved the tip of
the girlcock inside her Mom. The she slowly entered her all the way.

Anne felt her light, feminine, beautiful young daughter on top of her,
on her, in her, with her, owning her. And as Rachel cradled her head and
kissed her and Cindy alternately, she gave herself completely to her
daughter Cindy.

"I love you, Mommy," breathed Cindy, her eyes closed, her face pressed
to her mother's, feeling the older woman climaxing underneath her as her
best friend kissed and stroked them both. "I love you so much, I just had
to make you mine," she whispered.

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good story here hope there is a part 2 soon.4.3.2013