Daughter Takes Over pt 6

The morning found Carolyn and her pretty daughter and lover Sharon entwined
together in Carolyn's bed. There was a pillow on the floor and the sheets
were tangled. Sunlight streamed cheerfully through the lace curtains. A
clock ticked sweetly.

Carolyn opened her eyes, and a smile curved her lips. She traced
Sharon's neck with her red fingernails, and softly kissed her sl**ping
c***d. 13-year-old Sharon stirred sl**pily and cuddled even closer to her
Mom, sighing happily.

Carolyn swung over on top of her delicious daughter, straddling
her. Sharon's eyes opened as she felt the bed-warmth of her mother's body
atop her. She reached up and caressed her Mom lazily, smiling warmly up at
the older woman.

Her voice sultry with sl**p she cocked her head adorably and asked,
"Are you gonna fuck me, Mom?"

"We'll see, Honey," teased Carolyn.

"Oh Mom, 'we'll see' means never!" pouted the girl. "I want you to fuck
me." From Sharon's lips, the rude word sounded sweet, even innocent.

A wicked idea seared through Carolyn and she licked her lips. "You need
to learn to be independent!" she said imperiously, still straddling her
daughter and softly rubbing her mound against her tummy.

Sharon gave her Mom an arch look and said, "But I'm still
breast-feeding, Mom. How can I be independent?" She grinned up at her
mother, then sighed as her Mom slid across her body to whisper in Sharon's
ear as she lay beside her, naked together on the bed.

"Never mind that...til later," whispered Carolyn erotically in her
daughter's tender ear. "Sweetie...do you have any girlfriends at school
that you...well, that you like?" She emphasized the last word.

Lying in her mother's arms, the girl thought a moment. "You mean, girls
that turn me on, Mom?"

"Yeah," breathed Carolyn, idly toying with her daughter's nipple.

"There's Cindy."

"Mmm hmm. Tell me more," she said, guiding Sharon's delicate hand
between the girl's own legs. Sharon gave her Mom a big-eyed look. She tried
to move her hand away from her pussy, but her mother lightly slapped her
hand and softly scolded, "Bad girl! Mommy wants your hand there, young
lady! Mind me!'

Sharon smiled deliciously at her Mom and continued. "Well, she's got
long pretty blonde hair," Sharon began in her young girl's voice, "and soft
lips that beg to be kissed, especially when she wears lip gloss."

"Does she have breasts yet, honey?" asked Carolyn, her voice betraying
her arousal.

"Oh yes, Mom, she has perfect breasts. They're small but perfectly
round. You should see her in a tee shirt or a tight sweater. Oh god..."
Sharon's hand had begun move purposefully between her legs.

"That's right, sweetie, " Carolyn soothed. "Mommy wants you to
masturbate about your friend Cindy. She's soooo beautiful, isn't she,

"Oh yessss, Mom, she is!" Sharon's fingers were making a wet sound as
she played with herself for her mother. She parted her legs a little more,
and her Mom encouraged her by lightly stroking her athletic young
thigh. "She...oh god...."

"What about her hips?" purred Carolyn in her sexiest voice.

"Oh Mommm...."

"Her ass, honey, is it sexy?" She made the word 'ass' sound almost
holy. Sharon didn't answer right away, she was working her darling clit so
furiously, making little helpless cries of pleasure as she did.

"Answer Mommy. Are your friend Cindy's hips sexy? Don't make me have
to spank you, young lady."

Sharon made a strangled little gasp and slid her fingers deep inside
herself. "Yes, Mom, her hips are perf...perf...perfect.....when she wears a

Carolyn held her climaxing daughter firmly to herself and cooed to the
orgasmic teenager. "Yes, come sweetie, yes let go, yes Cindy is soooo
beautiful, yes, you just can't help but come about her...oh yessss."

"Oh Mom....oh god," panted Sharon, letting her slick, wet hand relax as
her pussy spasmed beneath it.

Carolyn leant over and softly kissed each of her orgasmic daughter's
nipples. Then she smiled warmly at her girl and kissed her on the lips,
lovingly, lingeringly.

Then they heard Carolyn's husband Bill stirring about the house and
decided to get up.

"How is she?" asked Bill as the females appeared in their robes.

Carolyn had almost forgotten the ruse about Sharon being sick last
night. "Oh...I think she's in the pink, dear," said Carolyn, turning toward
the kitchen counter so he wouldn't see the wicked smile on her face. Then
after a bit, she shooed him out to go read his newspaper.

Sharon approached her Mom as the older woman was about to break an egg
into a pretty blue bowl. "Mom," she sighed tenderly, slipping her sweet
hands inside her mother's silk robe.

"Sharon, your father--"

"Mom," repeated the girl, pulling her mother close and kissing her, The
egg dropped unheeded into the bowl as the woman and the girl kissed. "Mom,"
growled Sharon hungrily as her small hands moved inside her Mom's robe. The
sash slowly came undone as Sharon palmed her mother's full breasts and
continued frenching her. She could feel her Mom's chest rising and falling
with excitement. Sharon lowered her lips to her Mom's breast and took her
brown nipple between her teeth. She gave it a little tug, then soothed it
with her lips and tongue.

"God, Sharon," panted Carolyn helplessly as her teenage daughter
expertly ravished her. The pretty school athlete lifted her Mom onto the
counter and lowered her mouth to her soaking wet pussy, then buried her
young face in the warm heaven she found there. "Oh Sharon, ahhh Sharon,"
Carolyn panted rythmically as she neared her climax.

"Can you believe the price of lawn equipment these days?" bellowed Bill
as he came around the corner, eyeing his newspaper as if it were offending
him. "They want the moon just for a riding mower!"

Carolyn grabbed Sharon's head and pressed it to her muff as if her
orgasm depended on it...and it did. She screamed out in uncontrollable
ecstasy, "I LOVE you Sharon, I LOVE you Sharon, Oh GOD!!!!!!" She clamped
her thighs around her daughter's hair and worked her hips like a madwoman.

Bill looked up dully from his paper like a man who has found an
armadillo in his easy chair, as if he might say, but YOU don't belong here!
Then his face disintegrated, his eyes bulged out, his neck popped and he
looked as if he might stroke out at that very moment. "Gaaaaaa!" he said.

"Oh Bill, I..." panted Carolyn deliriously as she loosened her hold on
Sharon. "I can... it's not....oh fuck!" She waved her hand impatiently and

"Gaaaa!!" said Bill.

"Daddy!" said Sharon, straightening up and smoothing her hair. She
looked quickly at her mother and began laughing, too.

"Gaaaa?" queried Bill, looking like a rather rotund member of the

Carolyn buried her head in her hand, her shoulders rocking. Sharon let
out a little snort. "daddy we were just..." She snorted helplessly again,
then began to laugh again. The women held on to each other for support.

Carolyn shouted deliriously, "It's not like it seems!" They were in
stitches. "We can...Ohhh, we can explain!" They were both weak with
merriment at the absurdity of it all.

Bill slammed his newspaper down and found his voice. He hit the wall
with his fist. "This is...sick!" he was livid with rage. The woman and the
girl tried to gather their wits. This was serious.

Bill took a menacing step toward them. Sharon quickly stepped between
Bill and Carolyn. Pudgy Bill considered the impassioned teenage athlete
before him, her face set, her toned legs ready to spring.

He hesitated. With a hollow feeling he realized he was cowed by
her. So, he made a great show of controlling himself, of seeming to tear
himself away and turn his wrath upon hanging pictures, the television,
lamps, and the like. The bric-a-brac stood no chance.

While Bill rampaged through the living room, Carolyn looked at her
daughter with awe. "You were great!" she said with real admiration. "I felt
so protected," she gushed, approaching Sharon. "Oh god, honey," she said as
she lay back on the kitchen table and drew her daughter down on top of
her. Crash! pant. Smash! groan. The little duet between the
Slaughter-of-the-End-Tables in the living room, and the union of lovers in
the kitchen continued for some minutes. Then Bill returned, sweating, out
of breath, his anger spent. Sharon was on top of her mother, savoring the
older woman's afterglow. She turned to face her father and accidentally
knocked a napkin holder onto the floor with her elbow. It fell with a
clatter. So did Bill, out cold on the kitchen floor.

"Oopsies," said Sharon.

Later, as Bill was being loaded on to the ambulance in a
straightjacket, Carolyn told the officer, "Oh, it was just awful. We don't
feel safe anymore!" Her hair was mussed, she seemed breathless, and held
her daughter protectively close. "Please help us!"

Photos were taken of the wreckage. A little ceramic dwarf with a green
hat was all that had survived in the living room, and unfortunately, a
police photographer stepped on him and broke him, too.

Bill filed for divorce, ranting about perversions and lesbian
i****t. But he was heavily medicated and spent his days sitting in a
bathrobe on a hospital ward, playing checkers with a man who believed
himself to be Napoleon.

Still, a social worker was dispatched to investigate his loony

Sharon answered the door when the bell rang, giving her mother a
reassuring look before she opened the door.

A blonde woman in a silk blouse and black skirt and jacket stood on the

"Oh my GOD!!!" squealed Shaoron, and threw her arms around the woman
and dragged her inside. The door was no sooner closed, than the pretty
teenager was covering the visitor in kisses.

"Sharon, honey, what are you doing?" asked Carolyn, not believing her
eyes. Then, she saw the social worker's face and her heart leapt. "Denise!"
it was their friend Denise from the airport.

"We forgot to exchange phone numbers!' gushed Sharon, stroking the
attractive profesional woman.

Carolyn slowly approached Denise, and, with her daughter standing right
there stroking them both, she tenderly kissed her on the lips. Soon Denise
had a woman kissing one breast through her silk blouse and bra, and a girl
kissing the other. They guided her to the couch and both began making love
to her. Carolyn undressed while Sharon made out with Denise. Then she
pressed the woman back onto the couch and straddled her head, feeding the
blonde goddess her wet sex. Sharon put her head up under the woman's skirt
and kissed her mound through her damp panties.

In this way, mother and daughter made love to the beautiful social
worker until both she and Carolyn had had several orgasms each.

"Poor Sharon!" they cooed, and turned to the pretty young lady. Denise
tenderly undressed her, then lay her down on the carpeted floor as the
creamy-skinned teenager's mother looked on approvingly. Denise was on her
hands and knees over the girl. She kissed her and then asked her in a
sympathetic baby-talk voice, "Is there any bad lesbianism going on, Sharon,
sweetheart?" She leant to kiss the girl's breast.

"No," managed Sharon through her pleasure. "What an idea," she panted.
Denise licked at her adorable little navel.

In the same voice, she asked, "Does your Mommy ever touch you,
dear. Like this?' She cupped Sharon's dripping wet mound with her manicured
fingers. "Or...like this?" She entered her. "Does she ever....do THIS?" She
lowered her blonde head and began suckling on the young woman's clitoris as
she moved her fingers inside of her.

"N-no, she never....ahhhhhh....never...oh, eat me Denise! Please keep
eating me!" Carolyn could hear wonderful sexy wet sounds as Denise's tongue
and fingers worked her daughter to a brilliant climax. It warmed her
motherly heart to watch Sharon orgasm with this very beautiful woman.

They made love for hours, then it was time for Denise to go and file
her report.

Dressed again, she looked at the happy, satisfied females and asked,
"Is there any truth to these allegations of lesbian i****t at all?"

Carolyn just shook her hair like a frisky mare, and took her daughter's
wrist and held the girl's graceful hand out for Denise to inspect. On
Sharon's finger was a beautiful diamond engagement ring.

"No," purred Carolyn huskily. "There is no truth to them whatsoever, my
beautiful pussy-sweet Denise."

"I didn't think so," said the blonde woman softly, admiring Sharon's
sparkling ring. "And that's what I'll put in my report!"

A few months later, they all appeared before the honorable Judge Saffeau in
her courtroom. Bill was accompanied by a bored-looking male nurse.

Judge Saffeau ruled that all properties and full custody of the minor
c***d should be awarded to Carolyn. Furthermore, she issued a restraining
order forbidding Bill, an obvious menace, to come within a mile of them.

Bill erupted, despite the efforts of the nurse to subdue
him. "But...they're lesbians! They do things that--"

Judge Saffeau cut him off impatiently. "Yes, yes. I've had your rather
bizarre allegations checked out by a very competent, official office, and I
have this report," --she waved a folder -- "stating that the home
environment is exemplary and should be maintained. I have made my ruling."
Judge Saffeau stood up to go.

"All rise!" cried the bailiff.

Bill passed out and fell with a thud. "Oh fooking hell!" said the
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