Daughter Takes Over pt 4

Carolyn and her daughter Sharon were at the arrival gate at the airport to
meet Sharon's father, who was arriving back after one of his everlasting
business trips. He liked to be picked up in order to save paying for
long-term parking.

Sharon could see her father coming out of the little passageway into the
terminal, his bald head shining under the bright lights. He was carrying
his briefcase and wearing a grey business suit.

"Hello, dear," he said, giving Carolyn a quick peck on the mouth. Sharon
felt a sharp stab of jealousy as she watched. Mom is mine, she thought
fiercely. She offered her father her cheek, and then they were all three
walking down the long corridor leading to the parking lots.

"How was your trip, Bill?" asked Carolyn. Bill began prattling away
about business, totally absorbed in recounting the dry details of his
work. Carolyn slowed a step, and reached out behind her husband's back and
held out her graceful hand to her daughter. Sharon, who had been brooding a
bit, instantly brightened, and took her mother's reassuring hand in her
own. Carolyn held her head high and smiled significantly at her beautiful
13-year-old daughter. Both females broke into huge smiles and walked with
their hands joined behind Bill's back.

"Oh, yes, Bill. How wonderful," said Carolyn absently, as she gazed
soulfully at her lover, Sharon.

As they held hands, and Carolyn felt her daughter's delicate fingers in
her own, she thought to herself, "I've got to get her a ring." When she
realized what she had been thinking, a delicious, forbidden thrill swept
through her.

"So, old Hargreaves said that if we sold our interest in--" ranted Bill
as Carolyn tried to calm her racing heart.

"Bill, I've got to stop a minute, "said Carolyn innocently as she
nodded her head sideways toward the ladies' room.

"Oh, sure," replied Bill, seeming a bit let down at having to interrupt
his recounting of his business exploits. "I'll, uh...just read the paper."

"I'll come with you, Mom," Sharon quickly put in, and practically
skipped through the door with her mother.

Once inside, the woman and the girl turned to face each other. Carolyn
stared into her girl's blue eyes with a hypnotized expression, and slowly
brought her perfectly manucured fingers to her daughter's face and lightly
traced her fingertips across her daughter's heaven-soft cheeks. Carolyn's
lips were parted, her eyes were wide, her chest was rising and falling with
quick shallow breaths. Then she kissed her daughter, tenderly at first, and
then passionately, again and again. Both lovers were frantic for each

Carolyn finally tore her lips from her daughter's, and, with tears of
love in her eyes, said huskily, "I belong to you, Sharon. Do you
understand? Mommy belongs to her little girl now."

They kissed softly and lingeringly, Sharon giving a little cry of
girlish delight. Then she drew back slightly and said, "I...I need you to
prove it for me, Mom. I need you to prove to me that you are completely
mine," she explained softly.

"Mom...I want you to kneel." She nodded encouragingly, and her ponytail
bounced adorably. Deliciously slowly, and staring into her daughter's eyes
the whole time, the adult woman did as she was told and knelt to her
darling daughter. She gazed up at her baby girl, her eyes shining with
love, knowing what it meant to submit to her in this way. Then mother
slowly undid daughter's jeans, and lowered them slowly down her legs. She
kissed her through her panties.

"Ohhhhh, Mom," groaned Sharon. It seemed that every day brought a
higher level of pleasure and magic and intimacy between her Mom and
herself. The teenager was moaning with indescribable pleasure that her
mother would do this at her command, in a public place, with another person

A blonde woman wearing a gorgeous red dress was standing dumbstruck at
one of the sinks, her mouth open, her eyes wide, watching Carolyn submit to
Sharon's will. Sharon turned her head slowly in the woman's direction, and
looked into her eyes while stroking her mother's dark curls and gently
undulating her hips. Something passed between them, then.

The woman moved her lips as if to say something, but no sound came
out. Then she went over to the door, her heels making that distinctly
feminine clicking sound as she walked to the door. She paused and stood
there watching Carolyn lick pussy for a long moment, then she reached out
her slender fingers and turned the lock with a loud clack.

As if in a dream, this sensuous beauty came up behind the teenage girl
and, feather-light, placed her left hand on the girl's hip, and her right
on her shoulder.

"That's your Mom, huh?" she breathed in Sharon's ear.

"Y-yeah," managed Sharon through her arousal.

"You're a very lucky young woman," whispered this sweet goddess to the
teenager in her arms. "There is nothing, absolutely nothing as beautiful as
a woman's love."

Poor Sharon's knees buckled, and the woman held her up, her arms around
her middle, just under her breasts. Her Mom's tongue was deep inside her,
her finger working circles around her clit. Then the youngster felt her
Mom's loving tongue slide way up inside her, as if she must be kissing her
womb. Simultaneously, the blonde goddess softly put her tongue in Sharon's
ear. The girl screamed from deep in her throat and bucked like a
madwoman. Her orgasm was the strongest she had ever experienced, and it
seemed to go on forever.

"Ohmigod," The girl was lost in a world of almost unendurable
pleasure. Finally, her Mom rose, and tilted her darling daughter's pretty
face up with her wet fingertips, and gave her sweet c***d a kiss thick with
her own scent and taste. The blonde woman gently supported the wobbly
teenager as her Mom quickly cleaned up.

"By the way, I'm Denise," she whispered in her ear, which was wet with
her saliva.

"Pleased...pleased..." Sharon tried to say from deep in her afterglow,
"..to meet you, Denise." A long erotic sigh escaped her.

Denise and Carolyn helped the woozy teenager get her panties and jeans
back in place and then guided her gently to the door. Someone knocked. An
irate woman's voice sharply swore outside the door. Denise tossed her head
and lifted her eyebrows in a what-can-you-do gesture, and unlocked the
door. As the two adult women guided the young girl out of the ladies' room,
Carolyn thought to say to the scowling witch who'd been banging on the
door, "My daughter's not feeling well." She gave her a look as if to say,
you understand.

Back in the crowded corridor, Denise asked Sharon with a mischievous
smile, "You OK now, Sweetie?" Carolyn and Denise shared warm laughter.

"Thanks," said Carolyn softly.

"Any time," replied the beautiful woman, and she flashed a dazzling
smile and turned and was on her way. She seemed to have a noticeable spring
in her step as Carolyn and Sharon watched her disappear into the crowd of

Bill was frowning at the financial page when the gals found him. he
slapped at the page with the back of his hand, annoyed at something he'd
read. He pasted on a smile and asked, "All set, then, ladies?" Even he
couldn't miss that Sharon seemed as boneless as a Gumby. "Is Sharon all
right?" he asked Carolyn.

"Oh, um, I think she may be coming down with something. We better get
her home, I think." She managed to keep a straight face. She wondered what
he would say if she told him that she and another woman had just given
Sharon the orgasm of her life, and the poor girl was just
pleasure-dazzled. Oh, and by the way, I want to be Sharon's wife, not
yours. It was all Carolyn could do to keep from snorting with amusement.

When they got to the car, Carolyn asked her husband, "Would you mind
if I rode in back with Sharon? I'm a little concerned about her."

Bill blinked. "Do you think she's seriously sick?"

"Oh no, I'm sure it's nothing, but I'd just like to keep an eye on her
is all."

"Well, I am expecting a fax. I could put my portable fax machine on
the passenger seat..."

"Great, " enthused Carolyn. "Your work is so important! We'll be quiet
as mice." She wanted very much to high five with her daughter, but she just
opened the rear door and they got in together.

Carolyn solictously covered them both with the warm cozy car blanket,
and encouraged Sharon to lay her pretty, delicate face on her Mom's soft

Bill's fax beeped and whirred every so often as the car moved through
the darkness. Sharon was enveloped inside her Mom's bomber jacket, and she
was warm under the blanket. Tenderly, her soft girlish lips found her
mother's nipple through her thin t-shirt, and the 13-year-old began
suckling. Carolyn fought the urge to moan. She looked down at her daughter
at her breast, and she seemed so perfect and helpless, like a beautiful
baby girl who couldn't survive more than a few hours without her mother's
love and warmth and nourishment. She knew she would come before they were
half way home. And she did, biting the sleeve of her bomber jacket, and
trying to make incoherent mumbled replies to her husband's occasional
comments about god knows what.
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