Daughter Takes Over pt 3

Carolyn watched her beautiful daughter Sharon sl**ping naked beside her on
her bed. She reached out and touched her smooth skin. She felt a rush of
love for the girl who had shown her how intense and satisfying lovemaking
could really be.

Carolyn gratefully inhaled the 13-year-old girl's wonderful scent as
she leant towards her. She just couldn't resist kissing her sl**ping

She stroked her thigh once more with her fingers, then lowered her face
to Sharon's pussy and kissed her reverently. "God, I love this girl," she
thought as she licked Sharon's pussy lips gently, tasting her, wanting
her. Strong sexual desire and innate maternal love had combined in Carolyn
to create one even more powerful emotion.

"Oh, Honey," she whispered as she began eating her daughter's pussy
with almost primitive desire.

"Mom? Ohhhhhhhh, Mom...." sighed the awakened girl, parting her legs
instinctively for her mother. "Oh yessssssss, Mom, eat me, eat me." She
stroked her mother's dark curls as her Mom's head bobbed between her young

Carolyn gripped her daughter's hips as the young woman began to move
under her. Cries of deep pleasure came from the adorable girl as her mother
took her clitoris between her lips and sucked. As it had so many times last
night, the simple thought that this was her own mother doing this, that the
woman she loved so dearly-- but had thought unattainable-- was making love
to her, created an instant overwhelming passion in her, and she felt her
excitement building quickly.

"Oh Mommy," the aroused girl moaned from a place of deep pleasure, "oh
Mommy, yes, yes, yes!"

Carolyn drew back just for a moment and traced her slender finger along
her daughter's soaking wet cunt. The girl's whole body was trembling and on
the verge.

"Mommy, please, " begged Sharon, almost incoherent with ectsasy and
desire. "Pleasssse, I need you..."

Sharon's beautiful Mom then quickly kissed her darling girl's clit and
then entered her 13-year old lover with her fingers. Sharon arched her back
and screamed with pleasure at being penetrated by her Mom, of giving her
virginity to her own mother.

Suddenly Sharon went rigid and still, but Carolyn knew it was not from
her darling's hymen being broken. With motherly intuition, she knew that a
mind-bending climax was building inside her daughter, rolling powerfully
through her. With her c***d arched up on the bed with her head thrown back,
Carolyn lowered her head and sucked on Sharon's clitoris.

It was as if she had turned the key in the door to paradise.

Her daughter began thrashing and bucking, and a long scream tore from
her throat as she climaxed more strongly than Carolyn could even have

"Moommmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyy!!!" rang in her ears, despite the fact that
her teenager's silky thighs were clamped around her head. For several
minutes, mother coaxed daughter to orgasm after orgasm. Finally, the poor
exhausted girl could contain no more pleasure and begged her mother to let
her rest. So Carolyn contentedly lay her cheek on her daughter's
still-contracting pussy and sighed deeply, a smile across her face.

Finally, after gently pressing her face to her daughter's wet cunt
until all her lovely features were covered with her daughter's cum, Carolyn
moved up and gathered her c***d into her arms and pressed the girl's
delicate, beautiful face to her ample breasts.

"Good morning, Sweetheart," cooed mother to daughter.

"Oh Mommy, " panted Sharon, trying to embrace her mother with her
utterly relaxed, strengthless arms. Her eyes were closed, but she felt her
mother's life-giving nipple at her lips, and she took it between her lips
and sucked like a baby at her mother's breast.

Carolyn suckled her pretty 13-year-old daughter for about twenty
minutes, and then moved atop her, with her thigh between the youngster's
legs. She kissed her again and again, letting her tongue explore Sharon's
mouth, and feeling, incredibly, her daughter becoming aroused
again. Carolyn moved up so she was straddling Sharon's stomach. The girl
caressed her Mom's flared hips as if they were the greatest treasure in the

Carolyn held Sharon's slender wrists down on the bed and gazed into her
eyes with flaming desire. In her sexiest, most honeyed voice, one that even
Sharon's father had never been treated to, she told the pleasured young
girl beneath her, "You're mine."

The adorable 13-year-old writhed beneath he Mom and moaned with
escitement when she realized she was held prisoner. Carolyn moved the
girl's wrists together over her head, held them down on the pillow with one
hand, and idly caressed her c***d's breast with the other. The girl
struggled for a moment, then relaxed, her eyes shining with love.

'I LOVE it when you hold me down like this, Mom! You're so strong. I
feel so helpless!" Every minute seemed to bring something more that Sharon
could admire about her Mom. She knew she was hopelessly smitten with her.

Then Carolyn picked up the phone by the side of the bed and began
pushing the buttons. Sharon looked up at her Mom questioningly. She could
feel her mother's wet sex rubbing gently against her tummy.

"Hello, this is Sharon Fox's mother....yes, Sharon is feeling a little
feverish today." She gave her daughter a mischievous smile. "I'm going to
keep her home in bed with me...I mean..." She backtracked, realizing what
she had said. Sharon saw her Mom blush slightly, and the girl giggled and
rolled her eyes. "I mean, I'm keeping her here, in bed." Both females were
stifling laughter now. Then her Mom straightened up a little and said
firmly into the phone, "No I will NOT send a doctor's note with her
tomorrow. I'm her mother and I know how best how to care for her. Goodbye."
Mother and daughter burst out laughing.

Sharon could feel her Mom's warm, wet bush against her tummy as she
laughted, and she felt herself wanting her Mom yet again. "Mommy..." she
breathed, a note of sexual need in her sweet clear young voice, "please,

Carolyn moved forward and fed her womanly cunt to her perfect young
daughter. She let go of the girl's wrists, and Sharon embraced her mother's
hips and lapped at the older woman's pussy as if her life depended on
it. Carolyn grabbed the headboard and rode her daughter's busy face. The
headboard bumped rythmically against the bedroom wall for several minutes
until Carolyn rewarded her beloved Sharon with a warm bath of girl-cum.

The next day was saturday, and Carolyn and Sharon went to the mall
together. People smiled to see the mother and daughter couple walking along
holding hands, gently touching while looking in stores, and obviously
getting along wonderfully. They didn't know that Sharon and her Mom were
not only mother and daughter, but new lovers.

They spent the morning shopping and flirting with each other. Carolyn
bought her beautiful daughter some flattering outfits and sweaters. "God,
you look good in that!" she would gush as Sharon proudly showed herself off
to her mother in store after store.

Sharon felt pampered and courted, and she was totally wet most of the
morning. For her part, Carolyn was deeply in love for the first time in her
life, and it was with her own precious daughter!

As they walked along between shops, Carolyn guided her girl into the
hallway that led to the pay phones and the restrooms. There was no one else
there just then. She crushed her daughter against the wall and hungrily
french kissed her. "Oh honey," she murmered. Their hands were all over each
other, their tongues in each other's mouths, and their hearts beating fast.

"Let's go to the ladies' room, Mom," panted Sharon as her mother cupped
her young breasts.

"I can't wait, Sweetie...put your arms around my neck."

"But Mom, somebody might--"

"Mind Mommy, put your arms around my neck!" The girl obeyed.

And there they were in an off hallway of the mall, Sharon's legs
wrapped around her Mom's waist, her arms around her neck, as they made out
shamelessly. Sharon was thinking that a woman's curved hips are perfect for
a girl to wrap her legs around.

"Reach in my purse and take out a tube of lipstick," commanded Carolyn
urgently. Her daughter obeyed and gave it to her Mom. Moments later, she
was being held against the wall, holding on to her mother's body with her
arms and legs, as her mother moved the unopened lipstick in and out of her
soaked pussy. It was so erotic, so forbidden and they might get caught any
second! Sharon ws quickly approaching orgasm in her mother's arms.

Just then, two of Sharon's frinds from school, Rachel and Cindy, came
around the corner and stopped in their tracks.

"Oh my God," whispered Cindy as she and Rachel looked on. "Oh my GOD,
Sharon's Mom is fucking her! Right here. Oh god, that is sooooo hot!"
Rachel didn't know how to react, but Cindy was extremely turned on by the
sight of the two lovers. Then a loud group of teens could be heard
approaching just around the corner. Just as Sharon started climaxing for
her Mom, Cindy and Rachel stepped around the corner. Cindy loudly greeted
the group of k**s and skillfully steered them toward some shop at the
opposite end. Rachel lingered a moment, staring as mother and daughter held
on to each other and leaned against the wall for support. Both were flushed
and breathing hard and exchanging tender little kisses.

Sharon looked up and froze as she saw Rachel staring at her. Carolyn
was still kissing the soft skin of her daughter's neck and didn't see. The
two teenaged girls locked eyes for a long moment, and then Rachel's pretty
mouth formed into a smile. She trilled her fingers at Sharon, and turned
and walked away, looking back one last time with a look to let Sharon know
that Rachel thought what she had seen was very cool.

It soon became trendy at Sharon's school for teenaged girls to try to
get their mothers into bed. Many of them were successful, and these were
the prettiest, most popular girls.

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