Daughter Takes Over pt 1

At 13, Sharon was a very pretty girl. She had long dark blonde hair, a
sweet face, and her gentle curves were perfect. Boys at school were very
aware of her, as were many of the girls, but Sharon was increasingly aware
that she was in love with a female. A woman. Whenever this woman was near,
Sharon got a butterfly feeling in her stomach and wanted nothing in the
world more than to be near her. Just to admire this woman's gorgeous curly
dark hair, her full lovely breasts, to hear her soft sexy voice, and to
catch her wonderful scent drove Sharon absolutely wild. She longed to be
ever closer to her, to run her small fingers through her hair, to press up
against her, to profess undying passionate love to her.

"Hi Mom," sighed pretty young Sharon, walking up behind her Mom while
she was in the kitchen and slipping her arms around her middle and burying
her delicate face in her mother's hair. Her shampoo smelled heavenly, and
she was wearing jeans and a soft yellow sweater that felt deliciously soft
to Sharon.

For her part, Carolyn--Sharon's Mom--had definitely noticed a special
sparkle in her daughter's eyes lately, and an alluring sensuality in her
frequent hugs, touches and kisses. She stood still and let her beautiful
13-year-old daughter hold her and compliment her.

"Oh Mom, you're so irresistible."

Finally, Carolyn turned around and took her daughter's face in her
hands and stroked her with her manicured hands, all the while looking
deeply into Sharon's blue eyes. "Thank you, Honey. I'm so glad you think
so." She caressed her hair and leant forward and softly kissed her girl on
the lips. She could feel Sharon tremble in her arms.

"Since Daddy is away on business, would you like to watch a video
tonight, just us girls?" Sharon quickly agreed and that evening the two
snuggled together on the couch under a pretty comforter. Carolyn had
turned down the thermostat, in the hopes that Sharon would cuddle even
closer than usual.

Her mother's arms around her and the coziness of the two of them
together overwhelmed young Sharon. She could feel her Mom's wonderful
breasts pressing against her back, and her Mom's gentle breath against her
neck. Poor Sharon just had to slip her delicate hand into her pyjama
bottoms and touch herself while her mother lovingly held her. She figured
her Mom couldn't see because the lights were off and the thick comforter
covered them.

But Carolyn could feel her sweet girl moving slightly, but rythmically
in her loving arms. After several minutes, Sharon arched her back and
cried out, "Oh Mom! Mom! Mommmm!" Just as the young lady was coming to her
senses and realizing that she had cried out while orgasming in her mother's
embrace, she felt her Mom's lips on her neck and her arms tightening around

"That's right, Sweetie. Do you know how angelic your face is when you
come, Honey?"

"Really, Mom?" panted Sharon, thrilled by her mother's reaction.

"Really." Carolyn put so much honey in her voice as she said this that
her daughter was actually rendered speechless with pleasure. "But it's time
for bed, young lady."

Sharon was about to meekly protest when her mother gathered her up in
her arms to carry her darling daughter to bed. This thrilled Sharon to her
very core. How could her gorgeous feminine Mom be such a woman and be so
strong, too? She spontaneously came as her mother carried her, not to her
own room, but to the master bedroom.

"Mom?" panted Sharon adorably.

Her Mom planted a firm kiss on her daughter's eager lips as she
carried her into the bedroom. Then she placed her gently on the bed and
began to undress for her c***d.
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great start
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good start
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wow.. this seems interesting. thank you