My Boss's Daughter Prt 2

I woke up around 10 o'clock later that night to the sound of the phone
ringing next to the bed. I had to reach over Sarah's sl**ping body to get
the reciver.

I sat up as Sarah's aunt told me that Mr. Duncan was involved in an
accident and died instantly and that her mother had been checked into
Clearview Psychiatric Hospital. Damn! Is this k** gonna catch a break.

"There's going to be a reading of the will tomorrow after the wake and
you will need to be there," Madeline informed me. She went on to say that
she knew Mr. Duncan had left Sarah under my guardianship and the f****y
was okay with that since they all lived very hectic lives.

I thanked the woman and hung up. I went to lay back down and Sarah
interrupted my thoughts.

"Is everything okay, Cher," came the innocent voice beside me. She looked
over my face and knew the news wasn't good. She sat up with the sheets
clenched to her body her knuckles white from the grip.

I had to tell her. "Your father was killed today in an accident on the
way to his hotel and your mother is on permanent vacation at Clearview,"
I let out slowly. I watched her face go from complete worry to extreme
sorrow and my heart broke into a thousand pieces. I told her to go take a
bath and I'd be up to tuck her in. She got out of bed and walked out into
the hallway then padded up the stairs.

I grabbed my robe and headed towards the kitchen. I made a bowl of cereal
and sat to eat it. I thought back to the phone call and my head swarmed
with the idea of being legal guardian to the girl I'd made love to just
hours ago. "What have I done," I thought out loud. I heard the shower
upstairs turn off and Sarah called out for me.

I put down my spoon and headed upstairs. She wore a large t-shirt that
went to her knees and I could only think about consoling her. "So what
happens now," she asked as she covered herself up.

I sat next to her and told her what was going to happen. She sat up and
looked at me with her big blue eyes and then hugged me. I hugged her back
then kissed her on the head. "We need to be at the attorney's office at 9
in the morning, so get some rest," I told her as I held her close. She
smelled of baby powder and vanilla. Sweet just like the girl.

I stood up and turned off her lamp as she lay back down and covered up. I
walked out and went downstairs to clean out my bowl. I picked up the
phone and called the receptionist from the office building. She answered
with anxiousness. "This is Jessica." I told her that I was interested in
seeing her and asked if she could come over. She explained that she'd
been waiting for my call and wanted to be with me tonight soI gave her
directions and told her to call me when she reached the gate.

About 15 minutes later my cell phone rang and I unlocked the gates and
turned off the silent alarm. She pulled up to the front door and got out
wearing a knee lenght black dress with a v-shaped neckline that showed
all that she hid while at work. Her nicely tanned breasts were the size
of honeydew melons and were held in nicely. Her legs were shapely and the
stilettos she wore made me melt. She smiled as she walked up to me and
kissed me softly on my cheek as I let her in.

I closed the door and lead her through the living room to the den were we
could sit and have a little wine. We talked for a while as she kept
throwing hints that her pussy was aching to be touched. I reached out
and took her glass of wine and told her to give me a show. She obliged me
and I turned so that my robe was open and showed her my chocolate covered
body and Hershey kissed nipples.

Jessica slowly began to move before me and then turned around to unzip
her dress. She looked back and slowly let one strap fall then let the
other fall. The silk material slipped over her womanly curves and down to
her feet. She unclipped her bra and threw it back to me for safe keeping.
I set it on the leather arm and sat in amazement as she slowly bent over
before me showing me her swollen pussy and the wet spot she'd made. I
smiled as she rubbed the material and let out a sensuous moan. She moved
the lace material to the side and opened her labia for my pleasure and
dipped her middle finger inside. She worked it in and out lasciviously
working up a great rythm and more wetness.

Her moans became louder and I stood up and pressed my pussy into her ass.
She stood up and pressed back against me and rubbed my thighs as I kissed
her neck. I reached around her waist and ran my hand down until it was
beneath her panties and creeping for her slit. She cooed as my middle
finger slid over her clit and she sighed as I gently pressed down. I felt
as though she were my cello and ecery move I made struck the right chord
and made a beautiful sound. The music filled the room as I curled my
fingers in toward her pussy and was greeted with a snug warmth that sent
shivers through my spine.

"Oh yeah," Jessica moaned as I played her delicately. Her body shivered
and I kissed her neck. She sighed as she succumbed to her first orgasm.

I turned her around and she squatted before me and began to slowly snake
her tongue between my legs into my pussy. She latched onto my clit and
hummed as she began to work her fingers into her own pussy. I held her
head and she hummed hore vibrating my clit until it was beyond sensitive.
I could feel my cum seeping out as I neared an orgasm of my own.

That's it. Suck it like a good girl," I groaned as a tidal wave shot
through my body. We both sank down to the floor and I positioned myself
near her pussy. I lay back and she straddled my face slowly lowering her
body onto mine. She rocked back and forth over my face spreading her wet
pussy over my face and getting really heated about it. I took a hold of
her hips and pushed her down to me. She tried her hardest to move away
from the attack I brought to her clit and yelped as I buried my nose into
her pussy. She could only resort to finger fucking me which I didn't mind
and her moans suddenly stopped.

I pushed Jessica to the side and saw Sarah looking through the glass
door. She stood there with a look of enjoyment and I went back to licking
Jessica's pussy. "Don't worry about her. Just let her enjoy the show," I
whispered. Jessica went back to moans she couldn't hold back and we were
soon putting on a show.

"Shove your fingers into my pussy, Cheryl! Make me cum," yelled Jessica
as I tongued her puckered ass.

I greatly obliged and soon she was bucking and grunting as her insides
lit up. Her pussy pussy made a vise grip around my three fingers and she
reached back to hold my hand to keep it from moving. I looked down and
her pussy squirted and dripped down my arm. Her tits rose and fell with
each breath and I reached around and cupped the left one to squeeze the
nipple. She shuddered a little longer and I was finally able to wiggle my
hand out.

I looked up to see no sign of Sarah and wondered what happened. I got up
and went to the door and saw Sarah massaging her clit on the couch in the
living room. I turned around to see Jessica dressing and walked over to
her. She stretched out her arms and we kissed. "That was the hottest sex
I've had in a while," she smiled as I massaged her ass. I led her out
through the living room were Sarah was sitting with a blanket over her
lap and walked Jessica to the door. We kissed again this time she sucked
my tongue and begged for a quick finger fuck before driving off. I
slipped my hand under her dress and shoved my middle and ring figner
inside her and worked them in and out like a piston until she nearly
collapsed. "Thank you so much, lover," she moaned.

I slipped my fingers out and sucked them while she walked to her car. I
watched her drive off and closed the gate behind her. I closed the door
and set the alarm then went to the living room. I sat next to Sarah who
was clearly rubbing her clit and pulled the cover over me. She looked
over my way with tears in her eyes. I pulled her to me and she
immediately went to my left nipple. She sucked hungrily as though I had
milk but I didn't mind. She was soon asl**p and I fell asl**p beneath

The next morning, I woke up and saw that it was ten minutes until 8. I
woke Sarah up and told her to take a shower and get ready to go. I did
the same and we grabbed a cereal bar each and headed downtown.

I pulled into the parking lot and found a good space. I turned off the
car and we sat there for a moment. "Do you really want me to be your
guardian, Sarah?"

There was a eerie silence and then she softly whispered, "yes." I looked
over at her and her face was solemn. I stroked her cheek and she smiled
with reassurance that I would always be there for her.

We got out and walked into the building towards the elevator. As we rode
up Sarah told me about her plans after high school and what she wanted to
be. When we reached our floor, all aunts and uncles greeted us with tear
stained faces. Sarah was indeed the only c***d in the f****y. Everyone
informed me that their lives wouldn't permit a c***d into the schedule
because they never have time to spend at home. I shrugged it off and as I
was about to sit down, Mr. Riley the executor of the estate opened his
door. We each filed in and sat down with Sarah sitting awfully close to

As Mr. Riley went through the will, everyone seemed satisfied with what
they recieved. Sarah got all of her father's property that I was in
charge of until she graduated from college. Sarah was to legally become
mine as soon as I signed the adoption papers he had before him. I stood
and walked to his desk and signed the papers. Everyone clapped and
welcomed me to the f****y. I felt good and the look on Sarah's face went
from solemn to overjoyed.

We went to the wake afterwards and the next day we had the service.

"Cher, do I call you mom now," asked Sarah as we walked back to the car.
I thought for a moment but then looked back at her.

"What do you want to call me? You're mom's still alive but she's
incapable of taking care of you. It's up to you k**do," I shrugged as I
opened the passenger door to let her in.

I walked around to my side and she opened my door from the inside. "So
what do you want to do, k**" I looked over to sarah as she looked out the

"Do you like the woman that you had over the other night? She was really
pretty and her body was hot," Sarah asked cautiously.

"Well yeah I do, but she's not you in any way," I reassured her. "Did you
really think she was pretty?"

Sarah looked at me. "I want to move like that for you the way she did
when she stripped for you. I stood to the side and watched until you held
her in your arms and touched her the way you did," she told me as we
drove down the street.

We went home and I threw together our first home cooked meal together. We
ate with the television on and had a good laugh. After eating, Sarah went
to the living room and I washed the hard stuff and loaded the dishwasher.
When I finished, I walked into the living room and there was Sarah
standing with her back to me. She began moving like Jessica, slowly
letting each strap down until she could let the navy blue garment fall to
her feet. I stood there and watched her imitate every move Jessica made
right down to the bent over masturbation which drove me wild.

As the little girl tried to slip in another finger, I walked my now naked
body up behind Sarah and pushed my pussy into her and she responded by
pushing back. I brought her up to me and decided she wasn't experienced
enough to cum while standing so I pulled her down with me to the couch. I
had her straddle my lap and lean back to rest her body. I squeezed her
titties together and rolled her nipples between my thumb and forefinger.
She seeped in air through her teeth and rubbed her stomach and thighs. I
held her closer and ran my right hand down to her flower print bikini
panties then beneath the elastic trim until I was gliding lightly over
her engorged clit. She threw her head back and her hips pumped in rythmn
with my finger.

"Fuck me, Mommy," she whispered devlishly. "Fuck your little girl's
pussy." Her eyes were closed and her body temperature rose as her pussy
secreted more wetness. that was running down onto my pussy.

I pushed my plam down over her Mons and placed the tip of my middle
finger in her pussy. She immediately began trying to get more in and I
finally gave her what she wanted. "That's Mommy's little girl," I growled
through clenched teeth.

Sarah was in another world and her pussy pulsed around my finger. I
decided she needed more and I dipped in another finger. She immediately
sat up and began bouncing up and down as my fingers moved back and forth
along the back wall of her pussy. "Mommy, I have to pee. Hurry before I
go on myself!"

"You're not going to pee that's an orgasm you're about to have. Lay back
and relax and you'll see," I told her. Without another word, Sarah was
resting on my breasts as her pussy contracted around my fingers. Her
moans turned into yells and her whole body shook. I rubbed her clit with
my thumb as her orgasm peaked and set off a machine gun deep inside.

Sarah continued to rock back and forth on my lap as her pussy finally
relaxed and her body fell limp. She fell back an me and sigh a deep sigh
of content. "This is going to be the best form of i****t anyone ever
experienced," she breathed into my ear and kissed my cheek. I kissed her
back and her hips went back to pumping my hand.

We made love two more times that night, in the shower and in her bed
where she learned to satisfy me.

Things continued that way for the next two years. I settled down with
Jessica then Sarah went off to college in Arizona for 4 years and found a
very cute and curious roommate. They sent me pics of all they did and a
week before Sarah came home they sent a video of their love making.
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