My Boss's Daughter Prt 1

My name is Cheryl. I am a 28 year old Black woman from Dallas who's used
to having the best of things. I work for a well respected lawyer in
Dallas and from time to time I tutor his 16 year old daughter, Sarah.

Sarah was a sophomore at St. Penelope's Catholic School for girls and
well developed for her age. She could easily pass for 20 if she wanted
but stuck to her ponytails, pleated skirts and knee high socks.

One afternoon, while sitting at my desk outside of Mr. Duncan's office,
Sarah called up to announce she was coming by to visit her dad.

I told her that he was very busy but she could still come up and wait if
she wanted. I pressed the security button to unlock our floor and saw
that she was already on the elevator.

"Hey, Cheryl. What are you up to," asked an obviously exhausted Sarah.
She sat in my favorite chair across from me and didn't bother to close
her legs.

I couldn't help but stare at her white cotton panties and the neatly
tanned legs coming from under her skirt. I cleared my throat and mustered
a glance up to her face. She had this little smile that could melt
Scrooge in a heartbeat.

"Do you like what you see," came her voice, low and smooth.

I smiled and put down my pen. "Little girl, you have no idea what you
want and if I gave it to you, you'd have a hard time wanting anything
else," I said daringly.

As we sat staring at each other, Mr. Duncan came out of his office and I
quickly stood to break the obvious attraction between his daughter and I.

"Hey there Pumpkin. Look. I'm not going to be home tonight. I have to
take a flight to Las Vegas this evening and since I can't find your
mother you'll have to find a place to crash," tossed Mr. Duncan as he
looked at me. I knew he meant that I should watch her.

"I don't mind," I shrugged as I looked Sarah's way who was staring wild

"Then it's settled. You know your way around my home and I trust you with
my daughter's life. Here's some money in case you two want to order pizza
and movies," He handed me a large envelope with more than enough money to
order pizza and movies. "Now, I have to get along if I'm going to be
there by 8 o'clock. See you in two days and call if there's an
emergency," He called back as he walked into his office and shut the

I sat back down and finished writing in my appointment book.

"Were you serious about what you said earlier? That you would actually
have sex with me," Asked Sarah with sheer fright. I looked up to see her
face drawn into serious worry and doubt.

"I was just messing with you k**do," I smiled.

She loosened up and came over to see what I was writing. She stood way
too close for my comfort but I didn't let her know it. I jotted down the
last appointment for next month and closed everything around me.

"Are we going home or can we go somewhere and hang out first," asked
Sarah curiously.

"Do you have any place in mind?"

She thought for a moment and then spoke. "There's a new coffee shop down
the street that I haven't been to yet."

I shrugged and knocked on Mr. Duncan's door. "We're leaving now. Have a
safe trip."

"Bye, Dad. Love ya," called out Sarah.

"Later, Sweetheart," Mr Duncan called back and off we went towards the

I adjusted my messenger case as Sarah pushed the 'down' button.

"Do you know any games we could pick up? I want to really have some fun
while Dad's away," Sarah stated as she back at me.

"We could go by the game store around the corner from your house. Get
anything you want," I said without looking at her.

We stepped into the elevator and rode the rest of the way in silence. I
kept thinking if I should really risk touching this little girl and
actually getting away with it. I wanted some fresh pussy and since
my Angela had passed over a year ago I hadn't found the time to find a
new girlfriend or even a one night stand.

The elevator doors opened and we stepped into the building lobby. The
receptionist behind the desk winked at me and I smiled and nodded as we

"Hey, wait," she called as we reached the front door. I turned around and
walked back to the desk. "I just wanted to give you my phone number and
home address if you wanted to tickle my ivories every once in a while." I
looked down at the piece of paper and in light script was her name,
address, phone number and measurements. I looked up at her and she blew a
little kiss. I playfully caught it and told her to expect a call tonight.
I walked back to Sarah who was looking out the window and in deep

"Hey k**do. You alright," I asked as I tapped her arm.

She looked up at me and smiled then followed me as I walked through the
door. "What did that woman want that couldn't wait until Monday," asked
Sarah as we crossed the street to the parking garage. I hate questions
that serve no purpose but nosiness.

"I had a message from someone I don't want to see," I lied and she fell
for it.

We walked though the garage and turned left. 22 paces and turn 5 paces to
reach the driver's side door.

"Wow! This is your car," exclaimed Sarah as we reached my 2005 Cherry Red
Mustang, a gift from her father for being his assistant for so long.

I unlocked the car and slid in as she sat next to me in complete awe.
When I started the car up she squealed with glee. I put it in reverse and
made my way to the street. We drove up to the Coffey shop and just as I
was about to park, Sarah blurts out that she wants hers to go. I pull
around to the drive-thru and order two frappuccinos. She eagerly takes
hers and begins to sip it slowly to avoid a possible brain freeze.

We pull away and are headed toward Emory Estates when I remembered we
needed some entertainment. I turn onto Davis Blvd and into Your
Entertainment's parking lot. We get out and head to the over sized toy

Vivid reds and other colors surround us as we grab a basket and throw
pretty much everything that looks good into the basket.

I see a familiar face and she walks toward me. "You know we do have
special toys for the naughtiness in you," Candace whispered as she
reached around me to hold me tight. I felt so uneasy having my private
life seep through to reality.

Sarah looked at us and I immediately pushed Candace away to introduce
them. Candace stuck out her well manicured hand and Sarah stood there
dumb-founded as she held her hand. Her eyes were fixed on my friends
exposed double D's and I had to bump into the both of them to straighten

Candace excused herself and disappeared for just a moment only to come
back with a couple of unmarked boxes. "Don't worry about the cost, I took
care of all of that," she whispered.

I placed the bag in the cart and looked down to see that we had more than
enough entertainment. "Okay it is time to go now," I called to Sarah who
was transfixed on one more item. I pulled her away and hugged Candace one
last time before heading toward the front check out.

Outside and in the car, I noticed Sarah was rubbing lotion on her legs. I
caught every inch she exposed while I drove and as we pulled into Duncan
Manor she pulled the plaid fabric down to her knees.

The maid was standing outside with her bags and greeted us with hugs.
"I'm taking the weekend off to visit my s****r. I'll be back Monday
afternoon," Rose explained as she pointed to the oncoming taxi. We hugged
her again and watched as she got in and rode off. I pushed the button to
close and secure the gate as we stepped inside the large home. I've been
in this house many times and it never ceases to amaze me.

I took my shoes off in the front hall and put all my belongings in the
closet. Sarah had most of the bags and was seated on the couch opening
everything. I quickly joined her leaving the 'other' bag in the closet.
We went through all we had and sorted by what would be fun and what we
should play when darkness fell.

"Do you want anything to drink, Cher," Sarah called out as she headed for
the kitchen. She'd taken the initiative to take off her top and unzip her
skirt as she headed towards the fridge. I did the same and made my way to
the guest bedroom to draw up some water for a nice bath.

"Sprite if it's in there," I yelled out into the hallway. I looked at my
reflection in the mirror across from me and smiled. I walked back into
the bathroom leaving all doors open and stood in the steam filled
bathroom letting the heat kiss my body.

I felt Sarah behind me looking over my body and didn't bother to turn
around. Instead I walked to the tub and slowly dipped my left left foot
in and then my right. The bubbles came up to my knees and then they rose
as I sank into the hotter-than-warm water. I sat back and let the day
soak away and closed my eyes as I hear Sarah creep through the room and
into the bathroom.

"Cher? Here's your Sprite," she whispered as she walked around to where
she could see me.

I opened my eyes to see her standing there completely naked and overtly
aroused. I sat up and let my 38D's rise above the suds and into view. She
stood there looking at me and I couldn't resist looking at her bare
pussy. No signs of it being shaved so she must take after her mother. I
motioned for her to join me and reached behind me to turn on the property
surveillance. Sarah walked over and stood next to the tub with her hands
clasped in front of her.

"You know I was only k**ding earlier but seeing you now, I want you to
know that if you want to touch me in any way, I'd love it," she said
nervously. I stood up and watched her as she followed the water and
bubbles run down over my body. I reached out to touch her and she
responded by opening her arms. I traced her nipples with my thumbs and
pinched them until they turned red. She moaned softly and her head fell
to one side.

"Come and sit with me, young one," I whispered and held her hand to
steady her as she joined me in the water. I helped her down and we stood
before each other on our knees. She reached out and touched me curiously
without hesitation. She held the heftiness of my breasts and watched my
nipples grow harder and longer.

"Does that mean that you like me for more than a friend," she asked
curiously. Her eyes grew wider and then her head lowered until her mouth
covered my right nipple. Oh, the feeling was wonderful. She sucked slowly
and squeezed as I held her head lightly. Her blond hair clung to her face
as the humidity dampened the once flat hair into curls I'd never seen.
She was so beautiful.

"That's it sweetheart. Suck my lovely tits. Get me off," I moaned in
adoration of this little girl taking a bold leap. Her right hand kneaded
my left nipple and drew out an even louder moan. "You sure you've never
done this," I asked quizzically.

She looked up at me and smiled. "I've sucked on my aunt's breasts while
she breast fed my little cousin. Nothing else." She went back to sucking
and I reached down her back and over her fleshy ass until I came to her
untouched pussy. She shuddered as my hand ran down further and found her
clit. She moaned onto my nipple which made my clit harden. She sat up and
looked at me hungrily.

"Let's go to bed just for a while, my pet," I purred as I stood up and
grabbed a towel. She quickly followed and we made our way to the bedroom
and onto the king-sized bed. I threw the over sized bath towel onto the
bed and instructed her to lay on it. Without a word, she sat on the bed
with her legs hanging over the edge and spread for my pleasure. Her pussy
was so beautiful. Her lips had become red as they swelled in excitement
and her little clit poked through as thought struggling to breathe. I
fell to my knees and she leaned back on her hands to steady herself. I
kissed her warm chest and squeezed her thighs as her scent rode to my
nostrils. As sweet as candy.

"Oh this is so hot. I wan this so bad. Please touch me all over," she
panted as I made my way down to her navel and then to her Mons. She
lifted her hips to my mouth and I gently pushed them down. I moved my
mouth to her left thigh and her scent became stronger. Soft whimpers
emitted from her mouth as her clit tensed in anticipation. I pulled my
head back to look at her pussy once more before I dove in and saw that
she was glistening with delight. I went back to my kissing and found that
Sarah was indeed enjoying herself. Her knees were know drawn up and her
moans were louder as I kissed her soft labia. I snaked my tongue between
her lips and could feel her pulsing beneath my tongue. Louder moans
escaped her mouth as I closed my mouth over her clit and sucked drawing
it out further until it was completely our of its hood.

"Oh yeah! Suck my little pussy. Make your boss's daughter cum," Sarah
yelled out as she bucked into my face. I took a hold of the backs of her
knees and pushed back until her ass was lifted from the bed. I dove my
tongue inside her and licked the tight walls that surrounded it. She
contracted and relaxed as I steadily tongue fucked her. She reached up
between her legs and grabbed a handful of hair. Grunts and groans emitted
from the little tart as she ground her hips into my face smearing
slippery nectar onto my face.

I let her legs go and as they flopped down, I jumped up onto the bed and
lay next to her. She sat up and looked over at me. Without hesitation,
she crawled over me and lowered her pussy to my face. As I lasciviously
licked her clit she lowered her face into my trimmed pussy and snaked her
tongue into my slit and found my clit. Her licks were cat like and drove
me crazy. The steady licking on both ends filled the room and the house
with the sounds of our moans. She reached under my legs and her finger
slipped into my pussy. I did the same and she yipped at her first
fingering. She rocked back and forth as her body quivered as an orgasm
made it's way from her brain to her clit. Her hips bucked hard and her
thighs tightened on both sides of my head. She screamed into me and down
flowed a sweet river of her cum into my mouth. I drank it without another
thought and as she fell limp, I lifted her from her position and onto the
bed beside me.

I sat up on the bed and reached down to stroke her hair away from her
face as she looked up at me. Her face was soft and innocent and for a
moment I felt guilty but just for that moment. She smiled sweetly. "Can
we do that often or will that be the only time I feel that way ever
again," she asked with true worry.

I looked down at her. "Only if that's what you want. I'm always going to
be around and as long as you see nothing wrong, we can keep on doing what
we just did. Just know that this is completely up to you," I told her

"Will you finger me until I fall asl**p. I usually massage my clit until
I drift off for the night but I think it's time you be the one in charge
of that," Sarah proclaimed as she rested her head in my lap and closed
her eyes.
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