New s****r

Mum and Dad had been divorced for over four years now, it had been a mutual
thing, they just fell out of love mum and dad said. They got on well though still and
dad often came for the weekend, or I would go and stay with him in the holidays.
Some friends at school were in the same position, but they said that I was lucky as
my mum and dad still got on. I lived with my mum, dad had moved away with his
job. I didn't want to move and lose contact with my new friends that I had just
made at my new school. Mum had a new boyfriend, a nice man, though not really
her type, but she liked him and I was cool with that, especially as he didn't try and
make me feel like he was going to be my new dad, he was just Pete. Dad had also
got a new girlfriend, Debbie, and she now lived with him along with her daughter
from her previous marriage. Dad and Debbie were great together, she was what he
needed, someone to make him laugh; and my mum was a bit serious really.
Debbie's daughter was called Anna, and she was fifteen, nearly two years older
than I am. She was quiet, the studious type, never went out a lot from what I could
tell, never mentioned boyfriends or stuff like that. She liked dancing though like I
do, oh and music. It was weird really, we wrote to each other like pen friends; it
was dad's idea. He thought it would help us get to know something about each
other before I went to stay for two weeks during the school holiday. It was a good
idea as well, as I found that I did get on well with Anna, well on paper I did, I just
hoped that it would be the same in reality.

I got off the train at the station dragging my suitcases behind me and was
immediately pounced on by dad who picked me up and hugged me, Debbie and
Anna stood close smiling and welcoming me. They seemed nice and I hoped that
this would all work out all right, two weeks would be awful if we didn't get on. Dad
ushered us all off, we were laughing and joking in minutes. Debbie was fun, and so
was Anna, though rather quiet I thought. Dad threw my cases into the back of the
Volvo and we headed off towards the city, it was all so big and different from the
small village that I lived in, so many people. We went grocery shopping at
Sainsburys, and Debbie kept fussing about what I liked to eat, and what I didn't
like. Dad just laughed and said I would eat anything, he was right. Two shopping
trolleys full to the brim we headed for the car and then off home. I loved the house;
it was a bit like being at home only a lot bigger. Set right on the edge of the city
where the countryside began, it was quiet as well, all you could hear were cows,
sheep and birds. The only neighbours a half mile away down the lane that led to the

Dad was being mysterious as we drove up the lane, he got Anna to put her hands
over my eyes, and told me not to peep, they had a surprise for me. Anna covered
my eyes and whispered in my ear that I would like the surprise, I hoped so, I love
surprises. Anna still had her head next to mine and I could smell her perfume, or
perhaps it was shampoo. It felt good that we were getting on, I liked her, and she
was very pretty. The car stopped and I had to get out with Anna still covering my
eyes with her hands, then walk along being led by the hands by dad and Debbie. I
stumbled a bit, I'm pretty careless at the best of times, tripping here and there over
my own feet most of the time. Anna said stop and I did, wondering what was going
on. She moved her hands from my eyes and in front of me was an indoor
swimming pool.

"Wow!" I said, I sounded like a little k**.

"Something else you and Anna have in common, swimming." Dad said.

Then he pushed the pair of us into the pool, flailing and flapping we fell into the
warm water clinging to each other. We bobbed up to the surface laughing our heads
off as dad stood on the side of the pool doubled up with laughter seeing us floating
around. Debbie pushed him into the pool while he wasn't looking, and Anna and I
swam off quickly as he lunged for us. We circled round and round him, easily out
manoeuvring him in the water. He climbed out of the pool and stood creating his
own pool on the patio, then he squelched off indoors laughing. We heard Debbie
squeal, and she came running out of the house, her top showing two very wet hand
prints where dad had grabbed her.

"I'll get you two robes, save having more puddles in the house." She said.

We clambered out of the pool still laughing as Debbie cautiously entered the house,
obviously expecting an ambush from dad. She reappeared a few minutes later with
two robes, looking wetter and a bit dishevelled; dad was on form as usual.

It seemed weird undressing for the first time with Anna, especially on the edge of
the pool, not that it made any difference, and no one could see us after all. Upstairs
we could hear dad and Debbie laughing as they raced around the house like a
couple of k**s. I thought that Anna would be the shy one, but she just stood and
began to peel off her sweater which was clinging to her breasts, I couldn't help
noticing her nipples poking through the sweater, then I noticed that mine were as
well. She wore no bra, didn't need one, her breasts were very firm, and not exactly
small. I pulled off my T-shirt and my own small breasts were exposed. Was it my
imagination or was she looking at them. She kicked off her training shoes and then
with a lot of wriggling she got her jeans off. I was really surprised to see she wore
no knickers, but not as surprised as I was to see she had no pubic hair. I must have
been staring because she laughed. I hastily looked away and pulled at my own
jeans, struggling to get the wet material to let go of my legs. Anna knelt and tugged
at them, and with some effort got them off. But rather than move she pulled down
my knickers as well and stared at me.

"So that's what it used to look like." She joked, looking at my thick bush.

The next thing she was passing me a robe and grabbing my hand she led me into
the house and up to her bed room, or rather our bedroom, we were sharing, even if
the house did have two more empty bedrooms I could have used. Anna put on the
hi-fi and jumped on the bed, a double bed; I'd never slept with anyone before. She
pulled me onto the bed next to her and we sat chatting. It was weird; Anna wasn't
the shy person I thought that she was from her letters, the opposite in fact. She was
really fun, and very worldly wise, more than I was, I had led a pretty sheltered life
living in a small village. She flopped back onto the pillows and her robe slipped
open, a breast showing, and her shaved pussy. I was sure that it must have been
shaved, it looked so. oh I don't know, I never thought of sex before, but
something about the sight of her naked pussy made me feel good. Sure I wasn't
that na‹ve, I knew what sex was and how you did it, just didn't really fancy trying it
with boys, the consequences of getting it wrong were too much to even
contemplate. Anna giggled as she saw me looking at her pussy.

"Do I shock you?" She giggled.

"Not really, well a bit. but I don't mind." I said.

"I can tell, you keep looking."

"It looks so. so sexy shaved, it is shaved?"

"Sure, it's like yours if I don't." she said.

"Why do you shave?" I asked, genuinely interested.

"Because it is sexy. You should try it sometime."

The idea was appealing, and I had thought about it once or twice before that,
maybe I should try it. If it felt as good as it looked I might not be able to keep my
hands off myself though. And that brought up a potential problem, I might not have
thought of having sex with boys much, but I certainly knew about masturbation,
had for a couple of years and regularly did it. Would I be able to find somewhere
quiet that I could be alone during the next two weeks I wondered.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and Anna covered up as dad opened the
door and brought in my cases. We unpacked them, and both got dressed, then we
spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around outside in the woods behind the
house. I liked Anna and she obviously liked me, this was going to be a fun holiday.
As the sun began to set Anna said it would be time to eat soon so we headed off
home through the woods, then across the meadow to the farmhouse. Inside Debbie
had covered the table with plates and dishes full of all sorts of appetising things to
eat. Meats, fish, salad, everything, but the table was only set for two.

"You two are on your own tonight, did your dad tell you?" Debbie asked.

He had mentioned it but it had slipped my mind, he and Debbie were going to a
concert or something like that, and were going to stay overnight to save the drive
back. It was more likely that dad would have one too many to drink I thought.

"Yes he said, I'm sure we will be all right."

"I'm sure that you will, or we wouldn't leave you alone." Debbie said.

"Give us time to get to know each other better." Anna said.

Half an hour later I was alone with Anna, sitting on the floor in front of the TV
eating our meal. We watched a music programme on satellite for a while after that
and then a movie, but that was boring, so we tidied up after ourselves and headed
upstairs for bed. The room was great, really big and it had it's own bathroom as
well, something I would have loved at home, but the place just wasn't big enough
for that. Anna was naked by the time I turned back to face her, again my eyes fell
to her shaved pussy, I really wanted to touch it, see if it was as smooth as it looked.
I took off my own clothes and we stood naked together, I wanted to touch her,
never thought that way before. I should have been shocked at my thoughts, but I
wasn't. Anna moved a little closer; I put the back of my hand on her belly, and
found that it was smooth and soft where she had shaved away all trace of pubic

"Told you it felt good." She said.

"It does, really sexy." I said, it was making me feel sexy touching her.

"Fancy trying it yourself?" She said, her eyes sparkling.

"Yes." I didn't think twice about it, just said it.

Anna threw a towel on the bed and got me to lie on it with my legs hanging over
the edge of the bed, then she put some pillows under my head so I could see what
she was doing. She knelt between my legs and with a pair of scissors cut away the
bulk of my pubic hair. I watched as she trimmed the hair close, and began to feel a
little randy as her fingers touched my pussy. Then she got her lady shave razor and
began to shave away the stubble, exposing my naked pussy, it was really turning
me on now and I was sure that she must have noticed. Finally she got a tube of
cream and gently dabbed it onto my skin, some sort of hair removal lotion; it smelt
a bit caustic.

"Don't move what ever you do, if that hits your clit it stings." She said.

Then she was off into the bathroom and began to run a bath while I lay on the bed
naked, my pussy bare of all traces of pubic hair and a fire burning in my belly that
was aching for some attention. Anna came back with a warm wet wash cloth and
wiped away the cream from my pussy, working away from the slit that showed so
beautifully now.

"Jesus you look gorgeous, good enough to eat." She said.

She led me to the bathroom and we both got into the big corner bath, her hands all
over me, soaping and caressing me. Now I really was feeling horny, and I
wondered if she really meant what she said, did it look good enough to eat? I
wished that she would, I'd never had that done and it sounded like it was
something I really would enjoy. If I'm honest that's exactly what I thought when I
saw her shaved pussy myself, I imagined pushing my tongue between her lovely
pouting lips. My hands on her naked body now, washing and caressing her, and
getting myself even more worked up in the process. But I was being careful, maybe
Anna was just happy being naked and stuff with other girls, maybe saying good
enough to eat was just a saying, she probably meant nothing by it. We got out of
the tub and dried each other; I was surprised when she kissed me though, full on
the lips as she pressed close against me, holding me close. I was surprised, but not
as surprised as I should have been when I responded eagerly, holding her close, my
hands on her buttocks, pulling her hard against me.

The move to the bedroom was like a dream, Anna changed the CD to something
really smoochy and turned down the lights. We were kissing before we lay together
on the bed; a long smouldering kiss that ignited something in me that was fast
rising for release. It was no mistake, Anna wanted me as much as I wanted her, and
I did want her, in a highly sexual way as well as a friend. She kissed my throat and
breasts, nibbling on my nipples, it felt so good. I was sure no boy could provide me
with this sort of excitement, though no boy had even had a chance to try yet. I
forgot about boys really fast as Anna's mouth moved lower to kiss my belly for a
while, then lower still.

"So shall I see if it is good enough to eat?" Her voice was husky.


I lay back and waited, nearly coming as her tongue traced along the pouting lips,
eager for her to push her pink tongue into my soft wet folds. She did and I just
writhed as an orgasm burst from me as she licked at my wet tube, her hands all
over me, fondling my breasts as I gasped and shook beneath her. Oh it felt so good,
I never dreamt that an orgasm could be so powerful as she sucked at my clit. I
needed to try this for myself and gasped for her to turn around so that I could push
my tongue into her smooth sex. Her pussy loomed close and I moved towards it,
eager to try this wondrous experience for myself. Her lovely lips felt so smooth as
my tongue touched them; the musky smell of her pussy filling me with desire as I
gently poked my tongue between those lovely folds to savour her delicious pussy.
Before long we were both locked together, our orgasms happening as one as we
writhed and moaned together on the bed. Her breasts touching my belly as she
moved back and forth above me, the hard nipples dragging across my belly turning
me on even more. Again and again we came as we licked and suckled on one
another. My hands on her buttocks, pulling her hips lower to rub her pussy against
my mouth as she licked at me, her finger slipping into me to gently slide back and
forth in my soaking slit. Again I came, and as I also slipped a finger into her I felt
her grip it as she came, groaning and sighing into my groin.

We slept little that night, choosing to try out everything we could, to find out
exactly what we each liked most and to do it until we could take no more
stimulation. It took us until four in the morning before we had to stop, our pussies
raw from licking, kissing and fingering, our clits alive from orgasms. This was
going to be one very good holiday, one I would never forget in a hurry and I had
only known Anna for twelve hours.
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Hot story.
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that story is amazing
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Nice story, Hope you keep up your writting your good at it.