Jess & Lucy

Today was going to be a fun day, thought Jess to herself. Tonight she was
going to fuck Lucy. She wanted Lucy's body so bad... to enjoy those lovely
breasts, to squeeze that nice, tight ass that she had been waiting for for
so long...

Jess was blonde, aged just 15. She had nice breasts for her age, and long
blonde hair that she held back with a scrunchie. She was a very pretty
girl, and loads of guys fancied her. Lucy was shorter, aged 14, and had
larger breasts and a nice ass. She had long, very dark brown hair with some
curls towards the front.

They both attended Hughton Secondary School in England, and wore the
typical school unform of: black skirt or trousers, black blazer, white
school shirt and red and black striped tie. Jess wore tight fitting
trousers, and Lucy wore a short skirt.

Today was going to be special, though, because Jess was going to have Lucy
over to her house which would be empty until midnight because her dad was
in hospital after donating a k**ney, and her mother was visiting him. Jess
then planned to fuck her friend stupid.

Jess had been a lesbian for half a year, and masturbated over lesbo porn in
her room. She was always checking women out and nobody at school apart from
Lucy knew that she was a lesbian. Lucy and Jess were best friends, and told
each other everything.

When Jess got into school she spotted Lucy immediately and signalled to
her. Under her short skirt, Lucy was wearing black stockings, Jess
noticed. Very sexy. All day the girls went about their usual routine, Jess
all the time aching for Lucy's body, until, at the end of the day, they
walked back to Jess' house, which was only 10 minutes away from Lucy's

They kicked their shoes off and chatted on the sofa. When it got to 6pm it
was beginning to get dark, and Jess sat right next to Lucy on the
sofa. Jess, after much deliberation, said to Lucy...

"I want you so much.."

"Huh?" Lucy exclaimed.

"Since I became a lesbian, I've wanted your body so much..." Jess

Lucy was speechless. She didn't resist, though, as Jess leaned in and began
to kiss her neck passionately.

"Mmm," murmured Lucy as Jess kissed her neck and then put one hand on her
chest. Jess pulled open Lucy's shirt and Lucy unbuttoned the rest. Jess
cleverly undid the bra and let Lucy's breasts fall free.

Lucy turned her face towards Jess' and they kissed passionately. Their
tongues entwined and Jess pushed hers deep into Lucy's mouth. Lucy was
taken back by the professionalism with which Jess worked, and succumbed to
temptation as Jess bent her head to Lucy's nipple and began to suck on
it. When it was hard Jess grabbed it between her teeth then let it snap
back, making Lucy moan.

Whilst Jess sucked on the right nipple, she used her right hand to work on
Lucy's left breast, massaging it and rubbing until Lucy moaned so loud that
Jess thought the neighbours would hear!

Jess sat up and unbuttoned her own shirt, took off her bra then stood
before Lucy. She unzipped her trousers and pulled them down, standing in
just her white g-string. Lucy lay back on the sofa and unzipped her skirt,
letting Jess do the rest. Then the blonde pulled Lucy's stockings down, and
then, very slowly, Lucy's panties.

Jess got on her knees beside Lucy's waist, and began to lick her thighs,
slowly working her way towards Lucy's shaven pussy. When she reached it,
she licked around and then pushed her tongue in f***efully, making Lucy
tighten up and groan with pleasure.

Jess licked the insides of Lucy's pussy, lapping up the juices oozing from
the younger teen's fresh virgin cunt. Lucy grasped her breasts and rubbed
her nipples. Then, all at once, Jess pushed down hard and sucked hard on
Lucy's clit. This was too much for Lucy, who came hard, her juices
squirting onto Jess' breasts.

Jess leaned over Lucy and let her lick her own juices from Jess' tits. Jess
moaned as Lucy began to suck on one of her nipples, and let a hand drift
down to her wet crotch. She slipped a hand inside her g-string and pushed a
finger into her hot slit. As Lucy sucked on her nipple, Jess fingered
herself to orgasm, and then licked the juices off.

Jess ran upstairs and fetched a strap on dildo that she had found in her
older s****rs room 2 years ago, before she moved out and went to

It was 8 inches long, red, plastic, 1inch thick with black straps. Jess
attached it onto herself, then found some KY-jelly in her room that she
used to masturbate.

She went downstairs. Lucy was laid on the sofa with her legs open, pussy
wet. She already had two fingers in her sticky cunt, and was fucking
herself hard. When she opened her eyes she stopped and stared at the big
cock hanging from Jess' waist. Jess got on her knees on the sofa between
Lucy's open legs, and squeezed some KY-jelly onto her hands. She began to
lube up the cock, and Lucy was spreading some of the jelly onto her tits.

When the strapon was all ready to go, Jess propped herself up with her
hands either side of Lucy's tits, and slid into Lucy's virgin pussy. Lucy
moaned as she was penetrated, and Jess went in all the way. Lucy could
hardly breathe, and even more so when Jess began to pound in and out of
Lucy's wet cunt. Lucy moaned, and squuezed her breasts, rubbing her nipples
as she was fucked out of her mind.

Jess pumped harder and faster, letting out a little moan due to the
strain. After a minute more, Lucy came, and her pussy cream ran down her

Jess pulled the strapon out and then adjusted herself so that she was
sitting on Lucy's belly. She pushed the cock between Lucy's breasts and
squeezed them together. She then slowly began to titfuck with the strapon,
her ass sliding about on both cum and the KY-jelly combined.

Lucy moaned as the big cock fucked her breasts, and reached down to her
slippery pussy and began to rub her clit frantically. She groaned and then
screamed into an orgasm as she couldn't take the pressure anymore.

Jess climbed off and then Lucy got to her knees. She began to suck on Jess'
cock and pushed so that it went right down her throat. This turned Jess on,
and her cunt was wet and juicy - she needed to cum.

She removed the strapon, then just as she was about to thrust her cunt into
Lucy's face, her mom came home.

She stopped in the doorway and closed the door, fixed on what her daughter
and her friend were doing.

"Mom, you're early!" Jess exclaimed. Lucy climbed to her feet
sheepishly. Jess' mom, Sandra, came into the living room and put everything
down on the armchair. She removed her jacket and shoes. She was wearing a
short pink skirt and a white top that showed some of her 34DD cleavage. For
a 34 year old, Jess' mom was good looking.

She stormed over to Lucy and shouted, "How could you do this to my
daughter? HOW? My beautiful daughter and you've ruined it slut!
You are going to be punished for this, Lucy Hammond. Jess, put some clothes
on and sit over there," Sandra gestured to the sofa on the other side of
the room.

She turned her attentions back to Lucy. "Stand up!" She shouted. She bent
Lucy over so that her hands were rested on the arm of the sofa, slightly
bent. Sandra went into one of her bags and pulled out Jess' dad's belt. She
drew it back and brought it down hard, SLAP! on Jess' ass.

She cried out in pain. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! over and
over again, and Jess was getting turned on just watching. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!

Lucy was in tears, her ass bright red. She was moaning for Sandra to
stop. "No!" SLAP! "Please! Stop..." SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!

Then Sandra stood Lucy up she made her sit on the sofa and open her legs
wide. She raised the belt high like a whip.

Lucy looked up at it with wide eyes. "Oh god no!" She exclaimed. SLAP! The
belt was brought down hard on Lucy's wet pussy. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!
SLAP! Lucy could bare the pain, it hurt so much. And so soon after cumming

Jess, observing from just 5 metres away, pushed her hand down her thong and
began to finger herself to a quiet orgasm.

SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! And then Sandra asked Lucy to
stand. She went into the kitchen and found some ice. She held an ice cube
onto Lucy's pussy until she screamed from the sudden change of
temperature. Then Sandra told lucy to put on her clothes and leave. As the
door slammed and the patter of feet could be heard getting very quickly
fainter, Jess quietly came on her fingers.

Sandra, breathless, went upstairs. Jess made dinner and they ate in
silence. The next day Jess' dad came home, and the incident was never
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