Smoking Smoking

It was a warm summer's night and Barbra was walking
home through the park by herself. It was late enough that the
paths were almost empty. As she got close to the exit she saw a
girl she knew sitting on the edge of a retaining wall next to the
parking lot.

The girl's name was Carmen and she lived on the same
block as Barbra. She was from a large Italian f****y and at
about sixteen-years of age she was known to be a little wild.

She was sitting with a woman Barb did not know. They
were talking and smoking cigarettes. She stopped walking and
leaned up against a tree to watch them. They smoked their
cigarettes until they were just stubs before flicking them away.

Barb felt her heart stop when she saw the woman put her
arm around Carmen and kiss her on the mouth. Then they
looked around as if to see if anyone had seen them.

Barb stopped breathing thinking they had spotted her.
Then they stood up and stepped over the wall and walked
across the parking lot and the woman opened the doors to a
dark car parked in the lot. Carmen got in the passenger side and
moved close to the woman. Barbra watched them through the
windshield as the leaned over the center consol and kissed each
other even more intensely. The woman unbuttoned Carmen's
blouse and put her hand inside and stuffed her hand under the
bra. Barb's eyes were glued to the action and almost became
dizzy because she was holding her breath so much.

She could not see everything that was going on but in
time she saw Carmen break the kiss and lean back in the bucket
seat where she seemed to go very stiff for a moment.

When Carmen sat back down in her seat she put her hand
behind the woman's neck and pulled her head close and kissed
her on the mouth again. Then she sat back against the window
of the car and dug into the pocket of her blouse for a pack of
smokes and shook it before placing one of the cigarettes in her
mouth. She put the pack back into her pocket and them used
the same hand to light as cheep plastic lighter and take a deep
drag on the cigarette. The woman handed something to Carmen
and they said a few words before Carmen got out of the car.
She stood there adjusting her clothes as the car started and
pulled away. She stood there smoking her cigarette for a while
before slowly walking away.

Barb followed her home. She stayed far enough back to
avoid Carmen seeing her. She had a hard time sl**ping that
night she was having fantasies about what had been going on in
that car that she could not see. In the morning she was up early
and got dressed and gathered up her swimming suit, beach
towel and sun screen and stuffed them in her beach bag before
going to the kitchen. She told her mother that she was going to
the high school swimming pool with Pauline and Hazel.

The three of them had known each other all of their lives.
Pauline lived across the street and had been born just a week
after her. Hazel lived just around the corner and was only a
month young than the two of them.

Pauline was a dark redhead, almost auburn. She had
large freckles all over her face. The freckles on her shoulders
were so numerous that they almost looked like one large
freckle. About the only place she didn't have freckles were her
breasts and butt. Her eyes were brown flecked with green.

Hazel was a typical Midwestern country girl. She had
been born with platinum blond hair that has progressively
gotten darker. During the summers her hair would get lighter
streaks in it. She had gotten an early start on summer and
already had tan lines on her bottom and breasts. Like so many
girls in their early teens she had a look of being all legs.

The three of them had just graduated from the sixth grade
and were looking forward to going to the junior high school
next year. They had all stared menstruating within weeks of
each other. They felt like s****rs in everything but name.

Barb ran next door and entered the kitchen door as if it
was her home. Pauline was still eating but hugged Barb and the
noise level rose at least 100 decibels. They were talking about
everything at one time. The subjects changed as fast as a car
radio on scan. When Pauline finished eating they ran to her
bedroom to gather up her stuff and blew out of the front door
like a Kansas tornado. They were practically on the sidewalk
before the screen door slammed shut.

When they burst into Hazel's home they were greeted by
her mom with a warm hug and the offer to fix them something
to eat. Hazel was already coming out of her bedroom with her
beach bag slung over her shoulder. The girls assured Hazel's
mother that they had already eaten and rushed for the door.

Barb was distracted because she wanted to tell them what
she had seen Carmen doing the night before. The other two
were so absorbed with their own conversation they hardly even
noticed that Barb was not joining in.

When the got to school they paid their entrance fee and
headed to the girl's locker room and changed. They locked up
their stuff in lockers and slung their beach towels over their
shoulders. They had to hang the towels up over an unused
shower head long enough to shower. As they exited the shower
they gathered up their towels and headed for the pool.

They found a spot to lay their towels out in a corner of
the deck where it would be shaded a little. They greeted a few
friends and eventually got in the water to play around a little.
They had not come there to do any serious swimming. They
just wanted to play and socialize with friends.

Barb could not resist telling her friends about what she
had seen Carmen doing. That led to questions about what they
thought the woman had been doing to Carmen. They nervously
speculated about if they could do the same thing or not. At first
they denied that they would do such things but slowly they
admitted that they might be willing to give it a try to find out
what it was like.

As the afternoon dragged on the three of them finally
decided to go home. Barb changed clothes and had something
to eat. She was in heavy thought and grew quiet. That alerted
her mother that something was amiss. Any query was
dismissed with a simple I'm fine.

Later in the evening as the sun was setting she was
keeping an eye on the road. She saw Carmen walking past the
house and heading toward the road. Barb figured she was
headed to the park again. She told her mother she was going to
the park and headed in that direction.

When she got there she looked for Carmen but she was
not where she had seen her the previous night. She was
disappointed but she casually walked around the park with an
eye out for Carmen. Then she spotted Carmen with another
woman. They were sitting in the gazebo smoking cigarettes.
Barb pulled up short and moved off of the path because it was
under overhead lights. She moved to an advantageous point
near some plants where she could blend in and kept an eye on
what Carman and the woman did.

When they finished smoking they got up and casually
walked towards a secluded part of the park and slipped into the
brush. Barb was afraid they would get away and circled the
area looking for them and almost walked right in on them.
When she found them she stepped back into the darkness
afforded by a bush to watch the action.

Carmen was leaning against a tree and the woman was
kneeling in font of her. Carmen was holding up her skirt with
one hand and resting the other hand on the top of the woman's
head. All Barb could see was the white thigh of one of her legs
and the back of the woman's head. She could not hear anything
but the breeze in the trees or really see what the woman was
doing bit she could tell the woman was kissing Carmen's pussy.
It thrilled her beyond measure. She could not resist rubbing her
own pussy as she watched.

At one point Carmen d****d her leg over the woman
should locking her head against her body while she fished out
another cigarette and cupped her hand to hide the light as she
light it. She blew the smoke upwards and continued stroking
the woman's head. She flicked the cigarette away when she
was finished and rested that hand on the woman's head too.
Then she pulled her head tightly against her body and moved
the legs back to the ground and Barb could tell that Carmen was
experiencing an orgasm.

When the woman stood up Carmen let her skirt fall back
into place. The woman moved away after kissing her on the
mouth one last time. Carmen rested against the tree as the
woman vanished then Carmen finally moved away from the
tree and walked in the opposite direction of the woman's path.
Barbra waited for a short while before heading home too.

She was thinking about what she had seen as she headed
along the path. She was engrossed in her own thoughts and
didn't hear the footsteps following her.

It startled her when a voice said, "Did you enjoy the

She spun around to see Carmen approaching from behind
her. She blushed at the thought that Carmen had seen her
watching the woman sucking her pussy. She was about to deny
having seen anything but couldn't get the words out.

Carmen came alongside her and placed her arm around
her shoulders. Barb could smell the odor of her cigarettes on
her clothes and on her breath. She did not find the odor
pleasant but at the same time she felt like Carmen exuded

Carmen pushed her into a darken space between two
houses and pressed her up against the wall of the house and
kissed her on the mouth. The kiss took her breathe away.

Carmen took hold of her hand and guided it towards her
own pussy at the same time she lifted her skirt. Barb tried to
resist at first but Carmen was too strong for her. When her
hand touched Carmen's vulva she was surprised to find that
Carmen didn't have any panties on. Her fingers slipped
between her labia and felt the moist slippery confines of her

Barb was over come with the feeling of doing something
so wickedly forbidden. Carmen took the opportunity to lift
Barb's dress and stuff her hand into the panties and feel the
girl's pussy. She ran her fingers through the newly sprouted
pubic hair. Carmen sought out and found her little clitoris and
stimulated it with her fingertip. She rubbed and teased the clit
until Barb had a climax that left her breathless and knees

When Carmen pulled her hand out of Barb's panties she
smelled her fingers. She took hold of Barb's wrist and pulled
her hand away from her own cunt and held Barb's fingers under
her nose.

"Do you like what you smell?" Carmen asked.

Barb inhaled the odor and felt her own clit tingle. She
found the odor of the older girl so exciting that she wanted to
taste the girl's cunt like the woman in the park.

"Yes!" is all that Barbara could manage to say.

Carmen smiled with a wicked crooked grin. "Why don't
you come over to my house tomorrow?"

Barb said, "OK!"

With that Carmen kissed her on the mouth one more time
and let her skirt fall back in place and walked away with a
saucy swing in her hips.

Barbra spent a restless night. She was up early and
showered and picked out her outfit with care. She waited until
she figured that most of Carmen's f****y would be gone before
going to her house.

When she knocked it was Carmen who answered the
door. She gave her a hug and led Barb through the house. Barb
was struck by the smell of stale cigarette smoke that hung in the
air. It was overwhelming. All of the ashtrays were full. She
heard the sound of young c***dren playing or arguing as the
pasted through the house. It was obviously a three bedroom
house. Toys were everywhere.

As they approached the back of the house they passed
Carmen's mother sorting clothes to be washed. With a f****y
of nine she must have to wash clothes almost every day. There
were a couple of young c***dren playing around Mrs. Ferro's
feet. They hardly noticed as the two girls went out the back

Carmen let Barb across the brick patio. Against the fence
was a wood structure that had a shed roof and at some time had
been stalls for horses of possibly chicken coops. As they
approached Barb could see that structure had been modified
into little apartments. There were windows at each end and
there were three doors facing the yard each of which contained
a window.

As they passed the first door Carmen pointed out that
was the bedroom of two of her younger b*****rs. The next door
she said was the bathroom. She opened the door and Barb
looked in. There was a linoleum floor with a sink, toilet and
old iron tub.

They moved on to the last door and Carmen opened it.
The room was not very deep but rather long. There were two
beds in one corner with windows over both beds. Adjacent to
the bathroom was wall to wall closet. The wall facing the yard
contained a dresser and windows on either side of the door.

Carmen stated that this was her and her s****r's (Angela)
bedroom. She added that Angela was at her girlfriend's house
playing. "We have the room to ourselves all day. We can do
whatever we want."

Barb wondered about the presence of her mother and
younger siblings. Before she could voice her concerns Carmen
added that no one would bother them. "The k**s may come out
back to play on the swings but will not bother us." She even
locked the door.

Having done that she turned on a radio and the room was
filled with the soft sound of dance music. She picked up a pack
of cigarettes from her night stand. She offered Barbara one,
which she took, and put one in her own mouth and lit both of

Barb had never smoked before and she was holding it
with her thumb and forefinger. She was only puffing on it. She
was not inhaling the smoke. Carmen smiled with amusement as
she filled her lungs and blew the smoke towards the ceiling.

"Honey you need to inhale the smoke." Carmen said.
"Here let me show you."

With that Carmen filled her lungs. Then she placed her
hand on the back of Barbara's head as they sat on the bed and
pulled her face close to hers. She positioned her mouth over
Barb's and pressed her cheek against Barb's nose and stuck her
tongue into Barb's mouth then blew the smoke from she had
inhaled into Barb's mouth forcing it into her lungs.

Barb started having a fit of coughing. Carmen pulled her
head back and watched as Barb coughed and smoke came out in
spurts with each cough. Carmen assured her that she would get
use to it with time. When she settled down Carmen filled her
lungs again and repeated kissing her and filling her lungs with
smoke. The coughing fit started again. Carmen continued to
hold the back of Barbra's head and she would alternate kissing
her with filling her lungs with cigarette smoke and filling
Barb's lungs. By the time the cigarettes were finished and
Carmen had snuffed them out in her ashtray Barbara was
feeling more than a little dizzy.

As Barbra sat on the bed recovering Carman stood up
and started doing a striptease to the beat of the music on the
radio. She pulled her T-shirt over her head and dropped it on
the floor. Then she unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down
and stepped out of them as she used her toes to remove her
tennis shoes. She turned to face Barb as she reached behind her
back to remove her bra.

Barb adored the sight of her evenly tanned skin and the
large chocolate color areolas with their nipples in the middle of
them. They swayed freely in front of Barb's face. She could
not resist reaching out to touch them.

Carmen stepped closer between Barb's legs and placed
her hands under her breasts and rubbed the underside of them as
she offered them for Barbara to play with them. Barbara could
not resist placing her lips on one of the nipples and found that
her mouth barley covered the areola. She sucked on the nipple
as if she could get milk from the tit. Carmen only stopped her
when the sucking became painful.

She stepped back and turned her back to the girl. She
began to pull down her pink underpants. As the tan cheeks
came into view Barb could not take her eyes of them. Carmen
had to bend over to pull them down and step out of them. The
result was to give Barb a great view of her dark asshole and the
bulge of Carmen's pubis. There was black pubic hair covering
the exposed portion of her vulva.

Barb reached out and touched the crack of her ass. It was
moist and slippery. She watched as Carman's sphincter
puckered when her fingertip touched it. Her finger sought out
and probed the depth of Carman's canal. She even finger
fucked her a little. When her ringer went into the canal the
knuckle on her middle finger was pressed against Carman's clit.
Carmen accommodated her efforts by continuing to stay bent
over as if she needed to do so to unroll her discarded undies.
Carmen finally squatted a little and stepped forward to pull her
cunt off of Barbara's finger and she stood up and turned to face
her young friend. Barb was fascinated with her pussy. There
were no tan lines and her skin was an even coffee and cream
color. The inverted triangle of black hairs was relatively
straight and only slightly tangled. The labia that protruded
beyond the crack were as dark as her puckered anus.

Carmen used her hands to part her labia for Barbara.
Barb saw the red meat of her vagina and when the hood of the
labia was pulled back to expose her clit it looked like the red of
the inside of her mouth. Now was her chance. She leaned
forward and opened her mouth.

The smell of Carmen's cunt filled her nose before her
lips touched the cunt. The first taste was bitter but that passed
and she enjoyed the taste. It felt slimy on her tongue as the
walls of her vagina started leaking lubricant. It gave Barb a
funny feeling to feel the slimy nectar slide down her throat.

Carmen humped her face just like she had done to that
woman in the park. When she climaxed Barb thought she
would drown in the juice that was coming out of her new
friend's cunt. Eventually Carmen stepped back from Barbara.
Barb's hands slide away from her hips and rested in her lap.

Carmen sat down on the bed next to Barbara. She let out
a long sigh and then kissed her on the mouth. "That was a
wonderful orgasm darling. I loved it." Barb could feel the juice
drying on her face and even smell the lingering odor. She
wondered if Carmen minded kissing her face all covered in her
own juice. By the way she kissed her it was obvious that
Carmen didn't mind at all. She was rubbing her face all over
hers. Carmen broke the kiss and pulled Barbara to her feet.
Barbara stood there between her naked legs as Carmen began to
undress her.

Carmen enjoyed the disrobing of her young friend. She
removed the blouse first and enjoyed the look of the young B-
sized breasts. They were a creamy white with small areolas and
hardly any nipples. She knew that when she flicked them with
her fingertips that it was sending chills of excitement through
the girl's body.

When she unfastened her skirt and let it drop to the floor
she could not help noticing that Barbara had put on almost new
panties. She lifted Barb's feet one at a time to remove her flats.
Then she sat back to admire what the young girl looked like
wearing only her lavender panties.

Barbara was an average sized girl her age. She was just
starting to develop the figure of a woman. Her breasts were not
fully developed yet. Her chest was almost the same size as her
waist but her hips were spreading. If she were to ever buy a
thong she would be able to hang them on her hips. Her legs
were still long in proportion to the rest of her body. The thighs
were still slender and with her knees touching there was plenty
of light showing between her legs. Her vulva was starting to
grown the pubic hair that would someday be the symbol of her
womanhood. At this time she did not need to shave any hair
because even the smallest bikini would hide her light brown
patch of pubic hair.

Barb had brown hair and blue-gray eyes. The hair had a
natural wave and rested on her shoulders. Any lipstick she had
put on this morning had been rubbed off with all of the kissing
and pussy sucking she had done. Traces of it were smeared
across her face.

Carmen reached out and placed her fingers in the
waistband of the lavender panties and pulled them down. When
the panties were down to her knees, Barb stepped out of them
one leg at a time. The view was thrilling to Carmen. She
turned her palm up and wiped the vulva almost as if she were
wiping it after peeing. She hooked her index finger into Barb's
cunt and pulled her close. She covered one of her whole tits
with her mouth and flicked the nipple with her tongue. She
toyed with the other nipple at the same time.

While she was sucking on her nipple Carmen pulled Barb
back down onto the bed. She placed the girl on the mattress
and knelt by the side. Then she parted Barb's legs so she could
kiss her pussy. She used her tongue to find the clit and droved
Barb wild as she lapped and flicked that little button.

Barb had never had a climax with another person before.
As much as she wanted it she could not reach that magic
moment. Carmen could tell the girl was resisting. She reached
between her legs and dragged her fingernail against the
pudenda. Then she pressed the finger against her little
sphincter and, as her own saliva and Barb's fluids lubricated her
finger she f***ed it into the girl's butt. The pain took Barbra's
mind off of her cunt and by the time the pain subsided she felt
her body shaking like a leaf in the wind.

Carmen lay down beside her and hugged her. They
rested there and smelled the sex that filled the room.

Barbara slowly became aware of the sound of squeaking
metal. She bolded out of bed and looked out of the blinds on
the window and saw the two younger s****rs playing on the

Carmen reached for her cigarettes and lit one. She blew
the smoke to the ceiling and said, "Don't worry they will not
disturb us. Come on back here to bed."

Barb reluctantly did as she was told. When she was
standing in front of the bed Carman sat up and pulled Barb
down and placed her face down across the bed. Barb was
surprised when Carmen got behind her and parted her butt she
placed her mouth over the girl's vagina and blew smoke into
her cunt. When Carmen pulled her head back to take another
drag on her cigarette she watched as smoke lazily swirled up as
it leaked out of the girl's cunt.

Carmen filled her lungs again and then placed her mouth
over the girl's asshole and stuck her tongue into the hole before
blowing smoke up her rectum. It thrilled Barb and she gripped
the bedspread and clinched her teeth to keep from making a

Carmen repeated blowing smoke into the girl's cunt and
asshole until there was not enough left of the cigarette to hang
onto. She snuffed out the remains and sat on the bed.

Barbara lay there while she recovered. Then she smelled
the bedspread where their butt had been and she could smell the
odor of Carmen's butt. She slipped to the linoleum floor with a
hook rug in front of the bed. She looked up at Carmen's face
with all of the admiration of a young lover. She was willing to
do anything Carmen asked.

"What can I do for you Carmen?" Barb asked.

Carmen flopped backwards on the bed and placed her
heels on the side of the edge and spread her legs. "Suck my
pussy and asshole until I tell you to stop." Carmen

Barb dove in and drove her tongue into Carmen's cunt
where she raked it across her own teeth until she cut the
underside of it. She could taste her own bl**d being mingled
with the juice of Carmen's cunt.

Barb didn't now if she could actually stick her tongue
into Carmen's asshole but she could not refuse her when she
demanded that she lick it. She moved father down between her
lover's butt and licked her asshole and found it to be sweat and
not at all offensive. She stuck her tongue into the hole and felt
the sphincter grip her. She wiggled her tongue in the hole until
Carmen relaxed her sphincter. She returned to suck on the
older girl's clit until she felt her body shudder.

Time had passed so quickly that it was getting close to
dinner time. The girls got dressed and stopped off in the
bathroom long enough to wash their faces and hands. They
even used mouthwash before going in the house.

Carmen's mother offered to fix Barbara dinner. Barb
thanked her and told her that she better get home because she
was sure dinner would be ready there.

When she got home all she could think about was
Carmen's body and the things they had done. She spent the
next couple of days visiting Carmen. She learned to smoke and
even how to blow smoke up Carmen's ass.

Pauline came over early one morning and said, "I have
not seen much of you the past week. Where have you been?"

Barb told her everything. She noticed that Pauline
showed signs of be jealous. She asked her if she would like to
visit Carmen too.

Pauline was intrigued to find out what sex with them
would be like so she agreed to go with her. Barb said she better
call first to be sure there would be no trouble. She called
Carmen's home and asked to speak to her. When Carmen came
to the phone Barb asked if Pauline could come over to visit too.
Carmen agreed and hung up.

Barb and Pauline rushed across the street from Barb's
and were greeted warmly by Carmen. Carmen's mother
announced that she had to go visit their granny. The younger
siblings were thrilled at the idea of going with their mom.

That gave the three girls all day to play. Barb asked if
she should call Hazel. The other two agreed that she should if
she was interested in what they were doing. It only took Hazel
a few minutes to rush over to Carmen's home. The four of
them headed for Carmen's room and they locked the door
behind themselves.

Carmen and Barbara did a little striptease for the other
two. When they were naked they undressed them. Carmen
undressed Pauline and Barb undressed Hazel. Carmen made
love to Pauline on her bed and Barb made love to Hazel on the
other bed.

Carmen was captivated by Pauline's the red pubic hair.
She delighted it sucked her pussy and even laced her legs
between Pauline's and ground her cunt against her new friends
vulva. It was a very erotic sight for both Hazel and Barb.

Then it was Barb's turn to introduce Hazel to oral sex.
She drove her crazy by toying with her nipples until they
practically were raw. Then she gave her crotch a tongue bath
that cleaned her from the small of Hazel's back to the dusty
brown hair above her cunt. When the two girl's had climaxed
they all lit up cigarettes and sat there talking about what they
had done. Pauline and hazel coughed frequently as neither of
them was a seasoned smoker.

That was the cue for Carmen and Barb to blow smoke
into the girl's cunts. Barb watched Carmen blowing smoke into
the freckled body of Pauline. She was masturbating Hazel
while they watched. Then Barb parted Hazel's legs and looked
at her blond pubic hair before going down on her. She blew
smoke into her cunt as Hazel experienced another climax.
Before long they were changing partners and doing it all over

They rested and Carmen put on a robe long enough to
rush into the house and get them all cold drinks. They lay there
and talked about it some more. The girl's wanted to know
about the women Carmen picked up in the park.

Carmen told them that she knew a number of women that
would call her up or whom she would call. They could arrange
a date. Sometimes these women would pick her up and take
them to their homes if their husbands were not home.

All of the girls were fascinated at the idea that they were
going to have dates with older women. It was only a matter of
time before Carmen could set up dates for all three girls. As an
added thrill for dates with young girls they were going to be
treated to smoke being blown into more than one orifice.
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