Daughters Lesson

I loved my mom. I was adopted at an early age and was raised into a
household of fun and open-mindedness. I always remember beautiful women
over at my house, sometimes at night I would hear noises coming from moms
room. I soon learned she was a lesbian, she liked women. I was intrigued
by this, I wanted to know hat they did at night when I heard noises.
Mother would always treat me special. I really felt she loved me better
than her bl**d son. I had a close bond with her.

When I arrived at her house I was 6 years old. I was mommys little
girl. Often I would lay in her bed at night and snuggle up to her warm
body. I liked laying with my face between her breasts and a only a small
hole for me to breathe. I could feel her chest heave up and down around
me and could feel her heart beat it would always put me to sl**p fast. My
mother would rub my back and butt until I feel fast asl**p then would
roll me on my back and snuggle me. We would lay naked in the bed because
it was so hot under the big quilt. I always stared at mothers body and
asked her questions about why she looked different than me. As I grew
up I learned so much about life, sex, and my body in those hours we laid
naked together and talked.

One night when I was 10 I lay naked with my mother. I awoke because
I felt the bed shaking. My mother had her hand on her soft hole. She was
moving her fingers very fast. She was breathing hard and even sweat was
on her face. I thought she was hurting because of the noises that came
from her mouth but she was smiling greatly. She didn't notice me watching
her, I watched as she moved her fingers back and forth and in and out of
her hole. She made a loud noise then her fingers slowed down and stopped.
She smiled again as a whitish liquid came out o f the hole. I was
confused I had never seen that before. The next morning I asked mom what
had happened and she explained an orgasm and how greta it felt. She told
me when I got older I might try it.

I didn't want to wait until I got older. That night I laid in my own
bed and put my fingers to my hole. I tried to remember how mom had done
it. I moved my fingers over a spot on the outside and flinched. This
feeling rushed through me, kind of like I had gotten shocked. It wasn't
bad but it scared me. I thought maybe I needed to go fast like mommy had
done. So I moved my fingers into my hole and pulled them in and out fast.
It was warm and slimy. I didn't know if I was doing it right but in
about five minutes I felt like I was on fire. My hole burned some and the
shock feeling came over me again. I breathed harder and my little body
shook then the liquid came out of my hole onto my bed. I had done it just
like mom, I had my first orgasm.

One day when I was 12 I came home from school and mom was in her
bedroom. She was screaming and I was scared that she was hurt. I went to
her bedroom door and opened it a crack, just enough to peak in. A woman
was at moms whole with a plastic stick pushing it in her and at the same
time had her mouth to moms hole. They were both naked and on the bed.

Mom was not smiling and she screamed loudly. This woman must be hurting
mom, I needed to help her. To get the lady away. I opened to door and
stood where they could both see me.

"Get off of her! Your hurting her! Move!" I yelled as I ran over and
pushed this woman.

Stunned the woman stopped and looked at mom. They both looked at me
and laughed. I was confused. Wasn't mom just screaming? She should be
happy I was helping her not laughing at me. My mom pulled me to her
breast and laid me down. She explained what they were doing. She
explained a lot that day. She taught me about vaginas and different
things women liked to do to make them feel good. She was not hurt, she
was making her vagina feel good. Embarrassed I got up to leave but she
laid me back down next to her. She told me to watch and learn.

I was happy she left me stay. I even wanted to try it myself. But I
dint know if mom would let me. I felt my vagina getting warm as I watched
them. I wanted to feel good too. I wanted to put my hand down there and
have an orgasm. I got brave and put my hand down my shorts and panties. I
moved my fingers in and out as I watched. Soon I was very wet but I had
not orgasmed. My mom watched me finger myself. She smiled and and even
looked like she enjoyed it.

"I want you to show me your vagina. Show me what you are doing to it. Be
mommys good girl, now." she instructed. I was not scared of being naked
with mother. We laid naked often so I striped. I laid naked next to mom
and fingered myself as mom and the lady played with they 'sex toy'. I
told mom I wanted to try it. She put the toy in her mouth and licked her
juices off.

Then mom put the toy on my vagina. It was vibrating. I almost orgasmed
as soon as it touched me but she moved it and I calmed down. Mom slide
the vibrating toy across my nipples, down my stomach and to my vagina. I
was moaning and breathing hard, I knew it wouldn't be long now. She
slide the top part few inches in my vagina. My muscles tightened. She
pulled it in and out like the woman had done to her. I couldn't help but
scream. Mom was right it did make my vagina feel good. My muscles tighten
again a nd I could feel the rush coming over me. I had an orgasm and my
juices spilled out onto the bed.

Mom did something I had never felt before. She put her mouth to my
vagina and licked me. Soft and gentle like a kitten would. But it felt so
good on my vagina. She cleaned me up licking me softly. Just the feeling
of my mom tongue on my young vagina made me warm and wet again. I felt as
if I was going to orgasm again. She licked faster, she paid attention to
a spot on the outside then dug her tongue in me. I screamed loudly and my
legs shook. Another orgasm came. I spilled it all over moms face and into
her mouth. She made little noises and she cleaned me up.

When she sat up I laughed. Mom had my juices on my face still around
her mouth. Mom turned toward the lady and they kissed. Then the lady
licked my juices off of my moms face. They kissed for a long time and
played with each others breasts as they kissed. I wanted a kiss. Its not
fair this lady was getting my moms attention. I was her special girl.

I pulled at mom arm and she looked at me then leaned over....... Mom
Kissed me! Mom had kissed me before but never like this. She pushed her
tongue into my mouth and we kissed long. Our tongues slide over each
others. I tried to pull back to breathe but she held the hair on the back
of my head and pulled me in again. Mom kissed me again harder and longer
this time. For some reason it made my vagina warm again. I had never had
my vagina feel like this so many times in a row. Usually I fingered
myself in my bed and went to sl**p. I didn't know I could orgasm so many

Mom stopped kissing me and then went to my neck sucking and biting
softly. What was she doing? I am her daughter! I had never had this
happen before, but I like it a lot. I felt so many things I had never
experienced before. She laid me on my back and kissed and bite from my
neck to my breast. I was 12 but developed by now. My breasts were larger
than most girls in my grade and some girls even older than me. My vagina
was on fire again. I wanted someone to finger me badly. My nipple became
aroused and stuck straight up. Mom stopped again, but I wanted her to
continue it felt good. She looked at the other lady.

"She tastes very good. She is young and tight you would love her. I
would get me off so bad if you ate my daughter out as I watched. Please
do it for me." Mom said batting her blues eyes.

The lady put her mouth to my vagina. I jumped when she aggressively
bite on a spot on the outside. I screamed i thought I would explode. She
fingered my hole fats and hard as she bite and licked my spot on the
outside. In a just a few moments my juices flowed again. The lady put her
mouth to my vagina and harshly licked it up. I was clean in no time.

I was very tired now. I asked mom to be excused so I could go wash up
and then sl**p. She let me go. I washed up and then laid in my bed in
the next room. As I fell asl**p I could hear mom moan and scream, this
had been a good day.
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6 months ago
lucky girl to have a mommy and her lover teach you to have orgasms
1 year ago
very good
1 year ago
pretty intense