Sandys construction

We recently moved to the western suburbs around Chicago, into a newer sub-division. There's been a lot of construction going on and lots of construction workers hanging around. During the summer, while I was unemployed, I enjoyed watching the guys check Sandy out as they drove by. I've k**ded Sandy that I wouldn't mind seeing her take on a couple of the guys but she always tells me that most of the guys are either overweight, black, or too old to consider. We do, however, fantasize about her doing other guys while I watch. What follows is a fantasy based on our thoughts and desires.

It's been 2 years since we moved here and although construction is down a bit, there's still plenty going on in one of the sub-divisions next to us. Like I said before, I've k**ded Sandy about doing the guys on the construction crews while the k**s are at school but nothing ever came of it, until this past summer. I came home early from work one day to an empty house. I sat around waiting for someone to come home. I figured Sandy, my wife, was out shopping and would get home soon. I was there about an hour when a pickup truck pulled up into our driveway. I heard keys in the door to the garage and was surprised when I heard a male voice along with my wife's. "Hi honey, I'm home", my wife called out. "In the den sweety", I replied. My wife walked into the den accompanied by a nice looking guy, about 25 and built. She introduced him as Frank and I shook his hand. "Hi Frank, I'm Dan" "Pleased to meet you Dan", Frank replied as he stepped towards the front door. "Well, I have to get going. I'll bring those books over tomorrow Sandy, and we can go through them." Sandy smiled and let him out.

"Who was THAT?", I asked my wife. "Oh, he's working on one of the houses nearby. I asked him in to fix that spot over the fireplace." "Did he do a good job?", I asked. "OH yes..he sure did!" I noticed my wife had a pained expression on her face. "Okay, what's up?" "Umm...errr..I don't how to tell you this." "Go on, might as well spill it. I'm gonna get it out of you sooner or later, besides, we've always been honest with one another." "Well, okay......Uuummmmm, remember that fantasy we've had, well, you've had?" "Gee, which one, I have so many!!" "Don't make this more difficult than it is, honey. Anyway, you know, the one about me and other guys? Well, it's no longer a fantasy!" "WHAT? You mean you fucked another guy? When, where, who?!?!?! and why wasn't I invited?!?!" "Hey, one question at a time!", my wife smiled, knowing she had me.

"The when was this morning and afternoon. The where was one of the houses over in Plainfield Crossing and the who..well, there was Frank, who you just met, Carl, Tim, Joey and Earl." My face must have shown my extreme surprise, Sandy just smiled, "What's the matter honey? Cat got your tongue?" "Ummm...well..I...Uh..don't know what to say. I'm kind of disappointed, since I wasn't there, but my cock sure is hard thinking about it!" Sandy knelt down and took my shaft out of my shorts. "Well, let's go upstairs. I need a shower and you could use some relief. Besides, I'm sure you'd like to hear about it." I followed my wife upstairs, noticing that a continuous stream of fluid was leaking down her thighs. My wife casually wiped her thighs with her fingers and licked them clean.

In the shower, Sandy told her story. I came within the first few minutes and then took my time fucking her as she told me of her day. Since our house is new and we had a good working relationship with the builders, we've been calling them to come out and do some touch ups even though the house is out of warranty. Sandy made a call this morning, and was given the name of one of the subcontractors that worked on our house. We had a small crack over the fireplace and wanted it repaired before it caused any problems with carbon monoxide. After making the call, Sandy got dressed in shorts and a tank top and was preparing to enjoy the day gardening.

While she was outside, a pickup truck pulled up on our driveway. Sandy looked over to see a nice looking young guy get out. He approached her and introduced himself as Frank. "Hi, I'm here to look at that crack in the fireplace", he smiled as he shook my wife's hand. Sandy said she could feel his eyes on her as he followed her into the house. After showing him the crack, Sandy worked a bit in the kitchen. She told me she would catch Frank stealing glances at her as she worked, and that she was returning the favor, watching him work on the fireplace. Frank asked for a ladder so he could reach a spot high up on the wall. Sandy showed him where it was and went back to work.

While Frank worked on our fireplace, Sandy offered him something to drink. "Coke would be fine", Frank replied. Sandy poured the Coke and took it over to him. She handed him the glass and blushed, noticing a large bulge in his shorts. "I'm sorry Mam", Frank stammered, "but you look so good, even after having three k**s." Sandy felt her nipples harden under Frank's gaze. She mumbled that it was okay and turned to leave when her hand caught on the ladder. The ladder swayed wildly and Frank fell off. Sandy reached out to catch him and her hand brushed across his hardon, meanwhile, Frank reached out to catch himself and managed to grab a handful of Sandy's breasts. His hands clutched wildly at her shirt and ripped it off. "Oh, Sandy, I'm so sorry", Frank was almost in tears. "It's okay Frank, no physical harm done," Sandy replied. "Boy, would my husband love this," she mumbled. "What?", came Frank's reply. "Oh nothing, let me go change and maybe shower. It seems we've spilled Coke all over the place." Sandy went upstairs to the master bathroom and turned the shower on.

After showering and changing, Sandy went back downstairs. Frank was nowhere to be seen. There was a note on the counter top from Frank saying he was sorry and he'd get someone else to do the work. My wife called the contractor that Frank worked for and found out that his crew was at a construction site near our house. Sandy told me she wanted to make sure Frank knew that it was okay and that she wasn't mad. Sandy got directions and the address to the house under construction and drove over. She had changed to a pair of shorts and a t-shirt with a bra, so as not to cause any "problems". After a short drive over to the other subdivision, Sandy found the house and walked up to the door.

"Hello, anyone home?", Sandy called out. "In here", came the reply from the kitchen. Sandy followed the sound of the voice to the kitchen. She found the crew eating lunch on a table made from plywood and construction horses. "Hi, I was looking for Frank", Sandy said. "Frank, HEY Frank", yelled a big black guy. "There's a lady here to see you." "I'll be right down", came Frank's reply. "He'll be right down, unless you want to go up and see him." "Uh, I guess I'll go up and see him. Which room is he in?" "The bathroom, he's laying down caulk for the bathtub." Sandy climbed the stairs and went into the master bathroom. Sandy said she was so embarrassed. There was Frank frantically jerking off to one of her pictures! She said he must have taken it when he left. "Frank?". "What?'s not what you think. I'm sorry, I just....." Sandy stepped forward and took the picture from him. I've always told her how sexy she was and how much of an effect her body has on me and other guys. She just never believed me...till now. She looked at the photo. It was one of her in a pair of short shorts and a crop top. She smiled and put the picture down. She told me she was scared and nervous but decided right then and there to try out my fantasy.

She reached forward and touched Frank's cock. He moaned softly as her hand glided over his shaft. "Is this what you were thinking about?", Sandy asked, as her hand moved over his thick shaft. "Ummm..yes...I'm sorry..I just.." "Ssshhhhhhh, it's okay Frank. I" Sandy knelt down on the floor and proceeded to lick the tip of Frank's cock. She said she knew the other guys were by the door waiting to see what developed. Licking his shaft, Sandy managed to catch a glimpse of the others pulling their cocks out. She told me that right then, she made her decision to live out our fantasy.

"Frank, it seems unfair that you'll be getting all the pussy, don't you think?" Frank just moaned. "Come on in boys, and let's see if I can be the crew's lunch time snack." Within seconds, the others joined her and Frank in the bathroom. Frank made introductions. The big black guy was Earl,45, the foreman. He and Tim (his 21 year old son) were the two black guys. There was Carl, 35, and Joey, 32, rounded out the fellas. Sandy smiled and said hello. "Well, how shall we begin," Sandy asked. "Why don't you suck us off and then we'll go from there", replied Earl.

Now, there's one thing that Sandy loves to do, and that's suck cock. She told me she was hoping that they'd want her to suck them first, and felt herself getting wet. She knelt down on the floor and had the guys circle her. She felt herself getting wetter as five hard, thick cocks were presented for her pleasure. She went down on Frank first, licking his shaft down to his balls and then back again. She felt hands caressing her hair and shoulders. Next was Earl, her tongue snaking over his ebony shaft. "That feels so good missy. Ever had a black cock?" "Nope, you're my first", Sandy replied, in-between licks. "Well, your damn good at sucking, I'll tell you that!" Sandy blushed and moved on to Tim, Earl's son. His cock was about 8" long and thick as her wrist. "Oh, that feels so good. Suck my black cock bitch." Sandy wriggled a bit, being talked to like a slut makes her hot. She sucked him deep into her mouth and felt him tense. His cock juice shot into her mouth and she smiled around his shaft. "Damn boy, you sure do have a quick trigger," laughed Earl, as his son filled my wife's mouth with his cum. Tim backed out of the circle and knelt behind my wife. He reached down and started to pull my wife's shirt over her head. Carl and Joey were stationed in front of Sandy, their cocks side by side.

Sandy let Tim remove her t-shirt and then got back to work on the cocks in front of her. Carl was first, Sandy sucking his cock into her mouth. She then quickly sucked Joey into her mouth. Alternating between the two cocks, Sandy was in seventh heaven. Tim was busy with her sensitive tits. His black hands contrasting with her white skin. He would squeeze her left tit and then her right. Reaching down into her bra, he pinched her nipples, causing Sandy to moan around the cocks in her mouth. "What a hot, white slut", growled Earl. "Such a sexy cunt. I bet she'd be able to handle us all at once!", agreed Carl. "Let's find out", said Earl. Taking Sandy by the hand, Earl led her downstairs to the kitchen. Kissing her hard, Earl proceeded to remove her bra. Frank, standing behind her, unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them off, along with he panties. "Would you look at that!!! She's bald!!!", exclaimed Tim. "Hubby must like to eat a bald cunt, isn't that right sweety?", Earl asked. Sandy could only nod her head in agreement. Earl ran his finger over her slit. "Damn, she's hot," said Earl, as Sandy tried to hump his finger. "Carl, Frank, clean off our 'table'", said Earl. Quickly throwing things on the floor, Carl and Frank cleared the table. "Sandy, why don't you hop up here and get comfy", said Tim. Sandy meekly complied and got up on the makeshift table.

Earl positioned her on the edge of the table and had the guys form a line. Sandy leaned back and watched as Earl approached her with his hard cock. He rubbed the head against her pussy, causing her to moan loudly. "Here it comes lady, Enjoy!", moaned Earl, as he pushed his long cock into her cunt. Sandy came immediately. She wrapped her arms around Earl and fucked his cock violently. Earl continued to fuck her, then quickly pulled out. "Noooooooooo," moaned Sandy, as Earl stepped away. "Next", he said, and Carl moved forward and pushed his way into her pussy. "Oh yeah, baby, fuck me", moaned Sandy. The remaining guys were jockeying for position. Joey was next. He pushed his thick cock into my wife's bald cunt. Her juices were flowing freely as she came again. "Man, this bitch is hot!", exclaimed Tim, as he took his turn in my wife's pussy. For the next half hour the guys took turns fucking Sandy on the table. Her pussy was awash in her juices, staining the plywood under her ass. "This is getting uncomfortable guys", Sandy said, "Besides, I can only get to one of you at a time." The guys quickly agreed and helped Sandy off the table. Sandy noticed some moving blankets in the living room and suggested they move there. The guys quickly agreed and spread out a couple of the blankets.

Sandy positioned herself on her back and had the guys circle her again. Earl went for her mouth and she sucked and licked his shaft. Tim chose her pussy and started to fuck his black shaft into her cunt. Joey and Carl each took a hand and had Sandy jerk them off. Frank chose to titty fuck Sandy and moved over her chest. Sandy licked the head of his prick when it came near her lips and began to cum again, as Tim fucked her cunt and Frank pinched her nipples. "Christ I'm gonna cum", exclaimed Joey. "Me too", added Carl. Sandy aimed their spurting shafts at her tits. She moaned around Earl's dark shaft as the first spurts of cum hit her tits. Frank moaned and emptied his balls onto her neck and face. Earl, seeing the others cum on my wife's tits, started jerking himself off. Sandy licked his balls as he added his load to Frank's, Carl's and Joey's. The guys moved off of her and let Tim finish fucking her. Looking down, Tim watched as Sandy rubbed the guys cum into her flesh. Moaning loudly, Tim filled my wife with his spunk. Sandy pulled the young black man's face down to her's and kissed him deeply. "Thank you", she softly sighed. "No, THANK YOU!", replied Tim. Tim got off of Sandy and stood up. The guys watched my wife play with herself. She was scooping cum onto her fingers and licking them clean. The guys rubbed their cocks in the cum and offered it to my sexy wife. She licked them all clean and proceeded to finger herself to another orgasm.

As my wife told me her story, I was busy fucking her silly in the shower. I must have cum three times while she told me of her wild morning and afternoon. I played with her tits, which, just a few hours before were covered in other men's cum. I imagined myself licking her spunk covered titties clean or adding my load to the construction crew's. We finally finished our shower and as we got dressed, she told me the rest of her tale.

Watching my wife pleasure herself, the guys were coming back to life. Frank knelt by my wife's head and offered his cock. Sandy lovingly licked the head of his prick and moved down to his balls. Sucking first one and then the other into her mouth, Sandy gave Frank's balls a bath. Joey also moved to Sandy's head and offered his cock to her. She gave him the same attention that Frank was getting. Reaching up, she took both shafts in her hands and placed them head to head. Licking the sensitive undersides of the shafts, Sandy proceeded to blow both guys.

While she was busy sucking Joey and Frank, Earl was busy playing with her pussy. Sandy's hips rotated slowly, as Earl played with her pussy. He ran his fingers up and down the opening, watching his son's cum ooze out. Occasionally he would brush her clit, sending shock waves through her body. Tim, having cum twice already, was content with playing with Sandy's cum covered breasts. He was joined by Carl. The two of them fondled and pinched her tits. Earl noticed that Sandy's movements were becoming more spasmodic and he proceeded to rub her clit. Sandy moaned loudly and came. She ground her pussy against Earl's fingers, as her pussy contracted. "I got to get more of this sexy white bitch's cunt", growled Earl, as he turned Sandy over and positioned her on all fours.

Joey and Frank positioned themselves in front of my wife's face and fed her cock. Earl rubbed his dark, thick shaft against my wife's puffy pussy lips, eliciting a moan. "Here is comes my hot sexy white cunt." Sandy screamed in pleasure as Earl pushed himself into her in one quick motion. Grabbing her sexy hips, Earl pounded my wife's pussy with long, deep strokes. Sandy said it felt he had a baseball bat and was fucking her with it. Joey and Frank, seeing a rhythm develop, alternately stuck their cocks in my wife's mouth. She had a hard time sucking them, as Earl's fucking made her come continuously. Finally, she concentrated on Frank's shaft and sucked him deeply into her mouth. Tim and Carl were busy milking her tits. Sandy said she couldn't believe how much pleasure she was getting. Tim and Carl finally moved under her and sucked on her tits. She came violently, followed closely by Frank in her mouth and Earl in her cunt.

As soon as Frank and Earl pulled out of her, Joey and Carl took their place. Joey chose her cunt and started to fuck her hard. Carl grabbed her head and pulled her onto his cock. Fucking her face, Carl groaned loudly and emptied himself in her sexy mouth. He had so much cum, most of it leaked out of her lips and onto her chin. Watching his friend cum in my wife's mouth set Joey off. He plunged deeply into her womb and emptied his balls into her. Feeling the guys cum, Sandy collapsed onto the blankets, cum leaking from her mouth and pussy. The guys were pretty much fucked out by then and Sandy said she needed to get back to the house to shower before picking up the k**s. The guys thanked her again and Frank offered to drive her back. She told me that Frank was very apologetic about the whole incident back at the house. She told him not to worry, that she had enjoyed herself immensely. She jerked him off on the ride over to our house and swallowed his cum when he came.

I kissed my wife and thanked her for finally coming around to my point of view. I told her I wasn't mad and loved her more than ever. She was relieved I wasn't mad about not being there to witness the fun and promised to include me the next time she met any new friends. I look forward to it!!It had been about

2 weeks since my wife's first multi- partner sex adventure. She had been trying to get Frank to come back out to finish fixing the chimney but either her calls to his company were not returned or she got the run around. Finally, after she became completely frustrated, I called the company and talked with the owner. Fred, the owner, said he was sorry no one got back to us sooner, but he'd been swamped with work orders and a shortage of men to complete the jobs. He apologized profusely and agreed to come out with the crew to finish the job. He said he was looking forward to meeting Sandy and as I hung up the phone, I realized word must have gotten out about Sandy's little lunch time fun. "This will be very interesting," I thought to myself as I placed the phone down.

"Did you finally get through to them?", asked Sandy, as she walked into the room. "Oh yeah, they'll be out later this week. I talked with the owner, Fred, and he said either Friday or Saturday." "Good, I'll feel a hell of a lot safer using the fireplace, once it's been fixed.", replied my wife. "Oh don't worry, it's a small crack. I doubt it would have caused any problems." "This coming from 'Mr. Fix-it'," my wife teased. "Why you little..." I chased Sandy up the stairs to the bedroom. I caught up with her and we fell on the bed.

After making love, I asked her a question I had since I hung up with Fred. "Honey, would you be interested in repeating your performance?", I asked. " want to do it again? So soon?", she giggled in response. "No, well yes..but I mean from 2 weeks ago with Frank and the other guys from the construction crew." "I don't know. I mean I'd like to do it, but, well so soon after last time." I was playing with her pussy and felt her get wetter. "Hmmmm...your pussy seems to like the idea.", I commented. "I didn't say it wasn't exciting!", she exclaimed. "Well, at least this time I'd get to watch and the thought of you servicing 4 or more guys is pretty damn exciting to me too!", I replied, leading her hand down to my throbbing cock. "Okay, your on!", replied Sandy, as she lowered her head to my cock. I came within seconds, thinking of my sexy wife servicing her construction friends.

I left Sandy upstairs asl**p and went back down and called Fred. I told him Friday would be okay but that Saturday would be even better. He agreed on Saturday and said he and his crew would get to our house about 11 A.M. I agreed on the time and told him I'd see him then. The rest of the week flew by and Saturday finally arrived. Sandy was quite nervous all Saturday morning. I told her not to worry, that she and the crew knew an awful lot about one another already. She smiled and kissed me gently. "Where'd I get you?", she asked. "Don't you remember? It was at that college mixer. Everyone at the table switched partners." She slapped me playfully and went to take her shower.

At 11:30, the doorbell rang. I answered the door and was greeted by four black men. "Hi, I'm Fred", said the tall heavyset owner. I shook his hand and invited them in. "I brought my best men", said Fred, as he introduced Earl and Tim and Jason. I shook each man's hand and told Earl and Tim I had heard a lot of good things about them. They both smiled and said they looked forward to doing more work for Sandy and me. I grinned broadly and led them to the fireplace. "This shouldn't take too long", said Fred, as he looked at the crack above our fireplace. "Tim, Jason, you two go out and get the ladders and drop cloths. Earl and I will check things out here." The 2 younger men went out to get the supplies while Earl and Fred checked out the fireplace.

"So where's the Mrs.?", asked Earl, as I sat down and turned on the TV. "She's upstairs, getting ready to go out." Earl's face sagged a little as he thought he wasn't going to get any today from Sandy. Tim and Jason soon returned with the equipment and the guys got to work. I was flipping through the channels on the TV and stopped on a college cheerleading contest. "Man, that's really somethin', the way those girls can spread em.", said Jason, as he watched the TV. Tim quickly agreed, as I did too. "They're not the only ones!", came a voice from the kitchen.

"Hi hon!", I called out as Sandy walked into the f****y room. I could hear an audible gasp come from over near the fireplace. Sandy was wearing a green crop top and a short, tight black skirt. I watched our worker friends admire my wife's body. Sandy walked straight up to Earl and gave him a kiss on the cheek. She did the same for Tim. I noticed a bulge in Earl's pants. "Now Dan, don't be a rude host, introduce me to these other fine gentlemen" I stood up and introduced Fred and Jason. Sandy shook both their hands and gave them light pecks on the cheek. "Dan kind of lied a little bit when he said I was going out. I'm staying in. I guess you could call me the payoff for a job well done." I heard Earl and Tim groan. I smiled to myself, "This is going to be a great afternoon."

Sandy stayed out of sight for about an hour, allowing the guys to finish their prep work and the first coat of cement. I invited the guys to sit down on the couch and have a beer. They'd been working pretty hard since Sandy came down. I offered to get the beer but Sandy called out that she'd get it. She mumbled something about being "The Hostess with the Mostest" and when she walked into the f****y room, I quickly agreed. Sandy had changed her black skirt and put on her old Pom Pom skirt. The skirt was way too short (she'd worn it in high school) but she sure did look fine in it. As she handed out the beers, she took her time in front of each guy, letting them get a good look at her legs and breasts. Her nipples were poking against the crop top and she was breathing quite heavily. Each man lingered his touch as Sandy handed him a can. By the time she reached the end of the couch, her knees were a little weak. As she handed Fred his can she fell into his lap. She apologized for spilling his beer, but Fred quickly stopped her protests by kissing her lips. They tongue kissed for a minute or so, Fred running his hands up and down my wife's body. My cock was throbbing and I just about came in my pants when Sandy stood up and said, "I've had this fantasy...."

We were all ears as Sandy told us about her fantasy. "Dan and I started dating in college. He's always been up-front about seeing me with another guy or two or three. I have to admit that I find it quite exciting too and until 2 weeks ago had been adamant about keeping it a fantasy. Thanks to Earl and Tim and a few other guys, I've made that fantasy come true. I want to live out a few more. Since I was a Pom Pon girl in high school, I've wanted to be ravished by the football or basketball team. I've imagined myself servicing the team as compensation for winning the big game." I leaned over and whispered in Tim's ear. He quickly agreed and we went down to the basement. We soon returned with an old coffee table. I positioned it in the middle of the f****y room floor. I led Sandy over to the table and had her sit down. I turned to the four black men and smiled. "Looks like our cheerleader has arrived! She's even sitting on the bench in the locker room, just waiting for us to use her." The four men smiled and started to strip.

"Wait!", exclaimed Sandy, "Just get down to your underwear. I want to service my studs just before they shower." The guys quickly stripped down to their shorts and surrounded Sandy. "Well, look here b*****rs, it's one of the prim and prissy bitches come to pay her respects to her conquering heroes," growled Fred as he and the others approached Sandy. "Is that right, little white girl? Have you come to offer your thanks for a job well done?", added Earl. Tim and Jason looked like they were ready to come, but quickly joined in the taunting. "She sure looks good enough to fuck", said Tim. "I want her to suck my black cock. I hope you like the taste of cum, little bitch, cuz I have plenty to give you", added Jason. Jason grabbed Sandy's head and pulled her to his crotch. "Come on, eat me!", he screamed at her. Sandy began to pull his shorts down when Fred stopped her. "Oh no, boy, seniors get first dibs and since Earl and I are seniors, you lower classmen will just have to wait your turn." The two younger guys sat down on the couch and pulled their cocks out. Sandy watched in awe as Jason released his shaft. It was a good 12" long and thick. Her mouth started to water. "Don't worry cunt, you'll get your lips on his shaft soon enough. But right now you have to get down to the job at hand.", said Fred, as he pulled his shorts down.

Sandy moaned loudly as Fred's cock came into view. It also was a full 12" long but thicker than Jason's. "That's right my little white bitch. Daddy's got a nice thick cock for your sexy white mouth to suck. Make sure you do a good job and maybe I'll let you fuck it!" Sandy went to work on Fred's long member. She licked up and down his ebony shaft, paying special attention to the head. Her hands stroked his shaft as she put the head of his cock into her mouth. "Oh yeah, baby, suck my cock. Your mouth is so hot!", Fred groaned, as Sandy worked more of his shaft into her mouth.

While Fred was busy with my wife's mouth, Earl had moved behind her. He knelt down and proceeded to pinch and fondle her tits. Sandy moaned around Fred's shaft as Earl played with her tits. "You like that, don't ya honey?", whispered Earl. "Oh yeah, play with my titties", sighed Sandy, as Earl fondled her more. "Hey Bitch!!! You're supposed to be sucking, not talking", exclaimed Fred. Sandy quickly wrapped her lips around his shaft and sucked him deeper into her mouth. Earl stood up and removed his shorts. He moved next to Fred. "Yeah, that's it Earl. She can suck us both!" Earl moved into position and Sandy switched cocks. Earl's cock disappeared into Sandy's hungry mouth. "Oh yeah honey, just like I remembered it", moaned Earl as Sandy sucked his shaft. I just sat back and jerked myself off to my second orgasm.

As Fred and Earl enjoyed my wife's mouth, Tim and Jason were getting antsy on the couch. Soon, the two young black studs joined their older counterparts by my wife. Sandy soon had four black cocks staring her in the face. She smiled and went from one to the other, sucking each shaft into her mouth. On her third trip through, Jason tensed up and shot his load into Sandy's mouth. Sandy gulped down as much as she could, and let the rest drip down her chin. Jason was soon followed by Tim and Earl and Fred. Each man emptied his balls into my wife's waiting mouth. I watched as Sandy licked each cock clean while looking each guy in the eyes.

The fivesome soon changed positions. My wife moved to the end of the table. Tim and Jason moved to her sides and began to play with her tits. Earl fed her his cock, while Fred knelt between her legs. Rubbing his hands up and down my wife's legs, Fred talked to her. "God, what a sexy white cunt you are. You're gonna like my cock in your pussy, love. Are you ready to get the shit fucked out of you?" Sandy nodded her approval and Fred pulled out a knife. "Got to get rid of those panties bitch", he growled, as he used the knife to slit my wife's panties. She moaned loudly as the cool knife touched her skin. "That's better", he said, as he positioned the head of his giant cock against her slit.

The three others stopped what they were doing to watch Fred fuck my wife. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down her slit, causing Sandy to moan. "You like that white cunt? You want to feel me fuck you? Beg your black daddy to fuck your cunt. Come on, beg me bitch!" "Oh please, fuck me Fred. Fuck me with your thick black shaft. Make my white cunt cum. Please!!!" Fred pushed the massive head of his cock into Sandy. "Ohhhh fuck....yeah...fuck me Fred. Fuck me with your dark missile.", Sandy gushed, as Fred pushed more of his meat into her. "Man, bitch, you are tight, wet and hot. Geez, is she primed!!", exclaimed Fred, as he pushed more of his cock into her. Finally, balls deep, he pulled Sandy to him and kissed her hard. That was all Sandy needed. She came, and came hard. Her arms and legs wrapped around Fred's body. Her hips gyrated wildly as her orgasm started. Fred stood up, Sandy impaled on his dark shaft, and walked around in front of me. "You have one hell of a wife motherfucker", he grinned at me, as Sandy continued her gyrations on his cock. I grinned back and said, "You bet your ass. Fuck her, fuck my hot, wet, white wife with your cock." Fred pulled Sandy off his shaft and then plunged her back down on it. "My pleasure!", he leered at me. Sandy was coming continuously, coating Fred's cock and balls with her juices. She mumbled incoherently, as she came over and over. The other three black studs were adding their encouragement. "Fuck that white pussy, Fred. What a hot cunt. Man, I can't wait to get my turn!" After about 10 to 15 minutes of hard fucking, Fred told Sandy he was going to cum. "Where do you want it?, he asked. "Between my tits", replied Sandy.

Fred carried Sandy back to the table. Laying her on her back, Fred straddled her chest. Sandy lifted her shirt and trapped Fred's ebony shaft between her tits. "Ohhhhhh..that feels so sexy Fred. Your hard black shaft between my tits" Fred grunted twice and I saw a dark stain appear on Sandy's shirt. "Oh yeah Fred, sperm my titties. Your cum is so hot and sticky. Feels so good." Fred was soon spent. He got up off of Sandy and presented his cock to her for cleaning. Sandy licked the head and shaft clean. "Next", she said.

Tim and Earl moved into position, straddling Sandy's head. Jason moved between her legs and pushed his long shaft against her pussy. "Mmmm...oh baby, fuck me. Fuck me please!", Sandy pleaded, as Jason teased her cunt. "You bet your sexy white ass", he returned, pushing his long cock into her. Sandy's hips bucked off the table as Jason picked up his rhythm. He slammed into her repeatedly, his balls slapping her ass. Meanwhile, Sandy was busy licking and sucking on Tim's and Earl's cocks. The sounds of sex filled the air. Jason's cock and Sandy's pussy making wet sucking sounds. Sandy's moans could be heard between her licks and sucks. Soon, Jason announced he was going to cum. Sandy pleaded with him to add his cum to Fred's. Jason quickly straddled my wife's chest and added his cum to Fred's. Tim and Earl soon followed, wetting the outside of my wife's top with their cum. Her pale green crop top was now a dark green. She looked so sexy laying there, her hands rubbing the black men's creme into her chest and shirt. She would occasionally lick her fingers clean, as she played with her tits. The guys fell back onto the couch, exhausted. I continued to play with myself, coming for the fourth time. I smiled contentedly. Sandy sat up, "Who's ready for a beer?"

All the guys, including myself, requested a beer. Sandy looked very sexy passing out the brews, her crop top soaked with cum. After passing out the beer Sandy said she was going upstairs to take a shower. The guys thanked her profusely for the fuck. Sandy smiled and replied, "It was definitely my pleasure. Oh, and by the way, we're not done yet!" She walked to the stairs, lifted her top and went upstairs. The guys complimented me on my sexy wife. "Thanks, it's been really fun to see her open up like this.", I replied. Fred took a look at the fireplace and told the others it was time to finish up. They went back to work and applied the seal coat to the fireplace. I went upstairs to check on Sandy.

Sandy was just getting out of the shower when I stepped into the bathroom. "My, my, my, do you look sexy", I said as I hugged her. "Why, thank you sir", she smiled back. "So, what are you planning on wearing to top the cheerleader look?" "Oh, nothing, I think I'm gonna be naked anyway, so why bother getting dressed." My cock was getting hard again. "Gee, honey, are we excited?" "Damn straight I am! You looked so fucking sexy sucking those black shafts. I came four times and watching those cocks stretch your pussy. God, I love you!" Sandy knelt down and sucked my aching cock into her mouth. She worked my cock deeper into her mouth, finally my balls brushed up against her chin. When she grabbed my ass and pulled me closer, I came. What little cum I had left spurted into her. She withdrew my shaft and looked up at me. I lifted her and kissed her, tasting my sperm as our tongues met. "Ummm...we're done downstairs", came a voice from the doorway.

Sandy and I looked over to see Tim standing in the doorway. He was soon joined by the rest of the crew. "Come on in guys. I was just thanking Dan for allowing me to explore some new territory." The four guys entered our bedroom. They complimented Sandy on her figure and thanked her again for the fun they had before. "Like I said guys, it was MY pleasure. But you know what I'd like now?" The guys shook their heads no. "I think I'd like to be tied up and used like a fuck slut. Do you boys think you'd like that? To fuck me and use me like the slut I am?" Earl and Fred stepped forward and grabbed Sandy by the arms. "Come on cunt. Let's get down to some serious fucking!", Fred commanded, as he and Earl led Sandy to the bed.

I quickly grabbed some of my old ties. "Here, use these. That way she won't give us any trouble.", I said, as I tossed the ties to Earl. Sandy let out a moan. "Oh yea, tie me up. Use me, fuck me!", she cried out. My cock was hard again (well semi- hard anyway, I'm not as young as I used to be), and the other guys were hard too. Sandy put up a fake struggle as Earl tied her hands to the bed posts and Fred did her ankles. Soon, my beautiful, sexy wife was tied spread eagle to our bed. Her bald pussy was showing signs of excitement. Her pussy lips were puffy and red, her juices starting to flow. The guys spent the next half-hour driving Sandy crazy. They were massaging her legs and arms and were taking turns sucking on her sensitive tits. They were getting more and more excited, leaving little love bites all over her body.

Finally, Sandy couldn't take it anymore. "Please, oh god, please someone fuck me. Make me cum." Earl and Fred got off the bed and motioned to Tim and Jason to do the honors. I got out our video camera and digital camera. I wanted to make sure to record this event for future viewing pleasure. I set up the video camera on a tripod and got ready to take some photos.

Tim moved between my wife's outstretched legs. "If it's fucking you want, it's fucking you get", he growled at her, as he pushed his 8" cock into her slowly. Sandy's hips ground against him, as he pushed more of his cock into her. Jason was offering his massive tool to my wife's willing mouth. She licked and sucked on the head and the shaft, moaning around Jason's cock, as Tim began to fuck her harder. "Oh yea, that's it, fuck me. Oh make me cum. I'm feeling so fucking hot. Please, Timmy, make me cum." Tim was now pounding Sandy's pussy hard. He withdrew his cock and asked Jason to trade places. Jason, who was more than willing, quickly got between Sandy's legs, and, in one quick motion, buried his cock in my wife.

That was all Sandy needed. She came hard, her hips bucked wildly off the bed and her wails filled the air. "Ohhhh Christ! Fuck me, oh baby oh baby ooooohhhhh baaaaaabbbyyyyyyy!" I got behind the fucking couple and snapped off some quick pictures. I knew I'd be jerking off to these for the rest of my life. Here was my sexy white wife, with a 12" monster black cock stretching her pussy. I noticed Jason's ass cheeks clinch and knew he was filling her with his cum. I focused in on her pussy and snapped a couple more shots of Jason's cum flowing out around his cock. Spent, Jason rolled off my wife. Tim quickly took his place and began to fuck my wife. Fred and Earl took positions on either side of Sandy's head and fed her their cocks. Sandy sucked at both of them while she continued her orgasms. Tim soon added his load to Jason's and got off the bed. "I think it's time we changed the whores position, don't you Earl?", grinned Fred. "Yea, I think she needs some doggy style action", agreed Earl.

The guys untied Sandy and positioned her on all fours. She was weak from orgasming so much so they had to hold her up. Earl sat in front by her face and Fred moved behind her. Sandy smiled at her reflection in the mirror and got to work on Earl's tool. She slobbered all over the shaft and head and began to deep throat him. Fred, meanwhile, was busy attending to Sandy's cunt. He rubbed his tool over her pussy lips and popped the head inside. Sandy's hips began to rotate immediately. Fred pushed more of his cock into her and Sandy's concentration on Earl's tool wavered. I could hear a guttural moan start deep in her throat. Sandy loves it doggy style and she was about to get the fucking of her life from Fred's 12" cock.

Fred slid more of his ebony shaft into Sandy. Sandy forgot about Earl's cock and concentrated on her pussy. "What's the matter bitch, never had a big cock from behind?", Earl sneered, as he f***ed my wife's head back to his shaft. Tim and Jason moved to either side of my wife and were fondling her tits and pinching her nipples. Finally, Fred had worked all of his shaft into my wife. He stopped moving and allowed my wife to feel the pleasure of being filled up with his cock. Her hips began to rotate again, her breathing fast and shallow.

Fred began to pump her again, slowly. On each pump, he would withdraw his cock further. Within a couple of minutes, he was pumping her fast with all 12". Sandy was wild with desire. She was swallowing Earl's shaft to the balls. Her hips gyrated wildly and when Tim and Jason applied their lips to her nipples, she again came f***efully. Fred picked up his pace when he felt Sandy's cunt clamp down on him. Earl got the surprise of his life when Sandy, choking on his cock in orgasm, flicked her tongue over his ball sack. Earl came, flooding my sexy wife's mouth with his sperm. She quickly removed his cock from her mouth and was rewarded with a face full of semen. I snapped off a couple more photos of her cum drenched face. Sandy was mumbling incoherently as her orgasm intensified. "Fuck me motherfucker. Oh fuck, feels so good Fred. Fuck my white hot pussy. Ohhhhh Geez ohhhhhh gooooooooddddddddddddddddddd.", screamed Sandy, as her legs finally gave out.

Falling face first into the mattress, Sandy continued to orgasm violently. Fred, momentarily surprised when Sandy's cunt popped off his cock, moved up and positioned the head of his cock against my wife's willing cunt. Little did he realize, he was about to get the ride of a life time. Sandy and I discovered in our lovemaking, that if I took her from behind, while she was lying on the bed, I'd hit her G-spot. She always comes violently when I fuck her like this. Fred was about to discover that too. As he pushed into her, Sandy let out a long wail. She kept screaming out "Oh god, Oh god!" as Fred pushed his shaft into her. Her whole body shook with orgasm, as Fred picked up his rhythm and fucked her hard. Sandy's body thrashed about like a fish on dry land. Fred had a hard time staying on top of her. Finally, he pushed his cock into her and held it there. He lay on top of her and kissed and bit her neck.

"You like that, don't you white bitch?", he asked her. "Oh fuck yes!", came Sandy's reply. "Tell me how much you like it cunt. Tell me how much you like my black shaft in your white cunt. Your hubby sure is enjoying it. He must have come another 4 times. I don't think there's any cum left in his nuts, but, I got plenty of cum in my balls baby. Do you want it?" Sandy's only response was a low moan into the pillows. "Well, do you want my dark seed baby? Hmmm? Come on, tell your black daddy you want his cum in your white cunt. Beg for it!", he whispered in her ear. "Oh please, cum in me. Please, I'm begging you. I want to feel your cum spray my walls. Oh Christ! Fuck me, cum in me you black bastard!"

Fred pulled Sandy's head back by the hair. "Look in the mirror bitch! Look how excited and horny you are. You're nothing but a fuck slut aren't you? Say it! Tell me how much of a slut for black cock you are!" Sandy's body began to shake again. "I'm a horny slut, I LOVE the feel of your black shaft in me. I can't get enough of it! Fuck me, fuck me and fill my aching cunt with your sperm!" That was it for Sandy, she came again, her body spasmed violently, as Fred fucked her cunt with all his strength. "Here it comes bitch! Im gonna splash your hot cunt with my cum."

With one final lunge, Fred drove the entire length of his cock into my wife. "Oh god, oh god, I can feel it! I can feel you emptying your balls into me. Ohhhhhh gooooooodddddddddd", Sandy screamed out. Her arms and legs flailed wildly. Her hips thrust up to meet Fred's thrusting cock. Her orgasm lasted about 30 seconds and then she feel silent. Fred lay on top of her, kissing her neck and shoulders. "I think she's had it.", I said, as Fred slowly slid off of her. Sandy lay face down, her legs slightly spread, Fred's cum oozing out of her. "Is she gonna be okay?", asked a worried Fred. "Oh yea, she'll be alright. I don't think I've ever seen her cum that much in one session.", I quickly replied. "I've never seen ANYONE come like that", Earl added in amazement. "You sure are one lucky motherfucker", he added. I just smiled and thanked the guys again for my fantasy fulfillment. "Talk about your memories to last a lifetime", said Jason, as he stopped the videotape. I laughed and took the camera from him.

I offered the guys the use of the shower and they quickly agreed. I was amazed at how much punishment Sandy took. She looked so fucking sexy. After the guys showered, they packed up their gear and I offered them another beer. They agreed and I ran upstairs to check on Sandy. I found her in the bathtub.

"The guys leave yet?", she asked. "No, they finished up the fireplace and are drinking another beer." "Good, I wanted to thank them again for all the fun and was afraid I missed them." I bent down and gave Sandy a kiss. "Thanks babe, I love you.", I said to her. "Oh no! Thank you! When you said you'd be excited about seeing me with other guys, you weren't k**ding! I just never believed it!" I kissed her again and went back downstairs.

"Sandy okay?", asked Earl. "Yes, she said to stick around, she wanted to say a quick thanks." "No problem," the guys responded in unison. Sandy came down about a half-hour later. She wasn't wearing a top but did have on a pair of jeans. The guys wolf whistled and Sandy kind of blushed. "Why thank you gents", she said. "Now, there's one more fantasy I want to enjoy. Only this one is Dan's. I want you guys to form a half- circle about me. I'm gonna blow each one of you and when you cum, I want it to be on my tits." The guys didn't seem to have a problem with that, so we got started.

Sandy knelt down and had me kneel behind her. "Ready honey?", she asked. I nodded my head and she began. She called the guys over one by one. Tim and Earl were first. She sucked them off and they came on her titties. She had me hold them and I could feel the guys cum as it dripped off her chin and neck onto her tits. Jason was next and I watched as Sandy took him deep into her mouth. He came pretty quickly and added a big load to her tits. Finally, it was Fred's turn. Sandy moaned, remembering the fucking his cock gave her. She took her time with Fred and had him to the brink several times. Finally, she wrapped her lips around the head and both her hands around the shaft. Jerking him slowly, she reached down and tongued his balls. Fred's cock jerked once, then once again. Sandy aimed the head at her tits and my hands. Fred groaned loudly and let loose with his load. Even after coming so many times with my wife, his load was big. He painted her tits and nipples with his sticky cum. After he was done, Sandy leaned forward and cleaned the head of his cock with her tongue. "Thanks again guys, we'll have to do this again some time", Sandy said. The guys thanked her again and left.

Sandy leaned back against me. "Is that sticky enough for you?", she asked, as I rubbed the cum into her skin. "Christ, that was sexy", I moaned in reply. She took one of my hands in hers and proceeded to lick it. I spun her around on my lap and kissed her, tasting cum. "Time for a cleanup", she said, and pushed my face into her cum covered tits. We spent the next half-hour cleaning her tits of cum. Then we spent the rest of the night making love.

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fucking fantastic
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i love sandy
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sooo fab! x
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that was very hot wish it was me
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That was hot