Dave's Wife, Carol Becomes a Complete Slut to

My name is Carol and I'm married to a real wimp of a man called Dave.
I'll just explain that my husband was a real disappointment to me in the sex department and that as a result I became the slut-slave of my boss for approximately three years. It was exciting as he drew me deeper and deeper into a maze of sexual encounters with clients and his business associates, When he left town due to a company promotion, I was devastated. So much so that I quit my job. By that time Dave had taken on a better paying job with the construction company he was with. When he started with them he was hired on as a laborer. But he was so puny and weak that his construction foreman wasn't very happy with his work. His foreman convinced the company accountant to give Dave a chance to do some extra work required in the office. It was fortunate for the foreman because he got rid of a weakling trying to do a job as a strong laborer and it was fortunate for Dave because it turned out he had a real aptitude for office work. He started doing the company scheduling of construction jobs and was quickly promoted with a decent enough pay that I could afford to stop working for a while.

It was nice that Dave finally found something he could do well enough to get a decent paycheck. But, he was as sorry as ever in the sack. After experiencing some really great sexual thrills with my former boss Jack, I wasn't about to settle back for a sub-par performer like David. Certainly as I had no respect for my husband and his inability to keep me sexually satisfied, I knew I'd be on the prowl to find someone new in my life. Thank God, I didn't have to wait very long. I meet Karl at my husband's company's Christmas party. Karl was tall, good looking and I really enjoyed the way that he looked me over.

Of course I dressed well for the occasion in a very sexy short black mini-dress with a deliciously low scoop neckline. I wore plenty of sexy make- up, my 4" heels, and a half bra that practically pushed my sexy tits out of my dress. Dave begged me not to go to his company party that way telling me how someone might get the wrong idea. I laughed at him and told him most likely someone would get the RIGHT idea. And as I said, Karl took the bait from the moment I walked into the dance hall where the party was being held. He asked me to dance with him as soon as my husband had made the introductions. He said, "Well if Dave doesn't mind, I'd like to have this dance." I replied that Dave doesn't mind WHATEVER I do and Karl kinda chuckled at Dave's laid back attitude toward his wife as we went out onto the dance floor. With very little encouragement from me Karl began to have his hands all over my ass and even slipped his hands under my backless dress until they were riding on my bare ass. When he caught Dave looking at us he started to pull back and I told him not to worry. That as far as Dave was concerned, I had him where I wanted him and that for now I wanted him watching a really sexy man like Karl treating his woman the way a women is supposed to be treated.

Karl got the idea quickly and it wasn't more than three or four more dances that he invited me out to his van for a "smoke" When we got inside I left no room for doubt and immediately crawled in the back unzipping my dress as I did. He was magnificent with his 9" cock (about twice the size of my husband's) and I fucked him every way imaginable that very first night we were together. I didn't make up much of an excuse when i came back into the dance. When David asked me where I'd been I simply smiled and said, "Why darling, I just took a little walk to clear my head because its so stuffy in here. I'm sure he understood where I'd been but he was much to much of a wimp to push the issue.

The next week Karl and I set up a date to get together when we knew Dave would be at work. Karl took an afternoon off and made slow sensual love to me all afternoon. I loved it especially since we were making love in the bed that Dave and I share. When Karl spotted the picture of me and Dave at our wedding on the bedroom dresser he became a little upset. I told him to fuck it and that those wedding vows didn't mean anything to me. Karl sort of chuckled and said that's a good idea. I asked him what he meant and he said, "Its a good idea to FUCK it, the picture that is." I still didn't catch what he meant until I gave him a blow job. Instead of cumming down my throat like usual he grabbed our wedding picture just as he was ready to explode and cummed ALL OVER IT. I had to laugh at his boldness and I decided to leave the cum all over it hoping that my husband would see it.

David didn't notice the picture that night when he came home, so i decided to get to him in another way! I told him that Karl felt like such a man when we danced. I told him that I could feel his big meat rubbing against me when we danced and that I'd bet anything Karl's cock was twice the size of David's. I cajoled and embarrassed him so much that he finally agreed to try and check David's cock size out in the men's room the next day! I can just imagine how weird he looked to Karl as he stared at Karl's big dong. My poor bastard husband had to keep close to Karl all morning to wait for him to finally go to the john. When Karl noticed Dave staring at his cock, he told him, "I know you can't help admiring it, Davey boy. I'm sure that you wished you had one like this to fuck your wife with instead of that little 4 1/2 incher you have!" Karl later told me that Dave just kind of hung his head in shame and backed out of the stall without saying a word.

Karl and I continued to date whenever Dave went out of town or whenever we could arrange it. He fucked me in the ass, he made me give him long blow jobs as he pulled my hair and told me what a slut-bitch I was. And I LOVED it. Dave will never understand that I NEED to be treated rough and talked to like a dirty whore. It didn't take Karl long to recognize how much I needed his strong hand. It also didn't take him long to start talking about this really slutty cunty wife he was fucking to all his co-workers. Naturally it got back to David and even though he certainly isn't a rocket scientist, I'm sure that even Dave figured out the slutty wife that Karl was talking about was me! But again being the wimp he is, he avoided talking to me about it.

Until, finally one night when he returned from a business trip, he noticed all the "stuff" on our wedding picture. Karl gave the picture a cum bath about once a week as our continuing private joke and so he had just cummed all over it earlier in the day and it was still fresh and runny! When he asked me what was on the picture, I gave an evil laugh and told him the truth. Most husbands would have been infuriated but not my wimpy husband Dave. As a matter of fact as I started telling him all the nasty details of my affair with Karl he got sexually excited. I played on his fantasies making him harder and harder until I told him to take out his little cock to play with. I continued to get him excited telling him how Karl took me like a REAL MAN and that he f***ed his big 9" of meat up my ass as well as my wet pussy. Finally I got him so excited that the juices were coming up his scrotum. But just before he emptied his load I grabbed the wedding picture and placed it under his little weenie. He couldn't stop and went off all over our wedding picture. I laughed out loud as I told him. "I guess Karl is right, it is a pretty fucked up wedding picture isn't it!" Just to add to his humiliation I had him lick the picture clean before replacing back on the dresser.

Since Dave was now aware of my sexual activities with Karl, I figured I might as well allow him to participate in my wanton activities. The next day I called Karl and asked him to come over for supper. I took a lot of delight in selecting my cloths and asking Dave if this would be the kind of sexy clothing that Karl would like to see me in. I enjoyed watching him squirm as he'd answer with a reluctant, "Yea, I guess so." He wasn't fooling me any though because I noticed that all the while i was goading him about looking forward to Karl taking me in front of him that his little puny cock was as hard as I've ever seen it.

Karl surprised us me by coming to dinner with a black male friend of his. Although surprised I was delighted. The more the marrier was my attitude. Besides in all the sexual encounters I had previously with my boss and his clients, I had never had a threesome and I was sexually excited about what fun I could have with jack and Karl as my wimpy husband would look on and play with his little limp 4 1/2" dick. I'm going to save the rest of that evening for my 3rd chapter to you. I also want to relate how I f***ed Dave to arrange a gang-bank for me with about six of his co-workers at one time. They lost all respect for him when they saw him jacking off while he was shouting encouragement to them to fuck me even harder and stronger.

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waiting for more
2 years ago
Good slutty story, loved him putting his 9" cock in her asshole. Hope she makes her hubby eat the cream-pie next time.
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2 years ago
i like u so much
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dear im frm usa now wrking in uk im single i wana meet u im 25 yr old