The CEOs Wife part 1

My wife and I have been married for six years now (a third marriage for her but my first). I got married late in life to a women nine years younger than me. Linda is now 36 but still has the incredible look of a gal in her twenties. I was too busy in my younger years climbing the ladder of success to get involved romantically. After reaching a pinnacle of business success by becoming a CEO of a mid-size company, I felt something was missing in my life and then I met Linda. She was a little more cosmopolitan than I, having lived in a few of our countries biggest cities like Chicago, Dallas, and San Francisco where I met her. She wasn't very happy about moving to a small town in Iowa. We moved here when I lost my CEO job due to a corporate buy-out of my former company. But, my best opportunity was moving to a smaller company to retain my position as CEO of a firm.

Like many couples we've had our ups and downs but about a year ago our relationship changed in a very strange way. First of all let me tell you a little about my wife. Linda is gorgeous looking woman with long red hair and attractive green eyes. She's 5'4" with a great looking body (37DD- 27-36). Her legs are great and so is her tight ass. but I like her breasts most of all. During her younger years, she tells me she was extremely self-conscious about the size of her breasts, which are firm and look even larger than what her measurements indicate. What I like most about her tits are her nipples. They are so huge, they are completely obvious through any kind of light clothing. For years she did her best to hide her breasts, and dressed very conservatively, always complaining about being a little "top heavy." Of course, I've always loved her tits. The great thing about them is that, in addition to their size, they are incredibly sensitive. If her nipples are played with, she immediately gets limp with sexual delights. It's like her nipples are directly connected to her pussy. She can have an orgasm just from having her tits played with, especially if her nipples are treated a little rough. She simply goes crazy. Unfortunately, our sex life has been rather poor since I had a heart attack about sixteen months ago.

I required some major surgery and thank God, my new boss (the owner of our company) pulled some strings to get me fully insured so that all medical bills were paid. And believe me, he's held it over my head as to how much I owe him for his putting himself on the line to get my insurance into effect faster than the normal required time in order to cover my surgery and convalescence.

Getting back to me and my wife, I have to admit that our sex life was never that great, even before my heart attack, and I know that the fault is mine. When we first got married, I was still working very long hours, and was I was tired a lot. So, whenever we had sex I didn't last too long and my small (just over 5 inches) penis, didn't seem to satisfy her. I realized Linda secretly wanted more out of sex when shortly after we were married I rented an X-rated movie for us to watch together. This film had several big, muscular guys with huge cocks making it with a small, thin woman. They used every orifice of her body several times. I looked at Linda during one particular scene, where the woman was being taken in a number of different ways at once, including anally. I thought she would disapprove of what was happening on the scene. Instead her eyes kind of glazed over, and she used one hand to slowly rub her upper thighs while the other tweaked one of her nipples.

That night after watching the movie we had good sex but the next morning I asked her what she thought about the scene where the girl got sexed anally and by several men, and she confided in me that one of her longtime fantasies has always been to be dominated by several men with very large cocks. I was a little hurt knowing that I would never be able to satisfy her in the way she desired. I never felt completely adequate in bed with Linda, before we talked about that movie, but afterwards it was even worse for me as I realized she wanted and needed more than I could ever give to her.

I may have still been the CEO at work but, as time went on Linda became the more confident partner in our marriage making more of the decisions. She also stopped hiding her figure as much as previously and started wearing clothing that actually showed off her lovely breasts. In a way I found her willingness to display more of her breasts exciting, but it also worried me because of all the male attention she was getting.

It all came to a head a year ago at a large pool party my boss, James, threw at his house for his corporate executives. I had already had my surgery by then but had recovered enough to attend this company social function. Although the company owner had to put someone else in charge of running the company he was still giving me full salary and I felt very obligated to go. The new CEO that the owner had promoted from Sales Vice-president was there along with the Sales Manager, VP of Finance, and some of the other corporate executives. The company owner, James is divorced, and is about thirty-five years old. He lives in a 12,000 sq ft house on one hundred acres of land with a very large built-in pool, a hot tub and a huge patio with an outdoor bar. His house sits up on a big hill, with a three-thousand foot driveway leading to it that keeps the place secluded. It's a real mansion and he doesn't mind spending money for the things he enjoys. James inherited the business from his father wh en he died unexpectedly at an early age. He played college football and is still in good shape standing over six feet tall and carrying well over two hundred pounds of rock-solid muscle.

Linda bought a new bathing suit for the party. It was a tiny bikini that barely hid anything. Her breasts are so full that the bikini top only covered about half of each breast. From the side, in fact, you could see nearly her entire breast. The bikini bottom left most of her sexy tight ass exposed too-it was no bigger than a thong. I asked her to please not wear it since there would be a lot of people that had worked for me at this party, and I didn't want them seeing so much of her body. I knew that the Sales VP and some of his staff were particularly brazen when it came to busty women. But Linda thought my request was silly. She told me that her new suit was "in style," and that I was being ridiculous. She pointed out that I should be happy to be with such a sexy woman. I relented because I didn't want to piss her off and to an extent she was right. In a way I was excited to know that my wife was sexy enough to arouse other men. It worried me, but in a strange way it also excited me .

When we arrived at the party, Linda had on a short terry cloth robe that she wore over her skimpy suit. As I looked around, I realized that the other executives hadn't brought their wives. James explained that he really hadn't meant it to be couples, but that he was glad that I had brought Linda along as there were so few women at the party. A few of the female office staff were there and they were helping out tending bar keeping the food stocked and so on. James had obviously also invited some of his other male friends and some of his clients to the party as there were more men there then I had anticipated.. Linda walked over to the hot tub and slipped off her robe-she looked simply unbelievable. She began rubbing oil on her body, and those big tits of hers were just swaying and bouncing around. In a matter of minutes a small crowd of guys had silently taken up strategic positions around her just to ogle her body. She was on a chaise lounge, with her knees slightly up, when I walked over and realized that, in this position her bikini bottom was completely inadequate; there were large expanses of red pubic hair visible for everyone to see. So imagine me standing there, as about ten men were staring at her nearly naked body, knowing I couldn't do a thing about it. I just tried to enjoy the party, but it was tough with the way everyone was ogling my wife, including James.

The fact that my wife was on display at this pool party for all these lusty men to see and admire was giving me mixed reactions. On the one hand I was jealous and upset but on the other I was excited that so many men found my Linda to be so sexy and attractive. I went over to the bar, about thirty feet from the hot tub, and did my best to keep everyone supplied with drinks and try to get my mind off of the display that my wife was providing these horny men. I could see Linda moving around, talking and laughing with James, and realized again that her bathing suit was way too small. Her breasts and ass were all but completely exposed. She seemed to be really enjoying the way that James was admiring her figure. While I was bartending, someone put on some slow music. I looked up and couldn't believe my eyes - James and Linda were locked in a slow dance on the patio. Instead of keeping a polite distance, he was holding her so close that her breasts were flattened against his chest. I could tell she'd had too much to drink, which always makes her horny. As they danced, James stroked the small of her back and the top of her ass. I didn't like it, and if it had been anybody but my boss, I might have said something. I couldn't bear to watch and so I just tried ignoring it.

About that time, we ran out of vodka at the bar. Someone told me that James had lots of liqueur stored in the house. In one of the back bedrooms. I went in the house and to the master bedroom. Not seeing any I looked inside his huge master bathroom as a possible place that he may have stored the party liqueur. I didn't see any in there either and so I was just about to search one of the other rooms when I heard my wife's voice. "James, where are you taking me?" James told her he wanted them cool off for a minute out of the hot sun, and thought she might enjoy getting a quick tour of the house. I closed the door to the master bath, leaving it open just a crack. Sure enough he entered the master bedroom with my wife in tow. I was only about fifteen feet away from them. I don't know why I hid behind the door, when I hadn't done anything wrong. But I figured that if I showed myself that Linda and my boss would think I was spying on them and they'd be pissed. James was explaining the pe riod of furniture in the master bedroom and Linda said that she didn't know anything about the historical periods of furniture, except that she knew beds were to be slept in - on occasion. I was surprised at her rather flirty statement. James laughed, came up behind her and put his arms around her waist, grinding his crotch against her ass. "You have an unbelievable body," he said. "You know you've been driving all the men at this party crazy." I figured my wife would pull back from his embrace but she just giggled and stood there with her eyes closed. Instead of pushing him away, Linda leaned back into him and said, "My husband is really unhappy. He thinks my bathing suit is too small."

James realized that Linda was responding to his moves and said, "Your husband should be proud that men love looking at your body. You like men looking at you, don't you?" As he asked her this question, he slowly brought his hands up and took a breast in each one, squeezing them gently. He repeated the question. "You do like men looking at your body, don't you?" Linda's eyes were closed and she was rocking slowly back and forth, rubbing her ass against his cock. James pulled her around and kissed her.

She momentarily pushed him back and said, "My husband is right outside. We shouldn't be doing this." James responded by telling her that he didn't give a damn what her husband thought because unless we both played along with whatever he wanted that we'd be in terrible financial shape. When Linda asked what he meant he reminded her that it was only because he resubmitted the insurance application with an earlier date on it that we received payment of all my hospital bills. He further indicated that since he kept the original papers with my signature on it showing the actual later date that I had signed the papers that if he presented these to the insurance company that I would be in serious trouble for fraud and would most likely get sent away for a few years. I saw Linda stand stunned realizing, as I did, that everything he said was true and that Linda had no choice but to comply with his sexual demands of her.

He then took her hand and placed it on his cock, which was now pushing the front of his bathing suit out a couple of inches. "Besides, my sexy little hot bitch, I think that deep down that you really want to see this," he said. He held her wrist and brought her other hand down to his crotch. She soon began rubbed his cock through his suit either because of his blackmailing of her or simply because she wanted to, I'm not sure which. He leaned forward and kissed her again, and this time all fight seemed to be gone from her as she opened her mouth, sucked on his tongue and began making little moaning noises.

James let go of her wrist, but she kept rubbing his erection. She said, "Oh my God, James, it's so big and hard! " I could tell how much she was fascinated by the size of his cock. James just smiled. He told her to wait a minute, then walked over and locked the door. He said, "Don't worry about your husband. He'll be busy bartending and nobody would dare come into my master bedroom without asking me. Besides even if he did show up I'd just have to explain the realities of his 'insurance situation' to him and I'm sure that he'd have to go along with anything I said anyway" I realized what he said was true and decided that it made sense for me to avoid that embarrassment and to simply stay hidden until after he was finished with whatever he had in mind for her. James took Linda by the arm and led her to a sofa about twenty feet away from where I was hiding. He sat on the sofa and asked Linda to take off her bathing suit.

She stood up in front of James, pausing momentarily. "Do it Linda, right now, if you want to keep your husband out of jell" he told her. "Besides, you know you want me to see your body." I knew she had no choice as she reached up and unsnapped her top, and there were her big breasts, in the flesh, dangling before James's eyes, the huge nipples completely erect. She then peeled off her bottom and stood there quietly. James said, "Rub your tits for me. Play with your nipples." Linda followed his orders obediently. She began to rub her breasts, then took her nipples between her thumb and forefinger and began pulling and twisting them. I know how hot that makes her and as she played with her own tits, he slowly peeled off his cloths. His cock was truly awesome about nine inches long (almost twice my length) and very thick, with a huge head. He brought her hand to his cock and she foundled it slowly and with a gleam of pure lust on her face. After she had stroked him a few moments, James said, "Get down on your knees and suck my cock."

Linda fell to her knees and slowly licked his dick from his balls to the tip, rubbing her tits as she did so. While she blew him, James talked to her, telling her how she was his bitch to do with as he commanded from now on. He also told her how beautiful she was and how much she excited him. He then helped her to her feet and told her to sit on the bed. He stood in front of her and slowly rubbed his big cock all over her face, saying to her, "I know that you love it. You're my little suck slave and that you'll do anything I tell you to do and that I can have you any time I want. Isn't that right Linda?" Linda nodded her head in agreement as she sat there with her mouth wide open, taking the thrusts of James's immense penis. James really knew how to work his dick. He teased her with it as she sucked, putting the head of it between her lips, then pulling back and rubbing it all over her face, which was getting red from the friction.

Suddenly Linda said, "Please don't tease me anymore. Just let me have it. I need your big cock down my throat." I was crushed as I realized that while my wife may have been initially f***ed into her sexual actions, she was now so completely sexually aroused that it was she that was begging for more of his cock! He smiled down at her and said, "First tell me you'll do whatever I say. Tell me you'll be my sex slave." It wasn't a surprise to me that Linda completely capitulated to his sexual demands. She sighed and said, "I'll do anything you want. Please let me have that beautiful cock."

James leaned forward, and I watched, open-mouthed, as my wife sucked and slobbered over his cock for a good ten minutes. James then said, "I don't want to cum in your mouth. I want to fuck you so you can spend the rest of the day feeling my cum dripping out of your pussy." He told her to slide her ass to the edge of the bed, then he knelt down and pushed her knees up to her chest so that her cunt was spread wide. He said, "Rub your pussy for me, my little cunt slave. Get yourself hot." I couldn't believe how willingly she was now following all his sexual requests. It was obvious to me that she was experiencing a sexual nirvana she had never had with me. My Linda reached down and began to rapidly rub her clit. I knew what she wanted even before she reached her hand toward his cock. "Fuck me, James, I'll do anything you want, but. . ." she said. "just give me that giant dick." James couldn't hold out any longer. He began to rub his cock up and down the sopping wet entrance to Linda's pussy. She began to moan and shake and beg him to enter her. With a single thrust, he pushed his full nine plus inches into my lovely Linda and began to pound away, fucking her very hard. Linda immediately had a violent orgasm, moaning and grunting as she climaxed, bucking her ass up to meet his cock.

My boss then began to tease her again, fucking her hard, then stopping suddenly. Linda frantically reached up and begin pulling his ass toward her, saying, "No, James, please don't stop Make me cum again... please!" James continued to fuck away, playing very roughly with her breasts as he screwed her into submission. I couldn't believe his staying power; he must have fucked her hard for almost thirty minutes. Linda had four wild orgasms in that time. Finally she reached down and began milking his balls. "Cum for me, baby," she urged "Cum in my juicy pussy." James grunted loudly and had a tremendous orgasm, driving his big cock into her as deep as it would go and filling her cunt with his juice. He pulled his prick out of Linda's vagina, stuck it in front of her face and said, "Clean it for me with your pretty mouth my lovely suck slave." Linda didn't even hesitate-she began licking the cum off his cock, not stopping until it was soft again. My heart skipped a beat as she started toward the master bathroom, where I ahd been hidding. When James asked her where she was going she said, "To clean up" I was releived when he told her that he wanted her to carry his cum in her for the rest of the day and she was to skip getting cleaned up. James told her to get dressed and go back to the party. "I'll be out there in a minute," he informed her. Linda put her bathing suit back on. But before she could leave, James grabbed her and said, "You are my fuck-slave! You know that don't you?" She reluctantly nodded her head yes." Do you want more of this cock?" Again she nodded yes; this time a little more enthusiastically. He told her that later on in the evening she would have another opportunity to suck and fuck his huge cock. My wife looked at him and wantonly licked her lips before giving him a quick peck on the cheek, then left.

I was completely stunned by what had just happened. Although she was initially f***ed into it, my wife had done things for him that she'd never done with me, and at the end I knew she was loving it. I'd just watched my wife become a complete slut for my boss, I was remorseful that I wasn't man enough to demand her sexual capitulation as James had done. I was hurt and angry, but also strangely excited. I couldn't believe how my little cock was hard as a rock. As a matter of fact it had been hard all during their love making. I hadn't remained that hard that long since I was a teenager. I decided to swallow my pride and anger and act toward my wife as nothing had happened. In a sense I knew that she had been blackmailed into her actions and I decided not to compound our problems by admitting that I knew all about it. I was also strangely curious about James's promise to my wife of more sex later and I wanted to see what other plans he had for her and whether that would also make my cock hard again. When my erection had gone down to where it was no longer noticeable through my bathing suit, I left and found the liquor in the kitchen. I got a few bottles of vodka and went back outside to the bar.
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