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I Think I've already told you about my wife Karen and I going to X-rated theaters in Times Square so she could find some black cock to suck. I know this sounds really wild but we have stopped that activity after one guy got too excited and they ended up on the floor, crushed between the chairs. I looked over and watched them disappear. My wife's foot, came up hanging in the air with one white high-heel dangling. I went over and saw this guy's big black ass pounding away. Karen was hanging on either side of the chairs for balance. He was still fucking her pussy even after they had crashed between the seats! I didn't know what to do so I just stood by and watched as a crowd of 3 or 4 guys gathered to watch. Karen's black stockinged legs spread further apart and her blond haired pussy displayed. He finally climaxed and stood up, helping her to her feet. She straightened up, telling him "Good-by," as she pushed past everyone running for the door. The black. guy just stood there, looking a t his deflating cock.

When I caught up with Karen, she said that was it no more cheap movie theaters where she might be hauled in for indecency. I was devastated. I was really hooked on watching my sexy, young wife eating black cock. After a lot of discussion she agreed to try swinging with other guys provided it could be done in absolute privacy and with someone we knew was "clean" We ran an ad. Anyone that answered with their PO box number we sent pictures showing her sexy unclothed body but not her face. In turn we requested photos of their equipment. We received dozens of replies. You wouldn't believe the size of some of these guys cocks! Karen looked them over and was amazed and delighted. There were several local guys, but we felt it might be too close to home. We decided on a dominate black guy from Memphis.(Just a two hour drive for us). I guess we also decided on him because he also had about the largest of the pricks that we had seen. The only draw back was that he actually wanted to be paid to perform with Karen. What the hell, we agreed that we'd incur other expenses anyway, such as meals, motel rental, travel expenses and we'd just chalk it up as another trip expense. After some more messages back and forth on E-mail we booked a motel room in Memphis and the games began.

This guy was into being a dominate who needed a submissive slut-slave. Karen was up for it, having never played the submissive roll before but she was looking forward to it. So was I and had even brought along my video camera to record the event. We met James at the bar and I could see he was surprised that Karen really was a hot fox. "I have fucked me some white bitches in my time," he said. "They was good, but you know, ug-leee!" I was already hard. This guy was really crude. He felt Karen through her dress and said, "You like that shit, don't you, baby? Yeah, we gonna have a good time!" Karen was really nervous from her last public appearance with a black man and requested that we go to the motel room before anything else take place. Master James (that's what he calls himself) appreciated her enthusiasm.

In our room, Karen undressed herself and her black master. He stood here, hands on hips, smirking as she adoringly ate his hard prick. "Hey, my man, why don't you get me a drink? Scotch on the rocks! Your wife is busy." He laughed. I poured him a drink and he took a sip.

"Hey, girl, your time is up. You want more, you gotta pay for it." Sliding his lengthy black cock out of her mouth, he took the remote control, flopped down on the bed, and put on the TV. My wife's eyes were filled with lust and I could tell that he her had her right were he wanted her and that most likely she'd do just about whatever he asked of her if she could just get her mouth back onto his big cock! Karen didn't respond to his request for money so he choose another way to show his mastery over her. He said, "Shit, my feet sure are tired. C'mere and lick my feet, bitch." She didn't even hesitate and I watched Karen bow her long blonde hair over his feet and begin to clean them with her tongue. After she'd licked his feet for several minutes he again brought up payment for his willingness to allow her to suck his cock. "Well," he said, waving his forearm- sized cock around, "How much is this worth to you, bitch?"

Karen ran to her purse and pulled out $100 in twenty dollar bills. He fanned it out and counted it. Putting his arm behind his head, he said, "Go on, make yourself happy. Eat some black dick." I moved in with my cam-corder for a close-up of Karen, wrapping her long red nails around his balls and sucking up his growing prick. She looked up at me and stopped sucking just long enough to say "God help me, I love it. I just love black cock!"

He laughed and pulled his legs up in the air. "Yeah, have some black balls too," he said. I'm not sure if he really expected it or not, but Karen cleaned his balls and headed right along his ass crack with her tongue. He pulled himself up further on the bed and threw himself between her legs, stuffing her pussy with his manhood and biting her nipples at the same time. I was shaky but got the lens in tight for a beautiful close-up of his thick, black cock plowing in and out of her swollen- lipped, bright pink and blonde bush. His balls looked like a huge eggplant as Karen's hand, wearing our wedding rings, squeezed the root of his cock. I foolishly went over to him and said, "Pull out and cum in her face!" I immediately knew that I had made a mistake by the angered look in his eye. He knocked the camera out of my hand. "Fuck off!" he yelled. I apologized to him and told him that I just wasn't thinking all I wanted was a good camera shot.

I retrieved the camera from the floor and by the time I had it running again, he was already probing her bottom for a butt-fuck. Karen never ass-fucks, but like a glassy-eyed junkie, she rolled on her side and pulled open her ass-cheeks! "Please! Do me. Oh god, you're great," she whimpered. He stuck the entire length of his cock up her ass. By the look on his face I could tell he was more pleased with shoving it into her ass than any of her other orifices. Her asshole stretched and she put her face in her pillow and moaned. He began to pump and laugh like a demon. Karen started fingering herself as he fucked. In an instant, they were both screaming as he slammed into her and his whole body stiffened in ecstasy. I got some great shots of her widened asshole as it dribbled this black guy's semen.

After he and Karen had calmed down from their mutual climax, he looked over at me."Hey, man," he said then, "Go get me a sandwich and some beer and after we eat maybe I'll make you and your camera happy by cumming in her face!"

Well, I can't tell you how excited I felt about the prospect of getting more close-up shots of my sexy Karen. I literally ran out of the motel room to fulfill his request! On my way out I saw a big black delivery man filling the soda machine. After explaining that I had a wife who was an absolute hungry slut for black cock, I arranged to meet him in our motel room in 10 minutes. When I got back with some sandwiches and a six-pack, my delivery man was waiting at the motel door for me. I invited him in and as James ate his lunch, I introduced Pete to Karen. She was still dressed in her negligee and it took little convincing for him to remove his pants so that Karen could get to it with her mouth. She sucked his cock and he really flipped when Karen treated him to her "white girl's fantasy" talk as she cleaned his meat with her mouth. He quickly erupted spunk and shot the result across her tongue and face. Later both of them used her as James filled her mouth and Pete fucked her sweet w et pussy. After they left, Karen got mad when she found out Pete wasn't a screened swinger who we knew was clean. I think she would have been even madder if she knew that the rubbers, I had given to Pete and James had small holes in them because the thought of my wife possibly getting pregnant as she fucks her black lovers really turns me on.

We stayed in Memphis that weekend and went to a couple of black bars and clubs, but that's another story. I'm not sure why, but watching my cute young wife enjoying these donkey-dicked black guys really turns me on and the fact that she might get pregnant by them turns me on even more!
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damn what a turn on i wish i could meet your wife and cum all over her pretty face