She was my second wife, I was her first husband. She was a little hard body 15 years younger than me. I knew she liked to have fun but I never suspected she would play around behind my back. I found out by accident when I came back early one afternoon. Ain't that always the way it goes?

Actually, this was a little different. To celebrate our first anniversary, we had taken a place on the ocean a few hours north of our home in San Francisco. It sat on a cliff about 80 feet above a secluded beach. The beach was about 100 square yards at low tide and the only way to get down to it was by a carefully built stairway that was literally bolted to the rock wall. LeeAnne liked to go down there in the afternoon because it was perfectly situated to catch the sun and it was private enough so she could stretch out in the raw - no tan lines, she said.

You could see the beach from the deck and we often used an old ship's spy glass to watch the ships and whales that passed on the horizon. We spent the first week watching and getting intimately reacquainted with each other - on the deck, on the beach, wherever the mood took us.

Unfortunately, I was called back to the office and it looked like we would miss the second week of our time together. I urged her to stay and promised I would return on Saturday to pick her up. It would give us one more night, anyway. I finished handling the office crisis early and returned Thursday afternoon, two day early.

When I walked in, no one was there. Her car was in front and the sliding glass doors to the deck were open. I suspected (or hoped) that she was sunning herself down on the beach. I poured a couple of drinks and walked out on the deck. When I looked down, I was startled o see she was not alone.

LeeAnne was stretched out on her back, her arms over her head and only her tanga covering her cunt. It was the bottom half of an incredibly sexy suit. The top did little more than cover her nipples. The bottom was just a thin strap up the crack of her ass and a small patch that dipped low over her vaginal cleft. In fact, she was cut so high that I often remarked that all it did was draw attention to the top of her slit.

Lying on his side tight to her was a very tall black man. I pointed the spy glass down at them and noticed that he was completely nude, his impossibly long cock was d****d across her thigh, its head alarmingly close to her lightly protected cunt. He was spreading lotion on her belly and she looked like she was loving it. His hand drew wider and wider circles as I watched, soon grazing the top of her tanga and the bottom of her exposed tits.

He poured more lotion on his hand then cupped the underside of her right tit. Very slowly, he drew his hand upwards until he covered her breast almost completely. She dropped her left arm down and began teasing his cock with delicate strokes of her fingernails, barely touching him, it seemed, but generating enough heat that his cock grew harder and harder.

He dropped his head down and captured her nipple in his mouth, his index and middle finger found her mouth and she sucked them in, giving him something that looked like phenomenal oral sex. When they were dripping wet from her saliva, he pulled them out and slid his hand downwards over her belly and ruthlessly under her tanga. It was obvious from her upward pelvic thrusts that he had penetrated her pussy and begun finger fucking her. She stopped the delicate teasing of his cock and grabbed it like a woman needing a cock inside her badly. He looked like he was trying to get her entire breast in his mouth.

He reached between her legs and grabbed the thin strap that was the top of her tanga and pulled hard. It came apart in his hands and he threw it aside. I was about to watch my new wife get fucked hard by a stranger! I was incredibly excited by what I was seeing.

She rolled over to face him, covering his thigh with her leg and offering her sloppy, wet cunt to him. Both scrambled with the effort of lining his cock up with her gash. It appeared that he had worked the head of it in then stopped for a moment. I watched as he flexed his hips forward, obviously burying himself deep inside her in one quick thrust. Their hips were a blur as they fucked each other with a passion I'd never seen before. He flipped over on his back, bringing her up to ride him like a rodeo cowgirl. She moved up and down for a few minutes then stopped, high enough so that only half his cock was still in her. He took over, thrusting up into her waiting pussy until I heard them both scream through a massive orgasm.

It was so intense that I had to sit down. I knew they wouldn't move for at least several minutes. I also knew that this wasn't her first time with him. People who fuck like that know each other well. They've done it often and play each other like fine instruments. I had to know who he was and I had to tape them in action.

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