Liz Makes The Grade

When Liz and I first got married almost twenty one years ago I supported our household while she finished her degree. Those of you that have read my other stories about my lovely cheating wife will remember that we discovered my passion for watching her fuck other men early on in our relationship.

Liz was very active in school and I think, kind of thought of college as an extension of her high school days. She loved to party (didnt we all ?) and take part in womens sports as well as you guessed it, she was a cheerleader, just like in high school. She was then and is now in excellent shape ( check out her pics.) constantly striving to keep her 54 , 115lb, 35b body in top physical condition.

The first couple of years were a breeze for her academically and it wasnt until her junior year that she began to struggle with a couple of her classes. The partying slowed to a trickle and she began burning the midnight oil several days each week. She was actually becoming kind of hard to live with at times and so when I returned home from one of my frequent out of town trips to find her in good spirits I was pleasantly suprised.

The professor from the class she was having the most problem with had called her into his office to go over her chances of passing his class with her. It seems that while he was not really interested in sports he had seen my wife briefly on a local news clip of one of her schools games and recognized that she was one of his students, a struggling student at that. As they talked about the class he would keep bringing up the fact that he would hate to see the university lose such an attractive member of their cheerleading squad if she couldn't somehow pull a passing grade out of his class. Liz was a little slow in understanding what the professor really wanted and it wasn't until game time a few days later that she realized when she saw him sitting near the court watching her with a bulge in his pants what it was he was after.

They talked after the game and he again told her how much he would hate to see her fail his class and this time Liz responded with what else can I do to help raise my grade? As he fumbled for the right words to say Liz helped him out by asking if he could come over to the house some evening and work with her on passing his class. Of course I could he replied as he began mentally undressing her and Liz knew right then and there that he wanted to fuck a cheerleader.

When he asked how much time she would have for their private tutoring session Liz told him that time was no object and that just so he would know how much staying on the cheerleading team meant to her she would wear her outfit while they studied. The evening they were to study together just happened to be the night after I got home! Liz looked great as usual in her uniform and the professor showed up right on time. I couldn't believe it when he actually started working with her on her studies and I don't think that she could either. They must have cracked the books for at least two hours and at last the light came on for my wife and she began to understand all of the things she had been working so hard on all of those nights.

This guy was really something else, he was not only going to get some very hot pussy, he was really going to help her pass his class! You will have to remember that this was early in our marriage and I still hadn't quite figured out how to stay hidden and be able to see and hear everything that went on with my wife and her lovers. I was standing outside peering through partially open blinds catching bits and pieces of their conversation and freezing my ass off!

I was about to give up on the whole thing when they got up and moved into the kitchen for drinks and a bite to eat. The professor watched my wife's every move and she gave him plenty to look at as she bent over to look in the refrigerator and used her step ladder to get at the liquor, she was teasing him unmercifully and finally he asked you're married arent you? well yes she replied and when he began to apologize for assuming that maybe her invitation was for more than just academics she stopped him short by finishing her sentence with but my husbands out of town right now. You dont mind being alone with me do you? she purred as she handed him his scotch.

I owe you a HUGE favor for helping me tonight , how can I repay you? I could feel the heat building between them even outside , it took a little coaxing but Liz finally got him to admit that he wanted a private cheer routine and so they moved back to the living room and made space for the show. As the professor sat in my easy chair sipping scotch my wife did her stretching exercises and asked about his fantasies, she let him feel her gorgeous legs and rub her panty covered pussy. They started kissing and as he tried to pull her onto his lap she pulled away and told him that she'd be right back. She returned with Pom Poms and a tape that she put in the stereo and soon the band was playing and Liz was moving! I could hear him gasp outside as her first kick showed us both that she had left her panties in the bedroom , she was shaved as bare as the day she was born and her pussy was slick with her juice.

I guess I should tell you right now that while professor might bring up connotations of old (we thought he was at the time) this guy was in his mid forties or so and attractive in a distinguished sort of way. She teased him for quite awhile with kicks , splits , deep bends and you know , that kind of stuff until at last she rested in his lap and sipped his scotch. His hands roamed her luscious body freely , fingering her slick pussy and sliding under her sweater to fondle her beautiful breasts. They talked , kissed and giggled until finally Liz got up for one more dance. She removed his shoes and pants then stepped back and stripped slowly to the music of the school fight song down to her pleated skirt , bobby socks and tennis shoes.

The professor had his cock out and was stroking it wildly as she finished her dance. She knelt between his legs and slowly began to lick his rigid cock. She licked his balls as she pumped his prick and finally when she had him ready to shoot she climbed onto his lap and slipped his cock into her love tunnel. I was positioned perfectly to watch his throbbing cock slide easily in to the balls as my wife's sweet pussy lips licked their way down his shaft. She no sooner got him into her pussy than he was shooting his pent up load. Liz LOVES cum and his sperm being injected deep inside of her lit her off , she just barely got his cock inside of her and she was cumming! They stayed locked in their passionate embrace with Liz riding and milking his cock until at last it slipped free of her pussy and their mingled cum began to drip onto my chair.

They took a short break and while the professor cleaned up and made drinks Liz changed out of her cum stained skirt and into another uniform from her youth, this one having a white cotton blouse, dark blue sweater and plaid skirt. The only difference was that this time the little schoolgirl decided to dress up, she was also wearing her white garter belt, tan seamed stockings and a pair of navy blue pumps with 3 high heels. The scene that unfolded next was right out of the 50s as my wife and the professor sat on the couch sipping their drinks, chatting and finally making out. He unbuttoned her sweater and blouse as their kisses became more passionate and finally he undid her bra and began to suck her nipples. Liz was busy as well playing with his cock and playing the part as well by telling him how they shouldn't be doing this and how she hoped they wouldn't get caught.

The game continued for quite awhile and reached its inevitable conclusion as my wife with her skirt bunched up around her waist laid back on the couch and let the professor slip her white cotton panties down her legs. He licked her to several small orgasms before he finally knelt between her legs and began to feed her his cock. Since the easy cum had already been taken care of earlier they went at it hard and fast on the couch with my wife spread wide and cumming in multiple orgasms ! Next they moved to the floor and he took her from behind until her knees finally gave out and she led him to the bedroom. Liz finally let her sweat soaked sweater and blouse slip from her shoulders as she walked into the room , then lifted her skirt and laid on the bed lifting and spreading her stockinged legs into a wide and inviting V.

The professor again knelt between her legs and took a slim ankle in each hand , as he moved into position my wife guided his cock to her waiting pussy. She rubbed him up and down her slippery slit until finally he was in. Liz bent her legs slightly and spread them even wider as her hands grabbed his ass and began pulling him into her deeper and deeper with each stroke , yesssss she hissed as he began to long cock her and soon her lips began to form into a huge Oval as her breathing quickened and she began to cum! Faster , Deeper, Harder my wife begged as the professor pumped her . I was in heaven as I watched this stranger's cock sliding in and out of my wife's sweet pussy and listened to the rhythmic slap slap slap of their bodies cumming together with each thrust of his cock!

I stood there transfixed , never wanting this to end, LOVING watching my wife fuck another man , ready to cum myself .. when it happened. The professor's back stiffened , his head snapped up and my wife locked her stockinged legs around his waist as he began to moan Im cumminggg , ohhh yessss you sweet little cunt you Im cummmminggg !!!!!!!! Liz joined right in with him cumming again herself and begging him to fill her with his hot load!

They probably stayed in bed for another hour or so after their last hot fuck and the professor came by several more times for private tutoring sessions while I was away at work. One night he even brought along a couple of his colleagues so Liz could work on getting her GPA up to that coveted 4.0 that everyone wants to see , she made it !
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