veronicas gang bang part 2

As you know, the way that you and Mr Hawkins order me around turns me on. So I was feeling really sexy, plus the fact that the way I was dressed, like a whore, just added to the excitement. I was thinking all the time, if only these people new that I am wearing nothing under this Mac apart from black stockings and suspenders.

Going up in the lift, I was trembling with excitement. I could feel the lift man staring at me, so feeling full of devilment, I pulled open my coat. When he saw me naked, his face went red and his trousers bulged with a magnificent 'hard on'. So when I put my hand on it, he stopped the lift between floors. I knelt down in front of him and took out his dick. "Do you want me to suck it?" I asked. "Oh yes, yes please." he replied. "That's not the way to ask." I said. "You have to order me to do it." He grabbed me by the hair and said. "OK, you fucking slut. Open your mouth. I'm going to fuck your throat." Well that really excited me. I opened my mouth, as ordered and closed my eyes as his huge dick was f***ed into the back of my throat. I started to choke at first, but as he grabbed the back of my head and f***ed the big thing down as far as it would go, I somehow managed to breath around it. We soon settled down to a rhythmic fuck. It didn't take him long to come but as he did, he pulled out of my mouth and shot his spunk all over my face. He then pulled my head back, holding me by the hair. He dragged his dick through the spunk on my face and made me lick it off his dick. He did it again and again until it was all gone.

I eventually arrived at room 505, I knocked and I was surprised when the door was opened by this completely naked black man. A very athletic build and quite a long cock (but not as long as it got when it was hard.) He was well over 6ft tall. He reached out and grabbed me by my Mac and dragged me into the room. The second man was pretty much the same (they could have been twins). I stood between them and slowly one of them removed my Mac. Then the two of them where all over me. kissing me, sucking me. Poking, feeling. Then they threw me onto the bed. They where chatting away to each other in a foreign language. They must have been discussing who was going to do what, first.

The both of them got onto the bed. (I didn't know one from the other.) One was between my legs. He lifted them up and put them over his shoulders. I could feel his hard dick pressing against my pussy. I looked down and to say that my eyes nearly popped out, would be an understatement. His big black dick must have been at least 12 inches long. I must admit that at that point I was feeling a bit nervous. But I began to relax as I felt it going in, spreading my insides as it went deeper and deeper. Then slowly out, then in. Gradually the tempo increased. The big dick fucked me, and fucked me. I was drifting off into an orgasm, when I felt the other guy's dick touching my lips, I opened my mouth and let him fuck it. I didn't try to suck him or give him any pleasure, I just lay there and let myself be used. Big black dicks going in and out of my throat and cunt. It was my fantasy come true. I didn't care what was done, so long as it was being done to ME!. The one in my mouth came first, squirting and squirting, long jets of spunk pouring down my throat. Then the other one started to come, filling my cunt with his spunk.

There was a few moments quiet as the 2 men collapsed. Then one of them got up, grabbed my wrist and pulled me up off the bed. Put my coat around my shoulders, I was still only wearing my shoes, stockings & suspenders, pulled me into the corridor. He opened the room door opposite and threw me inside. In the room there where 6 men playing cards. They all got up and surrounded me. "Welcome." said a tall man in his 40's. He was as black as the other 2 had been but the rest of the men where white. "We are the interpreters for Their Highnesses." he continued. "Their Highnesses?" I said in a somewhat startled voice. "Yes, you have been entertained by the Princes of my country. They are in this country to transact some business." "And I think I've just been part of that transaction." I replied, somewhat bewildered. "Yes. This is customary. Their Highnesses are usually given a beautiful woman for their pleasure and in their generosity, we are allowed to share in their good fortune." "You mean that you want me as well?" I said. "Only if you are willing." As he was saying this, 2 of the men where removing my coat, they took hold of my wrists and with one on either side of me, they held my arms out to the sides. The others closed in and I soon had hands all over me. Caressing my breasts, feeling my bottom, fingering my pussy. Someone behind me had eased his hand in between my legs and inserted a finger into my pussy. This made the lips open and allowed the sponk that the other 2 had put into me, start to trickle out and run down my thighs. One of the others was playing with my clit. The sensations of all this attention coupled with the kinkyness of the situation was turning me on. Picture it, I'm standing in the middle of a strange hotel room, surrounded by 6 strangers who where holding my arms in the crucifix position. I am dressed in only shoes, stockings & suspenders.

The clit playing sensations are doing their stuff, my head is thrown back, my eyes closed and I'm whimpering in pleasure. I involuntary spread my legs wider so that I am more accessible to the exploring hands. A voice is speaking to me. I can vaguely hear it through the fog of pleasure engulfing my brain. "Do you wish to stay?" it was saying. "I want to COME!!" I heard myself saying. "What else do you want?" the voice asked. "Anything!" I said between moans of pleasure. "Say it!" Demanded the voice. "Fuck Me!" I screamed. "Fuck me. Shag me. Let me suck cock. Give me spunk. Come on me. Come in me. Make me come. Let me come. Let me.... I'm commmmiiinnnggg!!!!!! Aaaaggghhhh!!!

My body just sagged. Had the men not been there to catch me I would have fallen. The next thing I knew, I was on the bed with naked men all around me. One was on top of me, I could feel his lovely cock going in and out of my cunt. Both my nipples where being sucked. A large cock was being pressed against my lips, I opened my mouth and let it in. I could taste the first dribble of spunk on my tongue. With a few sucks he came into my mouth. I didn't swallow it, as he withdrew, I let my lips part slightly and his spunk trickled out of the corner of my mouth. Another cock was shoved into my mouth before all the spunk had drained out. Soon I had another mouthful. I swallowed it down just as the guy fucking me, came. "Aaaaaggghhhh!!" he moaned as he thrust into me. I never feel so happy as when I'm looking into the face of a man to whom I am giving pleasure. Who is enjoying me, using me, filling me with his love juice. I don't know how long I was there, it seemed to go on and on for hours. Everyone there had fucked me and/or come in my mouth several times.

(Dear Reader, the way I remember what happened when we got home is slightly different than the way Brian remembers it. This is the way that I remember it.)

When we got back home I was that exhausted that I fell asl**p, when I awoke Brian was naked and was sucking delicately on my cunt lips. Trying not to awaken me, he occasionally flicked his tongue inside and licked out some spunk. When he saw that I was awake he became bolder. He raised my legs and parting my thighs, buried his face into my cunt. I was enjoying the sensations as he rubbed his face from side to side, sucked and licked my cunt. He then raised himself up and lay on top of me. He inserted his dick into my spunk filled cunt and as he fucked me, he kissed me with a spunk filled mouth. As we French kissed, our tongues licking into each others mouths, we swapped the spunk back and forth until it was all gone.

When he did eventually come, it was magnificent. I said "Thank you Darling, for being so understanding of my need for other men, for other cocks." He replied "Thank you, for being a complete, delicious slut." It's true, I am and I love it.

67% (10/5)
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2 years ago
Nice slut......mmmmmmmm!!!
2 years ago
I am so turned on!! I want to be a slut also ..
2 years ago
HOTTT !!! story.
2 years ago
top notch