veronicas gang bang part 1

We had been married for about 5 years and our sex life was getting a bit boring. Not just for me but for my wife Veronica as well. One Saturday evening we had been invited to a fancy dress barbecue at my boss' house. Well, as I said, things weren't going so well between us at this point and when Veronica tried to cry off going to the party, I just lost my temper and ordered her to 'get ready as we are going, whether you like it or not.' Well, I couldn't believe my ears when she just answered meekly "Whatever you say Darling," and she went upstairs to shower and change. After a short while, I followed her upstairs. As I walked into the bedroom, she had dressed in her old gym slip and was just pulling on a pair of tights. "Oh no!" I said rather harshly, "Put on black stockings and suspenders."

"Whatever you say Darling." she replied. I didn't know quite what was happening , was she just winding me up or what. Instead of giving me an argument as she would normally do whenever I suggested something, she was obeying my every command. But of course, that was the difference, I wasn't suggesting things, as I normally would but because I was bad tempered, I was 'ordering her what to do' and she was responding. Was this the boost that our relationship needed, she seemed to like being bossed about, so why not see what I could get away with. "And don't wear any knickers!" I ordered. "What ever you want Darling." She smiled sweetly. "I'm going to show you off tonight to some of the guys from he office." "Oooh yes, Darling. That sounds exciting." She thrilled. "You've got a lovely little arse and I think that they deserve to see it." "Ooooohhhhh yessssss!" She hissed as she threw herself back onto he bed, pulled up the tiny gym slip and opening her legs she screamed "Fuck me! Fuck me now!" I didn't even bother to get undressed, I just pulled out my cock and dived on top of her lovely little wide open body. It was the best fuck we had for years. If this is what it took to turn her on, then I would order her about all the time. An hour later, when we couldn't do it any more. I crawled off the bed and as I headed off to the bathroom to get ready, I said to her "and shave your pussy as well. The boys deserve to see it shaved." "Yes Darling, what ever you say."

When we arrived at the party it was well underway. As we entered the main lounge Veronica drew a lot of admiring glances. The short gym slip was showing the tops of her black nylons and suspenders as she walked across the room. I knew that some of the guys from the office were swingers, wife swapping, gang bangs etc. I had been invited to some of their do's when we where first married but I was too much in love then. Not that we are any the less in love now. It's just that we have become in a rut and need some outside excitement. I suppose it is what is called "The 7 year itch." but we are getting it after only 5 years. I digress, as I knew that some of the guys were swingers, I would single them out to display Veronica 's charms to.

We said our polite 'hello's' here and there. I had formally introduced Veronica to my boss and his wife Val, who was quite a stunner herself. She was dressed in a very mini Roman toga. She was the type of girl who's legs go all the way up to her armpits. I noticed her from across the room just before I took Veronica over to introduce her. Val had been bending over, talking to someone sitting in an armchair and I could see that she wasn't wearing any knickers.

Across the hall in the Library, there was slow dance music and dimmed lighting. I took Veronica in there for a dance. As we slowly danced around with several other couples, I managed, accidentally, to raise Veronica's skirt and reveal her naked lovely little bottom. This was soon noticed and several of the guys where taking a keen interest. Veronica said that her bottom had been felt a couple of times by the guys who where dancing past. She said that someone had tried to insert a finger into her pussy but couldn't quite manage it as we danced away. Word must have spread because suddenly there where several guys without their wives just standing around the room watching us. Veronica said that she would like a drink, so we went back to the main lounge. I left Veronica sitting on a couch, her short gym-slip was pulled up and you could just see the top of her shaved mound. When I returned with the drinks, she was being entertained by several of the guys. They where all laughing and joking and I noticed that her legs where slightly apart and her pussy lips could be seen. I handed her the drink and sat in an armchair opposite. I noticed the guy sitting next to her having a sly squeeze of a breast.

The guy on the other side of her, would occasionally lean across her to reach some snacks that were on a side table. As he reached across her with his right arm, his left hand would slide between her legs and feel her shaved pussy. Veronica was obviously revelling in all this attention. She smiled over at me and winked. I returned the wink to let her know that I wanted her to enjoy herself. The guys started to get bolder, the one touching her pussy got his hand down between her legs and inserted a finger into her cunt. Veronica lay her head back on the back of the couch and closed her eyes. You could see the passion in her face as wave after wave of pleasure went through her body. The other guy sitting next to her, opened her blouse and exposed her breasts. He started to suck on her nipple. A guy standing behind the couch, reach down and caressed her other breast. Veronica worked her way up to a climax. The guy standing behind her, placed his hand over her mouth to keep her screams of pleasure muffled. When she came back to her senses and looked over at me, I indicated to her, would she like to dance and she nodded yes, so off we went to the dimly lit library. We where the only ones there dancing but pretty soon there where at least 6 guys standing watching.

I said to her "Did you enjoy that, you little slut?" "Oh yes. It was lovely. Are you going to order me do some more?" she asked in a little girl voice. "Well the first thing you can do, is twirl around while were dancing, so that everyone can see your shaved pussy." "Have I got to?" she asked, pretending that it was all against her will. Although it was slow dance music playing, she nevertheless twirled around a couple of times. Her little skirt swirled up and everyone in the room got a full view of my wife's lovely little bum and beautiful hairless pussy. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder and Andy from accounts, who I knew to be one of the swingers, asked if he could cut in.

I then stood in the corner and watched in the dim lighting as Veronica changed partners several times. Each guy giving her a good groping, feeling her bottom and sliding their hands under her gym slip and playing with her, by now, soaking wet pussy. Also her blouse had come open again and her breasts where on display, that is when they weren't being covered by groping hands. Andy came over to me and said "I didn't know that you two where into swinging." I told him that we weren't or at least hadn't been until tonight. I explained what had happened at home, how Veronica had been turned on by my ordering her about. "Oh that's not unusual. You often find girls prefer it that way. What's happening is that you are relieving them of the guilt. By 'Telling' them what to do, it's not their responsibility anymore." "You mean it then becomes MY fault?" I enquired. "Well, there probably will come a time when she will throw it up at you that she only did it for you but the main thing is that they are then free to indulge in all kinds of sexual excesses without any blame because they where ordered to do it." "Oh I see. So it's just like giving them permission to be the sluts that their mothers warned them against becoming." I said "Well you must know yourself, there must be things that you have fancied doing but guilt has prevented you from trying." said Andy "Do you think that she just wants to flirt or is she likely to want more?" "I don't really know but I certainly hope so."

"Would you mind if I asked her to come upstairs?" He asked. "No I don't mind you trying but wont the boss object to you using his bedroom for sex?" "No way." said Andy, laughing. "He prepares a couple of bedrooms just for that purpose. Hey look at that!" We could see that Veronica had stopped dancing and was being brought to a climax by a young guy I only knew by sight from work. He was vigorously fingering Veronica's clit and stifling her moans with a hard kiss. "I think that she is ready." Andy said as he made his way over to them. The next thing was that the 3 of them where heading for the door, followed by 2 other guys. I was turned on, watching my lovely wife being e****ted out off the room by 4 men who where going to FUCK HER. I let them have a 5 minute start then set off to find them. Upstairs I went along the landing looking into the rooms, In each of the rooms there was some kind of sexual activity going on. I hadn't realised that these parties turned into orgies.

At last I found the right room. As I entered I could hear Veronica screaming in climax as thrusting a huge cock into her petite little body was none other than my boss Mr Hawkins. I had always thought of him as a bit prudish. Just shows how wrong you can be. Veronica was moaning "More, more. Fuck me, fuck me," I was astounded, I had never seen her so turned on. Andy was next to get on top of her, his dick went into her cunt really easy as she was so full of spunk. There where about 6 guys in the room, some I knew, others where strangers to me. I slipped out of my clothes (a vicars outfit by the way) as I felt out of place being the only one who was dressed. I had the most marvellous hard on and I was playing with it as I watched Veronica getting fucked by all these guys. It was turning me on out of my mind, when I felt a cool hand take hold of my cock. It was Val the boss's wife. "Isn't it a beautiful sight, watching your very own lovely little wife turn into a raging slut. Taking all the cock she can get. I bet this is the most turned on that you have ever been in your life, isn't it?" I just nodded that she was right. "I know the first time Fred saw me with someone else, he couldn't stop fucking me for a week he was that turned on. Mind you, it was slightly different. We were on our honeymoon and he had gone off to play tennis. He came back unexpectedly early and found me in bed with 2 black waiters fucking the life out of me. He didn't interrupt, he just stood there watching and wanking. Just the way you are. I think that you need some relief." So saying, she got onto her knees in front of me and expertly, very, very slowly sucked my cock until I just exploded into her mouth. I was so excited that I grabbed her head and rammed my cock right down the back of her throat. "Easy now, don't choke her to death." I opened my eyes to see that it was my boss talking to me and his lovely wife was still on her knees licking the last drops of sponk from the end of my cock. "She's the best cock sucker that I have ever met, that's why I married her." He said, laughing. Val rose to her feet and wiping the cum from her lips with he back of her hand she said "Thank you, that was delicious. Bye for now, lot's more hard cocks to find." and off she went.

"Isn't she great." continued Mr Hawkins. "And that lovely little sexpot of a wife of yours, well, the only word for her is fantastic. It's the greatest fuck I've had for years and I've had quite a few." "Thank you." Was all I could think of to say. "You come in to see me on Monday morning and bring the little lady with you," and off he went. I didn't see him or Val again that night. Meanwhile Veronica was having the time of her life as more and more men where coming in to the bedroom waiting their turn to fuck her. She was just insatiable. The more men who used her, the more she wanted. She has no idea how many men she had that night but Andy told me on Monday that going by the number of guests at the party plus 3 waiters, she must have had at least 20 cocks in her and there is a good chance that quite a lot of guys had her for a second time. In Andy's own words "She was the most popular girl at the party. A lot of the other girls where complaining that there wasn't enough men to go around because Veronica had worn them all out." Andy went on to explain that now that my wife and I where on the 'swinging' list, I was eligible for a company car and use of the various flats and villa's that the company has around the world. All unofficial of course.

When Veronica arrived for our meeting with Mr Hawkins, I explained to her what Andy had told me about the car and villas. She was really pleased with the news. We then went in to see Mr Hawkins. "Good morning!" He beamed "Hope you've got over your exhausting weekend." We took the seats that he indicated. "I'm sure that Andy has filled you in on the perks of the job." "Oh yes indeed." I replied. "There will of course be cash bonus' from time to time and you will be on the Medical Plan, well I'm sure that you know all about that from Andy. This afternoon I have a business meeting with 2 very important customers and I've promised them some fun. Would you like to be that 'fun'." He said directly to Veronica. "Only if it is a direct order." she replied "Right. You will be there at exactly 2pm. You will wear nothing but high heeled shoes, black stockings and suspenders and a top coat or Mac." "Yes Sir." She replied meekly. "Now get over here and bend over my desk." Without a word she did as she was told. Mr Hawkins held her down across the desk by the back of her neck and with his other hand raised her skirt. "Pull her knickers down." He said to me. I removed them completely. "Now finger her cunt and get it moist." As I opened her pussy lips, it was obvious that she was already turned on as the juices just flowed out. I looked around and he had his dick ready in his hand. As I got out of the way, he shoved the big thing into her and fucked her hard and quick. It was all over in 2 minutes. He pressed a buzzer on his desk and his secretary came in. "Clean me." Was all he said. She came around the desk and knelt down beside him. As he withdrew his cock from my wife's pussy, the secretary took it straight into her mouth and sucked him clean. "Now clean her," and with that she turned to Veronica 's spunked up cunt and buried her face deep into it and sucked and slurped for ages. This was givin g Veronica a terrific time, she was having climax after climax. Eventually the secretary left and I took Veronica home to change, ready to meet Mr Hawkins and friends that afternoon.

We arrived at the hotel as instructed and Mr Hawkins met us in the bar. "Veronica, the men you are going to entertain can give our firm some very big contracts, so I've no need to explain how important they are. So, I want you to go up to room 505 and do what ever they want. So off you go." Veronica walked off towards the lifts and as I also started to go, Mr H grabbed my arm. "No! You can wait for her here. There's no need to come back to work today, I'll see you in the morning." and he left. So I settled myself down to wait and fantasise about what Veronica was having done to her, upstairs. After about 2 hours she came back down. She looked realy wrecked but was smiling from ear, to ear. I took her home, threw her onto the bed and shoved my rock hard cock into her pussy. There was a tremendous slurping noise as I sunk my cock into her spunk filled cunt. I was that turned on, I came within seconds. It was then that she told me, in detail what had happened. I had to keep stopping her story in order to fuck her, again and again.

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2 years ago
Fabulous! Going for part 2 now!
2 years ago
very hot story
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Damn that is one hot story
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Omg.I am wanting to be a part of that!!
2 years ago
Omg yes so hot!!! Damn I'm wanting to be a part of that.!!
2 years ago
Love to hear about another guy that shares his wife and enjoys watching or hearing about it afterwords.
2 years ago
great story!