Better, And Black! Chapter 5

When I returned home from work on the Friday, Jane's mother Ellen and her Aunt Mary were at the house. Both are stunningly attractive women in their 40s with voluptuous figures, and I had unadvisedly told Jane previously that I thought them very sexy. They both greeted me with the words "Hello Sissy Boy". They had obviously been told of my new status, and were delighted about it because neither of them thought Jane should marry me in the first place.

Jane came into the room barefoot, dressed only in her black dress as ordered by Jason. She explained what was to happen over the weekend.

"Mum and Aunt Mary are going to stay with you while I am away. You are now going to be fitted with a cock cage to prevent you having an erection or sexual release. They will spend the weekend cock teasing and humiliating you. You will get to know every inch of their bodies with your tongue, and knowing that you find them so sexy, you will probably spend a lot of time shedding tears of frustration. Just think, while I am sobbing from having my sexual release, you will be sobbing from the lack of it". All the ladies laughed at this.

They fitted the cock cage, and Jane took great pleasure in announcing that this was the official end of my sex life. Shortly afterwards, Jason arrived and they left for his Flat.

Jane was right. They teased me unmercifully the whole time. We all spent the weekend naked, and I spent hours licking and sucking their tits, licking their arseholes, and finally their pussies until they were satisfied. They even had me on my knees licking their feet and sucking on their toes. All the time this was happening they were taunting me. How my wife was being royally fucked while her husband was on his knees licking arseholes, how my tiny cock would never again spurt the substance that, even now Jason was spurting into my wife. As Jane had predicted, I spent a lot of the time in tears.

I was on my knees sucking Mary's toes when Jane returned on the Sunday evening. I looked at her and could not believe what I saw. She was haggard from lack of sl**p, had dried cum all over her face and in her hair, and love bites all over her neck. She looked down at me.

"Jason wanted you to see me like this to show you that he can use me as he wishes, that I belong totally to him. He was right, I am a slave to his black cock, and he has total control over what I do. It is just as well your cock is locked up, I have been stretched so much I would never feel it".

The sight of her, and her words again had me crying uncontrollably. If I wasn't sure before, I now knew I had completely lost her to her black lover.
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