Humiliation by Wife and Relatives Chapter 1

My wife Sandy was 18 when we married. She bears a striking resemblance to Drew Barrymore, with her blonde hair and great figure. At 5'4" she is just an inch shorter than me, but I am much slighter. I was twenty when I met and fell for Sandy, and knew I wanted to marry her immediately.

I arranged the marriage as soon as possible, as I did not want to lose her. My previous experience with girls had been unsuccessful, with all my girlfriends laughing at or belittling my small cock. It was for this reason that I did not have sex with Sandy before the wedding, telling her I wanted it to be special.

After our marriage, Sandy did begin to mention the smallness of my member, having had some sexual experiences before me. At first she would jokingly call me little dick in a joking manner, but as her dissatisfaction grew, she began to taunt me more and more, calling me a pathetic wimp who is totally useless to her.

Matters came to a head one Friday evening after I returned from work. She told me in a matter of fact way that she had taken a lover who could fully give her everything she needs. She went on to tell me that we were going out to a club that night, and that I would meet him. I could not take all this in, and told her that I did not want her to sl**p with anyone else, and certainly did not want to meet this man.

"You have no choice," she snapped. "If you don't come with me, Dan and a couple of his friends will come and drag you there."

Her tone and what she said got me a little worried, and I thought it best to agree to go but with much trepidation.

When we arrived at the club, my wife pointed out a tall muscular black man, who was talking to a couple of friends at the bar.

"That's Dan," she said proudly. "He's the one who has been fucking me for the last two weeks. Come on, we will go and say hello."

We approached the three men, and Sandy threw her arms around her new lover, kissing him passionately for a long time before introducing me to him.

"Another white wimp whose wife needs black cock to satisfy her," he sneered looking me up and down. The three men laughed together with my wife, as my face reddened with embarrassment and humiliation.

"Your wife has told me she prefers me in bed," Dan went on. "So we are playing by my rules now. I have her whenever I want, and I decide when and if you get to fuck her yourself. Do you understand?"

"You had better say yes pussy," added my wife. "And don't allow him to have me too often Dan, he is absolutely fucking useless with his puny little body and tiny dick." More hilarious laughter from my wife and the three men.

Dan went on to explain to me that he and seven friends got great pleasure from cuckolding white wimps with their more than willing wives, and that they had built up a stable of eight women including my wife. He went on to say that in future my wife would be fucked not only by him, but by all seven others at various times. He finished by saying that we were now going back to our house, and that he would fuck Sandy in our bed watched by me. My head was spinning with all this information, but my wife just grinned triumphantly at me.

When we got back to our house, Dan took us straight up to the bedroom and ordered us both to strip while he removed his own clothes. He looked at my naked form and laughed out loud.

"Fuck me, Sandy no wonder you were so keen to take my cock. Look at him, I know white men are smaller but that must be the smallest I have ever seen," laughed Dan.

"Yes," agreed my wife. "You can see I wasn't exaggerating!"

"Right you stand there," he said to me. "And I will show you how your wife wants and needs to be treated." Then turning to Sandy:

"On your knees, cunt and take my cock in your hand."

My wife took his massive cock, and began to stroke it to erection. Automatically, she began to suck on it. Dan pulled her head away, and slapped her face.

"Did I tell you to suck it yet?" he barked.

"No Sir," she replied meekly. She was breathing heavily now, obviously aroused by his treatment of her.

"Just tell me whose slut you are now."

"I'm your slut Dan, and whore to anyone else you order me. I promise to do anything you tell me, and do anything in bed for you and your friends."

"That's better. And what about your husband?"

"He is unimportant now, if you tell me never to touch him again, or let him fuck me I would be very happy."

Dan smirked, and ordered him to begin sucking. She did an expert job on him, kissing the head, licking up and down the shaft and sucking his big balls before taking as much of him in her mouth as she could. Then she sucked him loudly, like a cheap whore clearly enjoying the experience. She went on for a long time; I had only ever got a few seconds from her. I began to feel a knot of jealousy in my stomach at the pleasure she was giving another man.

"Perhaps I should just shoot in your mouth and go home," Dan said finally.

"Oh please no Sir," Sandy said in a panic. Please let me have your big black cock in my cunt, I need it so badly. Besides, I want the wimp to see you fuck me. I want to see the hurt in his eyes when he knows how much pleasure you give me."

Suddenly, Dan dragged her to her feet, and threw her on the bed. Taking her legs, he placed one over each shoulder and put his cock to the entrance of her pussy. He commanded me to kneel by the bed, so that I would get a good view of him entering my wife.

He rammed into her, causing a loud gasp, a mixture of pain and pleasure.

"Oh yes," she cried. That's what my unfaithful young pussy needs, a big black cock. Fuck me hard lover; show him you are the Master. Give me the sort of orgasms he couldn't possibly achieve before you fill my belly with your beautiful cum."

Dan pounded her for an age, bringing sounds and language I had never heard from her, before tensing and spewing his juice deep inside her. As he did this, she screamed out her orgasm and her undying love for him. This was the worst part of my evening, and brought a lump to my throat. After he withdrew, he grabbed my head and dragged it to my wife's sopping pussy.

"This will be your job every time your wife receives a dose of black cum," he told me. "Get sucking, and don't stop until she is clean."

I did as I was told, of course and when I had finished Dan began to dress. He then explained to me that I would be allowed to fuck Sandy once a week for the time being, but I was to use a condom, as she was only to receive black cum inside her from now on. He further said that I was not to try and kiss her, and that she would not touch or suck my cock before penetration. These fuck nights of mine were to coincide with when he or his friends had fucked her, so that I would always have to suck her clean first. Sandy smiled broadly at these conditions.

Dan then left, and Sandy and I went to bed with me under strict instructions not to jerk off, no matter how frustrated by the night's proceedings.

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1 year ago
As usual a great story
what a slut and on her way to being a good whore
2 years ago
This story is so hot.
2 years ago
just finished part 1 and 2 a very good read
just would like to know if you write these storys or you cut and paste
as for the story 6/10