Cheryl's New Video Camera

I know that Cheryl is and always will be the woman for me. My wife is a petite redhead with a firm ass, pert tits and a sexy, adventurous personality that never fails to arouse my desires. From the start Cheryl was always the more dominant of the two of us but only recently has she given full rein to her domineering nature. I guess I've always been rather submissive and I truly believe that my obedience to my wife's commands was one of the things that initially attracted her to me. At my recent 40th birthday party Cheryl gave me a video camera and as I unwrapped the gift I noticed a devilish gleam in my wife's eyes. As a matter of fact, as soon as our guests had left Cheryl led me up to our bedroom where she insisted that we film our lovemaking. It was extremely difficult to keep the camera focused on the action and it turned out that the results were rather disappointing. After this initial discouraging attempt, we didn't use the camera again until just last month when after some doing Cheryl finally convinced me to film her masturbating. It was a Friday night and after a romantic candlelight dinner, Cheryl went up to our bedroom to dress for our film. I spent the next half hour setting the stage by turning up the lights and clearing the furniture from the center of our living room. When my wife finally emerged from our bedroom she looked gorgeous. She had put her long red hair up in a clip and her liberal application of makeup gave her an especially slutty appearance. Cheryl's legs were encased in black fishnet stockings which were attached to a frilly blue garter belt that matched the push-up bra and g-string she was also wearing. On her feet, Cheryl was wearing a pair of black platform heels and she was carrying her black ten inch vibrating dildo. I must admit, Cheryl looked absolutely delicious and if it weren't for the stern look she gave me when I suggested it I would have rushed over to fuck her then and there.

As I filmed Cheryl fucking herself to orgasm after orgasm I couldn't help but be amazed at how natural she looked in front of the camera. Cheryl's eyes were tightly closed and she was plunging the dildo deep inside her cunt while moaning, "Oh Yeah, I'm a horny slut. Ohhhh....". As my wife told me later, she just loved the feeling of performing for the camera and she couldn't stop coming as she fantasized that she was a porno star taking on one man after another in an X-rated film. After about a half hour of filming, I couldn't take it any more and so I hurriedly removed my clothes and sank my cock into Cheryl's juicy pussy. I had never felt Cheryl so wet before and after only two or three thrusts I blasted my load deep into my wife.

Later that night as we lie in bed, Cheryl told me she didn't want me watching this film except with her permission and so she insisted that I give her the video cassette. Not wanting to disobey Cheryl's command, I made a great show of giving up the video cassette the very next morning. What my wife didn't know, however, was that this cassette was not the one we had filmed the night before. I had hidden the original cassette in my closet with the intention of switching the two later.

It so happens that I had just started a new job as a sales trainee along with three other men and so that very same weekend I had planned on having all three of them over to my house to watch the Sunday football games. My new company had a decided preference towards hiring athletes and from the start it seemed that with my slight build and fair features that I was kind of an unusual employee at the firm. All three of the other sales trainees had been active football players at the collegiate level and so I thought it would be a good idea to invite them over to watch the game with the hope that my interest in sports would further my career at the firm. Cheryl normally doesn't allow me to watch football but she understood that it was important to become friendly with these guys and so she agreed to go shopping for the afternoon. The three guys, Burt, Kevin and Mike, arrived at twelve with two cases of beer and by two o-clock we were all pretty bombed. As usual when these guys get together, the conversation soon got around to sex and before long they were comparing notes on their past sexual exploits. I guess I must have been trying to impress them because I began telling everyone about the video my wife and I had made. When I got to the part about hiding the original cassette, Mike said, "Come on, Steve. Let's see the video. Don't worry, we won't tell your wife.". After a couple of minutes of urging from the guys, I finally agreed to play the video for them. After first making each of them swear to never tell Cheryl, I put the video on.

As we all watched my wife bring herself off, I began to feel quite proud as I looked over to see that Cheryl's video had given each of the guys a rock hard erection. "Man, Your wife is fucking hot!", exclaimed Burt as we watched my wife finger her asshole while thrusting the dildo into her cunt. I guess we were so engrossed in watching the film that we didn't hear the front door open and when I glanced towards the doorway I was horrified to discover Cheryl standing there in stunned silence. When she caught me looking my wife screamed, "What the hell is going on! I can't believe this! Steve, you're a fucking asshole!". Cheryl then ran to the VCR, removed the cassette and went storming up to our bedroom.

The four of us just sat there for a couple of minutes until Mike broke the silence saying, "Oh man, I don't envy you tonight.". "Yeah, I think we had better get going.", remarked Kevin as the guys began to get their jackets. Just as the guys had all got up to leave and I had resigning myself to the unenviable task of apologizing to Cheryl, I heard the sound of the bedroom door opening upstairs. I was truly terrified of Cheryl throwing another scene as I listened to the sound of Cheryl coming down the stairs towards the den.

When I saw Cheryl, I was shocked. She was wearing almost the same outfit as in the video except that she had a sheer black robe over her lingerie. In one of Cheryl's hands was the video camera and in the other was several of my neckties. I immediately exclaimed, "What are you doing!", while pondering what she had in mind. "Well, you don't seem to mind your friends watching me playing with myself, so I don't see why you'd mind if I make a video of them fucking me too.", cooed Cheryl while I looked over to see huge grins spreading over the faces of the three men. "No way!", I exclaimed while getting off the couch and moving towards my wife. "Come on guys. I'm horny. Let's tie Steve up then we can have some real fun.", teased my wife as she jumped away, playfully eluding my grasp. As I reached for Cheryl again, I felt Kevin grab my right arm and Burt my left. "I'm sorry Steve. But it's not like we're going to pass this up.", remarked Mike as he too moved over to restrain me. "What the fuck do you think you're doing! Let me go!", I screamed as they easily pushed me back into a wooden chair. "Make sure you tie him good and tight.", giggled Cheryl while handing Mike my neckties and smiling mischievously at my predicament.

Mike had just finished tying my hands behind me while tying each of my ankles to the chair legs when I cried, "You guys better leave my wife alone! I'll get you for this!". Burt just laughed as he took the rag my wife had given him and fastened a gag around my head. "Hell Steve, you might as well sit back and enjoy it.", laughed Kevin as he moved over towards Cheryl and pulled off her sheer robe. Both Kevin and Mike then began to kiss and caress my wife as she freely responded to their advances. Burt, meanwhile, had picked up the video camera and was recording the sights and sounds of my wife's infidelity.

"Well Steve, how do you like this! This will teach you to disobey me!", teased my wife as Mike reached past the elastic waistband of her panties and buried his fingers in her pussy. "Oh yeah, that feels great.", moaned my wife as Kevin's fingers joined Mike's in probing my wife's juicy love hole. As I watched my wife get finger fucked I found that while I was still very angry, I was also intensely turned on. My cock had formed a tent in my pants as I watched Cheryl maneuver Kevin and Mike over to the couch where she had them remove their pants and sit side by side. She then slipped her panties over her hips and stepped out of them, exposing her neatly trimmed bush. My wife then knelt on the floor in front of the couch and alternately sucked first Kevin and then Mike until their cocks were fully erect. I was amazed at the size of their cocks and I was surprised Cheryl was able to get either one of them in her pretty little mouth. It wasn't over ten minutes before Mike cried, "I'm coming, Oh yeah!" as he spurted thick come all over my wife's face and outstretched tongue. Burt caught it all on the video camera as he zoomed in for close up shots of Cheryl's hungry tongue lapping up Mike's sperm.

As soon as Cheryl had licked Mike's cock clean, Burt handed Mike the video camera and began removing his pants. The four of them had almost completely forgotten about me as Cheryl jumped up on the couch and lay back, spreading her legs to reveal her soaking pussy. Just as Kevin had moved up between her legs and was about to enter her, Cheryl glanced over at me and noticed my hard on. "Well, well, what do we have here. It seems Steve likes to watch. Look at his little hard on.", laughed Cheryl while guiding Kevin's large cock into her love canal. To my amazement, Kevin's enormous cock slipped right up my wife's pussy, probing far deeper than my smaller cock had ever been. The fact that my wife was still wearing her stockings and heels only added to my excitement and I found myself involuntarily twisting my crotch trying vainly to rub my cock against my pants in an effort to bring myself off.

It was quite a sight as my wife and Kevin fucked and I was glad that Mike was catching it all on videotape. Kevin certainly knew how to please a woman and I watched, transfixed, as he brought my wife to one orgasm after another. Cheryl was moaning, "Oh Kevin, you're so big. I love it.", while looking over at me to see my reaction. She must have liked what she saw because she continued to taunt me saying, "Look at this Steve, this is what sex is all about. His cock is just so much bigger than your little weenie. It's great to fuck a big, strong handsome man like Kevin here. Oh Kevin, you're incredible!". Cheryl's flattery had the desired effect on Kevin as he shuddered in orgasm and gushed streams of semen deep inside my wife's pussy.

By this time, Burt had grown extremely impatient and so without a moments hesitation, he started to move into the position between my wife's legs just vacated by Kevin. "Burt, can you wait just a minute while I unzip Steve's pants. I want to see his little prick twitch while he watches me fuck you guys.", teased Cheryl while getting up from the couch and parading over to my chair. Mike continued filming as Cheryl reached down to unzip my pants, freeing my erection. "Oh Steve, I'll bet you'd like to come, wouldn't you.", giggled Cheryl while giving my swollen cockhead a firm squeeze. Just the touch of her fingers almost brought me off, as Cheryl sensing that I was about to come suddenly pulled her hand away and said, "You certainly are a naughty little boy, aren't you? I do believe your little penis was about to come. Well we can't have that, now can we?". Cheryl then reached down to insert her index finger into her juicy pussy and then brought it up and wiped the juices on my cheek. "I guess this is as good a time as any to tell you, but this isn't the first time I've cheated on you. You know how every Friday I have my night out with the girls. Well I've really been out with other men. You know, I've even been out with some of your friends.", teased Cheryl as I understood now why Cheryl had always dressed extremely sexy when she went out. "In fact, that video of me was to be my special wedding present to your good friend, Greg. Now, if you're a good boy, maybe I'll even let you come later, okay?", teased Cheryl as she bounced over to the couch and positioned herself on all fours. "Come on Burt, it's your turn. Let's show Steve how a real man fucks a woman.", called out my wife as Burt knelt behind her and eased his cock into her pussy from behind. "Oh man, this is great, Steve! Your wife is hot!", moaned Burt as he thrust in and out of my wife.

While I watched Burt bring my wife to climax, I couldn't help but marvel at how easy it was for these guys to make Cheryl climax. My wife had always seemed rather indifferent when I made love to her but with these guys she was like a bitch in heat. I have to admit, there was something terribly exciting about being humiliated like this in front of my coworkers and although I never would have thought I would like watching Cheryl fuck other men, here I was with the biggest erection of my life.. It wasn't long before Burt growled out, "Oh yeah. That's it baby. I'm coming." as he spewed his load into Cheryl's cunt. All this time, Mike had been filming my wife's frenzied movements and he zoomed in for a close up of Burt emptying his balls in my wife.

By this time they all needed a break and so the four of them retired to the kitchen for a drink. I was left by myself for almost fifteen minutes before they returned and I was hopeful that they would untie me. Unfortunately, I was to be disappointed as first Mike, then Burt and then Kevin fucked my wife for the second time that day. Kevin had just finished fucking my wife when Cheryl looked over at me and giggled, "Are you ready, honey?". Cheryl then asked Mike to remove the gag and to untie me so that I could come over to the couch. When the gag was finally removed, my earlier anger had been replaced by an intense desire for my wife and so I quickly made my way over to my wife on the couch. My cock was throbbing with excitement as I knelt between my wife's outspread legs. "Oh honey, don't be so silly. If I wanted to screw some more, don't you think I'd let one of the other guys do it. You saw how they're so much bigger and better than you. If you do a good job licking my pussy clean though, I just may jerk you off, okay?.", teased Cheryl as I reluctantly brought my face to her well fucked opening. There was quite a bit of sperm soaking her red pubic hair and I could see a steady flow of white cream leaking from her pussy and down over her anus onto the couch. I immediately went to work, sucking and licking Cheryl's sticky opening. I happily lapped up every drop of warm come while listening to Mike laugh, "Damn, do you believe this. First we fuck his wife and now he's licking her cunt clean.". Burt joined in saying, "Yeah, Steve you'd better get used to the taste of sperm because I know I plan to keep your wife busy on a regular basis.".

Curiously enough, I had never felt more happy than at the exact moment. I could finally acknowledge my own submissive tendencies and no longer would I have to play the macho role with my wife. From that point on, I knew I would do anything Cheryl wanted me to and if Cheryl needed sex with other men then it was okay with me. Cheryl had insisted that Burt videotape the entire episode and so as I finished licking Cheryl clean I looked up to see the video camera not more than two feet from my face. My cock was at the bursting point as Cheryl took pity on me and she reached down with her left hand and stroked my prick just twice before I erupted in orgasm all over her hand and my stomach. "Look what a mess you've made. Now lick it up.", demanded Cheryl as she offered her hand for to lick clean. It was a measure of my new submissive role that I licked up every drop of my own salty come without some much as whimper of complaint.

By this time, Cheryl had had enough and so she gave each of the guys a wet kiss goodbye and promised to see them again sometime soon. Since that day my marriage has changed considerably. Now Cheryl has truly asserted herself as the dominant member of the household and I am always eager to do her bidding. As Cheryl says, "A horny husband is an obedient husband.", and consequently she has cut back on her sexual favors, refusing to let me fuck her except as a very special reward. At the same time however, Cheryl insists that I always lick her pussy clean after one of her dates and I've grown quite fond of the taste of my wife's sperm filled pussy. At least twice a week Cheryl will have a date with another man and I'm required to spend the evening cleaning the house and doing laundry while only imagining the pleasures my wife is experiencing at the hands of her lovers. Sometimes when she's on one of her dates, Cheryl will allow me to watch the video we made that day and it never fails to give me fuel for my masturbation sessions.

This very weekend Burt, Kevin and Mike have invited my wife and I up to Mike's cabin for a weekend of sexual bliss. I've been told by Kevin that I must act as the cook, maid and chauffeur for the entire weekend and that since there isn't enough room in the cabin, I'll be required to sl**p outside on the deck. Cheryl is really looking forward to a lusty weekend in the mountains and she has promised me that she'll let me fuck her upon our return home if I do a good job. I must say I'm really looking forward to my assignment and to the chance to earn the right to slip my cock into my wife's pussy. Lately, I've felt that I couldn't be happier and I heartily recommend this type of relationship to others.

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Really great story.
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AWESOME thanks for posting it for us