Model onthe showroom floor part2

Donny got behind Melanie and began rubbing her shoulders. "Well right now we can make it up to you two," he said. He moved his hands to her waist and caressed her, then, smiling broadly and studying the other men's faces, slowly began rubbing her tit with one hand and her ass with the other. Sheriff Stark was practically salivating, and I was getting dizzy. Donny's hand dug deeper and deeper into her ass, under it, in the crack, and over each buttock. His other hand was now vigorously squeezing her tits.

He turned her to give the three men a view of what he was doing to her rump, then turned her back again after a few minutes. "You are such a lech," she said to Donny, moaning as she watched the three men facing her grow quiet and increasingly horny.

Then he lifted her skirt, exposing her wonderful hose and garters, and lifted it more, delighting in the exhibition of her very wicked black thong panties and garter waist belt. Both of his hands kneaded her ass and he pulled t ong aside and spread her cheeks. She bent over, showing off her rounded cheeks - - and her tight asshole and now wet pussy. As the minutes went by I noticed how dry my mouth was, and how my pulse was accelerating. What had my wife turned into? She seemed to be enjoying herself, not merely doing this because we needed the money.

She turned around to face them and Donny unbuttoned her jacket. He pulled it back behind her, her arms still in it, and she leaned back against him, her tongue licking his lips. Underneath was a very tight white top, tightly covering her huge-looking tits. Her wonderful middle was bare, tanned, smooth, buff. "Dang!" Reggie whispered, his mouth open. Donny slowly pulled her jacket off her arms and placed on it his desk, and went back to his place behind her. Her arms were stretched back to his shoulders. "Look at those fucking tits," the sheriff said, staring pop-eyed. "What'd I tell ya?" Donny laughed, pushing them together. Reggie and Les cheered. "So this is Melons-ie!", Reggie yelled.

She laughed and put her hands over Donny's. Donny looked at Sheriff Stark: "Ed, why don't you sit down and you can help Mel get even more comfortable." Ed sat in a big leather arm chair and Melanie stood in front of him, one knee on the chair, staring at him with a faint smile. "Unzi honey," she said softly, and the sheriff's trembling hands reached toward her chest to unzip her top as she leaned her massive tits toward him.

"Ready for them?" she said. "Oh yeah," he gasped. "You want to see 'em?" she said tenderly, caressing his face. He unzipped her top and she pulled its halves aside. Beneath it was a very skimpy, weave, black see-through brassiere, one I had never seen before. Half of her massive titmeat was now on display and the modest-sized cups of the bra fit loosely at the bottoms of her breasts, which poked through. She shook her chest at him, her boobs bouncing enticingly inside the bra, then looked back at Donny. "Well boss, I think Sheriff Stark would like to see my tits." Melanie pulled her skirt up over her broad hips and straddled Ed's lap.

Donny looked at Reggie and Les. "Melons-ie loves to drive guys crazy with her body. I mean," he stopped as she reached behind her and unclasped her bra, and her breasts tumbled out of the bra and proudly jutted out before the sheriff's lust-filled eyes. "I-uh-", Donny's voice trailed off.

No one spoke as these four men savored the sight of my wife rubbing her breasts against Sheriff Stark's face. After a few minutes of his sucking on them and squeezing them Donny cleared his throat and said: "Hey Ed, maybe Mel can suck Les and Reggie off while you fuck her. She is one hell of a dick pleaser, aren't you, cocksucker?" The sheriff and my wife mumbled to each other and chuckled. I was astonished that Donny had referred to her in such a vulgar manner.

But I was in for a bigger shock when Donny said: "Show them the slap." She stood up, stepped out of her shoes, and began jumping up and down. This made her big boobs bounce every which way, sometimes causing a slap noise when her breasts hit her chest or each other. Then she walked over to each guy and shimmied so that her tits bounced again. She took the time to lean over each guy so that she could shake her tits at him and let him do what he wanted with them. "Now check this out," Donny said, gesturing to her to get up on his desk. She climbed on it and while she was on all fours Donny got up on the desk and stood over her, leaned down, and pulled her tits to the side as far as he could, then let them slap together. They all sat around the desk and watched this. "Shit, this is making me crazy," Les laughed as he crawled onto the desk under her and enjoyed her tits coming down on to his face.

This was a completely degrading spectacle, and it was hardly over. There was a b er-like wall panel that separated part of the office from the rest and she walked over to it, without prompting, and, with some effort, f***ed one tit than the other through two of the spaces between the vertical sections of the banister. The effect was two incredibly emphasized slabs of titmeat, with very large nipples, squeezed in the small spaces and exploding out again, yet snug together. Donny invited the sheriff and his men to play with her tits and squeeze and slap them roughly.

As if this weren't enough of an exploitation of my wife's body, after ten minutes of that she walked over to Reggie and Les, who were now sitting back on the couch openly rubbing their fat, lock pricks, and began doing a strip show with her back to them. She put her hands in her hair and shook her booty at them, stepping slowly backward so that she was now between them. Their large hands began roaming all over her ass and nylon-coated thighs, and I could see my wife, who was already worked up from what was going on, was thoroughly enjoying the sensation of four hands all over her backside, under the skirt, between her thighs and aggressively squeezing her ass. Looking back at them, she unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it. Reggie began kissing her butt, then Les joined him. Donny sat on his desk, smiling. "Sheriff, notice how Mel loves that ass worship." Sheriff Stark began unzipping his trousers, and said: "She's is giving me the biggest hard-on I have ever had." "We'r e to please our customers," Donny said.

Melanie looked over at the sheriff. "You want to fuck me?" This slammed into my chest like a two by four, yet I shuddered at the wonderfully sultry sound of her voice, remembering how excited I once was to hear her talk that way to me over the phone when I was courting her. A special category of women has voices that naturally beckon and get your juices flowing, really flowing, and Melanie is in that group. It's not just a 1-900 voice, which is staged, but a real one - one that can't help seducing you.

She knelt on the couch with her ass facing him, its lucious cheeks swaying, her pussy, shaved, sliding with wetness. She looked at him intently, and laughed when the sheriff walked toward her with his hard cock out, a thick, red, shaft that certainly was bigger than mine. He pulled his balls out and stroked himself slowly. He walked around to face her and slapped his dick against her lips. "Blow me first," he said commandingly, and she promptly inhaled him, slowly moving her tching mouth back and forth. His shirt off and his pants down to his knees, Reggie lay on the couch between her legs, eating her pussy and playing with her tits, which overflowed in his hands. Les was half kneeling to her left and grabbing her buttocks, while competing with Reggie for access to those big knockers.

Then Sheriff Stark got behind her, and said: "Reggie, fuck her while she sucks Les's dick. I'll wait my turn because I want to make up for not showing you that tape." "Hey, after giving you head I was looking forward to all that cock in my cunt," Melanie complained, as Reggie was now positioning himself behind her and rubbing his oversized, super thick prick against her butt. The sheriff snickered: "I first want to see you take all that black dickmeat, and there's a ton of it, darling." Donny now had his hard cock out, and stood next to the sheriff. "Oh, yeah, Reggie, fuck her!" he yelled. Then he whistled. "Look at her swallow Les," he said. Melanie's ass cheeks oscillated wonderfully like jell with the growing thrusts in her pussy. She whimpered loudly, her mouth stuffed with ebony manhood. She and Reggie were fucking deeper now and she sometimes turned around and yelled at him to fuck her harder, her hand sliding furiously on Les's very long dick. "Let me have some o t pussy," he said to Reggie, and they changed places, sweat now dripping off of Reggie onto her dampening body. "Fuck me baby," she muttered to Les as his cock found its way slowly into her vagina. She backed her ass into him, crying: "Just keep all that dick in me, and I'll do the work. God you guys are big. Oh fuck," she laughed, looking over at Donny. "You like watching me get fucked like this?" "I'm about ready to come in your face, that's how much," he said. "Too bad your husband isn't here to watch all this non-erotic massaging." She laughed, gripping the cock in her hand lovingly: "He'd rather fuck the computer than me," she said. This was getting to be too vile for me. But I couldn't leave.

Then the sheriff began fucking her, real hard, and as she gasped and screamed with pleasure Les and Reggie took turns feeding their manly fleshtubes into her hungry mouth. Donny was stroking his schlong and approving of her technique of licking the head of each cock, kissing its full length, then swallowing it to the pubic hair. "She's such an inspiration to the sales team here," he said proudly, panting as he jacked himself, "she really knows how to suck a cock."

This wicked scene went on for a while, until she had a hand on each prick and, staring up at the deputies, jacked them furiously. I saw how the health club had paid off in the muscles in her arms, they looked so shapely while she pleasured these men. "Why don't you shoot some hot cum all over my face? Would you like that?" Her cooing sounded so dirty. Reggie was gasping now and managed to say: "You really dig all this cock don't you? You're just a big titted tease with a hot ass, ain't that right baby?" Her f ontorted with the exquisite delight of the sheriff's cock never letting up as it banged her silly. "I think I need cock all the time," she smiled. "And you get it, you fucking whore," Donny whispered hoarsely.

They were all grunting like a****ls. Then, as if timed in advance, Reggie and Les began to curse loudly and blew huge loads of hot semen all over my wife's face, as she was being slammed from behind by Sheriff Stark. The deputies slapped their cocks against her face and stuffed them into her loving mouth. As she bounced from the fucking she looked up adoringly at Les and Reggie, strings of jizz hanging from their pricks and her face.

The sheriff took his pants off and made her lie on the couch. She lay in the middle of the couch and he mounted her with his cock between her tits. Melanie grabbed them immediately and wrapped their fluffy fatness around his dick, and laughed between her gasps as he began to fuck her breasts. Donny, now also without pants, knelt behind her and held her head up so that she could lick the sheriff's cockhead as it poked out of the tops of her oversized tits.

Now the sheriff was pushing them together as his strokes intensified and she reached around, eagerly, to grope for Donny's cock and balls. Donny sat up on her face so that his nuts were plopped down on her eyes and nose. She played with his cock and stared at Sheriff Stark's crazier and crazier fucking of her tits. She still had cum all over her face. Then he came, with a loud yell, and more gobs of semen landed on her neck and chin.

When he dismounted she looked at her tits and played with them, and said: "Shoot it on ts, Donny." After a few minutes Donny groaned and four heavy strings of sperm splatted onto her face, neck and chest.

The sheriff and the deputies got their clothes back on and smiled down at her, getting aroused all over again at the sight of my wife playing with the cream, squeezing her tits and licking cum off them. "It was very nice, uh, 'meating' you, baby," Reggie said. "Yeah, very nice," Les said. Sheriff Stark turned to Donny, who now lay back at his desk, smiling. "Donny, I knew this was the place to order those new vehicles. You run a hell of a dealership." "Why thank you sheriff. But all the credit goes to people like Melons-ie," Donny said. "Good night, Melons-ie," the sheriff said to her, "may we come to you if we need more help?" "I hope so - and you'll come in me," she grinned.

When she finally arrived home that night I acted as if nothing had happened. I was too tied up in knots to put words together, and to confront her. And she showed me a huge commission check that she had gotten for selling cars to the county. I was becoming a prisoner. I loved her too much, but I was beginning to hate her, and myself. And I was becoming strangely possessed by a feeling of sexual excitement. I fell asl**p with my face in her crotch.

A week later there was a special annual sales party at the showroom, with VIP guests invited. This was a catered affair, champagne and live music. And it was an occasion to kick off the new models, particularly the 19-foot Ford Excursion, this huge SUV the company had rolled out. I decided I would go, although I had mixed emotions. What convinced me was not any delusion that Melanie's behavior was an aberration, or any sense of spousal loyalty. It was the fact that she had described the gathering as formal, and the end of a regional business meeting, with guests from other dealerships, and more importantly regional sales bigwigs. She was tickled pink because Central Ford was contemplating a special award to her for the best sales record for one month ever achieved by anybody in the history of the dealership.

The first few hours were actually very elegant. There was chamber music, for God's sake. Very good food, and indeed champagne, that Melanie was guzzling. The visual highlight of the affair was my wife. She wore a long dress that could have melted the polar ice cap. It was dark purple, and painted on her. It had a long gash on the left side running up to her thigh. A separate matching top was a daring bra-sized garment, with shoulder straps and a strap across the back, with very supportive material that made her breasts stand out remarkably. No bra underneath. Her hair was done up in a very sexy perm and she wore spike high heels and those eye catching gold earrings. She was breathtaking, as usual.

I met all the salesmen and the ones I had already encountered, Vince and Donny, were all smiles and glad-handing. "How do you like that new Excursion?" Donny called out to me, beaming, and looking over my shoulder at the shiny red monster on a rotating circular elevated floor brought in for the occasion. I met these guys' wives - soccer moms and hockey moms - and felt the urge to dash through the details of their sexually predatory husbands' activities. But nothing came of it.

Around ten this party seemed to shift gears in a way that filled me with dread. Bach was replaced with contemporary rock, the wives were kicked out, and the guys left, around thirty or so half-wasted maniacs, got a little rowdier. Now it was all sales personnel, i.e. all male except for one increasingly flirtatious exception: Melanie. She was the star of the show all along - men gravitated to her constantly - and I noticed that every man in the place was always half staring at her, no matter what they were doing. And she seemed to sparkle when men came up behind her and made lewd gestures or touched her while we were chatting with someone.

After we hit ten o'clock she got restless, lusty and anxious to tease. She would yawn, stretch for some other reason, run her hands through her hair, or find some other pretense to make her chest even more titanic than it was, and it sure stirred these guys up. It was amazing to be standing there, watching someone grab her breasts or ass from nd - a person she couldn't see - and her reaction was hardly anger. Far from it. She pushed her ass toward the unknown fondler and would moan and, sometimes closing her eyes and grinning, say things like: "Mmmm, who's back there?" It occurred to me that the trappings of high class behavior from earlier in the evening were out the window, and I was trapped in a very wicked situation that was heating up steadily.

I grumbled about leaving, but Donny insisted that I stay. I was quite apprehensive about the prospect of what lay ahead but he and Vince handed me another drink. "Your wife is about to have her day in the sun," Donny smiled. "You're not going anywhere." I turned around and cringed as I noticed Ozzie, the guy who had fondled my wife at our apartment. He spotted me and cheerfully greeted me. "Hey, where's that hot wife of yours?" Despite all the shocking things I had seen I still had room to object, and I said: "If you're referring to Melanie, my wife, she's around somewhere." Out of nowhere came Melanie, all smiles, with Donny, his arm around her, and Brad, his arm around her. We were standing in a circle, the three of them, Ozzie, and me.

She threw her arms around Ozzie, yelling: "Hey Mr. Jumbo!". They kissed deeply for what seemed like a minute, tightly embracing. Then a stocky, middle-aged man with silver hair joined us. "Rusty! We wondered if you were going to show Brad laughed. "Where the hell were you?" Rusty had his eyes on Melanie as he hugged Brad, then Vince. "Sorry guys, couldn't get away." Then I heard him say to them, as he continued staring at Ozzie and Melanie kissing: "Is this her?" "Oh yeah." "I want to meet her, and her tits."

Vince yelled: "Hey Melanie, someone wants to get introduced to the three of you." She released Ozzie and turned to face Vince, Brad and Rusty. Rusty smiled at her and his eyes fastened their gaze on her chest. Rusty said "Wow!", his eyes widening to the hilt, he turned to Vince and shook his head and whistled. Vince pulled her toward Rusty, and I was struck by how much she was holding herself to make her chest stick out. "Melanie, meet Rusty. He's our Western Regional Vice-President." "Hi," she said, standing next to him, shaking his hand, placing her other hand on his.

Vince stood her in front of Rusty, who put his hands on her waist. "Why don't you kiss me like you kissed him?" Rusty said. She smiled: "My pleasure," and turned her head back toward his, stretching her tongue out toward his lips. Their kiss got them caressing each other and soon the others were making encouraging comments and whistles. I watched as Rusty's hands fondled her generous tits and I spoke up. ink those hands are in forbidden territory." I was hoping my wife would show some discretion and at least move his hands onto her waist.

But she moved closer to him, her hips grinding against his crotch. Rusty kept playing with her breasts but pulled away from her face and looked at Vince, "Who's this guy?" he asked, pointing to me. "Oh that's her husband. Sounds like your hands are doing things he doesn't approve of." "Well, shit," Rusty said to me with a grin, acting courteously, "I don't want to rub her the wrong way." I heard chuckles. "And you're the one who watched her close the deal with the sheriff's department, right?" More chuckles, then Vince offered me a high five. "He watched the whole fuckin' thing, without a peep," Vince laughed.

She looked at me with wide, hard eyes, but I couldn't look at her or anybody in the face. Rusty went on, regarding me closely: "I think you're not being politically correct. Don't you think Melanie should have the final say?" The others agreed. "How about it, chief, doesn't a woman have control over her own body?" he said, rubbing his hands over her buttocks, a turned her back to me and bent over, sticking her hind end out. "But she's my wife," I mumbled. He stared at me as his hand grabbed her ass, which was now grinding against his hand. "I think we should ask your wife about what is forbidden territory," he frowned and scratched his head as if carefully considering my protest.

He pulled a chair over and set it down so that he was sitting directly behind her butt. Brad was to her right, moving his fingers up and down her back. To her right another salesman was sitting at a table she was leaning on with her arms, and I heard her say "hi stud" to him and welcomed a kiss from him.

"OK, let's see." He looked back at me as both his hands worked over her buttocks, then one hand sliding underneath her ass and digging in, while the other reached in front of her and pressed her ass into his cheek. "Melanie, your husband wants me to stop. Are my hands out of place?" For an answer she turned to look at me, then him, put her hands in the waistband of her dress, and slowly pulled it down to a point just below her fat, sassy, round ass. She had nothing on underneath, and her buns looked so incredible, so lucious, and so sinfully on display to all these men.

I walked over to her and objected. "Melanie, why are you doing this? Maybe we better go." She looked at me with a wicked grin. "I think you better get used to it. If you can't, maybe they'll let you play on one of the computers here." Vince laughed: "Hey pal, I think she really likes this," and soon Rusty's hands were all over her naked ass.

Rusty raised his voice and the others grew quiet. "So I think so many words," he said, spreading her cheeks and kissing and licking her, "she's saying 'I really, really like it'." Then he slapped her ass with a smack that brought cheers from the gathering salesmen and said: "Melanie, turn around again. I want to see those incredible tits." She slowly pulled the dress back up, writhing in it as she did - more yells and whistles - and faced him as he stood up. He grabbed her breasts from underneath and lifted them so that they half popped out of her top.

"Honey, these are just huge," he said, and he pushed them together, laughing and saying: "Goddamn. Unbelievable....I am getting a very hard cock," he said, "Ever since I have watched your videos, courtesy of Donny, I have been saving my sperm for you." He pulled one tit out of the bra-top, and the exposed breast was aimed almost at the ceiling because of the material pushing from underneath it. As he squeezed it and sucked on it he turned to me and said: "Ask your wife if I should take my han ds off of these big fuckin' boobs." I was petrified at what she would say, but I did it. "Melanie, you're my wife. Tell Rusty to take his hands off your breasts."

To my relief, she pushed his hands away. "My husband is here and doesn't like your hands on my tits," she said soberly, an apologetic expression forming on her beautiful face.

He laughed: "Oh really? I thought you were a team player at Central Ford. Fuck him." "I don't want your hands on my tits now either," she then said, but suddenly pulled her top off and threw it behind her. "I want your cock in between them instead. Sit down and let me suck you off."

The group of about thirty guys went wild. I was a nervous wreck. There she stood with her massive knockers, their nipples seeming as big as some women's breasts. She put her hands in her hair and let it down, then energetically jerked her shoulders back and forth, making her tits jiggle wildly, while watching him sit. Then she leaned forward, staring down at him, and shook her melons against his head as he groped for his fly and pulled out his penis. She mashed her breasts around his head, covering it with all that wond ly ample titflesh. She got on her knees, and buried her head in his lap.

Then he stood, and she hungrily pulled his pants down, squeezing his ass as she stroked his dick stem and licked its head. She fondled the full length of his cock with one hand and caressed, then licked his balls. I was stunned to see how proficient she had become in giving blow jobs. She spat all over his cock several times, then made him spit on and lick the area between her breasts. "Want me to fuck your cock with my tits?" she said. He muttered something I could not hear - the cheering and racket was getting out of hand - and sat down in the chair. She scooted closer on her knees and wrapped her tits around his hard prick. I could not believe how skilled she was at this as well. Amid the boisterous and vulgar encouragement of her co-workers and total strangers, she bobbed her chest up and down on his cock. It went on for about ten minutes. Then he came in several thick shots of semen, an unusually heavy load of his juice launched in between her tits. Some landed on her neck and her chin. He lay back, relishing this great sexual pleasure. She rose and leaned toward his face and kissed him, then stood and laughed, yelling to nobody in particular: "Whoa! How many gallons was THAT?"

After the applause, Donny came over and said: "Hey babe, it's show time." He pulled her toward a small stage near the Excursion. There was barely time for her to clean herself off. Someone helped her get her top back on, and she walked onto the stage with Donny. "All right guys, listen up," I heard Donny say through a cordless microphone. "Once in a while we get lucky around here and recruit a real star. Those of you on the Central Ford team know that Melons-ie has made a real difference for all of us." I was ashamed that he was referring to my wife with that nickname in front of all these people. "Oops," he said, "your hubby's here, Melanie. I don't want to use a sexually suggestive term that draws attention to your," then he stood behind her and grabbed her tits, beaming out at the crowd. Melanie put her hands over his and pushed down on them, leaning back into his chest. The men burst into cheers and applause. Vince nudged me: "Told you she likes that nickname." looked over at me grinning and made the gesture of cupping his hands at his chest, raising his eyebrows.

Donny clipped the microphone to her top and continued: "Melanie, you have racked up - oops again - the best sales month anyone has ever had. You just really know how to suck up the sales - sorry!" It was so disgraceful to see my wife actually laugh at these sophomoric jokes. "What I mean is you have filled your position so well, you have jiggled your way into our hards, I mean hearts - I'm sorry! Well anyway, in appreciation for your efforts, I am handing you these keys to a 1999 Expedition, fully loaded, with insurance paid on it for the next five years. Congratulations!"

He looked down at her tits: "Stick 'em out," he said. She obliged and he said: "I love 'em'", and then pulled the top forward and dropped the keys into her cleavage. She screamed gleefully and threw her arms around him, leaving them there for the moment. They kissed real sloppy while everyone applauded. She pulled her top away from her tits and looked down at the keys and smiled. "Donny," she said, squ g her tits together, rolling the breastmeat as her hands worked her chest. "How can I ever show my appreciation for this generous award?" "Well --- let me think ---," he grinned, looking out at the audience and then toward the ceiling.

She looked out at the other men and pushed her tits out toward him, then slid her hands under her top and began playing with them. "What can I do?" she purred, coyly gazing out at the other men, licking her upper lip slowly, "This is so nice of you." Wolf whistles and vulgar calls were getting louder. She yanked her tits out and her thumbs and index fingers pulled at and then stretched the nipple flesh upward. "Why don't you demonstrate one of your sales tactics," he smiled. "I think everyone here is dying to find out how you broke all the records. Suppose I'm a reluctant customer. How do you work on me?"

Without hesitation she got down on her knees and began licking the crotch area of his pants. "All right!" someone yelled. She unzipped him and slowly took out his dick, fondling it while she looked out at the audience. Then she began to lick and kiss the head and gently play with his testicles, never breaking eye contact with the aroused crowd. The microphone picked up every little sound of her sucking him off. His dick almost completely erect, she pushed her face against it, and closed her eyes as he shook it at her and ground it into her nose and eyes.

She wrapped her arms around his hips, squeezing his ass cheeks. Then she fastened one hand on the base of his cock and began swallowing him whole, slowly, her mouth taking it all, then back to the head, then taking it all, in and out, for what seemed like quite a few minutes. Donny called out: "Melanie, you just love dick, don't you?" More hoots and hollers.

She murmured: "Hmm Hmm," and pulled up her skirt slowly, then with her legs bent and extended in front of her, and leaned back with her hands planted on the floor behind her, her chest half bare, the straps having lazily fallen off her shoulders.

"Your slutty mouth could take a horse cock, right babe?" he asked as he pushed his meat into her face. She laughed, nodding, and said "shut up and give me that prick," in a baby voice. Her head and mouth did all the work, kissing, licking and sucking his rock hard prick, it sometimes bobbing in front of her. She shook her chest, her tits jiggling, and when that got them going even more she did it several times while fellating him in front of me and all these increasingly filthy-mouthed car salesmen.

Every smack of her kisses on his dick, every suction sound, every whimper, came through the sound system with a jarring clarity and fidelity. When they weren't watching transfixed the guys were erupting with a lusty commotion. She then knelt again, grabbed his genitals with her now frantic hands, and moved her mouth over his cock more and more vigorously. Donny moaned several times, yelled "oh fuck!", and his purple rod shot cum down her throat, judging from his cries of pleasure. "Oh yeah!" someone hollered. "I can't believe she ate the whole thing" another laughed. Then she faced the audience and, eyes closed, her left hand still working his dick, let a huge mass of semen drip off her lip and down her chin. She scooped most of it up with her hand - and slurped it back into her mouth. These people went bananas. A wave of humiliation swept over me. I simply could not believe what I was seeing.

She stood up, to boisterous cheers. Donny did an exaggerated collapse on the stage, his tongue hanging out. Brad stepped up to the podium to the right of him and Melanie. "All right!" Brad said, "Thank you for showing us how appreciative you can be, honey, and I am sure I speak for everybody here - even your spouse - when I say that you are one hell of a cocksucker." Amid the enthusiastic cheers she blew him a kiss. "Now why don't you show us this new SUV? Inspire us to make this the biggest selling car in its class for 1999-2000." She spoke softly: "Are we ready to begin?" "Oh yeah," Brad replied, and lowered the lights, except for special lighting over and inside the Excursion, which sparkled with its newness.

Melanie swayed her way over to the side of the vehicle, her high heels thrusting her ass out enticingly. Intense but not too loud rap music began. She posed by raising her left leg - that was facing the audience - and resting it on the edge of the back seat on ight side of the car, her high heel glistening with a nasty erotic impudence, and began to rub her completely exposed thigh and left buttock. She looked out at the crowd, and talked in a highly seductive, schoolgirl voice.

"Hi guys. I don't know why Central Ford picked me to do this presentation," she smiled. The crowd's din had simmered down; its impulses were restrained momentarily - but guys were looking at her more possessively, inching toward the stage, moving in. "What do I have to offer?" As everyone around me buzzed and made obscene proposals to her, she turned her ass outward to them more, and her left hand slowly, sensuously rubbed her buttock and her thigh. "I just don't know why ME. I'm boring." "Show us the back end!" someone yelled.

Melanie strolled over to the back of the Excursion, which had a ladder on it leading to the roof. She began to climb, her right leg straining against the fabric of her tight dress. "So hard to climb this way. Well guys, here's the back end." She pawed her butt with one hand. "Can't see the back," someone complained.

She slowly raised the hem of her dress, swaying slowly back and forth, her ass twisting luciously. The higher that hem went the louder the buzz. When her dress was at her waist, her naked butt jutting out as she stood on the bottom rung of the ladder, Ozzie jumped up on the stage and buried his face in her ass. Another guy, also Black, came on to the stage and the two of them licked and kissed her buns and her asshole. "Oh you bad boys," she giggled, after about five minutes of this adoration, and then she slowly climbed the ladder to the roof of the Excursion. Over the moving rack was installed some sort of a large bed, its front perched behind the sunroof.

To the wild applause of the assemblage Melanie strutted around the roof of the Excursion, doing a strip tease with her dress but leaving her bra-top on.

Guys whistled and otherwise went crazy when she jumped out of her high heels for about five minutes and jumped up and down on the bed, making her chest bounce so that her tits practically hit her in the face. She thoroughly enjoyed posing provocatively, playing with her tits, rubbing her crotch and clearly it was no act for her to throw her head back, eyes half closed, her mouth open. Then she knelt on the bed, and got down on all fours, stroking her clit until she came.

Her comments to herself like "I can't believe how fucking wet I am," or "I just love to play with myself in front of these guys," were resonating wickedly in my ears. Her whimpers, her pleading for "hard cock", and her orgiastic cries filled the showroom over the sound system. The stage began to revolve slowly and Ozzie climbed up on the roof, his face rivet her beckoning ass. He pulled out what certainly was the biggest cock in Colorado. The other man climbed up behind him, and he was no slouch in the dick department either.

"Hey, are you following me?" Melanie said, looking back and up at them as they disrobed. She played with her asshole and her twat. As they stood behind her, showing off their hulking Black physiques, she looked out at us with an "oh oh!" expression on her face, an index finger pointing into her cheek.

Ozzie knelt in front of her face and she eagerly took his oversized cucumber-like schwantz in her mouth. The other man knelt behind her and very vigorously began to eat her ass, also slapping it and rubbing each cheek all over his face. As I watched my wife on top of this SUV with these two men at her face and butt I gulped and, seeing no end to the humiliation, recognized that this vehicle display was designed to get her up on the roof, on the makeshift bed, to have practically anonymous sex in front of all these men.

I went to Donny, who was now standing with some guys from another dealership. "This has got to stop," I said to him, "This is completely out of control." By now Melanie was doing her best to deep throat Ozzie, and the other man was entering her and fucking her slowly. Her moans of pleasure were painfully amplified with the microphone. People had grown quiet when she jacked herself off earlier and were restraining their yells and cheers so that they could hear her - and them - express the increasingly synchronized cries of the fuck and the blowjob. Ozzie's knees were planted over the sunroof as she sucked him off enthusiastically.

Donny looked at me: "You know you've got one hell of a wife here!" he smiled. "Would you stop this?" I persisted. He was staring, trancelike, at her and laughed: "You don't seem to get it. Your wife LOVES this. She is having a total blast acting like a working wife nympho, letting anyone grab her hot ass and tits, insisting on getting fucked. She t it all here - great job and great sex - and what are you giving her?" He put his arm around me, yelling over the din: "If you want the best seat in the house, get inside," he said, pointing to the Excursion. "If you don't like what she obviously likes, you won't have to see." I thought he was being patronizing and rubbing my nose in it, but I couldn't stand this anymore, and short of leaving, the least of all evils was to sit in the Excursion, maybe try to talk some sense into her. Reluctantly, with some crowd reaction, I got in the passenger side of the vehicle.

It was a relief to not have to see her like that, but my relief was short-lived. I tried to resist but inevitably looked straight up throught the sun roof and saw her huge tits bouncing with the thrusts of her fucking. I saw most of Ozzie's king-size prick stuffed into her mouth, then saw it slide out to the head, which she licked and kissed lovingly. "Oh yeah, fuck me harder," she cried, and then I heard Ozzie grunting uncontrollably. "I just love this prick in my mouth," she said. "Fuck my face. Oh yeah," I heard, then grunts and moans of her voice muffled by the stiff slab of beef thrusting into the mouth. Then she looked up at him, almost hysterically took his cock in her hand and, gripping it tightly, jacked him, her body jerking as the other man rammed her pussy. She was desperate for his ejaculation, pleading with him to come. "Shoot that stuff on me, oh God I want it!", she cried.

Then, with a few great jerks, Ozzie shot cum all over her face and in her hair. A dripped down onto the sunroof. She sucked him dry, fondling his now empty balls. Then what seemed to be the other man's dick replaced Ozzie's and I heard Melanie yell: "Sure would like more dick!" Soon she was moving rhythmically with the strokes of new cock in her, and it was strangely fascinating to see her getting fucked by someone, unless I missed something, totally unknown to her. She never looked back until five or ten minutes of steady fucking. Then she turned, and giggled, panting: "And what's YOUR name?" She took on so many guys for the next hour it was difficult to count, and the sun roof became so thick with semen I couldn't see what she was doing to whom. Then, she leaned down, setting her chest on the sunroof glass, and wiped her big tits around the many gobs of cum for what seemed like ten minutes. Brad came over to me and said, very authoritatively: "Turn the ignition power on and push the sunroof button over to the right." Like an idiot I did that, while I noticed Melanie had lifted herself up from the glass, and then the glass slid away. She leaned back down and rested her arms on the same cushions that the guys had been kneeling on while she sucked their cocks. When she did this her massive breasts hung free through the sunroof, down into the interior of the Excursion, cum dripping from them, the nipples erect and caked in semen. "Want to fuck my ass?" she moaned. I sat and stared at her wonderfully round and full tits as they jiggled with the increasing thrusts into her body. Her loud whimpers and yelling said it all - she was loving someone's dick in her asshole.

Their fucking made the roof vibrate. When a second guy took his place I began to fondle her tits, realizing how sexually arousing this experience had become for me. The more I played with her breasts, sperm and all, the more lusty my feelings. I then knelt in the seat and tried to lick her tits, straining to squeeze the nipples into my mouth. Then she pulled her chest out of the sun roof opening and looked down at me."Hi honey!" she laughed, sweat dripping in gallons off of her body. "Remember - non-erotic!" I heard some laughter from the group, its sex-crazed members now looking in at me while lining up for the ladder, and Melanie lowered her globes back down through the opening and resumed, judging from her jerky movements and amplified comments, getting fucked in the ass. The carnal noises from the roof would go on for another hour, until she was all fucked out.
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